Silent 56-60

Chapter 56.

Saturday 1st of May

Michael smiled when opening the door and seeing Jack behind it.
“I’m so glad you made it.” He said, allowing him to step further.
“Wouldn’t have missed this for the world.” Jack grinned.
“Brian didn’t come with you?” Michael asked.
”Oh he had some job thing, but he sent his greetings and this bottle of wine; it’s from the both of us. It’s polite to bring something when visiting.” Jack explained with a smile.
“Thank you.” Michael grinned. He looked at the wine, which he knew was quite expensive and thought that Brian might have chosen it.
“Yeah, Brian was the one that pick the wine, but I was with him, and told him that it looked quite pretty indeed, I’m sure it will serve its purpose.” Jack laughed reading Michael thoughts.
“Well, I’m sure we get to test it tonight.” Michael laughed back.
“Let me show you the house. Then I’ll introduce you to our friends.”
“Alright.” Jack smiled.
“And here’s our bedroom.” Michael said, letting Jack enter before him. Michael had shown him all the rooms that were worth seeing. Jack looked around himself, stepped close to the bed and touched the bedcover.
“Wow, is all I can say. This house, your fiancé, you’ve certainly come a long way from where we came from.” Jack looked at his friend and grinned, but soon his grin faded seeing Michael’s uneasy expression.
“But you’ve paid a high price to get here, and you deserve this and you deserve a man like Sam.” He smiled getting a careful smile back.
“Truly a long way; before I visited these kind of houses as the brief entertainment for rich men and now I’m loved, in a healthy relationship and adoring by Sam; I own half of all of this. I still find it hard to believe at times.” Michael looked around himself, seeming as if some long ago memory would have taken him over. “It feels like all this could disappear so easily, that it could only last a moment.” He muttered in his thoughts. Jack looked at him with worry; Michael met with his eyes and smiled to him trying to ease his worry for him. “I’m fine Jack, I am.” He assured knowing that he had been about to ask that.
“Come, let’s go out and join the others. It’s such a lovely weather and there are few people that I’m dying to introduce to you. Jack looked at him with curiosity, smiling back to him.
Sam was talking with Daniel; he turned his head to the backdoor when seeing Jack and Michael stepping outside. He smiled.
“Please excuse me.” He said to Daniel without even looking at him and walked across the yard towards his boyfriend and his friend. Michael smiled at him from afar, in a way that still made that funny feeling in the bottom of his stomach, his eyes brighten and his mood lift off. Sam smiled like a school boy on a first day of summer
Jack looked at Michael and then at the blond man approaching, they seemed to have eyes only for each others. The fear of future that he had sensed on Michael only moments earlier, seemed now, after seeing his fiancé disappear to the thin air and they both seemed as happy and carefree as any who had just fallen in love and who got those same feelings in return.
Jack, although happy with Brian, couldn’t say that the man woke anything as strong in him as these two obviously felt for each others. Jack knew that he could never feel something remotely the same, because he could never let anyone get that close to himself. Well, it wasn’t exactly true, Michael had made it very close indeed, perhaps too close and loosing him had been painful. In any case, he had learned to not trust to anyone and to love in the way that these two did, you had to trust, you had to tell those dark and painful things, and you had to admit them to yourself. Jack wasn’t sure if he could do that, he wasn’t sure if he could reopen those doors that had already been closed. Some memories, felt better kept locked in the dark cellar of ones mind.

Jack smiled when the two men kissed each others lightly and turned his face to look at the direction where Sam had come from. His eyes were immediately fixed onto the young man, about his age, who in return looked at the couple standing next to him, having a weird look in his eyes. ‘Jealous? But of which one?’ Jack wondered to himself, but woke from his thoughts when Sam asked him something.
“Would you like something to drink? We have both beer and wine.”
“I’m more into beer myself, but wine is fine too. What ever is fine really.” Jack grinned.
“I get you a beer then. What about you sweetheart, what would you like?”
“I think I’d like a beer too, thank you love.” Michael smiled.
Tony arrived a bit later together with Mark. Michael looked at his best friend with curiosity; Tony hadn’t spoken much on the phone about the night at the club. And now, even though the two man arrived together, they walked in different directions. Mark went over to Daniel and Tony walked over to them.
Tony looked at Jack from head to toe as he approached. Jack was quite thin, same height as Michael. He had high cheek bones, delicate face structure, looking younger than his 26 years. Jack had tight jeans, that were of baby blue color and nicely fitting white button up shirt with beige strikes, the shirt had few buttons on the top undone, showing his chest a little. The man was handsome and nicely dressed; he had a curious and flirting smile on his lips. Some how Tony had expected Jack to look somehow different, but what? More like a prostitute perhaps? What on earth had he imagined a male prostitute to look like? Tony wondered, looked at his best friend and immediately was ashamed of his thoughts. Good looking young men, who’s company, closer company; many men would be ready to pay for.
“Hello, I’m Tony McDonnell.” Tony offered his hand to greet him, which the other one took.
“Jack Linse, please to meet with your acutance.” The man had a slight southern accent in his voice. Tony couldn’t help but to smile, Jack certainly didn’t meet with the stereotype image that he had had of the southern rednecks and Jack certainly didn’t meet the image with his life style either.

“Alright Tony, I want to hear it all, all the dirty details. What happened between you and Mark?” Michael asked when they came into the kitchen to get new drinks for themselves. Sam and Jack had stayed outside to chat. Tony opened the beer can and looked around himself carefully, then fixed his eyes on his friend.
“Well, things happened…” Tony started, tasted his beer and then wondered what to say next. Michael waited patiently, leaning against the counter. “…I was pretty drunk, well not too much so that I couldn’t… well, you know?” He smiled. “And god I was horny, I mean it was like forever since my last time and Mark is pretty handsome, you know… The night was, um, intense. It was quite odd at first, but as I said I was drunk and I soon got over the weirdness I felt at first. And If you ask, if I enjoyed myself, Then yes, very much so.” Tony looked at Michael who held his gaze.
“And then the morning came.” Tony sighed looking at the ceiling. “Well, first I had a very improper dream, where my grandmother was chasing me on the hills of Scotland, dressed in a bikini! Now there’s a traumatizing sight I tell you… and she was waiving a tea pan in her hand; have some tea Tony! Just one more cup! And then you came and you were… oh gods… you were dressed as a Zorro, the same kind of costume that you had on years ago in that one costume party, but in my dream you were a grown up like now, you rode a horse and saved me from that crazy bikini woman. And as we rode, you told me that you needed to show me something…” Tony laughed, shaking his head. “And then suddenly, I was at this magnificent castle; I was the king of Scotland, Mark was feeding me grapes and you and Kitty were giving me this sexy dance with very little clothes on… I think Freud might have a word or two to say about my dream… Well, anyway, so I woke up, thinking; Tony, you do know that you have some serious issues? I had terrible hang over, my head was aching. I open my eyes and I lay there naked, next to another man, and his hairy arm is wrapped around me… and my dream lingering in my head, uh; I had some sort of panic attack. I went home before he woke up…” Tony looked at Michael and then the bottle in his hand and took a long sip.
”But today you and he came together?” Michael asked.
“Yes. Mark called me later, asked if he was so horrible that I had to run away. I told him, that I was sorry and told him truthfully that I thought the night was amazing… You know, I did fuck him.” Tony grinned, before he continued. “Then I told him that I just freaked out by the whole thing, the first time with a man and all. He said he understood. Well, we’ve been seeing each others for couple of times; today we had a cup of coffee before we got here…” Tony paused.
“And now?”
“I told him, that I don’t see any real relationship forming out of this. I just can’t see myself with him, as his boyfriend, It’d be too weird.” Tony admitted.
“Because he’s a man?” Michael asked.
“Yes, that’s partly it…” He was forced to answer. “But it wasn’t the main reason… The main reason is that I wasn’t feeling for him the way one is suppose to feel to start serious relationship. The sex might have been great, but you need more to have a relationship. And then the biggest reason; my thoughts and my heart are with someone else.” Tony said quietly, looking at him. “But I can not have him and before I learn how to let go of him completely, let go of those dreams, it is better for me to stay by myself.” He sighed, looking at the beer bottle, this time taking a bigger gulp of it. “I’ve already drank few before I got here.” Tony felt the urge to start explaining. “Refusing someone is never easy.” He smiled just a little and felt brave enough to meet with Michael’s eyes again.
“Tony…” Michael said quietly and placed his hand on his strong arm.
“…I.” He wasn’t sure what to say. Tony smiled, took his hand and gave it a light squeeze; he then moved it gently away.
“You don’t need to say anything, you’ve already said it. I will get over this, don’t worry Mickey… Alright, so, what if you and I would return outside?” Michael smiled back at him.
Daniel followed Michael and Sam with his eyes, especially Michael. He had been feeling nervous and agitated for a long time and he would need to calm himself down. The man had told him to get the information needed soon; he would need to get it tonight. He had buried all the guilt he had felt, he had chosen to believe the man, he wanted to believe him, it just made it easier that way.
Finally he saw Michael going inside alone, he had waited for it. He told Julius, who stood beside him, that he would return to him soon.
”My glass is empty, came to get more.” Daniel smiled when stepping into the kitchen; Michael turned to look at him and smiled back.
“If you want some wine, you have to wait a minute when I go and get some more from the cellar.”
“Can I come with you? I haven’t seen your cellar yet.” Daniel asked.
“Well, you can, if you like.” Michael answered and walked towards the hall. He opened the door and held it open for Daniel, who walked in after him. The old stairs creaked as they walked down.
“I must be weird, but I love the smell of a cellar.” Daniel said from behind him, Michael glanced back.
“I know other’s who say the same, I on the other hand, don’t care much of it.” He said feeling the coldness on his neck. He always felt a little uneasy having to go down there, the smell of the cellar brought back the horrid memories that he rather would forget. He forced himself to face the fears and go down to see that the monsters weren’t here, that they were only in his horrid memories.
The sun light coming from the small window revealed the par tickles of dust dancing in the air. Michael walked over to the wine shelf and wiped off some dust from it. He reminded himself, that he would have to come down there to clean it completely in one of these days. He could also take a look at the stuff that the previous owners had left there. He took a bottle of red wine in his hands, looked at it, but soon placed it back down with a smile. They would open it on the day that they would register their relationship with Sam; the wine was little more older and more valuable than the others they had.

Daniel let his gaze wonder in the cellar, the cold, grey concrete walls, the stone floor. He looked at the window, high in the rooftop, just under the window, stood an old desk. A grown man could easily fit through the window, reach his feet’s onto the table and get down from there… The cellar door, could be lock from the outside as well from in the inside. Daniel glanced at Michael, he had opened the door using a key, which meant, that they kept the door locked, which meant that the window…

”Would you be kind and take these, I don’t think I have enough hands.” Michael laughed, interrupting his thoughts. He handed him two bottles of white wine and took the two red wines for himself to carry.
“I think we get by with these, at least for awhile.” Michael said with a smile and headed towards the stairs, Daniel following him close behind.

”What kind of security system you have here?” Daniel asked when they had reached back upstairs. Michael looked at him with a slight surprise and placed the bottles onto the floor before taking the key from his pocket and locking the door. “The reason I’m asking is because I’m moving in with Julius next week and we have talked about getting some kind of security system as there’s been lots of braking ins in his neighborhood.” Daniel explained.
“Oh well, then it’s certainly wise. I must admit that I feel a lot more safe having it… So, first we have the security box, or what ever you like to call it, next to our front door. You have a code that you dial in it when you return home. You can decide the time you have to dial it, we have 30seconds. If that doesn’t happen, there’s an alarm that goes straight to the security officers and they call the number that we have given them to ensure what the situation is. If we don’t answer or if we answer and tell them that it is not a false alarm they send the security officers here. This is the way it normally works, we have to have a slightly more complicated system.” Michael explained as they walked towards the kitchen.

”How so? I’m sorry if I’m too curious.” Daniel placed the bottles on the kitchen table and Michael placed the ones he had brought down with them. He started to open one.
“Well, what I told you just now, works when we’re not at home, but as the situation is what it is we need to have security when we’re at home as well. Most of our windows have sensors that give an alarm if someone tries to break in through them, on the front-and on the backdoor we also have these kind of sensors. Also, we have few wireless alarm buttons, which will give the call straight to police. So if one doesn’t get to the phone, there is another way to get help. But there’s a danger that one doesn’t get to them either.” Michael finished, feeling slightly odd, Daniel seemed to be a bit more interested than he should be. For a moment he thought that next Daniel would ask the exact place of the alarm buttons, but he sure as hell wouldn’t tell him that. They might have agreed truce with Daniel, but it didn’t mean that he would trust the man blindly. He clearly remembered the fight that they had had just one month ago. Daniel noticed the doubt in his eyes.
“The modern day technique sure is awesome. It’s good that it helps you so much, I’m sure no one will be able to get in even though they would try.” Daniel smiled.
“Well, I sure would hope so.” Michael smiled back with insecurity.

Jack had over heard their conversation, he had watched Daniel, watched the look on his face, the sound of his voice… Jack doubted, he felt unease, he didn’t trust the man at all, but didn’t even know what was going on between these two. Nothing however was sincere in Daniel, when he was with Michael, he was sure of that.
Jack stepped into the room.” I was starting to wonder what was taking you so long, me and few other man; you’re wanted stuff Michael.” Jack winked at him and placed the empty bottle on the counter.
“Did Sam send you after me?” Michael asked with amusement.

”Well, your fiancé was starting to miss your presence quite much, but I sent myself.” Jack smiled and turned his eyes to Daniel. “And who might you be? I don’t believe we have met. Jack Linse is my name, an old friend of Michael’s.” Jack reached his hand for him and noticed the weird look that the man gave him. Daniel shook his hand.
“Daniel Simon, Samuel’s old friend.” Jack glanced at Michael quickly and then back at Daniel.
“Please to meet you Dan, Sam’s friend.” He said, Michael gave him a new beer which he gladly took. “Well if you insist on me drinking, then I certainly will!” He laughed. Daniel rolled his eyes.
“Please excuse me, I go and find my boyfriend.” He said then and left.
“I have a feeling that this Daniel guy didn’t much care of my presence.” Jack grinned looking at his friend. “It’s a funny thing, I can charm the most, and maybe I’m beginning to loose my touch? Age is beginning to weight on me; I’m 26 already, just think of that! I was sure I’d be lying in my grave at this age, but here I am; in this fine house, surrounded by gorgeous men and my all time favorite is standing before me! If I died now, I’d die with a smile on my lips.” Michael couldn’t help but to laugh at this.
“Oh Jack…You’re one piece of work.”

“Don’t trust that Daniel, you’ll be making a mistake if you do.” Jack said then.
“You think so?” Michael asked, although he had already started to agree with him. Jack nodded his head.
“He and Sam, has there been something else between them than just…?”
“Yes, a sexual relationship, they have dated… Daniel has loved Sam, but Sam…”
“Sam didn’t feel the same way about him?”
”And now they are friends, Daniel sees how deeply Sam loves you… Maybe he still loves your boyfriend? I wonder how that would affect on his thoughts about you.”
“Well just a month ago I was a gang banged slut, a whore and… well god knows what else…” Michael told him. “But he did apologize, he was drunk, I was too.”
“Oh he apologized did he? Well I’ll be damn, that certainly changes everything.” Jack pointed out sarcastically
“I know what you think Jack and you’re right; I did feel a bit strange being down in the cellar with him… But what harm could Daniel make?” Michael asked.
“What harm could Ricky make? or Joe, or Jean?” Jack reminded him. “Did anyone see it in them?” Michael was silent for a moment.
“Daniel is not like them, he’s not violent, nor is he a rapist… My god Jack, did you look at him? Did you not speak with him? He is shorter than I am, terribly skinny and at times, oh gods, at times he does speak with a voice that sounds like a woman’s” Michael shook his head and Jack laughed.
“He may not be a rapist or give a threat in violence, but if I were you, I’d still be careful. There are many forms of threat, jealousy makes dangerous out of many men. And besides, a person’s height has nothing to do with anything. Some short men can be quite vision, trust me, I would know.” Jack said, grinning slightly.
“Yes, you are right.” Michael sighed. “Gods, at times the silliest frogs jump out of my mouth. I should really learn to keep my mouth shut already.”
“You and your frogs.” Jack grinned back at him gently, ruffling his hair. Michael grinned back.
Daniel walked to the hall and looked at the keys on the key rack. Searching for the key that he had seen Michael hanging on it, he smiled when he saw that there were two. He took the other and slips it into his pocket. He would call the man later in the evening and arrange meeting with him, his heart was once again beating wild. Insecurity flashed through his mind and once again he had to force himself into believing that he did nothing wrong, not in the end.
He returned into the garden, sat beside his own boyfriend and looked at Sam, who stood little farther away. He was eating that perfect body with his eyes. Sam had always been handsome, but now he was even more so; strong, masculine and at the same time beautiful. Daniel remembered how it had felt like to make love to Sam, to be his own. This all could be his, it could be theirs, he just had to get rid of that annoying brunet first… Julius was kissing his neck; Daniel smiled, feeling happier than he had felt in a long time.
Michael laid on the bed, on his back, eyes close. Sam undressed him slowly, kissing the revealed skin. Michael sighed.
“So, now that you’ve seen more of Jack, what did you like him?” Michael asked without opening his eyes.
“I liked him, he’s odd, but odd in a good way … But can we not speak of Jack right now or anyone else for that matter, anyone outside this bed.” Sam muttered and kissed his chest. Michael smiled.
“Alright.” He felt as Sam started opening his jeans. Tongue was playing with the tip of his penis; Michael ran his fingers through Sam’s hair, moaning as he felt Sam’s lips around his shaft.
“Oh god, more Sam,” Michael asked. Sam smiled looking up to him; he nipped the smooth skin of his inner thighs gently with his teeth’s, light kisses. Michael trembled from the pleasure he felt. Once again Sam took him into his mouth, but stopped way too soon. Michael sighed in frustration and watched as Sam rose from the bed and got the lube. He returned, getting on top of him, one leg each side of his hips. He smiled as he opened the lube, taking some on his palm and on his finger carefully oiling himself from inside. Michael looked at the concentrated _expression that Sam had, watched how he massaged the lube on his penis shivering from pleasure.
“In this mood today are you…” Michael grinned watching and waiting eagerly as Sam started guiding him inside.
“Complaints?” Sam grinned back.
”No, none.” Michael whispered and moaned as Sam took him in deeper within himself.
“Am I crushing you?” Sam breathed out, smile playing on his lips.
“No, but if you don’t move soon then I’ll explode.” Michael smiled, bringing his hand to touch Sam’s cheek, who kissed his palm. Slowly Sam began to move and leaned in to kiss him.
“I love taking you inside me, I wouldn’t let anyone else, I never have let anyone else…” Sam whispered to him, Michael looked at him with surprise.
“You mean, ah…” The pleasure that moved through his body was getting stronger.
“Shh…” Sam whispered and silenced him with kisses. their sweaty body’s wrapped in each others and no word was said in the last moment of their love making.

Sam lied next to him, his whole body glimmering from sweat.
“Sex really is the best work out there is.” He laughed quietly. Michael turned to look at him, wiped the moist hair from his forehead and smiled.
“You mean to tell me that your first time this way around was with me?” He asked. Sam kissed his palm and nodded. ”Why didn’t you tell me? You should have told me…”
“I thought back then, that if I were to tell you, you wouldn’t have done it, out of fear of hurting me. I was right, wasn’t I? To think that.” Michael nodded.
“Especially when you’re the first that I’ve been this way.” Michael grinned. ”But why didn’t you tell me later? …Oh this does explain so many things, like why you were walking so funny after that and…”Michael tried not to giggle. Sam grinned at him.
“Well, it felt kind of stupid saying it after, all of a sudden, up until now… But I think we handled pretty darn good; our first time… and I like letting things to go on their own weight.” Sam whispered, they kissed and laid next to each others, enjoying the relaxed feeling that they had.

Michael spent the day in town with his mother, shopping for new clothes and having lunch with her, finally they took a taxi to the apartment. Henry was visiting his old friends in Ireland and Evelyn would spend the night in their house, keeping company to her son as Sam was helping Daniel to move. It had rained since Sunday and the weather was very gloomy. They sat in front of the TV, watching Evelyn’s favorite TV show. .Michael hadn’t seen before, but gladly set with her while trying to relax. He had been feeling odd all day long.
He looked at the clock, it was nearly half past seven, and the rain was whipping on the window glass even harder. He hoped that Sam would be home already, he felt nervous, insanely nervous. His mother seemed to caught up on his nervousness as she kept glancing at him worriedly from time to time. Maybe he just felt weird knowing that Sam was with Daniel? But nothing would happen, Julius would be there too and… He felt stupid, he had nothing to worry about, non what so ever.
Finally he stood up and tried to remember where he had left his cell phone at. He was always loosing it, and he wanted to buy a bigger model. His current phone was just too small for his taste, it didn’t even look like a phone anymore, and it looked more like a toy. It really was so small that one could practically loose it in the pocket. Well maybe he was exaggerating a little, Sam would have said so. Then he remembered leaving it in the kitchen and went to get it. He chose Sam’s number.

“Hello love.” Sam’s gentle voice answered. ”Everything alright?”
“Yes, everything is alright here. I was just wondering, when you coming home?”
“You miss me already?” Sam teased.
“What if I do?” Michael grinned.
“I’ll leave as soon as possible, I promise to be home before ten.”
“Good…” Michael was quiet for a second. ”Sam?” He asked then.
“I love you.” Somehow it felt important to say.
“I love you too Michael, I’ll see you at home.”
“See you.”

He ended the call and put his cell phone in his jeans pocket. He felt like having some wine, maybe that would relax him? He would have to go to the cellar again.
“Mom! I’ll go downstairs to get some wine, which would you rather have; red or white?” he called for his mother.
“Either is fine with me.” She called back.

Opening the door, Michael was surprised when finding that it was already open. He was sure that he had locked it the last time that he had been there. Maybe Sam had left it open by mistake? Michael frowned in deep thought, stepped on the first step and listened; quietness, the rain seemed to have calmed down a bit. He walked down the stairs and wrapped his arms around himself feeing the sudden coldness. He took one bottle in his hands and was about to return back upstairs when he heard and felt something breaking underneath his shoe. He looked down; broken glass, he looked up and just then, a strong blow of a wind blew past his face. The window was broken, it was hanging open. There were pieces of glass were lying on the floor, under the broken window. Michael took a deep shocking breath, his body frozen in place.

His mother’s high, fearful scream woke him, ringing in his ears; the wine bottle in his hands fell onto the floor and broke. His heart seemed to stop; someone was inside the house.

Chapter 57.

Evelyn watched her favorite tv-show and got into a more comfortable position on the couch and laughed quietly to the joke presented in it. Suddenly she saw a glimpse of a shadow moving past the doorway.
“Michael?” She called. There was no answer. She heard a thud from the kitchen and sat up. She listened, holding back a breath, taking the voice down from the tv. The floor squeaked somewhere, the beat of her heart increased. She stood up, carefully looking around herself, the room was only dimly lighted by the tv and the fire in the fireplace. “Michael?” Her voice was weak and frightened now.

She walked closer to the doorway. ’Do not be silly Evelyn, there’s no one here. No one outsider.’ She tried to tell herself.

Suddenly she heard a noise from behind her and turned around quickly. As she saw what had caused the noise; she screamed in fright. In the doorway to the dining room, stood a man, a tall man, whose dark beard was un-shaved. The man had a cruel and curious smile on his lips.

“Bonsoir madame.” He greeted her with cold, calm voice. Evelyn’s heart was beading more wildly than ever before, she crawled, tried to get away and accidentally dashed against the bookshelf, a porcelain vase dropped down onto the floor in front of her feet’s and broke in several pieces. Evelyn tried to get to the hall, tears of fear in her eyes and the only thing that she could think of, was that she needed to save her son. She looked behind her to see if the man would follow and screamed in fear as she suddenly collided with another person. She looked up into the face of the other man.

With a grin the man looked back at her. She staggered backwards before the hands would get her, but the man was far too fast for her. The strong hand took a hold of her arm pulling her close.

Michael heard his mother screaming again and ignoring the fear he felt, he ran upstairs. There was no time to think, he just needed to get to her, to save her from what ever it was that had caused her to scream. He ran towards the living room.

“Michael no! Run!” He heard her screaming with desperate voice, but choose not to listen. Getting into the room he saw her and he saw him; Patrick, holding his mother tightly in front of him. The man sneered as he saw him.

“Let her go!” He screamed seeing his mothers distress, the fury got over his fear. He took few steps closer. Evelyn tried to free herself, but it was in vail.
“Michael watch out!” She called suddenly and before he had the time to react he was already laying on the floor under the man. He tried to get up, but failed.

“Chéri… finally, did you miss me?” Michael looked at the mans face above him. He let out a disgusted breath of astonishment. Jean had indeed changed; dark, un-shaved beard covering the half of his face, dark circles around his eyes, the hair, which had always before been cut neatly, was now over grown. Jean’s grey eyes held almost insane look in them, thin lips smirking down at him. He struggled free from under him, looked at him with fearful eyes, not able to hide his shock for Jean’s changed appearance.
“It’s been a long time mon amour.” The man laughed as he looked at him hungrily, insanely. Michael tried to get closer to the coffee table, under witch one alarm button was hidden. He was already so close and for a moment he thought that he’d make it, but Jean was faster and shoved him roughly so that he fell down against the table, causing it to fell with him on it’s side. A glass bowl with fruits broke, apples and oranges rolled on the floor.

Evelyn struggled fiercely against the man who held her captive, seeing her child fighting against the other monster. She screamed, bite his hand as it tried to smother her cries. She kicked him hard. Finally, somehow, after a long struggling she got free, She jumped on the back of the other man, the man who had just been about to attack her son for the second time.
“Michael run! Ger out of here!” She screamed. The man cot a hold of her, forced her against his strong chest ans looked at her with a sick smile.

“Please calm down Mrs. Wills.” He smiled still as he spoke and she felt something cold pressing down on her temple, she stood still, opening her eyes wide, she couldn’t help but to tremble. “Michael, I do not wish to harm you. or your beloved mother, but that is what I’ll do if you leave me with no other choice.” He spoke calmly, still looking at the woman in front of him.

Michael, who had just managed to stand up and had been about to attack him, saw the gun that he held on her temple. “Come here so I can see you.” He urged him. Michael met with her eyes; the look of sorrow and fear. He would have liked nothing more than to hug her, tell her something to ease her mind in this desperate situation, but what could he say?

He stood in front of him and the man smiled with triumph. “Please sit down madame.” Jean pointed at the couch, releasing his hold on her. The mother and the son exchanged looks with one another, Michael nodded his head to her, urged her without words to follow the orders that the man gave to them. Jean still held the gun in his hands.

Jean looked at Michael, who stood so close to him now. Closing the distance between them, he smiled and looked at Evelyn.
“I can see where your son has inherited his beauty.” He spoke and pulled the unwilling body close to himself. He touched his face, caressed his lips with his thump. Michael couldn’t help but to tremble as Jeans hand traveled down on his neck, lower, to his back, lower.
“You have no right to touch my son, keep your dirty hands away from him!” Evelyn hissed and was about to stand up when the man already had his gun pointing at Michael, so she held her breath and sat back down. He laughed dryly.
“I can also see where he got his mouth.” He said pulling Michael fully against himself, Jean kissed his neck looking at the mother at the same time, amused of the anger that flashed in her eyes. “You do not like me touching your son like this?” He asked. Evelyn bit her teeth’s together.
“No, I do not.” She spoke firmly. “And neither does my son.” She added. Jean smiled and moved his hand down on Michael’s chest on his flat stomach, down on his crotch.
“Then you certainly won’t like me touching him like this.” Michael jerked from the bold touch and let out a surprised cry.

Jean laughed. Evelyn cried out in rage. “You bastard!” Unable to control herself, she jumped towards him, the other stopped her. She felt his breath on her neck, his hold was tighter than before. Evelyn cried helplessly, forced to look as one of her sons rapist touched him in that intimate way, a way that was never suppose to happen again.
“A mothers love is so touching.” Jean smiled at her, tightening his hold on Michael who had began to tremble even more. He wiped the tears from his eyes, kissed his cheek. “Mrs. Wills, my dear mother in law, I was hoping that my first visit would go better that this, but I can see that both of you are far too agitated now.” He loosened his hold on Michael and told his friend to release the woman. Michael didn’t hesitate, he went to her and wrapped his arms around her, Evelyn squeezed him back, afraid to let him go. As the gun was pointing at them, it would have been crazy to try and escape. “Sit down.” Jean told them.

Michael whispered calming words to his mothers ear as they knelled down. For a moment he thought, that Jean really would shoot them, that the man had only come to kill. He wiped the tears away from her eyes and they looked one another frightened, not knowing what to expect. “Everything is alright, everything is alright, don’t be scared mother.” Michael kept telling her both in English and in Spanish. Just trying to calm her as well as himself.

With a sneer on his face Jean looked at them, moved in the room, looking around. “Nice little home you have here.” He sneered. Stood in front of the bookshelf and took a picture from it, a picture of Sam and Michael together. He looked at it with anger. Throwing the picture down, braking the glass that had covered it. Michael looked up to him in fright. “I’m disappointed in you cherie.” Jean spoke harshly, his cold eyes digging into him. He walked closer, looking at the mother and the son, anger still clear in his intensive gaze.

“Jean, we should go already.” Patrick told his friend in France, glancing at the clock nervously. What if Sam would come home too early? He wondered. Jean lift his hand up to him and smiled, not taking his eyes of off Michael, who in return looked back insecurely.
“Soon Patrick.” He said and knelled onto the floor slowly. He saw the gold that glimmered on Michael’s ring finger. He frowned and took a hold of his wrist, he took it into a closer look. “What’s this?” He asked strictly and looked straight into the eyes of the young man. Michael moaned as the hold only tightened, he heard his mothers crying behind him. Patrick grasped her for the second time, not allowing her to go to her sons help. He did not want her to make Jean angrier than he already was.

Michael cried helplessly and he couldn’t make himself to stop trembling. He did not want it to happen, and yet he knew that it would. He glanced at the clock; 7.50pm, only twenty minutes ago he had been on the phone with Sam and now he was there; on the floor, knelled in front of Jean in their living room as the man held his wrist tightly, examining the ring. Technique had failed them, it could not help them now.

Jean took the ring off and read Sam’s and Michael’s names and the date of the engagement that had been engraved inside it. He threw the ring on the floor with anger and slapped him on the cheek.

“You got engaged! Engaged with him! You cheated on me, you fucking failed me!” Michael couldn’t bring himself to say anything, he was too shocked to speak, too frightened. He didn’t even know what to say, because he feared to make him even more mad. He was ashamed of his tears, ashamed of his fear, but could not beat them. Suddenly Jean seemed to soften to him, he brought his hand up and stroked gently at the cheek that he just slapped,. “Shh chéri, don’t cry.” He smiled and pulled him close to his body, now stroking his hair. “I’ll take you away mon amour, away from him, for he does not deserve you… We’ll be together again.” Michael struggled free.

”No…” He breathed out, Jean pulled him back, his back against his chest.

“Shh…” Jean whispered, taking out a sprayer with a needle. “Shh cherie…” He whispered again as Michael began to struggle even harder. The needle sank down on the flesh of his neck and Michael’s eyes grew large from the surprise of it, he looked at his mother, who in return had stopped struggling for a moment and now looked back at him helplessly and in shock. He breathed in and out, everything seemed to slow down, quietness. He blinked his eyes, desperately trying to fight against the medicine that made his body grow tired, that made his limps uncooperative to him. But he could not over take it, his muscles relaxed, his struggling deceased, his eyelids started to shut. He still tried to fight it, fighting a battle that he could not win. His mother was crying, calling his name and begging the men to let them go. His mouth felt dry, he winced, eyelids falling shut and the unconsciousness claimed him while the mother watched helplessly from the side.


Sam felt restless, he had felt so from the moment he had finished the call with Michael. He looked at the clock; 7:45pm. They had been arranging the furniture all day and he began to grow tires, finally everything was getting ready. Sam sighed.
“I think I should head back home.” He said then, Daniel looked at him.
“You can’t go yet, eat something first, I’ll make us all some coffee.” He smiled, didn’t take no for an answer walked into the kitchen humming to himself. Sam wiped the sweat from his forehead and once again checked the time.
“You seem nervous, is everything alright?” Julius asked eying him with worry. Sam smiled at the man, the more he had talked with him, the more he liked him.
“I’m just tired and would like nothing more than to climb into bed next to my fiancé.” Sam grinned.
“How do I get the feeling that it is not sleep that you’re in the need of.” The man laughed.
“Can you blame me?” Sam smiled.
“No, I suppose I can’t. When you’re young and in love, you have the energy.” Julius winked. Daniel returned into the room and caught his eye, he smiled to his younger lover.
“Well, I do believe that I take the same plan today thought.” Sam smiled back at him.

It was half past eight when Sam was finally able to leave. Daniel accompanied him to the car.
“Thanks for helping us.” He said as they arrived to the parking lot.
“You’re welcome.” Sam smiled and opened the car door. Daniel looked at him, wanting to say something, but didn’t know what he could say.”
“Tell Michael that I said hi.” He said then and tried to smile, knowing that Sam wouldn’t find him at home once he would arrive there. He could only hope that the men had left like agreed by now. If something were to happen to Sam, he could never live with himself.
“I will… And good luck to your new home Dan, Julius is a nice guy, I like him.” Sam said and Daniel felt twitching on the corners of his lips as he tried to smile back. He could only hope that the quilt would fade fast and that he would never get caught of what he did. He had wrapped his arms around himself.
“Thank you, I like him naturally myself too.” His voice was hoarse, he needed to be a good actor, better than ever before.
“I’ll call you, bye!” Sam said as he sat in the car. He close the door and started the engine. Daniel waved to him for goodbye. He felt sick all of a sudden, he would have to forget the quilt so he could live. He stood still, looking as Sam’s car finally disappeared from his view. He returned back inside to Julius; he would just force himself to forget.


The moment Sam stepped into the house, he knew something was wrong. It was deadly quiet. ’This can’t be happening, not again.’ He told himself as he walked across the hall.
“Michael? Evelyn?” He called, and thought he heard a quiet moan from the living room; he rushed in. He gasped in horror as he saw the state that the room was in; The vase broken on the floor, the coffee table fallen over to it’s side, fruit bole broken like the vase, fruits laying on the floor. A picture frame, inside of which was the engagement picture of him and Michael, was also broken. He close his eyes, opened them and would have liked to scream out loud when everything was still the same.

He heard the moan again, turned his head to the voice and saw Evelyn laying on the floor, next to the couch. “Evelyn!” Sam rushed to her and knelled down to her, touched her gently. She began to come to. She lift her head up slowly. “Sam?” Evelyn asked with a weak voice.
“I’m here.”
“Michael… they took my child.” Her voice broke, she was sobbing, she took a hold of the hem of Sam’s shirt. She looked into the eyes of her son’s lover. “They took him! I couldn’t do anything! They took him!” The woman kept repeating over and over again and Sam noticed himself shaking.

“Jean?” His voice asked weakly and Evelyn nodded her head crying even more heavily. Sam’s hands were trembling as he took his phone. He tried to breath, his head was aching, he close his eyes and told himself to breath. He hardly heard himself speaking as he called the police, he hardly heard anything around him, everything was like it was happening on a film. At that moment he could hardly think and still, somehow, he had managed to tell the police everything that they needed to know. He shook his head, refused to think. He moved in the house; to the bathroom, took the antiseptic cleansers and returned to Evelyn to clean the head wound. The woman cried, was in shock. How many valuable minutes had been lost already? The thought crossed his mind and his chest ached. He tried to keep himself together, there was no time to break down, he had to be strong now, strong for Michael. He would bring him back home or die trying. He had to be strong.

The police were there in less than ten minutes.


Michael began to come to, he moaned, his head ached. He brought his hand up to his temple, moved on the soft laying ground. Slowly he opened his eyes, it hurt to open them, he blinked repeatedly and rose to sit, massaging his temples as the pain only grew. He carefully looked around himself. The room was dimly lighted. The bed on which he sat on, was wide enough for two to sleep in. Michael shivered.

On the right side of the bed was a dark writing desk and a window that had been boarded shut. On the opposite side of the room was an old armchair, which would have definitely needed new covers, and on it’s other side was a full length mirror and on the other side a shelf full of books. Opposite from the bed end, was an old wardrobe, which wooden surface was scratched by time. There were two doors in the room; the other was about 13 feet’s away and the other between the bed and the wardrobe.

Michael trembled, the pain eased down a bit and he could now make more clear conclusions, his heart was beading, his palms sweating. He remembered the last moments at home and looked at the doors in front of him; would they lead to freedom? Would they be open? Where were Jean and Patrick? Would he dare to move? He swallowed hard, it felt like something would have gotten stuck in his throat, something that refused to go down. He tried desperately to calm down, he had to think clearly, think coldly, escape at the first given chance.

His thoughts were interrupted as the door furthest to him opened and Jean walked in, smiled to him, but the smile was cold.
“Morning chéri.” He said, Michael followed him with his eyes as the man walked across the room. Jean sat down on the armchair and looked at him. Michael didn’t even dare to move, he hardly dared to breath.Jean leaned back and lighted up a cigarette, the man’s eyes never left him. He just smiled and blew out some smoke.

Michael was almost like paralyzed, the smoky air felt heavy, his eyes filled with tears. Jean acted calm, amused even, he continued blowing the smoke towards him knowing how he hated it. A quick glace towards the door and then at him. Jean took out the gun and wiped the steal with his sleeve; showing who held the power.
“Slept well English?” Jean asked and smiled. The change in the man still surprised him, he didn’t dare to answer, he didn’t know what to answer, for once he managed to hold back his tongue. It wasn’t wise to make the man angrier than he already was.

Jean’s grey eyes measured his body with growing lust, Michael shivered, felt like a prey who looked itto the eyes of it’s predator. Both were calculating each others, the situation. He needed to stay alert and look back. Jean was only waiting for the right moment to jump on him; literally. Michael would have wanted to move, but was too scared to do so. A movement might start something that he didn’t want to start. His voice got caught in his throat, his mouth felt dry and his heart beaded tensely, loud, it felt like Jean could hear it too.

Jean had been drinking, Michael knew it, he could see it, he saw it in the man’s eyes and in his being, drunken Jean had no sympathy for him. Jean, at the same time seemed to both hate him and in an odd way; love him. Michael guessed that Jean had gotten even worse, that even when Jean was sober, he would have more difficulty to fight the darker side of him. The anger, twisted love and lust had been mixed together. Michael knew of his attentions and trembled even more

Finally Jean put down the smoke and stood up. He laughed as Michael instantly backed away from him.
“Surely you’re not afraid of me Michael?” Jean asked as he stepped closer. Michael’s back hit the wall and he knew that he was trapped, he couldn’t stop from trembling, he couldn’t hide his weakness, the wounds of the past were still fresh, traumas party un healable.

Jean sat on the bed, touched his face, Michael moved. Jean forced his hand on his crotch and started rubbing his organ through his jeans, Michael tried to move his hand away.
“Don’t.” He asked and turned his eyes away. Jean was quiet for a moment.

“Don’t?!” He roared then and stood up. “Dammit, you will not deny me!” He screamed, Michael startled and looked at him. “I own you Michael, you are mine! Mine! You do not refuse yourself from me!” Jean hissed, came closer and grasped his throat, forcing him up with him. Michael looked into his eyes, tears running down on his cheeks, the hold on his throat grew stronger and he found it difficult to breath. Jean’s face close to his own.

“We met exactly three years ago, you were with him, just a whore; a toy for the rich men to play with. I saved you from that, I gave you life, a chance, I bought you for me.” Jean whispered all the while looking into his eyes. He loosened the hold on his neck and took his face between his hands. “What a beautiful treasure you were to me…I protected you cherié, I protected you from the men who wanted you, I protected you from Ricky and what did you do? You failed me, cheated on me. You wanted him because he’s rich, that is what you have always been after; money. Did I stop loving you? No, god help me, but I do love you. You break my heart Michael. I saved your life for the second time and you send cops after me, returning to him…” Jean let go of his hold, and Michael backed away from him. He shook his head. ’He’s crazy, crazy, lost his mind.’ Michael thought as the fear inside him crew. “Did you not realize?! I love you, I own you, you’re mine and no one else’s! My whore, my lover, you have no right to deny me!” Jean slapped him across the face and pushed him to sit on the bed. Jean kicked his legs apart and stood in between them. He looked down at the younger man.

”Ask me.” Jean said, now with more calmer voice. Michael looked at him, the room around him, searching for answers. He didn’t know what to do. “Ask me.” Jean said again.
“Jean… please…” Michael started, Jean touched his chin, urging him to look up.
“Please what?” Jean asked. Michael tried to think hard, his mind felt blank, he licked his dry lips.
“I never wanted to break your heart.” He whispered then, hoping that Jean would calm down and forget about what he wanted. Jean was quiet, a look in his eyes that Michael couldn’t read. “I-I didn’t want to hurt you Jean, I…” He continued, close his eyes for a moment. Jean was still quiet, when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“What?!” Jean snapped. Patrick opened the door and looked inside. He looked at Michael who sat on the bed and then at his friend who stood in front of him.
“Would you come here for a sec, there’s a call for you.” Patrick told him.
“Alright.” Jean spoke as he still kept his eyes on Michael. ”I’ll be back with you on this.” He said and left the room. Michael heard the door lock behind them.

Michael pulled his knees against his chest, wrapping his arms around himself. He cried, felt scared, knew that he was in the hands of a madman and that anything could happen. Two different sides of Jean were having a continuing battle, which side would win? His fate relayed on it. He couldn’t calm down or think straight, at that moment he was paralyzed by the blind fear. He would have given anything to get back to Sam, in his arms; in his save place.

Chapter 58.

Smoky air, chatter and laughter of cheery people, the music was playing. A middle aged couple got up to dance, friends laughed around them.

Henry drank his beer glass empty, placed it down and looked at his friend.
“You’re treating the next, isn’t that right Seamus?” He grinned.
“Aye, so I believe I’ve promised.” The man admitted, heard the door of the pub open and turned his gaze towards the young man that had entered.

“Liam!” He called and waved his hand to him. ”The poor devil owes me some money, he may correct the situation by buying us few pints.” Seamus whispered as the man approached them. Henry laughed, took his pipe and lighted it.
“Good evening, thought I’d find you here Seamus. Running from your wife again?” Liam asked with a smile.
“One can not stand the married life without a drink or two, you know that lad. The wife nags, whether I drink or not, so why not drink then?” Seamus laughed. “Henry, you must remember young Mr. O’Grilly? He worked at your fathers stables once.” He continued. Henry looked up to the young man who smiled insecurely when meeting with his eyes.
“Aye, I remember Liam, nice to see you after a long time.” He greeted him.
“Like wise, Mr. Wills.” He answered.
“Get us new pints then lad and sit down with us.” Seamus said. “You still owe me some money and I might forget about the sum if you get me drunk enough this evening.” He laughed.
“Then I better get them straight away.” Liam grinned.

Liam sat down after placing the pints before them.
“Are you staying here for long?” He asked and looked at Henry.
“Only few days, but I’ll come back here with my wife in June to spend few weeks.”Henry told him, smoking his pipe. “Hows life treated you then?”

“Got chained down, the poor devil, how long has it lasted? Six months?” Seamus laughed cheerfully. Liam shook his head smiling.
“I got married, a child on the way.” He told Henry.
“Well, isn’t that great, congratulations.” Henry smiled back.
“My condolences I’d say.” Seamus laughed again. Henry had gotten used to the strange humour of his friend.
“A marriage is a fine thing, do not make the mistake of listening to Seamus here lad.” Henry said, looking at his friend.
“Aye, if one has a wife like yours, want to trade?” Seamus grinned, Henry shook his head a grin on his lips.

“How’s your family?” Liam asked and tasted his beer.
“My family is fine. My son returned home before Christmas and now he lives in London with his fiancé. Evelyn is with them now.”
“Oh, Michael is engaged?” Liam asked. “Um, with a man?” He asked then, with the courage that the alcohol had given him.
“Aye, with a man and a rich man no less, ain’t that right Henry?” Seamus said. Henry smiled.
”Well, lets just say that they get along quite nicely when it comes to wealth and well, I think those two are also quite smitten with each others, with or without the money.”
“Well, even when that son of yours was little, one could see that with that look; he would get far, one doesn’t give something that beautiful to a poor mans spouse, right Henry?” He slapped his back and Henry felt gratitude of the open minded thinking of his friend.
“Right you are.” He said and couldn’t help but to think if Michael’s looks was more like a curse than a pleasing in Michael’s point of view.

Liam took another sip of his pint. “I’m straight and I have a girlfriend so; keep your hands off!” He remembered said, pissed off 16-year old screaming at him late one night, forever ago. He remembered the kisses in the dimly lighted stable and the fear of getting caught, he remembered the warm, young body pressed against his own. The boy had teased; leads on, but doesn’t understand to give! He had told his friend one time, in his frustration, though making this friend to think that he was talking about some girl. “Everyone aren’t going to so patient with you as I have been Michael, believe me. Not every man is going to take no for an answer.” He had hissed once when he had been drunk, after he had tried to get the boy in his bed and had once again been turned down. The boy had just gotten mad; more pissed off to him, and sworn that he wouldn’t want anything to do with him ever again. Liam had gotten to see just how head strong the boy good be if he choose so. Indeed, they had not spoken after that, no matter how much he had tried to start a conversation with the beautiful boy. Now the memories had taken him over and Liam was sure, that this night, he would make love to his wife after a long time.

Henry’s cell phone started to ring, interrupting their happy chatting.
“Hello gorgeous.” He answered to his wife as the alcohol had warmed him up to more sweeter words. He heard Evelyn’s quiet sobbing and the smile died from his lips.
“Come home Henry, Michael is…” The woman cried, her voice broke and Henry’s heart almost stopped as he feared how the sentence that she had started would finish. “Those men… they took him, they came and they took him… Henry, come home.” She begged.
“I’ll come as soon as I can my love.” He told her, finished the call and tried collecting his thoughts.

“What happened?” Seamus asked worriedly, Liam’s attention was also on him. Henry stood up.
“I need a cab, I must leave to the airport straight away.” He said and felt Seamus hand on his shoulder.
“Henry, what on earth has happened?”
“My son… he… My son has been kidnapped.” Henry was able to say as he dialed the taxi company’s number on his cell.

He cursed silently as he walked out to wait for the taxi, which he hoped would arrive as soon as possible. His friend followed. Henry felt his palms sweating, he felt hot, he bite his teeth’s together. “What the fuck is taking with that taxi!” He cursed, Seamus tried to calm him down.

Henry could hardly believe what he had just heard, he didn’t want to believe. He wished that he was just having a nightmare and still he knew that he wasn’t. Would their worst real nightmare repeat itself all over again? He felt angry, powerless and sad, he wanted to hit something and scream. He hadn’t been able to protect his family, his only son and his wife. He feared what this would do to Evelyn, what it would do to himself and most importantly; what it would do to their son? Michael had to survive, he simply had to! He hoped he could get home soon to know exactly what the situation was and what could be done to correct it.


Sam sat in front of the table, a hot cup of tea placed in front of him. His mind felt restless, his head was aching and his chest hurt. He glanced at the clock from time to time, counting the minutes and the hours that had passed and which he hoped that he could somehow stop and wind back. The polices were there, checking the place up and asking questions. Someone tried to comfort the shocked mother, who was crying and yelling, wanting more action and less talking, felt that not enough was being done for her child, nothing would have been enough.

Earlier Sam had yelled too, angry of the fact that the law enforcements hadn’t been able to stop Jean from getting to London. He felt as though maybe they just hadn’t been interested enough to solve the case. He felt frustrated and agitated as he realized that there was nothing more that he could do, except to wait. He wanted to hunt and kill, he wanted action, wanted to save his lover, but didn’t even know where he was at the moment. And everything felt like it was happening too slow; the time passed; something had to be done! Finally after some calming down he had agreed to sit down, a tea cup was given to him and he only felt useless and empty inside.

“The window to the cellar has been broken, the men must have entered that way.” Sam heard someone telling to the older officer. How? Why? Sam wondered. They kept the cellar door locked, it had an alarm in it if someone would break in through it. Sam had checked it before he had left and it had been locked, he was sure it had been. Thoughts and questions were running in his mind as an endless current.
“Ask from every close neighbor; someone must have seen something. That boy must be found!” The inspector insisted and Sam felt slight satisfaction hearing the firmness of his voice. Michael had to be found, or someone would pay dearly.

The inspector, a man in his mid fifty’s, sat on the seat opposite from him with a notebook in his hands. Sam’s sad and confused eyes met with his.
“I know this situation must be difficult for you.” He smiled sadly. Sam stared at him, blinked his eyes, the tea cup in his hands, from which he had yet to drink. “The men seem to have gotten in through the cellar, but the door has not been broken. Your… well… The mother of your fiancé says that she saw the men around half eight this evening, when the boy had been down in the cellar.” He explained examining his face. Sam was quiet, trying to take in what was told.
“But I locked the door, I’m sure that I did, I always checked it before I left. Michael was also very careful with it. I don’t understand how…” Sam shook his head.

“The door however has been open… either left so by accident or… well there is the possibility that the men have used a key.” Sam looked up in surprise. “We look into every possibility and I can assure you that we do the best that we can in order to find your fiancé.” Sam nodded his head, tired of the worry, tired of the questions he did not know the answers. It was unbelievable hard to know that his lover was in the hands of his insane ex; the man who had threatened them for months and hurt Michael many times before and now he could do nothing about it, nothing to help the person he loved the most in this whole world

So many times Sam had imagined the meeting with Jean and so many times he had beaten up that bastard and now; Jean had come and he had failed to be there to protect Michael. This wasn’t how it had been supposed to go.
The inspector stood up, was already about to leave, but then remembered something and turned back.
“This, I believe, belongs to you. It was found from the living room.” The man said; his voice both sad and gentle. Sam looked up and took the ring that the man placed on his palm. ‘Michael&Sam 01.31.2004’ He read from the inside of it and at that moment; he broke down in tears.


Michael laid on the bed and trembled, swallowing the bitter tears, falling deeper into self pity. Wasn’t it right to feel so?

Suddenly he opened his eyes, staring at the far wall. He breathed in deeply, listening to the sound of the rain, other than that, it was strangely quiet. He turned to lay on his other side and felt something pressing against his thigh. Then he remembered, sat up quickly and searched his pocket; he could have kissed his cell phone. The desired hope woke inside of him, his hands trembled as he thought about calling to Sam and wondering if he had the time or not. Then he heard the approaching steps from behind the door, he had to be quick, this time he would be more wise; he silenced the phone and hid it under the mattress. He moved and tried to calm himself down as he heard how the lock of the door being opened.


Jean stepped in, looked straight at him, a sick smile on his lips. Michael lowered his gaze and waited quietly as he approached. When the man was close enough, he leaned down, face close to his. The repulsing smell of alcohol made Michael startle. He close his eyes, squeezed the sheet inside his fists.

“Look at me you whore.” Jean ordered him, almost spitting on his face. Michael wondered how someone like Jean, someone so badly alcoholic, had been able to cheat the police and them? Or maybe Jean had now celebrated his succesfulness and had drink heavily for it?

Trembling, he opened his eyes and met with the insane look. Jean smiled and all the cells in Michael’s body wanted him to back away from the man who clearly was too close for comfort. He had to force himself to keep the eye contact. He thought about all the love ones at home and forced himself to hold on of the will to survive.

Jean laughed, bemusedly, evilly. He enjoyed seeing the fear from the beautiful brown eyes; it made him feel more powerful; a feeling that he had grown to love. He had all the strings in his hands and Michael was completely under his mercy. He leaned even closer, breathed in the scent of his former lover; so familiar, so pure… He felt the skin with his lips and heard Michael taking a fearful breath. His smile grew.
“You know… I haven’t gotten any since October and the pressure to take you is quite high right now.” Jean whispered close to his ear. He laughed when Michael backed away from him quickly.

Jean climbed on the bed and forced Michael under him, on his back. Michael cried out as Jean sat on his pelvis and held his wrists above his head with a firm one hand grip.
The man panted, hot breathing on his skin, the moist, unwelcome kisses. Michael turned his head, squeezed his eyes shut, felt sick. He tried to free his hands, but didn’t manage to do so. This was not the Jean that he had once cared of, no, this man was the one who had beaten him, who had raped him and who had given him to the hands of greater evil; Ricky. This Jean was the man who had gotten sick by Ricky’s influence. Tears ran down on his cheeks when he felt the hand on his stomach, going lower.

He struggled helplessly as Jean forced his hand under his jeans. The man groped and fondled him, trying to make him harden, but Michael was everything but aroused, he was terrified and his body refused to respond to the touches. Jean cursed, but continued to try.

The lips met with his own and took him into a fierce, violent kiss. The crazy laughter that chilled his heart.

“Not in the mood chéri?” Jean asked finally, Michael met with his eyes.
“No! Of course I am not! What did you expect?!” Michael snapped as he still tried to free himself but kept failing. Jean grinned.
“Maybe it’s the medicine, I know what a horny slut you really are chéri.” He smiled and Michael screamed in fury. Jean only laughed and pulled his hand from his jeans,

He then moved up, and opened his own jeans, pulling out his hard member.
“Look at it,” Jean told him and with detesting Michael did. His breathing was quick, he felt his heart, could hear it. He saw as Jean started to stroke the swollen, reddish organ in front of his eyes.

Jean moaned, not taking his eyes away from him. It didn’t take long before he came; shooting the thick, white fluid on Michael’s neck and chin. Michael grimaced and wanted to escape even more, he felt like throwing up and Jean just laughed. Dipped his finger in the fluid and brought it to Michael’s lips, forcing one finger in.
“Mmm… and just to imagine that this was only the beginning… We two have so much time to play with each others chéri.” He whispered and kissed his cheek. Then he stood up, zipped his jeans back up again. Trembling Michael sat up, he wanted the sperm away from his skin, wiped it with his hands.

“There’s a bathroom on your left and there’s some books there. The door is locked and guarded. You are mine and you will learn to like it, you will learn to beg it from me Michael.” And with that being said Jean left, leaving him alone.


Sam took his cell phone as it started to ring and was surprised when he saw that the call was coming from Michael. With trembling hands he answered.
“Michael? Is that you?” He asked, his heart bounding, he heard sobbing.
“Sam…” Michael’s broken voice whispered.
“Where are you love?” Sam asked with worry.

“I don’t know Sam… I just don’t know, some room… Jean is…” Sam felt tears rising to his eyes. It was breaking his heart to hear the fear in Michael’s voice, hear the tears and the unspoken plea for help. He would have done anything to save him, but did not know what obstacles he needed to climb to do that.

“Are you alright?” The question was silly, but necessary.
“I-I am… For once there was some use of this flea.” Michael tried to laugh quietly, but the laugh was completely dry of joy and died soon. “Jean didn’t notice it, I hid it under the mattress.” He explained.
“Has he… Uh, have they touched you?” Sam had to ask. He heard Michael hesitating.
“I still have my clothes on.” He answered dryly. “Is my mother alright?” He asked then with worry.
“Yes, Evelyn is fine, the police are here… wait I put you in a speaker, so that they can hear you.”

Evelyn rushed closer, the inspector sat down, few of the police listened close.
“Michael, are you alright?” The mother asked fearfully.
“I’m fine mother, but I can not speak for long; they might hear…”
“Michael, this is inspector Walsh, can you tell us where you are?”
“I’m not sure, I’m in a bedroom, which has a boarded window and I hear the rain, but I can’t hear any traffic.” Michael explained his voice trembling.
“Don’t worry Michael, we try to track your call and try to get to you, just try to remain calm. We will get you out of there.” The man tried to comfort the scared young man on the other end of the line.

Sam couldn’t take it anymore and grasped the phone.
“When we get you out of there love, I’ll take you as my official partner, I don’t care how or where, but we’ll do it, right?” Sam squeezed the phone tighter in his hands. “You must come home to me, we’ll travel to Ireland or to Spain at summer, there we’ll be each others completely. Right?”
“Yes Sam.” Michael cried. ”I love you… tell them…wait… I have to go.” And then the call ended, just that suddenly.
Sam called his name for a couple of times, although he did understand that he couldn’t reach him anymore. He threw his phone away in frustration; he wanted to murder Jean!

Chapter 59.

Michael screamed when the hand contacted with his cheek; his skin was burning, he couldn’t see clearly through his tears. He hardly had the time to realize what had happened, when the man took a handful of his hair inside his palm and forced his head to bend back.
“What the fuck is this; did you call someone?” Patrick asked keeping the phone in his other hand. The man was furious, cold, angry eyes staring into his own. “Fucking answer to me!” Patrick pulled his hair more roughly, his scalp hurt.

Michael frowned, looked back through his tears.
“What if I did?” He hissed, smiled with defiance, with pain. Another slap across his face, light enough to not leave a bruise, but strong enough to cause some pain. Michael felt dizzy.
“Jean!” Patrick called, still staring into his eyes and smiled with satisfaction as he saw the fear settle in them.

The other man stepped into the room. Patrick didn’t release his hold on Michal’s hair but glanced at his friend.
“This whore of yours has called home.” Patrick said, showing the phone to him. Jean took it and checked the call information quickly, he then looked at his ex.

“Sam… Why am I not surprised? I try and I try and every time you keep disappointing me.” Jean said as he turned the power off from the cell phone.
“Had this stayed on, they might have found out where we are.” He continued shaking his head. Michael swallowed some tears down; the change to get out had been so close

Patrick finally let go of is hair and stepped back. Jean stepped closer, touched his cheek, wiped the tears away. “Naughty boy, so naughty.” He blamed him, sounding almost like he was scolding a child and smiled. “How should I punish you?” Jean wondered out loud and Michael couldn’t meet with his eyes anymore. He concentrated to look at the spot on the carpet. Jean caressed his hair and his neck, it was quiet for a moment, only the endless rain on the roof.

“What do you think Patrick, how should we punish him?” Jean asked without looking at his friend. Patrick wondered, looked at the young man who sat defeated on the bed and cried quietly. Then he looked at his friend, who was still stroking Michael’s hair in a gentle way; a way that didn’t go at all with the asked question.

A small part of him felt pity towards the young man, because so fragile and young he looked at the moment and other part felt something completely different; a sadistic pleasure to see Michael suffer. Michael was a whore, he reminded himself and one could do what one pleased to a whore; it made sense to him, and most importantly, Michael was the reason to his current predicament. Without Michael he wouldn’t be running from cops now, no, he would be home in Paris, spending comfortable life.

Patrick never once saw the true reason, the true blame. He was blind to the mistakes of his friend just like was blind to his own mistakes; it was easier to blame the innocent.

“Perhaps I think about it until tomorrow chéri.” Jean said before Patrick had the time to make his own succession. “In the mean time accept this; you’re here now, and you are mine.” Jean kissed him and left the room with his friend.

Michael looked at the tray that had food on it, the tray that was the reason of why Patrick had first come into the room. He laid down on the bed knowing that he couldn’t force a single bite down.


Henry sat next to his wife and held her in his arms. Evelyn cried without comfort, tired of screaming and for not being able to sleep enough. Just moments earlier the woman had cried from the top of her lungs, beating his chest with her hands and insisted that he would bring her son back to her.

Finally he had been able to calm her down. “Mi hijo…” She sobbed quietly and found new strength for her tears, she squeezed his shirt inside her fists and buried her head against his shoulder. “Am I bad mother?” She asked with a whisper.

“How come? Of course you’re not sweetheart, of course not. You’re an amazing mother.” He assured and stroked her long open hair.
“Then why…?” She cried. ”I couldn’t protect them, I failed. First Angelia and now Michael.”
“My love, nothing that you would have done or what anyone would have done, would have helped Angelia to survive. And as for Michael; you’ve been good and loving mother. We raised an intelligent, warm hearted son and in that part we did more than well. There’s just some things that parents can’t affect on, no matter how much we would like.” He whispered and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Evelyn was trembling, her head ached.
“I’m scared… He’s my child… They have no right to touch my child like that…” She lift her head up and grasped Henry’s shirt collar with two hands. “Henry… Stop them; you must stop them from hurting my baby!” Her voice grew stronger and there was a fire in her eyes. The man took her face between his hands.
“I would do anything, anything at all to stop it from happening. I would give my life for you and Michael, I’d suffer any amount of pain for you two, I just don’t know how.” He assured and she broke under her pain to another wave of tears, she screamed, cried and trembled.” Henry held her fragile body closer to his and felt the tears rising to his eyes. He cradled her, held her like she would have been the only good still left in the world and swore that he wouldn’t rest until he would see justice happening.


Sam held the tea cup between his hands, stood on the veranda and stared at the rain with plank expression. Kitty stood in front of the window and watched her friend through the glass. “I worry for him.” She said, without turning. Tony walked behind her and looked outside as well. Sam hadn’t talked much the whole day, he mostly just stared at the emptiness with sorrowful eyes. Tony understood the man, as he felt the same powerless feeling inside and did not like to feel so at all.

Tony wrapped his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder. “why did this have to happen? Michael doesn’t deserve this, he’s suffered enough, he’s suffered too much…” She wept, Tony pulled her close, not sure what to say. He felt the pain inside, the pain in his chest and in his heart as he thought about his friend.

”Michael will survive, he has before.” He said finally, really wanting to believe in it. He stroked her hair, held her close and comforted. His mind filled with the memories of his friend, the happy child whose laughter had always been carefree and catching. The energy inside him, they plays that Michael had come up with, the dreams that he had spoken of…. No one knew Michael the way that he did, Tony believed. He had been close since his birth, he had grown up with him, shared experiences. He couldn’t live with the thought that he might loose him again.

Sam stepped out into the rain, away from the shelter that the roof had provided. He felt the cold rain drops on his face, on his hair and on his clothes. He stood there silent, gazing up towards the sky. He felt so powerless. He wanted to hear Michael’s voice, his laughter, feel his arms around him, the breathing on his neck. “I love the rain.” He would whisper from behind him and his moist lips would caress his skin softly.

Sam close his eyes, the heavy feeling inside wouldn’t leave him alone. ‘What if he dies?’ His mind asked and his mind began to feed him with images of the funeral and the dead body of his most beloved, trying to prepare him to the possible, but Sam wasn’t ready for it; not now, would never be and so he quickly buried the images and the thoughts. “You’re not going to loose me, not yet. I’m like a cat with nine lives, so I might have spent quite a few already, but I’m sure I have few left.” Michael had whispered to him that one night.
“Do not worry; I am not going anywhere, not if I can help it.” He had promised after and those were the words that Sam found the comfort that he needed.

“Sam?” He heard a voice from behind him and turned. “Come inside before you get sick.” Kitty asked. “Michael wants to come back to a healthy lover, he will need your strength.” She reminded him. Sam nodded slowly and followed her inside, his eyes still filled with grief.

When he got inside, he heard his phone ringing and jumped with the hope that it might be Michael.

“Hi Sam, this is Erick. Is Michael somewhere close? I’ve been trying to reach him all day, but it appears that his phone is closed.” Erick’s voice asked cheerfully and Sam could hear Paul’s laughter from the background. “Stop it Paul, I’m on the phone for goodness sake.” Erick scolded his partner with an amused tone of voice. “I’m sorry Sam, Paul seems to have a sudden little boy act going on.” Sam listened quietly.
“Sam? Are you there?”
”May I talk with Michael? I spoke with him earlier about us coming for a visit there… I arranged some time off from work and…” The man was quiet for a moment. “Michael did talk with you about this?” He asked and Sam remembered that Michael had mentioned about it last week.
“Michael isn’t here.” Sam told him.
“Well, when will he arrive? I can call back later.” Erick asked with a bit confused tone.
“I don’t know Erick, maybe you should ask that from that fucked up friend of yours!” Sam snapped.
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about Jean, that fucking piece of slime, that French fucker! Your perverted friend!” Sam yelled at him, all though deep inside; he knew he couldn’t blame Erick from anything, but at that moment the man seemed to be the best target for his agonising anger.
“What’s happened? He hasn’t…?” Erick asked with shock.
“Michael is missing, kidnapped from our own home, under his mothers eyes!” Sam was breathing tensely, he lift his other hand up to his temple as his headache grew. Erick was quiet for a moment
“Sam, oh my god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know, I truly didn’t know that…” The man stuttered.

“No, I’m sorry Erick, it’s not your fault, of course it isn’t. I’m sorry, I did not mean to shout at you, I’m just… Well I’m worried and quite pissed off frankly.”
“Of course, I understand… I’m sure everything will be fine though, Jean doesn’t mean him harm, he just…” Erick started without thinking.
“Doesn’t mean him harm?! No harm! Isn’t rape and assault harming?! What are you thinking, that Michael wants it? Well he certainly does not! And that fuck brain friend of yours…” Sam tried to calm his breathing. “Jean has finally got him right where he wants him after all these months, and what the fuck do you think is happening over there at this moment? Jean has done it many times before and he most likely tries to do it again and Michael…” Sam’s voice broke. “…He… It’s harming in my opinion!” He felt tears on his cheeks, when he realized that what he had just said, would most likely be happening in reality.
“Sam, calm down… Of course, I choose my words wrong, I… I don’t know what to say.”
“What could you say? Nothing will change what’s happened.” Sam said with tired voice. “I talk to you later Erick, if that’s alright, I’ll call you as soon as I hear something new.”
“Alright, have strength Sam and you’ll get him home, I’m sure of it.”
“I certainly hope so.”


Sleep had cured his mind momentarily from the hold of alcohol, leaving him with a nerve wrecking headache. Jean took couple of pills and drank some watter. He sat down in front of the kitchen table, holding a coffee cup and staring at the door to the bedroom where Michael was. Maybe he should have been more gentle last night? He wondered to himself, but on the other hand he had to tread him harshly so that Michale would understand and when he would… Well sooner or later Michael would learn to accept the situation, he just had to wait.

Sighing Jean started to gather up some breakfast on a tray.

Michael laid on the bed and stared at the far wall with plank expression on his face, when Jean stepped into the room. Jean noticed that the last nights dinner was left untouched on the table.

“Why have you not eaten?” He asked, placing the breakfast down on the stool next to the bed.
“I’m not hungry.” Michael answered quietly, without looking at him. Jean sat down on the edge of the bed and lift his hand to touch his cheek making him flinch.
“You should eat chéri.” Jean said and stroke his skin gently. Michael watched him fearfully. “What would you like for dinner?” The man asked moving his hand in his hair.
“I want to go home.” Michael answered and watched Jean’s reaction. The man acted though he hadn’t heard him.
“Some Tex Mex food perhaps? Or Chinese?…Or no, non of that… I’m going to make you some French delicacy.” Jean smiled. “You like lamb, right chéri?” Michael stared at the man, but did not answer. “Good, I’ll prepare that then.”

Jean stood up. “Eat your breakfast, otherwise, I won’t be happy.” Jean leaned to touch him again. “You want to keep me happy, right?” He smiled and finally Michael nodded, just to get rid of him. “Good…I’ll go now, to take care of some things, at night we can finally enjoy more from each others.” Jean let his lips caress his skin and Michael squeezed his eyes shut. He really didn’t find the; ’enjoy from each others’ with Jean appealing. The mere thought of it made him feel sick. “You can read some books while I’m gone, I know how you like to read; I got them just for you mon amour.” And after he had taken the untouched dinner of the previous night with him, Jean left leaving him alone once again.


The evening came too quickly for Michael. Jean had arranged the room so that in the center of it; stood a small dining table, with somewhat romantic setting for two. And there they sat; a scared young man and his former, obsessed lover.

Jean poured some red wine for the both of them and smiled as he looked at him. Michael stared at the plate in front of him; lamb, salad and oven potato with herb sauce. There was few candles on the table; Michael didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Jean had even cleaned up a bit; his black hair was quite short and his beard had been trimmed down as well. He could almost recognize the man that he had at one time cared much for and at the same time he could see the desperation of how much Jean tried to resume something long ago lost between them.

“Well, taste it; I want to know what you like?” Jean’s voice was gentle, excited. Michael looked at him, sorrow filling his heart. Jean brought the wine glass on his lips and drank, his smile never faded. Slowly Michael took some food with his fork and ate, the meat was tender and skilfully spiced.
“This is good Jean.” He told him quietly and saw his face lighting up.
“I’m glad you like it.” Jean said, with the gentle voice of former Jean. “Taste the wine, I wonder if you still remember?” And Michael did, recognising that it was the same wine, that they had used to drink together; their wine, Jean had called it then. And as he remembered some of those nights; nights when Jean had been able to drink with reason and nights when they had been wrapped in each others arms on the couch, laughing, talking, whispering secrets in each others ears; good moments, his mind was filled with even greater sorrow.

‘Why Jean? Who are you really?’ He wanted to ask, but stayed silent. Jean’s complete changes of mind and mood were hard and confusing to live with. Michael feared for the moment when Jean would loose it again, the moment when the monster would wake.
“This is the same wine we used to drink together.” He answered.
“Our wine.” Jean smiled.

They ate in silent and Michael felt Jean’s eyes on his skin.
“I know that you’re unhappy now, but it will soon change. I’ll make you happy, you’ll learn to like it here.” Jean assured. Michael looked at him and placed his fork down. He could never be happy here with Jean, without freedom. He missed Sam, he missed home and the security of it.
“How could I be happy if I’m not free Jean? I’m asking you; please, let me go home.” He begged. Jean’s expression darkened.
“You are home.” He answered and for a moment Michael was quiet, until he shook his head
“My home is where my family is, not here…” He told him. Jean tasted his wine and Michael looked at him carefully.

“Time for the desert, don’t you think?” Jean said finally, smiling. Michael looked at him with confusion. “Undress.” Jean leaned backwards on his chair, drinking the wine.

“What?” Michael asked, though he knew that he had heard him right.
“Take your clothes off.” Jean said calmly, the smile staying on his lips. Michael stared at him.
“I’m not going to take my clothes off.” He said and stood up.
“Why not?” Jean asked with curiosity. Michael backed away, looking at the room surrounding him and then at Jean, who really did seem to be waiting for an answer.
“Because I don’t want to.”
“Why don’t you?” Jean asked, and Michael couldn’t believe that he was really asking that.
“Because I.. I don’t want that you…” Michael started to answer, hesitated. Jean lighted up a smoke.
That I what?” Jean asked and blew out a smoke ring.

“I don’t want to have sex with you.” Michael said finally. Jean frowned, seemed to be thinking about his answer.
“So you don’t want to have sex with me… Why is that? Why don’t you want sex?” He asked then, took the ashtray and shrugged the ash from the cigarette in it. Michael didn’t know what he should do, this seemed to be some odd game that the man had come up with, game which rules he didn’t know.
“I just don’t want it.”
“There has to be a better reason than that and I want to hear it.” Michael saw something flashing in Jean’s eyes and knew that the monster had woken. He backed up slowly and wished that he would know the rules of this game and the right answer; was there even any?
“It should be enough of an answer.” He said desperately, his mouth felt dry.
“But it’s not, I want a better one.” His eyes were glimmering; the insane glimmering. “So, you don’t want sex because?”

“Because… because I know it would hurt.”
“Would it? Does it always?”
“N-No…” The whole situation was starting to go over his understanding, where had the gentle Jean disappeared all of a sudden? The one he had spoken with only moments earlier.
“But it would hurt now?” He asked. Michael really didn’t know what to do, he searched for answers from the surrounding room, but found non.
“I don’t know.”
“When Samuel fucks you really hard; does it hurt? Do you scream from pain or pleasure?” Michael startled.
“Sam would never hurt me.”
“Wouldn’t he?” Does Sam have a big cock? Describe it for me.”
“No? It’s so small that you don’t want to bring shame on him?”
“You’re crazy.” Michael took note. Jean laughed.
”Maybe… Maybe I am, and I want you to undress.” Michael shook his head.

“I’m engaged to Sam, my body is non but his!” Michael finally screamed and Jean’s anger grew.
“Undress now, or shall I ask Patrick to join us in this room and together we tear those clothes off from you and take you. Is that what you want?” Michael looked at Jean knowing that the man had won. He lift his shaking arms and started to unbutton his shirt. “There, that’s a good boy.” Jean smiled with satisfaction.

Chapter 60.

It had been such a long time, Jean tough to himself as he watched how his ex slowly undressed himself. When Michael was opening his belt; tears were already running freely on his cheeks. This slightly bothered Jean, but he chose to let it by, to ignore his tears.
“Go and sit on the bed.” Jean ordered when Michael was dressed only to his boxers. The young man did what was asked of him. Jean got up and started undressing himself.

Michael close his eyes, trembling. He felt like that 17-year old boy again, boy, who had been forced to sell his body and only few of the men that Ricky had chosen, had actually cared about what he had felt.
“Open your eyes, look at me.” Jean told him. Sighing fearfully Michael obeyed. The man was completely nude by now, stroking himself. Eyes firmly on him, it was by instinct that Michael tried to move away as he approached. Jean, however, stopped him, laid him down and climbed on top.

”Shh… Chéri, save your tears.” The voice was gentle again, hand stroked his hair, wiped the tears away from his eyes. Michael trembled, couldn’t stop his tears. Jean kissed his face gently; his forehead, cheeks, chin and his lips. “You’re so beautiful chéri.” He whispered, kissed his neck and moved lower.

In panic, Michael tried to get away from under him, Jean grasped his wrist and held them down. “Relax Michael… Just relax, it’s okay, calm down.” Jean’s voice was soothing.
“Please…” Michael asked.
“Please what?”
”Let me go, I don’t want this.”
“Yes you do, I know you do.” Jean whispered moving his other hand on his chest, down to his stomach and up again, smile playing on his lips. “Like a piece of art…” He whispered and leaned to kiss his other nipple, licking it, nippling it, looking how it became erect.
Finally he got tired of Michael constant struggling.
“I have to tie you down.” He said then and took few silk scarfs, which he used to tie Michael’s wrists to the bed posts.
“There, now, where were we?”

Jean had dreamed of this moment for so long and now it was finally here and he had to enjoy it properly, without any rush.
He did hear Michael’s crying, heard as he took deep shaky breaths as he continued exploring his body with his hands. Jean laid on top of him, licking his stomach, moving lower and looked up to Michael’s face. He got up slightly, kissed his unwilling lips and once again stroked his hair. He moved up and brought his organ to his lips.
“Suck.” He whispered, Michael turned his face to the side. “Suck.” Jean told him again and finally Michael took him into his mouth. Jean moaned, moving his hips, in and out. He felt his peak coming closer and he didn’t want to cum yet, so he stopped. Kissing and licking he moved down on Michael’s body and started undressing the last piece of clothing that he had left.

“Jean no.” The man did not listen, he knew he could make Michael enjoy this, he was determined. He took Michael’s limp organ into his mouth, sucking and licking, kissing his testicles, lifting his legs up and licked his hole, then he continued on sucking his organ. He smiled wit satisfaction as he felt it slowly harden.

Michael cursed as he felt how his body started to response to Jean’s caressing, as he realized with horror that it felt good, much too good. He didn’t want to enjoy this, he felt like he would betray Sam if he would enjoy.
“Stop, stop…” He asked, but Jean continued, sucking on his hardening member and at times licking his hole, pushing his tongue in. His face buried against his crotch, strong arms keeping his legs apart. Why did he have to do this? Why did he have to make him like what was being done? Michael cried, moaned in pleasure. He cursed himself and prayed in his mind that Sam would forgive him for this.

He felt Jean’s finger pushing inside and started to become more nervous. He wriggled helplessly in the strong hold. Jean was still sucking. Other finger joined the first. “Jean, please stop.” Michael asked.
“Don’t worry I won’t.“ He grinned, stood up to his knees, still holding his legs up, he massaged their cock’s together. “Doesn’t it feel good?” He asked, took some lube on his palm and continued the massaging. Michael moaned, knowing that he couldn’t fight him for long. His body was completely surrendered to the pleasure that his mind didn’t want.

Jean’s moans deepened, his cock was throbbing, he moved his hips against Michael intensively and finally, with a shout, he came. Drops of sweat glimmered on his forehead, he tried to calm his breathing and lowered Michael’s feet’s down. He felt incredible satisfied when he noticed that he wasn’t the only one to cum. He dipped his finger into the semen and brought it into his mouth. “You taste so good mon amour.” He whispered and laid down. He kissed his moist forehead and lips. “That felt so good, lets just rest awhile and then another round, right chéri?” Michael cried quietly, Jean laid his head on his chest and fell asleep.


Daniel sat down on the couch and stared at the tv screen; a picture of Michael and then of the two French men. The woman gave a number to which anyone with some information of the case could call.
“This is just so sad.” Daniel startled slightly, he turned his face to look behind him where Julius stood. Julius was looking at the screen for a moment and then looked back at him, the man smiled gently, lovingly and at the same time sadly. “God, I can only imagine what Sam is going through, I don’t know what I’d do if you…” A hand reached out to touch his cheek, Daniel couldn’t keep the eye contact for long. He lowered his gaze to the floor.
“I-, I think I’ll go and see how’s Sam doing.” Daniel said finally and stood up. Julius touched his arm as he was passing.
“Hey, are you alright?” He asked with worry. Daniel glanced at him quickly, tried to smile and nodded his head. “This really seems to bother you? I think it’s great that you can be friends with Sam, that you support him in this hard time.” Julius kissed his cheek. “Remember to drive carefully sweetheart and give Sam my greetings.” Daniel felt his insides turning, why did Julius have to be so good to him? It only made him feel worse. He wasn’t sure what he had gotten himself into, how big case this really was. It was even on the news now!

“I’ll see you later.” He whispered, a quick kiss on his lovers lips before he left.


Sam cursed and threw his phone on the bed.
“What is it?” Kitty asked with worry as she stepped in.
“It’s on the news now, is it?” He asked with tired voice. Kitty nodded.
“Well, just guess how many calls I’ve already gotten? Fucking fagot, cock sucker, your boyfriend is a whore and so on and so forth, would you like to hear more?” He snapped. “I believe that many of these callers are my own customers. Like this wouldn’t be hard enough as it is.” Kitty walked over to him and hugged him.
“People can be jerks.” She sighed. “They’re just ignorant and stupid. They don’t know how things really are; we do.” She stroked Sam’s cheek gently. “You’re not alone.” She whispered smiling sadly. Sam nodded.
“Thank you Kit.”

“I believe it will take some time for this dust to settle. When I get Michael back, I’m going to take him away. I was thinking about renting some peaceful quiet place in Ireland.” Sam told her.
“It might be a good idea.” Kitty said quietly dreading other possibilities, which she couldn’t voice out loud. “Daniel, came to see you, he’s downstairs waiting.” She said then.
“Alright.” Sam sighed.

Daniel stood in front of the window, gazing out when Sam stepped in. He turned when he heard the approaching steps.
“Hey, how are you doing?” He asked, stepped closer.
“I’ve been better.” Sam sighed and sat down on the couch.
“What if I make us some tea? Lets sit down and talk.” Sam nodded and squeezed Michael’s engagement ring inside his fist, the ring that he carried on his neck, just above his heart. He stared out; the grey sky, the endless rain, almost like the nature would be mourning with him.

Daniel gave the tea cup to him, placed the tea tray down to the table and sat down on the opposite armchair.
“They talked about it in the news.” Daniel started with quiet voice.
“I bet they did…. I haven’t really watched, but they have tried to call from the papers.” Daniel nipped on his lower lip in a nervous manner and tasted his tea, his hands were trembling slightly.
“Have the cops gotten any new leads?” Daniel asked next, Sam looked at him and shook his head.
“The old lady from next door had seen a dark vehicle parked near our house several nights and she had seen someone sitting inside. But because the said old lady has somewhat poor eyesight, she couldn’t tell anything better… Just as fucking good clues as they had the last time.” Sam groaned.

“You haven’t slept much, have you?” Daniel asked, Sam shook his head.
“Have you been eating?” Another shook of the head.
“Kitty tries her best, but… well, I don’t have much of an appetite right now.” Sam told him. He looked at the edge of the fireplace quietly. He felt cold, he missed, longed with pain. Daniel stood up insecurely, walking closer. Sam was fighting against his tears, his body was trembling.
“Sam…” Daniel spoke softly.
“Don’t,” Sam whispered, trying to get a hold of himself, he didn’t want to show how weak he felt, not now. Daniel sat down and touched his shoulder, Sam shrink back.
“It’s just me, only me.” Daniel whispered, Sam looked at him. “Hey, let me comfort you.” Daniel asked massaging his arm.
“I can’t stand to think what’s happening there right now. I can’t stand to think what that man is doing to him.” Sam whispered. Daniel wrapped his arms around him and smiled and he felt Sam answering to his embrace.
“I know, I understand… I’m sure he’s alright.” Daniel comforted.


Kitty opened the front door and smiled to Jack.
“Hey, come in.” She said and stepped aside.
“Anything new?” Jack asked.
“No, not really.” Kitty sighed. Jack placed his coat into the coat rack.
“How is Sam?” He asked.
“well, to be honest, he’s pretty miserable, he’s quite torn because of this. He’s in the living room with Daniel now.” Jack nodded.
“I’ll go and see him, if that’s alright?”
“Yes, of course.”

Jack walked towards the living room, using the entrance from the dining room. He stopped once he reached the doorway and looked in. Sam and Daniel sat on the couch talking quietly. Daniel hugged the man, smiled and comforted him. Jack frowned, he listened to the conversation remaining silent himself. He did not trust Daniel one bit and if anything, his worry only grew, Finally, he stepped further in and cleared his throat. Both turned to look at him.
“Hi Jack,” Sam greeted with tired voice.
“Hey.” Jack said back looking firmly at Daniel, making him move in a nervous manner. ‘Something is going on, I know it and I’m going to find out.’ Jack seemed to be telling him without actually saying it. Daniel stood up.
“I have to go, talk with you later Sam, call me if you need anything.” He said.
“Thanks Dan, I’ll see you.” Was Sam’s reply.
“See you.”

Jack waited after Daniel had left before sitting down.
“How have you been doing?” He asked. Sam leaned backwards, sighing.
“I’m not sure really… I don’t know what to feel, what to do… I-, I just don’t know.”
Jack nodded softly.
“You know this better than I do Jack… how…?” Sam tried to collect his thoughts, resting his arms on his knees. “Jean… um… fuck… What I’m trying to ask here is…”
“Can he go through what he has again and survive it?” Jack asked, it was Sam’s turn to nod.

“When I first met with Michael, I must admit that there were times that I doubted if he could make it, times when I found him in the bathroom holding a knife, ready to cut his wrists open and he was so out of it that he hardly even heard me. But somehow you can adjust and you can survive when you make up your mind to do so. You know?” Sam nodded insecurely.
“And in the end Michael did adjust, he survived because he wanted to survive.” Jack smiled weakly. “Sometimes he seems so fragile, doesn’t he? Like if you would hold him too tightly he might break. You feel like you need to protect him and then he comes and surprises you; protecting you, saving you instead, giving you the strength you though you needed to give to him.” Jack looked at Sam with curiosity and Sam remembered the day when he had first met with Michael. He would have never guessed back then, the darkness that lied in the past of the angelic young man.

“What I’m trying to say, is that there are many forms of strength and mentally Michael is one of the strongest people I know. I have every fate that with the right treatment he will get past this as well, or at least he’ll learn to deal with it. Though, I do believe that his thrust in people and his trust to this world begins to be quite lost. I mean really lost and for quite a long time. When the time comes, the question is; can you handle it?” Sam had a puzzled expression.
“It would be easier for you to be with someone free of the ghost of the past, someone like Daniel perhaps?” Jack continued while observing his reaction.
“I love Michael, I want him back and only him.” Sam snapped and stood up.
“It will be hard.” Jack said calmly.
“I know that, I can handle that, I can handle anything at all as long as I get him back! It is his death, loosing him, that I couldn’t take.” Jack nodded.
“Then, perhaps you should return your ex back into the reality.”
“What do you mean?”
“That man loves you and I think that there’s something fishy going on here.” Jack said.
“You’re not trying to imply that Daniel would have something to do with this?” Jack looked into his eyes. “It’s absurd.” Sam breathed out. ”Daniel wouldn’t do anything like that, he couldn’t.”

“Well, if you believe so, then perhaps you’re right.” Jack said and stood up. “At one time, I believed that Jean was a nice man, incapable to hurt Michael.” He said quietly after. “I have to go. I hope I’ll hear some news soon.”

Sam was left alone into the room, wondering about what Jack had said, about Daniel and Michael. “He couldn’t, there’s no way…” He whispered to himself.


His arms were aching, the skin of his wrists burning. The man kissed his chest, caressing his body with his hands. “I love you.” Jean whispered and rose slightly, supporting himself with him his hands, looking at his face for a long time. Michael turned his face to the side, opening and closing his tired eyes, he felt the hot breathing on his skin. “I can’t get enough from you.” Jean whispered. “Do you love me Michael?” He asked, Michael sighed with frustration, his head was aching. “Tell me.” Jean insisted, guided his face with a hold on his chin to look at him.
“You’ve tied me up in this fucking bed and you ask me if I love you?!” He shouted with hoarse voice, breathing tensely. Jean smiled.
“Chéri,“ he stroke his cheek gently.
“Come even one inch closer and I’ll bite your nose off!” Michael hissed. Jean laughed.
“Will you really?” He grinned and moved his hands down on his body and caressed his penis. Michael wriggled, he was beginning to get really tired of this game. This time he really did try to bite the man when he leaned down closer to his face.
“Let me go you fuckhead!” Michael screamed. They looked in each others eyes; cold stare in the grey ones, a disturbing smile. Michael trembled as Jean started to untie his wrists. He tried to collect all his strength to just one coal; to beat Jean.

When he had gotten his hands free, he brought the right one to his face, pushing him away, helping with his left hand. He lift his knee up to kick Jean, but the man grasped his throat; squeezed. When it became harder for him to breath, Michael moved his hand on Jean’s hand, trying to get him to loosen his hold.
“Stop fighting.” Jean said calmly. ”Stop it.” Jean repeated and when Michael finally listened, he loosened his hold on his neck, leaving him gasping for breath.

Jean took a hold of his thighs, trying to get his legs to part, Michael struggled, his muscles tense, wrapping his leg on top of the other, doing everything he could to keep them together. Jean cursed and tried to turn him onto his stomach. Kicking, struggling, they were both running out of breath.

Jean took a hold of his wrists, forced them against the bed and locked him between his knees. He tried to catch his breath, looking into the face of Michael and finally he smiled.
“I am going to make love to you.”
“Make love?? You’re trying to rape me and it’s far from making love!” Michael cried out starting to struggle again.
“I can wait, but sooner or later you get tired and I’m going to win.” Michael screamed in frustration, enraged.

They stayed that way, looking at each others, waiting for the next move. Slowly Jean brought his knee between Michael closed thighs. He pressed down with force and smiled when he heard the other moaning in pain, brown eyes filled with tears. Michael gasped for breath, Jean was using so much strength that finally he gave in for the pain. When Jean had gotten his thighs to part he forced himself between them and laid down. A victorious smile on his face. “I got you.” He whispered and slowly began to move his body against his. The man’s organ was hard and throbbing. Michael tried to move still, get from under him, but Jean seemed to know his every move from before hand. His wrists were taken like before; into a one hand hold and Jean started to caress his already lubed hole, he pushed few fingers in, stretching and feeling. Finally taking his hand away, raising his hips up higher, Michael felt the mans organ coming against his entrance and slowly the man moved himself inside. He cried out, moaned and cried.

”Oh my god…” Jean moaned once inside of him completely, he lied still for a moment, kissed Michael’s cheek and trembling lips.
He then began to move slowly, rising up to his knees, holding on to his hips tightly and started fucking him. The bed creaked, the man moaned. Michael hit his head few times to the edge of the bed, finally taking a hold of it and just tried to take what was happening. Blood tasted in his mouth as he accidentally bite on his tongue. The pain from the start started to ease, becoming more of a uncomfortable feeling than painful. All the same he wanted it to end.

He felt sick to his stomach hearing Jean’s groans of pleasure, the creaking of the bed. Michael squeezed the bed edge; his knuckles white, eyes tightly close. And finally, after what had felt like forever, it was over. The sweaty body of the man on top of his, Jean was breathing hard, out of breath. Hand wiped his hair from his forehead. Michael looked away with glazed eyes, which made the other wake and understand.

”I’m sorry.” Jean whispered. ”I got a little too carried away,” He looked at Michael with worry, but couldn’t reach with his eyes. “Chéri,” he kissed his cheek, caressed his chest, but when he got no reply, he stood up. He searched his clothes and started dressing.
“Are you in pain?” Jean asked, still, no reply. Michael’s eyes were open, but didn’t seem to be looking at anything specific, seeing nothing. His breathing was even, his body trembling slightly. The skin on his neck was slightly bruised, his thighs had even worst bruises, same with his arms. Jean hadn’t realised how brutal he had been until now.

A knock on the door, Patrick stepped in, he grinned as he looked towards the bed and then at his friend.
“Had fun?” He asked, he had heard everything that had happened in there just moments earlier. Only now Michael seemed to come back, he moved painfully and tried to cover his naked body from the other man. “You had a call Jean, you know who, I already talked with him, but if…” Patrick said then, keeping his eyes firmly on Michael.
Jean nodded, he dressed his shirt on and left the room. Patrick glanced after him before moving closer to the bed.
”You look like you would have had the fuck of your life.” The man sneered and lighted a cigarette. Michael tried to get up, he hissed from pain and couldn’t sit up like normally. He pulled the blanket up to cover his body and didn’t look at the man. “Did you enjoy?” Patrick asked with mean voice. Michael shook his head.
“Jean was fine before you came into his life, you’ve ruined his life, both of our life’s.” Patrick hissed. “You messed with his head and that’s why you deserve this.” Michael looked up to him through his tears.
“Ricky…” His voice was hoarse. ”It was Ricky.” His voice didn’t seem to carry, he felt dizzy, nauseated, his headache seemed to be growing.

Patrick heard Jean calling him, once more he looked at Michael before he left. Tired, Michael laid back down and stared at the emptiness. “Why?” He whispered.


Daniel trembled after finishing the call. The night had already darkened, rain hitting on the car windows. He wiped his face, hearing the loud beat of his own heart. “What have I done?” He asked himself desperately. He had just talked with Patrick, and knew that there was one phone call that he would never be able to forget. Michael’s cries repeating on his mind, over and over again; the sounds of rape.
“Jean’s fucking him, can’t come to the phone right now.” The other man had laughed and had walked closer to the room where it all was happening. Daniel had been able to hear everything going on inside. Nothing would be able to raise the horrible truth from his mind anymore. What he had heard, had been a clear rape. “If you tell someone, we will pull you down with us, you can be sure of that.” The man had hissed, when he had started to hesitate out loud.

Daniel thought of Sam, he thought of Michael and the stupid fight that they had had. Sam’s birthday and what Michael had shouted there. Daniel had thought that it had just been a lie, he hadn’t believed. Something like that just didn’t happen and if it did, one couldn’t pull through so easily. So he had thought; Michael was a liar, Jean was right and Sam had been fooled. But now, he understood, his eyes had been opened and he realized clearly what he had done, what he had gotten himself into. Lord how stupid he had been!

With shaking hands he started the car, wanting to forget, wanting to get out of the net which he himself had created.

When he arrived home, Julius was already waiting with ready made dinner. The man talked as they ate, but Daniel couldn’t concentrate, , he was hardly able to force a single bite down. Julius noticed that something was wrong, he was worried and when the man later on leaded him into the bedroom, kissed him gently and asked him to tell what was wrong, Daniel broke down. Julius hugged him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. Daniel squeezed him closer to himself.
“I can’t tell.” He whispered.
“Why not? Of course you can. I love you and you can tell me anything at all.” Daniel looked at him with confusion. The man hadn’t said it before.
“You love me?” He asked.
“Of course I do, we’re living together, are we not?” Julius smiled. At that moment Daniel felt more stupid than ever before.
“Hold me.” He asked. “I fear that soon you’ll start hating me, if you only knew what I’ve done, you would…” He whispered. Julius was quiet for a long time.
“Daniel, I could never hate you.” He said then. Daniel close his eyes, wanting to hold on to Julius forever and forget what he had heard. But could he ever live with all the quilt?