Foolish games-Prologue-

”Dad?” The boy spoke with a sweet tone. He stood at the kitchen’s doorway and slowly made his way further in, towards the table where his father was seated. The man looked up, smiled at the sight of him, both hands still holding the morning newspaper.

”Yes, Joni?” He knew that look. He knew that the boy wanted something.

”I need you to sign one paper,” he explained, coming closer still until he stood close beside him.

”What paper is it?” He asked, warily almost, looking at the paper and the pen in the boy’s hands.

”It’s just a small thing really, mere formality if you will,” the boy smiled. ”About this one gig, they’ve requested me to.” He continued, setting the paper on the table, in front of his father, giving the pen to him and pointing towards where the signature should be written.

”Hold on there, I want to know what this is about…”

”It’s nothing important, they’re just being overly careful.” The man gave his son a look of doubt, he knew him all too well by now and…

”An underwear shoot!” He practically shrieked, the boy sighed.

”Yes, as I said nothing big…” he spoke with an almost bored tone.

”Nothing big! You are seventeen!”

”I’m almost an adult, dad. It’s just a gig among other gigs, this just pays really well. ”

” Well, I happen to find it very dubious to ask a minor for a photoshoot like this.” He snorted. ” What is this for anyway?” He looked at the paper more closely.

”For an ad that will appear in a magazine.” Joni rolled his eyes.

”Look here, you don’t know what kind of pervs are reading and looking at these sorts of ads. I’m sure that they can find an adult model for it.” His father said. ”No, I will not sign this,” he pushed the paper farther away to emphasize his words. ”I will not have my seventeen-year-old son posing himself, practically nude! For some perverts to drool on!”

”Dad, come on, you’re overly paranoid! This is about me being gay, isn’t it?!” The boy huffed.

”It’s not about that,” the man shook his head, ”it’s about you being far too young to pose in a magazine dressed next to nothing.”

”First, you take away my chance to go to Paris, and now this! I wouldn’t be naked for God’s sake; I wouldn’t be posing in some porn magazine and…!”

”Enough Joni!” He gave his son a stern look. ”I am your parent, you are still under-aged and yes, whatever you will say, will not make me change my mind, you will not be doing any gigs, photo shoots, or any other, wearing so little. I am forbidding it, only your best in my mind.”

”Bullshit! I’m almost an adult! I should be free to make my own decisions!”

”I’m sorry, Joni, but an adult you are not and until you are, you will obey my word, understand?”

”God, you’re so annoying!” He screamed, took the paper, and left the room, practically running upstairs and into his room.

The man sighed heavily; he missed the time when his son had still been a child, the time when he had had him under control without much effort. This teenage period, all this angst and drama, was slowly wearing him out.

”What was it about this time?” His wife asked, stepping into the kitchen, carrying their two-year-old daughter in her arms.

”I refused to sign a paper with my consent of letting him do an underwear shoot to some…well, whatever it was…” He explained tiredly .His wife lowered the little girl on the floor next to her, before opening the fridge. ”Tell me Katja, do you think that I’m wrong in this matter?” She looked at him, softly shaking her head.

”I would have forbidden him too,” she nodded, pouring a glass of juice for her youngest. ”Just give him some time to sulk in private, I’m sure he’ll soon get over it.” She assured him.

”I hope so…” Asko sighed and got up. He walked over to his wife and planted a soft kiss on her cheek, before kneeling down to talk to his daughter.

”Will you let dad go easier when you come to that age?” He asked and the girl smiled broadly.

”I want in daddy’s arms!” The girl said, reaching out her hands towards him.

”Is that a yes?” He chuckled softly when he took her and got up.

”I certainly hope so,” Katja said and smiled warmly as she looked at them.


Asko loved his son beyond measure. The boy, who both with his looks and his spirit, reminded of his late wife Marianna. She had fallen ill with a malignant brain tumor and left them when their son had been only five years old.

He, then a twenty-nine year old, widowed, lost in the trance of grief had tried his best to pull himself together and provide a happy and safe childhood for the child, like he had promised to his wife on her deathbed.

He knew now that he had perhaps ended up spoiling the boy too much and thus he had a whimsical, self-confident teen in his hands that thought the world a much safer place than it was. Joni had gotten used to getting his way too often. And equally often Asko was lost in how to handle him in the right way.

The boy had been almost ten when Katja came into their lives. Joni hadn’t made it easy for her. However, Katja, three years younger than Asko, had been able to treat the boy differently from others who had previously tried to come between them. Katja was patient, working as a kindergarten teacher, in a profession that had also been Marianna’s dream. Katja had been an important balancer in their lives and in Joni’s upbringing.

At the age of 14, Joni had gotten a modeling contract, following in his mother’s footsteps in that regard. Around that time Joni had also revealed that he was gay. It had surprised him to some extent, but it was a fact that was and which Asko full-heartedly accepted. He had always believed that people should be allowed to be who they are and love who they loved. It should be of no concern to outsiders.

He had to admit though, that the fact made him more concerned of his son’s safety. Now, in his teens, he was a beautiful boy, growing into a beautiful man, who aroused interest in older men. Questionable encounters and agreements, like this underwear shoot, seemed to emerge often in the modeling circle.

The boy could be a handful when he wanted, but there was certain sensitivity and kindness in him too, qualities revealed to those closest to him. It was the young, lively spirit that guided him, the quick-tempered mind would surely be more controlled with age, but for now as a parent it was up to him to guide the boy from making bad decisions.

He had created his own trap in raising his son. A whimsical, confident teenager who was used to getting what he wanted and imagined that he could continue to get it without harm.

Asko knew he was in trouble with his son and did everything he could to protect him. At the same time, Joni was young, and life opened as an exciting adventure ahead, with all the doors still open and there were no monsters in sight.

Chapter 1

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