9. New Silent

Chapter 9

Ricky knew it would be too early to take the boy to the U.S, even if he seemed to obey the orders better now. No, he had to try him harder still. Unfortunately however, he himself had to return to work in between, so he had to leave the boy behind to be educated with firm instructions.

They sat eating dinner. Ricky brought the glass up to his lips observing his friend.

”I trust that you’ll obey my orders,” he said finally and George brought his gaze up to him from his plate.

”Of course, have I ever disappointed you before?” the man asked and Ricky was silent for a moment until he smiled.

”No, but this probably is the most important thing that I’ve ever asked of you,” Ricky answered and George nodded slowly, reaching to take his own glass.

”I’m listening,” George said, sipping from his glass.

”You can have sex with him as often as you’d like,” Ricky said finally. ”Don’t let him out of the room though and if he asks what day it is, don’t tell him. He mustn’t know anything about the outside world or how long he’ll have to wait in the room. If he misbehaves, I want you to punish him as you see fit. My only condition is that you will not cause any permanent damage, I want his appearance to stay as it is.

George nodded, Ricky wouldn’t have needed to mention it, for George had very little taste for extreme violence. Actually, the boy’s suffering would be less in his hands. As if reading his thoughts, Ricky grinned.

”I don’t want him to enjoy sex with you, I don’t want you to be too gentle, either. Do you understand?” Ricky cocked his brow and George forced a smile to his face.

”I understand.”

”Good.” Ricky smiled and wiped his mouth with his napkin after emptying his glass. He got up. ”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and enjoy the company of my slave.”

George nodded and watched his friend leave the room.


Michael crouched in the corner next to the table, trying to spend his time reading. He heard the approaching steps from the stairway and knew that it was Ricky. He had learned to identify the sound of his footsteps by now. He lowered the book down on the table, moving nervously when the echo of the steps drew nearer. It was no mystery why the man was coming into the room and Michael thought that he’d never learn to take these visits any calmer than he had the first ones.

The man was a sadist and every time would bring him pain. He hadn’t recovered from the previous times fully either.

The door opened and the man stepped in with a sneering face. ”Well darling, how have you enjoyed your time?” he asked, closing the door behind him. Michael glared at the man spitefully, his arms wrapped around his chest, pacing the room with small steps. Ricky smiled and stepped closer, Michael noticed him carrying a wine bottle and two glasses. He glared at the man suspiciously.

”Come here,” Ricky said as he lowered the bottle and the glasses on the table and pulled the chair out. ”Sit down, darling.” He spoke with a tone that was distractingly tender.

The man started to open the cork of the bottle and when Michael stayed unmoving on his spot, Ricky glanced at him, still smiling. ”I would obey if I were you,” he said, still with a disturbingly tender voice and he pointed at the chair.

Michael approached with slow, insecure steps and finally took a seat.

”Good,” Ricky said and poured red wine into both glasses and slid the one glass to him. Michael sat there stiffly, hands on his lap, not knowing what to expect. ”Do you like wine?” Ricky asked and Michael gave him a confused look. ”Well, did the cat take your tongue?” the man joked and brought his own glass on his lips.

”I have not drank wine very often…” Michael spluttered quietly, finding himself trembling. The man smiled.

”Taste then, this is good and expensive wine and I want you to learn its taste, for I enjoy wines myself and later I expect you to drink with me.”

The situation was confusing, Michael felt afraid because the man acted differently than normal. ”Well, I’m expecting, taste it.” Ricky urged him.

Michael’s hand trembled heavily as he finally grasped the glass and tasted. The drink tasted somehow bitter and musty, he didn’t particularly like the taste. When Michael made a face, Ricky chuckled. ”You learn to like it in time. I want you to drink the glass empty, ” he said brushing his finger over his lips carefully, it was fascinating to watch the boys reactions.

”Do you like chocolate?” Ricky asked finally, when Michael forced himself to drink from the glass. The confused brown eyes met with his own once more. ”Chocolate might taste well with the wine,” Ricky continued and was quiet for a moment. The youth was still too abashed to answer. ”Well, do you?”

Michael looked as the man slowly drank from his glass and finally nodded with hesitation. It had to be just another sick game of his?

Ricky smiled and got up. ”I’ll be right back,” he said, walking to the door. The door closed after the man, Michael heard as the key turned inside the lock and the steps disappeared to the stairway. He felt his stomach churn, dreading of what would follow, it couldn’t be anything good, surely?

Ricky returned carrying a box of chocolate, still smiling. The door closed and the man stepped closer. ”Drink some more wine, darling,” he said and Michael obeyed, bringing his glass to his lips. Ricky sat down, grinned and opened the box. He picked one piece of chocolate with his fingers, leaning closer. ”Taste,” he said bringing the cordial closer to Michael’s lips.

His heart was beating madly in his chest, what if… if it was poisoned? Imagination once again gave him different options of what this could mean and none of them were innocent. Ricky chuckled seeing the boy’s hesitation. ”Taste,” he urged again. ”It’s only chocolate,” he added.

Michael brought his hand carefully closer, when Ricky shook his head smiling. ”No, you can not use your hands, you have to use your lips,” Ricky said and waited when the boy brought his head closer to nipple at the piece of chocolate carefully. ”Well now, take it all…” Ricky sneered and felt the tuck in his groin as the boy’s soft lips brushed against the tips of his fingers in order to eat the cordial.

Ricky stroked Michael’s lower lip as he was chewing the sweet treat, still with such a delightfully frightening looking mien. ”Is it good?”

Michael nodded.

”So, take some wine and I’ll give you more chocolate.”

The chocolate wasn’t poisoned, Michael noted after eating a couple and looking at Ricky who also took one for himself. ”Look Michael, when you’ve been obedient and satisfied me well, you’ll get rewards,” Ricky explained, tasted his wine and lowered his glass down. He observed the boy for a moment and tilted his head, until he grinned and opened his pants. The boy immediately turned his gaze away. Ricky grinned and began to stroke himself until his organ had fully stiffened.

”Come and sit on my lap,” he ordered and watched as the boy’s breathing quickened and his cheeks began to flush. Ricky waited for a moment with patience, stroking his cock with the lube. ”Well, I am waiting,” he said. ”You don’t plan on getting difficult with me now that we were having such a pleasant moment together?” he asked, eyeing the boy who trembled and finally brought his gaze to him. ”Come and sit on my lap. Drop that towel down first.”

Michael knew he didn’t have options, he could fight, but would only suffer more if he did. He lowered his almost empty glass on the table and got up. His hands trembled when he dropped his towel. He took a step closer. Ricky had opened his shirt and dropped his pants to his ankles and he was stroking himself while keeping the eye contact.

”Well then, legs on each side and face to me,” the man advised and Michael obeyed moving little clumsily to fulfill the order. He lowered himself to sit on the man’s lap, swallowing hard.

Michael wasn’t sure what to do with his hands, he looked at the floor blushing, ashamed of the whole situation. ”There’s a lube on the table, prepare yourself with it,” Ricky said with a husky voice, moving his hips slightly. Michael didn’t say a word, just reached to take the tube, still shaking. Ricky grinned and licked his lips, the boy was so delicious, it was difficult to control himself. When Michael brought his fingers behind himself to spread the lube, Ricky grasped his limp organ and started to massage it. Michael gasped with surprise, it was the first time during his captivity that the man had touched him to bring pleasure and it made him feel uncomfortable, especially when feeling his body responding. He felt ashamed. The man had been so cruel to him and now made his body get excited? It felt so wrong and dirty, that by instinct he brought his hand to stop him.

”Place your hands on my shoulders and keep them there,” Ricky said firmly and smiled when the boy obeyed. ”Good boy,” he sighed and after getting him hard, Ricky let go for a moment and grasped his own erection. ”Now, bring your hips up.”

Michael obeyed again, keeping his eyes on the floor. The whole situation was repulsing to him, but he had no other options.

”Good.” Ricky grinned when Michael flinched as his erection pressed against his hole. ”Now, sit down,” Ricky said.

Michael bit his lip and groaned, his muscles trembled as he lowered himself slowly and the organ penetrated him. It hurt; he stilled for a moment when Ricky’s patience grew short and he brought his hands on Michael’s hips forcing him down all way. The man grunted with pleasure as the boy cried out. ”You’re fucking tight, I love it…” Ricky pushed his hips upwards a few times until he bit his lip reminding himself of what he had wanted to do. Michael’s erection had softened and Ricky brought his hand back to caress it.

”Now you can ride.” Ricky finally grinned, enjoying the look on the boy’s face; he was clearly ashamed, he clearly felt pain at the same time that he couldn’t help but to feel pleasure. ”Good whores know how to ride and since you’ve ridden horses you know how to ride a man. Move.”

Michael closed his eyes, feeling tears on his cheeks as he began to move himself up and down slowly.

The start was little clumsy, but the boy would still learn, Ricky thought and helped him with his hand to find a better rhythm, stroking him at the same time. ”You’ll make a splendid whore, sweetheart, all my friends will be talking about you…” He moaned and leaned forward to lick the tears from the soft skin before kissing the boy with hunger.

Towards the end, Ricky sped up and made sure to massage the boy’s prostate with every thrust making him moan from the unwanted pleasure and finally the boy reached his orgasm. Pleased from what he had accomplished, Ricky got up and forced the boy against the table, continuing with hard thrusts before reaching his own climax. He groaned loudly and finally bit the boy’s neck marking him, making him cry out. ”I own you, never forget that…” he whispered in the boy’s ear before pulling out of him.

Michael breathed, feeling overwrought and looked towards the man who smiled. He felt such deep self-loathing that he had felt pleasure from the hands of his kidnapper and rapist. He hated this feeling of helplessness and despair and most of all he hated how confused his mind had gotten. It was difficult to think clearly, this prison wilted his will, he just had to try harder, mustn’t give in; everything else had been taken, he had to keep his mind untouched. He should never give in.

Ricky showered with him, even slept behind him for some time, arms wrapped around him, and Michael hadn’t dared to move. Ricky had kissed his lips and smiled, then left without saying a word and now a long time had passed since.

Ricky hadn’t mentioned one word of leaving somewhere for longer. Now the food appeared regularly, but Michael was alone. It had to be several days? He wondered feeling his anxiety grow with each day. The room felt smaller and smaller. It wasn’t that he missed Ricky in any way, but the confusion and loneliness were taking their toll. He circled the room, tried to read and waited, praying that he’d be rescued soon or that he would even get outside. Anything had to be better that to stay locked up in that room.

George observed the boy through the cameras. Ricky had promised him all rights to use the boy and he did feel lust for him, he wasn’t sure what exactly he was still waiting for. Ricky had left two days ago. After eating dinner, George was sipping brandy and watching Michael; the boy lay on the bed reading after pacing in the room restlessly for most of the day. He had only eaten half of his lunch. The man scratched his chin for a while, emptied his glass and got up. He walked towards the stairway, feeling his breathing getting heavier from the mere idea of what he was about to do. He had only taken the boy once after the first time that Ricky had been with him.

Somehow the idea of being able to be alone with the boy pleased him and on the other hand it made him nervous. The boy’s beauty was captivating, too captivating perhaps.

Michael was alerted when he heard the steps and he gazed firmly at the door and sat up on the bed. He frowned when the person stopped on the other side of the door, staying still for a long time before finally turning the key in the lock. The door opened and Michael startled slightly upon seeing George. The man was alone and looked at him silently before closing the door.

Michael got up from the bed and backed off, unknowing how to take this surprising twist. Where was Ricky? The man was eying him funny as he wiped his face before he started to open his shirt and step closer.

”Get on the bed,” George said, panting heavily.

Michael knew he was better to listen to Ricky, but wasn’t ready to give in to George. He was too confused to know what he should do, was this a test as well? Was Ricky testing him?

Did the man want him to agree or to fight back? If it was a test, which option would grant him freedom from this horrid prison? Was Ricky following the situation through the cameras? he wondered looking nervously towards them as he continued backing off as the man drew nearer.

”Are you listening to me? Get on the bed and lie down!” George panted and threw his shirt away.

Michael’s lower lip quailed and he looked at the man’s hairy chest and bulging stomach with disgusted fear.

”Listen to me you whore!” George shouted when he remembered Ricky’s order not to be too gentle. He didn’t like seeing the boy crying like this. Pulling his belt from the loops of his pants, he struck the boy once making him cry out. He grasped his arm then and dragged him to the bed. The boy stumbled and only cried harder.

”Please, I don’t want to… Please!” he whimpered and George gritted his teeth, forcing Michael against the bed and slapping his cheek with an open palm.

”Silence!” he roared and when the boy didn’t stop crying, George turned him violently on his stomach, pressing his face momentarily against the pillow and rammed his erection against boy’s bare cheeks. The preparation was short and hasty. George kept his sweaty palm against the boy’s mouth to silence his screams as he raped him. After getting his satisfaction, he got up from the boy, feeling an odd kind of remorse that he had never felt before.

The boy laid on the bed, weeping and looking at him carefully, frightened and on his beautiful face a question could be read; Why? Why are you doing this to me?

George wiped his face and cursed when putting his pants back on.

”Stop crying,” he snapped and tossed the towel on the boy. ”Go wash yourself, then you can have dinner,” he said, walked to the door and left the room. He returned to the living room and poured himself another drink.

”Hector!” he called and when the servant appeared in the doorway, George glared at him. ”Get the boy some dinner,” he said and the other man smiled, was already about to leave when George called him back. ”There’s some ice cream in the freezer, take him a portion for dessert,” he mumbled and waved his hand then to signal that he could leave.

He hoped that Ricky would come soon to collect the kid, for he was afraid of his own softening heart that would get him trouble! He owed his friend a lot. Ricky had the power to destroy him if he was unhappy with him. George knew that he’d have to pull himself together, keep his head cool and obey Ricky’s orders.

Next time he would blindfold the boy, only so that he wouldn’t have to see his tears.



Chapter 10

Published: 1st of June 2012

            My Secret Shore© KOLGRIM

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