3.Foolish games

-Poker game-

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

It was Tuesday afternoon and after school, Joni made his way to Dima’s house with him, though feeling slightly reluctant to do so. He had no wish to see Misha again, not after everything, maybe it was his pride that had gotten a hit, and it was not easy for him to come to terms with it.

Dima had no idea of what had happened and Joni preferred to keep it so. He had been hoping, praying almost, that Misha would not be home when he arrived, but he was sorely disappointed when walking into the kitchen and seeing him there, eating.

Joni didn’t say anything, he didn’t look at him, pretending to find something interesting on the walls.

”Hey, how was your day?” He heard Dima ask his older brother while opening the fridge in search of some snacks. Joni sat down on the farthest seat possible from Misha, taking the first magazine he saw, flipping through the pages, ignoring the fact that he could not understand a word written as it was in Russian.

Misha glanced at his brother; he had arrived home earlier today because one of the lectures had been called off due to the teacher’s illness. He felt himself tensed in the presence of the brat and could only hope that Ivo would leave him alone, without making remarks of him supposedly wanting the kid!

”It was ok,” he muttered his reply, continuing eating.

”Juice, milk, or water?” Dima asked next.

”Water is fine, thanks,” Joni muttered, not looking up from the magazine, satisfied with looking at pictures.

”So where will you meet that guy?” Dima asked once sitting down with some sandwiches he made for them both.

”Huh?” For a moment Joni felt lost.

”The one you’re going on a date with, silly,” his friend grinned. Joni smiled; they had just talked about him before coming inside, how could he have forgotten?

”Hm, we’re probably going to the movies, get something to eat, something like that,” Joni explained.

”I hope it’s not some old pervert again,” Misha blurted out before he could stop himself, and then he needed to somehow cover this gigantic slip-up, ”I’m not going to save your ass every time you get in trouble.” He added calmly. Joni could have killed him, that bastard! In front of Dima!

”Old pervert? Again?” Dima questioned just like Joni had guessed he would. ”Something I don’t know about?”

”It’s nothing,” Joni hurried to say, ”really, I just… had a bit of a situation, that’s all, your brother happened to be there,” and for the first time since his arrival did Joni look at Misha more closely.

”And no, it’s not,” he hissed, ”I do not need you saving me, thank you very much.”

”That’s great to hear,” Misha snorted and got up, deciding not to continue with the topic.

”I’m gonna watch some program now, if you need my help, I’ll be in the living room.” He said and left the room.

Dima was feeling quite puzzled; something odd was going on between his brother and his friend, he could feel the tension in the air and now, after his brother leaving the room he could see from his friend’s expression that he was having a hard time trying to calm himself down. He felt curious but decided not to ask any further.

Once they had eaten, they went to the living room to continue with their school project. For once Joni found himself concentrated on work, just wanting to be able to return home as soon as possible, away from Misha. Then suddenly he heard Dima speaking to his brother, and though Joni could not understand what was being said, as it was said in Russian, he found himself glancing up from the papers.

Misha tried his best to concentrate on watching the program on TV and ignore once again the fact that the brat was in close distance.

”Misha, you had the same religion teacher at school, didn’t you? Can you take a look at this, of what we have and tell what you think should be added?” Dima asked suddenly, almost making him groan, did he have some sticker on him or something? He felt annoyed that Dima was friends with that brat.

”What exactly are you working on?” He asked anyway.

”It’s about the death penalty, the moral dilemma and religious point of view, for and against. We have lots of material and we have to write from both sides so that afterward, we could stir up some conversation.” Dima explained, ”I thought it could help to get a third person’s opinion on our work before we return it.”

Misha reached for their notes, ignoring the glare that the brat gave him. He followed their arguments for and against.

”You should add your own opinion, she always looks for it BUT make it the CORRECT opinion,” he finally said pointedly, sure that his brother was bright enough to catch what he meant.

Joni tried to continue his work, annoyed by the fact that Misha stood so close, annoyed with the smell of his cologne, annoyed with the sound of his voice, annoyed with everything that was him. More importantly, he was annoyed by the fact that the man was probably thinking that he could get him to spread his legs for him if he so wanted. Not a chance!

Then Dima’s phone rang.

”It’s Eva, sorry Joni, I got to take this!” and the other hurried upstairs with his phone, Joni could do nothing but roll his eyes, it was just bloody great, he knew that Dima couldn’t keep it short when talking to her, the boy was foolishly in love with her.

Then Joni’s pen started to act up, not writing properly.

”Fucking piece of shit!” He groaned angrily, trying to make the pen work, to produce some ink, but it didn’t help and he lost it, throwing the troublesome item onto the floor. ”Uh!!”

Misha was disturbed again, with the brunet cursing and the noise of something hitting the floor.

”What? Psychotic now?” He asked a bit rudely, giving the boy a meaningful look. Joni frowned.

”Sorry Mr. Perfect, sometimes we normal people just get annoyed and take it out; this time on an innocent pen,” he smiled stiffly, stood up, and picked the pencil up from the floor. He sat back down, took a new pen, sighing in front of the pile of notes in front of him.

Misha decided that he had had enough. The little twerp was driving him away from his own living room! If he stayed, he might start shouting at him and appear that it was him who was psychotic.

”Good luck with the new boyfriend AND the pen,” he growled as he passed the brown-eyed boy and strode back into the kitchen.

Joni raised his eyebrow when watching him go. What did his ’new boyfriend’ have anything to do with… well, anything?

”Hey, Joni, working again?” He almost jumped when hearing Ivo’s voice somewhere nearby, he hadn’t even heard him coming in. He looked up and smiled.

”Yes, we have to return it on Friday.”

”I see, and evil pens getting on nerves?” Ivo grinned.

”Heh, at times yes.”

”Okay, want me to show the evil pen who’s the boss and tell it to play good?” Ivo winked at him and Joni laughed feeling a bit surprised and… well… the man was weird at times.

”I don’t quite know what to say,” he replied honestly.

”It’s ok, I’ll be in the kitchen, call me if you need anything.”

”Er, sure, thanks.”

”Damn, that kid has pretty eyes,” Ivo announced as soon as he stepped into the kitchen where his brother was.

”Then why don’t you date him?” Misha asked him bluntly, wondering if it had been a good idea to come here in the first place.

”Hm, I wonder if he would?” Ivo brought his hand under his chin, looking thoughtful, ”perhaps I should ask him out,” he pretended to be seriously thinking of it.

”I bet he would be overjoyed,” Misha said rudely, deciding that no, he wasn’t going to stay there either. ”I’m going out for a walk!”

Ivo couldn’t help but shake his head with a grin; who needed television when one had a brother like Misha? Ivo firmly believed that the ’kid’ and his brother would do themselves a world of favor by…ending up on the same bed doing everything else but sleeping.

It was getting close to dinner time, and for once he thought to prepare it himself. He started taking ingredients out.

”Where’s Dima?” He shouted, it was quiet for a while.

”He’s on the phone,” Joni’s voice replied.

”Hm, I could use a hand here, are you busy?”

”Um, I guess not,” and only moments later Joni walked into the kitchen.

”I know, it’s rude to ask help from a guest, I’m sorry,” Ivo apologized.

”It’s not a problem, really,” Joni smiled and Ivo wondered where was the ill-mannered brat that his brother saw, because to him, the boy seemed quite polite in fact.

”So what do you need me to do?” Joni asked, and Ivo was silent for a while. He knew that it would be kind of evil of him and that his younger brother might perhaps kill him for it, but the temptation and the opportunity were far too great.

”I need our mother’s old cookery book,” he told him, ”it’s in Misha’s room, so it would be great if you could get it for me,” he continued, chopping some vegetables to make himself look busy.

”I don’t think Misha would want me to go into his room,” Joni hesitated.

”Ah, he won’t mind, bet you he won’t even notice,” Ivo smiled at him, ”I think I saw it on his nightstand yesterday. He likes to read some recipes before bed,” Ivo tried to hide his smirk; the boy gave him an odd look, no doubt wondering who would read a cookery book before bed.

”Well, alright,” the boy finally agreed.

Joni made his way upstairs. Who in their right mind would read recipes before bed? Honestly? A cookery book? He entered the room, shaking his head, wondering if this knowledge could be used against Misha sometime in the future.

It took him some time to find the light switch, after which he took a closer look at the room. It was a clean and spacey room with a large window. Colors of blue, green, and egg white, making a calm atmosphere inside.

Joni couldn’t help it, he walked over to the bookshelf, taking a closer look. It seemed that Misha was into reading, the books were written in Russian, but from what Joni could understand by looking at the covers was that many of them were detective novels, crime and mystery and some historical.

He took a brief glance at Misha’s music collection, and what he could tell was that the man was into heavy metal and rock, but strangely he also found; Mozart, Chopin and Tchaikovsky? -Well this was an unexpected taste of music for him! Joni would have never guessed, quite interesting in fact.

Finally he moved towards the nightstand and carefully opened the upper drawer since not seeing the book on top of it. He grinned when seeing the magazines in there, well, at least Misha didn’t always just read cooking recipes, he thought. But when the magazines were cast aside it was not a cookery book that he found. Far from it!


Misha had left the house walking towards the park, when he got the idea that he could do the shopping as well. So he turned around and headed back home, to get his wallet. When he entered the house, he found the living room empty, so he headed to the kitchen.

”I’m going shopping, you need something? And the brat – went home?” He asked his older brother hopefully, who for once was preparing the dinner. Ivo shook his head with a small grin.

”No, the ’brat’ as you like to call him, is actually in your room.”

”Doing …?” Misha raised his eyebrow suspiciously.

”I send him there to find mom’s old cookery book,” he smirked,”I thought I saw it on your nightstand a night ago”

Misha’s arms went limp.

”I’ll kill you, Ivo, I’ll personally kill YOU if he finds it!” He barked before rushing towards his room.


Joni stared at the thing wide eyed, the big, black…he blinked and reached out to take it in his hand for a closer look. It was enormous in his eyes and he continued to stare at it, looking down, back into the drawer where he also saw some lube, condoms and… handcuffs.

Again he looked at the black thing, was it really supposed to fit? Down there? He made a face when imagining it, he just couldn’t see such a thing going in easily, or to bring pleasure in the process…

Misha tried to assure himself that the brat couldn’t have found it, that there was no reason for him to look into the drawer and… But then, his idiot brother had probably planned the whole thing! He ran in his room, huffing and… found himself making it there too late. He suppressed a groan, when seeing the brunet holding the dildo and he tried to back away quietly; maybe he hadn’t noticed him getting in there…making more noise than some fucking explosion!

Joni jumped slightly in fright when hearing someone storming in, and found himself looking at Misha. For a moment he felt panic rising in his chest, feeling like a little kid who had just gotten caught doing something bad. But then noticing the look on Misha’s face, noticing the panic in the blue eyes, he realized that in fact, he himself was mastering the situation. He smirked looking at the black thing in his hands and then at Misha.

”My, my, isn’t this interesting, I never thought of you as the one who likes to play with his…” he took a pause, grinned even wider, ”…behind.”

Misha narrowed his eyes at him.

”Actually, I only play it when with someone, it’s a pleasure to watch as they writhe when I use it on them.”

”Oh, I see,” Joni nodded his head, ”why of course, you need something big to keep them satisfied when some…” he looked down at Misha’s groin area, ”…other parts can’t,” he smirked, raising his gaze back up,”that does make sense.” He found himself enjoying this situation far too much.

”Actually, I have to prepare them WELL for something bigger, brat!” The anger was clear in those stormy blue eyes. ”Now would you put it away before I try to check if it’s going to fit in YOU?”

Joni found himself not liking the idea much and so he lowered the dildo back where he found it. He brought his chin up, smiling as he moved towards the doorway where Misha still stood. When Joni was standing next to him, he stopped.

”Those are just words, I still think that it’s small in reality,” he whispered and gave him another grin, ”but luckily not everyone will mind, as long as you keep hanging on to that…dildo,”

”Think whatever you want, kiddo, I’m not going to take it out to show it to you,” Misha muttered, keeping his hands behind his back, visibly tense.

”Oh don’t worry, I’m not interested in seeing it, since there’s not much to see anyway.” Seeing another flash of anger in the older one’s face, Joni felt satisfied, he smiled, ”good day,” he wished him and with the book, completely forgotten, he made his way downstairs grinning madly on the way.


Misha wanted to kill him, he wanted to sincerely kill him and feed his intestines to stray cats! Or even something better… What would be a better payback than instant death? Something painful and slow, yes, and something humiliating, something that would make him stutter and turn red every time he would even see him. And Ivo should die too!

Misha took the dildo and hid it in the very bottom drawer, one that could actually be locked. He then decided to give up on the shopping, Ivo might as well do it! It was all his damn fault. Misha decided he was going to sleep.


Friday evening and Joni had just ended his date early, he could see from early on that it was going nowhere and decided that it was not worth it to waste his energy on him.

It was raining out, gloomy November evening, on his way home he decided to stop at a nearby coffee house to keep himself from getting soaked.

On his way to get some coffee from the desk, he noticed a familiar face. It took him a moment to remember where he knew this person from, and then it hit him; Misha’s friend, from the club! He smirked to himself, got himself a cup of coffee and then made his way towards the man who was currently reading some magazine.

”Is this seat taken?” Joni asked boldly and the other looked up, surprise passing his features, a look in his eyes that told Joni that he remembered him from earlier as well.

”No, please, sit down,” the guy smiled, looking in his eyes. Smiling back, Joni did.

”Terrible weather out, isn’t it?” He started the small talk, taking off his coat, wiping the droplets of water from it.

”It is, yes…” the guy nodded, still watching him with curiosity, ”…I’ve never cared for this time of the year.” He continued a bit hesitantly.

”Indeed, I’m more of a spring and summer person myself,” Joni told him, taking the cup between his hands. ”I’m Joni by the way,” he smiled, taking a careful sip.

”Yeah….” The guy nodded, still staring at him with a dumb expression, then he shook his head with a smile. ”I’m Mikael,” he told him then. ”Hm, I’ve seen you somewhere before, haven’t I?”

”Yes, and I’ve seen you too, you’re Misha’s friend.” Joni grinned.

”Oh yes, you’re a friend of his brother, I saw you at the club when…” Mikael stopped, ”..um, Misha found you in time?”

”Yes, but I had the situation under control,” Joni lied. ”You’re still seeing him?” he asked, not seeing the reason to be less straightforward. The other gave a soft chuckle,

”Yes, I was supposed to meet him here, but he called to say that he’s running a bit late.”

”Hm well, then I can just keep you company until he arrives.” To this the guy smiled.

”I wouldn’t mind,” he told him, looking at him in a certain way that almost made Joni laugh madly within; Misha’s boyfriend was flirting with him!

”You look very familiar, I felt that way when I first saw you, maybe we’ve met before too?” Mikael asked after some time. Joni leaned forward and smiled.

”Oh, I think I would remember,” he grinned, ”but it is quite possible you’ve seen me, I’m a model, I’ve done some ads in magazines, and… one was aired on TV this summer,” he explained.

”Hm, interesting,” Mikael nodded, ”well you do have the face and body for it.” He grinned. Joni wondered if Misha knew how easy it would be to seduce his boyfriend; but on the other hand it might be better for this guy. He might be greatly disappointed when finding that Misha would need a dildo to satisfy him.

”Thank you,” Joni smiled almost shyly, pretending to be greatly flattered by his comment.

”Well you do,” Mikael nodded, not taking his eyes off him.

”How long have you known Misha?” Joni suddenly found himself asking.

”Well, I’ve gone to the same school with him for over an year, but we only recently started going out, so no, we’re not a couple yet,”

”I see,” Joni replied slowly, smiling at him.


Misha hadn’t talked much with Ivo after the dildo incident; the idiot was as stupid as he was old. It had gone to the point where Ivo had promised that he could bring whoever he wanted to the party and he had even promised not to meddle in it, but most of all he had promised not to say a word about the little, pervy kid.

Misha thought he wanted to invite Mikael, the dates they had been to so far were quite unfortunate and Misha would like to have even one successful date with him.

They had agreed to meet in one coffee house and maybe go clubbing from there, but somehow Misha ended up late. He blamed the traffic, and he blamed the horrid weather.

Finally he got there, late by 30 minutes! While he had told Mikael on the phone to be late by 15! He hated to make people wait.

He entered and looked around for Mikael. It didn’t take him long to spot him, only he wasn’t alone, he was talking to… That freaking pain in the ass brat! For a moment he saw red and stormed towards them.

”Just what the hell are you doing here?!” He demanded from the insufferable kid, who looked up at him with those big chocolate-brown eyes of his.

”Easy there, I was just keeping company with your boyfriend here, while you were running late,” he explained calmly. Misha gave him a thunderous look, barely able to calm himself, the brunet sure had had a great talent of making him angry. Just like now, there he was pretending all innocent, when in fact Misha could swear that he was laughing his ass off! That sweet smile on his face didn’t fool him.

”I’m sure you were,” he muttered. ”Now here I am, and you better get home, it’s getting late and I’m not going to move a finger if you get your ass in trouble again.”

Joni stood up slowly, he looked at Mikael and smiled.

”It was nice talking with you, perhaps I’ll see you around and about the thing we talked about…” he took a piece of paper and wrote his phone number on it, sliding it across the table to him. Mikael took it, looking at him with curiosity, ”…you can just call me.”

”Thanks, it was nice talking to you as well,” he replied, folding the piece of paper and putting it in his pocket.

”And now I’ll leave you two lovebirds,” Joni grinned, looking at Misha now. ”Enjoy your evening”

Misha didn’t remember the last time he had been this mad, the last time he had felt such deep hatred. And the fact that Mikael smiled at the brat, the fact that he had accepted his number… it was driving him insane. The brat was gone, but his tension wasn’t. He tried to smile at his date, but the smile came out crooked and felt fake.

”Sorry for being late,” he apologized, but his voice was upset and Mikael heard it.

The date ended up being a disaster, in the end they were almost quarreling about the vain, stupid brat and Misha got home early. He wanted to get roaring drunk and forget his shitty luck since he met the brat!


It was Saturday when they had the party, the party that Ivo had been obsessing about for days. He had plenty of booze, he got some hot girls coming, some hot guys coming, friends of his, the place would be filled with people. Ivo had also taken the liberty of inviting Dima’s cute friend.

Ivo knew it was a risk to have him there, since he really seemed to rub his brother the wrong way, but he was just too curious, he was curious to know what would happen or would anything happen if one was to throw a little alcohol in the mix.

Ivo saw something more in this ’hatred’ that Misha claimed to feel for Joni. Yes, something more, most definitely.

Ivo was mixing the punch in the kitchen when Misha stepped into the room.

”Soo Vodka, ready to party?” He asked with a grin, using the nickname he had given to his brother a few years back. Misha narrowed his eyes at him, still not having completely forgiven him for the dildo incident. Though he did appreciate that he had been keeping quiet about it and stopped mentioning the little walking plague.

”What’s there to be ready, I’m gonna get drunk, fall asleep and wake up with a hell of a hangover, no need to get ready for that.”

”Ah, but you can’t say for sure, maybe you’ll hook up with someone? Wake up next to someone, huh? Wouldn’t that be nice?” Ivo grinned, playfully hitting his arm.

Misha shook his head.

”I firmly believe that drunken affairs are a bad taste, so thanks, I’d rather wake up miserable and all alone, thank you.”

”Gods you’re in a shitty mood,” Ivo commented, ”if that’s what happens when you don’t get laid often enough, then I most definitely will get laid tonight, girl, boy, whatever…”

”Whatever is the closest to what you’ll get, most probably your own hand. And no, not going to lend you my dildo,” Misha took a beer from the fridge, he had firmly set his mind into getting drunk. No one was going to stop him, not even his ridiculously strong head!

Ivo rolled his eyes, he knew just what his brother needed and it wasn’t to wake up alone yet again. He had to do something to make this happen, as he wasn’t sure if he could live another full week with the cranky bitch that was his brother.

Finally the guests started to arrive. Ivo had decided to allow Dima to stay at the start as well, knowing that his plan for later was to go spend the night at his new girlfriend’s house. And he thought it was better for Joni as well, to have his friend there to make him more relaxed before the party would go wild and to his experience, it would get wild.


Joni had been surprised when getting Ivo’s invitation to his party, but the thought of not accepting hadn’t even crossed his mind. Dima and Eva would be there too, but Dima wasn’t planning on staying very long since Eva’s parents weren’t home and they’d have the whole house for themselves. At least one of them was getting some.

Joni also wondered about the possibility of continuing his current, most favorite hobby; tormenting Misha. It was just too funny for him to watch the anger forming on the other’s face, and Joni wondered if the guy would actually pop some vein in his head anytime soon; it was funny.

When he got to the house, it was already filled with people. He found Dima soon, with Eva of course and parked himself on the sofa, in their company. He opened his first beer, hoping that Dima could keep his hands from his girlfriend, even for just two more hours. He looked around, realizing soon just what or who it was that he was looking for to see; Misha.

He saw him playing cards with his friends, a little farther away and smirked; Mikael was nowhere to be seen though, guess their date didn’t go that well after all? He had guessed as much when receiving a text message from the guy at midnight. Another topic he could tease Misha with.

The moment he checked back on his friend, he saw him attached to his girlfriend’s lips, Joni almost groaned, it figured!

”Joni, I think we’re leaving…um, do you mind?” Dima asked some minutes later.

”No, have fun,” he smiled, in Dima’s shoes he would have done the same. He took a long gulp of his beer, watching as the two of them left the house giggling and kissing on the way.

When he was alone, he stood up, decided that it was time for some mingling, no way that he would stay in the corner all alone and pathetic.

”Joni, did Dima leave already?” Ivo caught him before he had gotten far.

”Yes, they did, just now.”

”Well we can’t have you all alone, can we? Come with me.” Ivo grinned and led him to the kitchen where he handed him a glass of punch. ”And now, I’m going to introduce you to some people.”

Misha had had a few beers that made him pleasantly relaxed, but not drunk, just as he expected. But the good part was that he was finally able to let go of the grudges he had been keeping against the brat.

He started playing poker early on with some friends of Ivo and so far he even won some money. They were sitting in the corner, farther away from other people. Joking, drinking, chatting and playing. Generally Misha had a much better time than he had been expecting. Who cared about a stupid date?

Finally he thought that he had enough of poker, at least this kind of poker, so he thanked the guys for a good game and went hunting for some food. He grabbed a couple of sandwiches that Ivo had made in huge amounts, so far the food had not attracted anyone’s attention as they were too busy getting themselves wasted with booze.

Then he spotted Ivo, taking care of his youngest…so he was there again, part of him had already expected it. But like he cared, he was Ivo’s responsibility now, so he would let him take care of him.

Then Ivo saw him and leaving Joni among his friends, he made his way over to him.

”Having fun?” He asked with a grin, giving him a brotherly slap on his back. Misha gave him a look, that was neither unhappy or angry, just a look.

”As much as I can,” He told him calmly, nodding, though a small smirk slipped onto his lips. ”Having fun playing the babysitter?” Ivo raised his eyebrow and looked towards where the young Finn stood, with his friend, having a conversation with him, smiling, laughing.

”Who says I’m a babysitter?” Ivo smirked back. ”I don’t know about you, but he doesn’t look like a child to me, not at all…and not to my friend either if I can tell.”

”Yeah, well, maybe he doesn’t but he is NOT legal to be here, not legal to drink …” Misha gave a look towards him; he was holding beer now, but who knows what it would be later? ”… beer and definitely not …” he waved a hand dismissively. ”Whatever.”

”Misha, you’re being kind of a hypocrite here, I remember you starting to drink as young as sixteen! Come now, it was only five years ago, surely you remember.” Ivo laughed, looking amusedly at him.

”Whatever, I had more brains than him, obviously,” Misha rolled his eyes.

”You know, I think someone is in need of some vodka,” Ivo grinned.

”This someone being …?” Misha pretended to be oblivious.

”Well, who is it that I like to call Vodka?” Ivo smirked. ”huh?”

”If you really want me to get drunk … you don’t have to worry, I’m planning on it myself, just today, just to …” forget that the brat to the side of him, was now talking to one of Ivo’s friends. ”You keep an eye on your minor charge and I’m going to get drunk,” Misha pointed his finger to Joni and then walked away to get some vodka.

Ivo shook his head, looking at the boy, what did it matter if he wasn’t quite eighteen yet? He could be, from the looks of him, from the looks of his body, so what were a few months? Ivo himself had drunk already at the age of fourteen and he had turned out alright, not that he would encourage anyone under sixteen to drink and even after that it depended on the person, but Joni looked like he would be able to handle it.

That was when Ivo thought that some game was in order, something fun, something a bit crazy. He went to collect some of his friends to join, people he knew would be fun to play with.

”Yo, Vodka, come out to play!” He shouted, already sitting down at their going-to-be gaming area.

Misha had taken a few shots of vodka that made him feel hotter, but that was about all the effect that he was experiencing, part of feeling even more relaxed. He lazily made his way towards Ivo and his friends, smiling softly, innocently.

”Games?” He flashed them a grin, stopping by them. ”You definitely want to lose, Ivo.”

”We’ll see about that, little brother,” Ivo grinned in return. ”So people, as for the rules, the winner gets a drink aaand… he may… hm…” He paused to think, ”Ah yes, the winner of the whole game gets to have a slave out of the one who loses, a slave for the whole evening and night.” Ivo smirked, looking at the others, before he continued, ”also, the winner of each round, gets to ask some small favors or tasks from the one who loses.”

”I’m game,” Misha muttered and others nodded, everyone probably thinking what they could demand if they won the game. Misha thought that they didn’t have a chance, he was there, which meant that the winner was there. ”Who loses?” He asked.

Ivo was about to reply when one of the guys leaned closer to him and whispered something, which made Ivo look around.

”Oi, Joni! Come here,” he shouted; Misha looked up and smirked as he saw the brat making his way closer to them.

”Yes?” He asked once close enough.

”Sit down, join our game.”

”What’s the game?” He asked although already sitting down. And as Ivo started explaining the rules, Misha thought of a perfect order for his little slave, he was sooo going to lose the game. The brat played with his dildo? Well, he would play more! He tried not to snicker as he imagined the brat’s face when he would hear the order.

”One change in plans though,” Ivo said before they started, ”everyone gets to drink, it will be much more fun that way. And there will be twenty rounds.”

Joni looked around at the people, two girls, three guys, plus Ivo and Misha and himself. One guy was the one he had talked to just moments ago. He was smiling at him and Misha… Well, he had a creepy look on his face. Joni hadn’t played much poker before, he just hoped he had brilliant luck with it. It could be fun? Then he started wondering what was the highest hand one could get. He didn’t remember.

”Ivo,” he leaned closer, whispering. The man looked at him. ”What’s the highest hand one can get?” Ivo smirked at him.

”Full house beats color, but color straight wins full house and.. ah, don’t worry, you’ll see as we play.”

Joni was doing well for the first three rounds, even winning one of them and from the loser he simply requested a drink for himself. Then it started to go downhill for him. Misha won and he lost and he was sure that the guy would have him do something evil, but instead, he only asked him to empty the ashtray. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all?

However, as the game progressed, up to ten rounds, Joni already had five losses, thus making him the one in danger of losing the whole game, he started to get slightly nervous. Then with the next two he didn’t lose, not that he won either. Round 13 and again he lost, this time it was Ivo’s friend who won, making his wins up to total 5, when Misha had 6.

The guy smirked and asked him to lose his overshirt, at first it had been both shirts but to this Ivo reminded the man that he was only allowed to ask one thing, which Joni was happy for.

And next it was Ivo who won, asking the loser, which to Joni’s annoyance was himself again, to have a shot of vodka. It made Joni’s head spin slightly. He had in total, seven losses, in all fourteen rounds, and if he were to lose even one more, than it was it for him and the only thing to wait was, who was to collect the win; and now it seemed that it would be either Misha or Ivo’s friend, Luka.

At this point Jon wasn’t sure who would be the lesser of two evils, a guy that had obviously set his mind into seeing him strip, or a guy who seemed so innocent with his requests of fixing him drinks and other minor things, when Joni knew that he couldn’t let him go so easily.

Misha was enjoying the game greatly, even more when it was beginning to be quite sure that the brat would lose, now the only thing he had to do was to beat Luka!

The next round was again won by Luka, but to the man’s disappointment, it was one of the women who lost, no doubt he would have made the brat lose yet another piece of clothing.

Out of the remaining five rounds, Misha won three, Ivo one, and one of the girls the last one. However, the outcome of the game was pretty clear and Misha had a problem with not rubbing his hands together.

”So, my little slave,” he used his creepy tone of voice when looking at the brunet, ”ready to… play?”

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