9.So just

Chapter 9

Joni couldn’t remember ever being as happy as he was now. The last two days they spent in St. Petersburg, sleeping in a fancy hotel in the city center, which Misha had arranged as a surprise for him. “I know that you want to go shopping, so…” Misha had said and Joni had barely been able to contain his excitement. They had two separate beds in their hotel room because they hadn’t wanted to raise any suspicion in the hotel staff. What they did in the privacy of their room was only between them.

In St. Petersburg, Joni saw a different side of Russia, wealthy and well dressed people, history and culture. Misha followed his boyfriend patiently while he visited the numerous shops and Joni clearly enjoyed that for once Misha was able to keep up and give his opinions on the clothes that Joni tried on. Misha even agreed to try on clothes that Joni picked out for him. With new clothes and souvenirs, their car was fully packed for the journey home.

Originally, they had planned to purchase Misha’s ring once they’d arrived at home. On their way back, after crossing the border, Joni wanted to make a stop at the city of Hamina. After all, as they were going to tell people about their engagement, Joni didn’t want to be the only one wearing a ring. Misha agreed and they parked near the first jewelry shop that they saw. They stepped in to be greeted by the shopkeeper, an elderly woman who was neatly dressed but had been too heavy handed with her perfume, which almost made Joni want to turn back.

“We would like to see the engagement rings,” he said, and the woman gave him a polite smile.

“Certainly. Did you have anything specific in mind? Diamonds perhaps?” The woman asked and Joni chuckled while Misha couldn’t help but feel somewhat bothered; it had been easier to do this alone.

“He would look kind of silly with a huge diamond on his finger, don’t you agree?” Joni asked teasingly and could see how her smile turned first to confusion and then to awkwardness and for a moment she was at a loss for words. “I already have a ring, but we now need one for my partner.”

“I see… well…” The woman mumbled and looked down at the showcases, now clearly avoiding looking at their faces. “What is it that you want, then?” She asked somewhat rudely.

“I was thinking white gold or silver, something simple and a wide model.” Joni said tilting his head. The woman sighed and took one plate out on the table.

“Here are some.” She merely said and her whole being exuded unwillingness to serve them.

Joni looked at her, raising his brow. It was clear that the change in the woman was caused by prejudice and dislike. “Thank you, I’m sure we’ll get better service elsewhere. Let’s go, Misha.” Joni said and turned to the door. “I should have trusted my first instinct; never trust someone who’s drowned themselves in rich perfume…” He said with an upset tone, intending for her to hear him. And Misha, partly amused by his fiancé’s choice of words, gave one last glance to the woman who only gave him an arrogant and contemptuous look in return.

“The service, I have to admit, was a whole lot better when I purchased your ring,” Misha smiled crookedly.

“So annoying.” Joni responded tightly. “I will tell everyone not to go there, ever!”

Misha smiled softly and rubbed Joni’s shoulder as they walked on. “Just forget it, she had a bad day, it could have been worse, I’m sure that the next shop will give us better service.”

They didn’t have to walk far to find another jewelry store. They stepped in to find only one other customer, currently served by a young male clerk. The man and another worker, a young woman, greeted them cheerfully. “How may I help you?” The woman asked as they approached the counter.

“We’re looking for an engagement ring for my partner.” Joni said, watching her carefully. The woman smiled, looking at him and then at Misha.

“Only one ring?” She grinned.

“I already have one.” Joni replied, managing to smile.

“Oh, congratulations, may I see what kind?” She asked and Joni showed her his left hand.

“It’s beautiful, white gold?”

Joni nodded. “Then perhaps you’d like something similar for you?” She asked, glancing at Misha, who shrugged.

“I’d like something simple,” the blond replied. “Silver or white gold.”

“You promised that I could choose,” Joni reminded him with a grin and the older man smiled and nodded.

“Yes, so I did, as long as it isn’t anything feminine.”

“Lots of small diamonds, sparkle, sparkle; the kind that will be noticed miles away,” Joni joked. The woman smiled, glanced at her co-worker who smiled back at her glancing at the couple; they were cute.

The woman took out different options. “Here are some quite classic samples that many men seem to prefer. “

Misha and Joni looked at the selection and Misha tried out a few until they both ended up liking one wide silver ring with Celtic markings on its surface.

“Would you like a box for it, or will you take it to use straight away?”

“I doubt that we’ll need more ceremonies, so yes, I’ll take it to use.” Misha smiled.

Joni wanted to pay for the ring and they left the store feeling happy. Now their engagement felt complete.


It was afternoon when they arrived at home. Ivo was already there but Jami wouldn’t be home until later.

“Welcome home, how was your journey?” Ivo greeted them cheerfully in the hall.

“It was fine,” Joni smiled and lowered two of his suitcases to the floor.

“Want to come and help me unload the truck?” Misha asked. “Joni got a little carried away in St. Petersburg…” He added grinning and stuck his tongue out to his lover who seemed as though wanting to protest.

”You must be hungry?” Ivo asked as they took the last of their luggage inside.

“Yes, starving,” Joni nodded.

“Good, I thought we could have a barbeque outside, I got everything ready. Jami should be home soon as well.” Ivo smiled. “So, did you bring presents?” He added with a grin while strolling towards the kitchen. Misha sighed, rummaging in his luggage for a bottle of vodka, champagne and the wool socks that their grandmother had knitted, before following his brother into the kitchen and lowering the gifts on the table. “These are for you,” he pointed at the socks and bottle of vodka. “And this we could open tonight.” He held the champagne bottle up.

“What are we celebrating? Your home coming?” Ivo asked and Misha glanced at Joni who had stepped into the kitchen after him.

“Well, we might as well tell him?” Joni grinned and Misha sighed smiling at his lover before looking at his older brother who was observing them impatiently.

“Spit it out?” Ivo asked impatiently.

Joni brought his left hand up. “We got engaged,” he grinned and Ivo was silent for a moment, brought his hand up to his mouth and then lowered it back down, smiled widely and held his arms out as he walked over to Joni to hug the young man tightly. 

“Oh I knew it! I knew that you would make a perfect couple!” He looked at Misha still holding Joni who seemed amused by the situation. “I knew,” he repeated to Misha who rolled his eyes. “Oh, I am so happy!” Ivo sighed, letting go of Joni and then walked closer to Misha, who awkwardly allowed his brother to hug him. “We must throw a huge party!” Ivo thought then. “Who should we invite?”

“There’s no need to make any huge spectacle, Ivo.” Misha sighed. “We have champagne and we have meat to grill, that’s a fine enough party right there, right Joni?”

“Of course we must make a spectacle!” Ivo protested before Joni had time to answer. “Why else would two men get engaged if one couldn’t make a spectacle out of it! We’ll have that party, right Joni?” Ivo gave a hopeful look to the dark haired man who was leaning against the counter and seemed amused as he looked between Ivo and Misha.

“Well… Parties are usually fun, but…”

“Yes they are! Who would you like to invite? Should we ask your parents as well? Can I arrange everything?”

Joni glanced at Misha who seemed somewhat sour. “I really don’t want any ridiculous fuss!” Misha said. “And knowing you, there is a danger of it turning just into that.”

“Not at all,” Ivo denied. “Everything will be put together with good taste. Didn’t I throw  a nice party for Dima and Linda as well?”

“Well, can’t you just throw a party without concerning us?”

“Why?” Ivo wondered. “Why did you get engaged if others couldn’t celebrate it?”

“Of course it can be celebrated,” Joni sighed with a smile. “But neither Misha or I want something over the top. For us this means a promise to each other, a sign of commitment.”

“That’s right.” Misha nodded.

“Well, can’t I still throw the party?” Ivo asked perplexedly. “Can’t others feel cheerful about that promise?”

“Just go ahead then.”  Misha said in a defeated tone and walked over to the fridge. Ivo smiled happily.

“In two weeks time, is that alright? I believe Jami has got that Saturday off as well.”

“I suppose so…” Misha agreed exhaustedly.

Jami arrived home while they were barbequing outside and Misha opened the champagne bottle, filling four glasses.

“What are we celebrating?” Jami inquired, smiling.

“Those two got engaged,” Ivo announced cheerfully. “And I’ll throw them a proper party in two weeks time,” he added while Misha was handing the glasses out to them.

“Engaged?” Jami wondered. Joni chuckled and nodded, holding his glass and Jami found himself looking at the ring on Joni’s hand. “Congratulations…” He said, turning to look at Misha and his ring.

“Thank you,” Misha said, pulling Joni closer. “Alright, let’s drink to the future!” He added holding out his glass.

“To eternal love and the cutest couple of the century!” Ivo said teasingly and once again Misha rolled his eyes.

“So, you plan to marry then?” Jami asked in a wondering tone after they had tasted their drinks. Misha and Joni glanced at each other and Joni chuckled.

“Oh my, I hadn’t even thought that far…” Joni grinned.

“It’s not even possible yet…” Misha said. “If they legalize it, then we’ll see…”

“They will, sooner or later.” Jami said. “They can’t stop the future.”

“Misha can wear a pretty white dress, then…” Joni teased his lover.

“You’ll be the one wearing a dress.” Misha replied calmly.

“No way,” Joni shook his head and took a sip from his glass; the idea was amusing. “I’ll wear jeans, we’ll go to the registry office and then out to dine.”

“And that’s your dream wedding day?” Jami asked with a hint of amusement. He wasn’t sure how to take the news about Misha’s and Joni’s engagement. He had thought the whole concept kind of pointless. On the other hand, perhaps in some way he was envious of their deep commitment to each other.

“Wedding day! It sounds so crazy, I’ve never even considered that one day it could be reality for me.” Joni chuckled.

“Registrar, good food, wine, privacy and lots of sex, we’d travel somewhere far away from the tourist attractions.” Misha said. “That would be perfect to my taste.”

“Alright, that will do.” Joni said and they looked at each other smiling.

“Gods you two are nauseating to watch.” Jami joked.

”Oh, thank you,” Joni grinned.

“You are cute,” Ivo said and turned the meat on the grill over. “These are almost done, can someone set the table?”

“Are we eating out or in?” Joni asked.

“Lets eat outside on such a pretty evening.” Ivo answered.


Asko first took the news in confusion. He had noticed the ring on his son’s finger and first he had only enquired if it was new, until his wife spotted the same and the fact that they both had rings on their left hands. “You’ve gotten engaged, how wonderful! Congratulations!” Katja had cheered and hugged them both.

“Engaged?” Asko had wondered. “When did that happen?”

“In Russia, on my birthday,” Joni had grinned.

“Oh… Well, congratulations.” His dad had mumbled, scratching his head. Later he had asked his son whether he didn’t feel terribly young to make such a commitment. Joni had reminded that he had been only two years older when meeting his mother.  It had hit home. “Of course I am happy for you and perhaps it’s pointless to wait when you’ve met the perfect match for you. Misha knows how to take care of you.” His dad had finally reasoned, in his typical fatherly manner where Joni’s safety was a priority. It was amusing, but Joni had gotten used to it.


After work Jami went to visit Sonja.

“Joni and Misha got engaged,” Jami said after taking a seat in front of the table with a steaming mug of hot coffee placed in front of him.

“What?” Sonja asked, perplexed. “Engaged? When?”

“On Joni’s birthday…”

“Oh my, that’s too cute!… Who proposed?” Sonja asked with curiosity, smiled and sat down opposite her friend.

”Misha…” Jami answered with a sigh and brought the mug to his lips.

“I can’t take it, it’s too cute…” Sonja grinned and couldn’t help but to notice how her friend rolled his eyes. “What? Don’t you think it’s cute?”

“It is…” Jami answered, though he didn’t sound all that convincing. “I wouldn’t have thought that Misha would be the proposing kind of guy…”

“They’re so in love with each other,” Sonja smiled.

“But do you need a ring to prove it?” Jami wondered.

“You know what, you sound jealous,” Sonja pointed out with a grin.

“I’m not jealous, why would I be?”

“Because Ivo hasn’t proposed to you.” Sonja said and Jami chuckled.

“Nor will he. Our relationship is fine the way it is.” Sonja looked at her friend tilting her head, smiling crookedly.

“I still think that you’re a little jealous…”

Jami snorted at this. “Think what you want,” he said. “Ivo is throwing a party next Saturday, you may bring someone if you like.”

“Where would I find myself a date, on such short notice?” Sonja wondered. “Although, I was asked out last week. I went to get pizza from the place nearby, you know? Our favorite place? And that new pizza guy asked me out… I have a sneaking suspicion though, that he asks every blond woman out that goes there alone, so… “

”The right man will come along, one day.” Jami assured her with a smile.

“Easy for you to say and everyone else…” Sonja sighed. “So, is any single straight guy coming to that party?”

”I’m not sure, they’re mostly Misha’s and Joni’s friends.”

“Well, I’ll keep my hopes up,” Sonja decided. “I wonder what to get them as a gift.”

”I haven’t thought of anything yet either…” Jami said.

“Well then, now we have a reason to go shopping together!” Sonja cheered. “And can I talk to Ivo about one small detail concerning the party?” She grinned, Jami gave her a questioning look.

“And what detail might that be?” He asked with doubt.

“Just concerning the music…” Sonja smiled innocently.

“I’m sure that Ivo will hear your idea gladly.”



Joni logged into his facebook account and saw two new friend requests: Dina Petrova and Stanislav Kadnikov. Dina had added a message to her request: `Found you! Hot model! Friends?’ Joni smiled and accepted her, with Stanislav he hesitated and decided to ask for Misha’s opinion later.

He read the updates from his friends when a message window appeared on the screen.

Kasper: Hi…

Joni thought for a moment before replying.

Joni: Hi.

Kasper: How was your trip?

Joni: It was fine, thanks 🙂

Kasper: I noticed that it was your birthday, congratulations!

Joni: Thank you.

Kasper had congratulated him already by writing on his wall so these belated greetings seemed unnecessary.

Kasper: I came across your fan page the other day. Great pictures.

Joni frowned.

Joni: What pictures do you mean?

Kasper: You don’t know about them?

Joni: No… Can you give me the link?

Suddenly he felt worried and stressed. Kasper gave him the link but Joni hesitated to open it for a moment… What if those pictures were there? As uncomfortable as the idea was, he had to know. Looking at the pages made him feel uneasy, who had made them and why hadn’t he been aware that they existed? There was a guestbook and it took another moment of hesitation before he clicked it open. He snorted when he saw one anonymous comment that only said: ‘gay’ –Yeah and so? Joni wondered and frowned. There were a couple of negative comments, but most were nice. The administrator of the page had reminded people to stay appropriate, written that any abusive comments would be removed. Joni wondered who this person even was – confusing…

Kasper: Are you there?

Joni: Yeah… I don’t know who made this page.

Kasper: One of your admirers, I believe 🙂

Joni: As long as it’s not one of my enemies, hah.

Joni rolled his eyes at his own comment, but he didn’t know what else to write.

Kasper: Enemies don’t go around designing and updating fan pages.

Joni smiled before replying; ‘I suppose not :)’

Kasper: Work keeping you busy?

Joni: Meh…Nothing big really… some photo shoots, modeling doesn’t really keep one busy in this country… I should find something else, I’ll probably try to apply for college or something this fall.

Kasper: Do you have something in mind?

Joni: A couple of different choices, but I’m not sure… Something to do with exercising or health in general maybe…

Kasper: No more dreams of becoming an actor?

Joni: ?

Kasper: I remember that you once talked about wanting to be on television, or end up in Hollywood…

Joni: Hah! Yeah, I might have said that, years ago. As a teenager I wanted to be a celebrity 😀

Kasper: Not anymore? And aren’t you sort of a celebrity now?

Joni: I wouldn’t really say that… And we all need to grow up sometime, step down from the clouds, and get a normal job at least, like my father has always said that I should do… Anyway, enough about me, are you on a holiday?

Kasper:  Kind of 😉

Joni: Gigs?

Kasper: Yeah, some… One is next Saturday, want to come?

Joni: I would gladly come sometime with Misha, but next weekend doesn’t work for us, Ivo is arranging an engagement party for us…

It took a while for Kasper to answer and Joni thought that the news came as a surprise to him.

Kasper: Engagement party?

Joni: Yeah, we got engaged on my birthday.

Again there was a pause.

Kasper: Congratulations 🙂

Joni: Thanks.

Joni then heard a car pulling into the driveway and wrote: I think Misha just got home, we’re looking for our own apartment and there’s one showing this evening. Later!

Kasper: yeah, see you…

Joni logged out and walked downstairs just as Misha stepped in. Joni smiled brightly at him.

“How was work? Did anyone notice?” He asked and the expression on Misha’s face told a lot.

“Just guess…” Misha sighed, but smiled while kicking off his shoes. “Cecilia naturally noticed first and then she gossiped to everyone, bought a cake and lemonade… Then we celebrated in the café room and Cecilia managed to invite herself to the party… All in all it was horrid and completely awkward.” Misha nodded and Joni chuckled, coming closer to hug him.

“Are you having second thoughts about proposing to me?”

“I admit that I didn’t think that it would cause such a scene,” Misha smiled. “But no, I don’t regret our engagement.”

“Good,” Joni smiled and pecked his lips. “I made a salad, we can eat before we head off.” He took Misha’s hand and led him to the kitchen.

“Dina and Stanislav sent me friend requests on facebook.” Joni said as he took the salad bowl from the fridge. “Dina I already accepted, but…” Joni gave Misha a questioning look; the blond man had already sat down in front of the table.

“I’m waiting for you to serve me, I had such a rough day,” Misha grinned and Joni rolled his eyes. The younger man set the bowl on the table and went to get them plates from the cabinet. “They contacted me as well and I accepted both of them.” Misha said looking at his fiancé, who obediently set the table and served him bread and juice.

“Are you at all thirsty?” Joni asked as Misha had already brought the glass to his lips to drink.

“Well, I was getting a little thirsty, yes…” He replied in confusion.

”I mean the saying. Old salt, an ex lover – does it make you thirsty?”

“Oh, you mean Stanislav? Misha grinned and Joni gave him an expectant look.


“Well, he’s not really old salt, only an old crush and no… I’m not thirsty.” Misha tilted his head. “Stanislav seems interested in visiting us though…”

”So you talked to him?”

“We exchanged a couple of messages,” Misha nodded and filled his plate with the salad. “I think he’s curious about us…” He brought his gaze up to his lover for a moment. “Perhaps in such a way that doesn’t interest us.” He smiled slightly.

“A threesome?” Joni guessed and sat down, they looked into each other’s eyes. “I don’t want to try that…” He answered honestly.

“Good, me neither,” Misha nodded and touched Joni’s hand reassuringly across the table. “As a fantasy of sorts it might be arousing, but not in reality… No, I couldn’t share you with anyone.”

”Good that we think alike…” Joni smiled back. “So we’re not inviting Stanislav over?” He grinned. Misha shrugged and looked at him smiling with amusement.

“I could be wrong, but the way he acted and his messages gave me some clues… I am not sure if there is a polite way to write between the lines to make him understand that we’re not interested in threesomes.”

“I don’t know how to express that without being blunt.” 

“Well, at least for now I can stall it by saying that we’re busy with moving.” Misha nodded and tasted the salad looking at Joni thoughtfully for a moment. “And it’s okay with me if you accept his request, of course you don’t need my permission. Just tell me if he starts suggesting something… indecent.”

Joni chuckled and grinned at his lover. “I promise,” he said and drank from his glass. “Oh, by the way, I have a fan page!”

“Oh my, a fan page?” Misha grinned. “What kind? Who made it?”

“I can show it to you later and I don’t know who made it other than their nickname: Eria94… Probably some teenage girl.”

“Or a horny, zit-faced teenage boy…” Misha teased.

“Hey, don’t you go around criticizing my loyal fans.” Joni laughed. “Imagine, if this had happened a couple of years back, I think my head would have swollen so much that it might have exploded… I would have bragged with it and you would have lost your nerve.”

“That’s true,” Misha admitted smiling. “Should I now be jealous and worried since you’re this famous?”

“Really famous,” Joni joked. “And really wanted.”

”I don’t doubt that.”

“Kasper told me about the pages when we talked on facebook for a while.”

“Facebook, the source of all evil.” Misha sighed. “What did he want?”

“We just talked.” Joni said and shrugged before bringing another forkful up to his mouth. “By the way, did you know that when they first introduced the fork in Medieval Finland, I think it was in Turku castle…? Anyway, soon after they had to ban the fork, because some people died of the wounds that they got from stabbing themselves in their mouths while trying to eat with it.” Joni snickered while looking at his fork. “Imagine, what a way to die…but strangely amusing, right?” 

Misha gave him a funny look, lifting his brow, for a moment he was silent. “That was a pretty good try for a change of subject.” The older man finally noted with a crooked smile. “Did Kasper start the conversation?” He asked and Joni nodded. “Come on, do you really want to start hanging out with this guy?”

“Well, it’s a complicated question…”

“What do you mean, complicated?”

“Well, it’s not like I’d enthusiastically spend time with him, but I have no objections to talking with him from time to time.”

”I’ll bet you one hundred euros that he still has a crush on you.” Misha said, pointing at him with his fork.

“I wouldn’t go betting on that,” Joni smiled.

“So there you go, you know it as well as I. It’s silly to start pretending to be friends with him.” Misha nodded and took a bite of bread. Joni cocked his brow.

“We talked on facebook, I wouldn’t say there’s any cause for disaster. And besides, Kasper knows that we’re engaged. Even if hypothetically he had a crush on me, even he wouldn’t be so stupid as to try and compete with you.”

“Yes, it would be pretty stupid,” Misha grinned with self confidence.

“Yes it would,” Joni grinned back.

After eating, they went to see a two-room flat downtown. There were two other couples and one single older woman at the display.

“There’s no sauna…” Joni murmured after they had circled the apartment and stopped at the spacious balcony to see the view.

“Of course my baby needs to have a sauna.” Misha grinned.

“Yes, it’s in the charter of fundamental Finnish rights.” Joni nodded.

“And it’s such a long way to go to your father’s house to bathe in his sauna…” Misha joked.

“Well, I don’t always want to jog there and back.” Joni said and looked down at the farmyard. “And a children’s playground right beneath this balcony? No, thank you.”

Misha chuckled. “Alright, this is clearly not our home. We’ll just have to keep looking.”

“A small yard of our own might be nice…” Joni wondered. “A terraced or semi-detached house… It’s a shame though that one can’t choose one’s neighbors…”

“So you would do gardening?” Misha teased.

“I would grow potatoes…” Joni chuckled after they had walked out of the apartment.

“Hah, that’ll be the day!”

”When we’re older… Then we should have a house, now we’re too young to grow potatoes…” Joni nodded. “But we’re not too old to have a small yard.”

“I see, “ Misha smiled,

“Let’s buy a house on the seaside.” Joni said then and Misha had to glance at his fiancé to see if he was joking.

“Yes, a mansion that will cost at least a couple millions, is that enough?”

“With a big swimming pool.” Joni nodded. “And then we can hire one of those pool boys named Pedro.”

“And he’d wear a thong for a uniform?” Misha teased, while they walked to the parking lot.

“Ew,” Joni made a face. “No, I think I’d rather have our own Butler!”

“And a house in Westend, yes, seems possible. Now that you have all those fans, it’s inevitable that we’ll become disgustingly rich.”

Joni sneered and shook his head amusedly after taking a seat on the passenger side.

“We can look for more apartments online when we get home.” Misha said as he started the car.

When they got home they heard Ivo’s and Sonja’s voices from the kitchen, their voices however subsided as the front door closed after them. Misha gave his lover a skeptical look before they headed to the kitchen.

“You’re home earlier than I thought,” Ivo said, stacking papers that had been on the table. Joni lifted his eyebrow when meeting with Sonja’s gaze and it was easy to figure that they had just been planning something relating to the party. Jami looked at them and smiled almost apologetically.

“What is that you’re plotting?” Misha asked.

“What? We’re just having some tea and talking pleasantly.” Ivo answered and brought his mug up to take a sip.

“I bet this is about the party…” Misha said and Ivo smiled.

“Of course we have to go through some details before the real deal.”

“And what details would that be?” Misha asked with a hint of worry in his tone.

“The guest list, most of the invitations have already been sent, but we’re wondering if we forgot anyone.” Ivo replied but Misha still suspected that they had been plotting something else entirely.

“Who have you invited?” Misha asked.

“Joni’s family, Joni’s cousins; Jyri and Suvi and Adam of course, I said that children are welcome to join the early evening. Then Dima and Linda naturally, some of your friends Misha, hm… You really don’t want any of your other friends, Joni?” Ivo asked and Joni shook his head lightly.

“I’ve grown distant with so many that it would feel weird to invite them.”

“Well it’s more fun with a smaller crowd anyway,” Misha nodded.

“Alright, if there’s nothing else…” Ivo looked at Sonja and Jami.

“I should go home, it’s… getting late.” Sonja said and exchanged looks with Ivo that only made Misha more paranoid.

“I’ll take you,” Jami said and got up with his friend,

“I really do feel scared about what Ivo has come up with….” Misha confessed after they were getting ready for bed.

“I doubt that it’s anything catastrophic…”Joni tried to comfort him.

“Knowing my brother I wouldn’t be so sure…” Misha sighed.

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