8.So just

Chapter 8

Misha wasn’t sure how to propose the engagement to Joni or what would be the perfect moment to offer him the ring. At least they should be completely alone. The morning of Joni’s birthday began calmly; the day was sunny and moderately warm – at least compared to the two previous ones. Misha knew that Joni was expecting something, he was expecting a present. Misha had told him that it was a surprise and he’d give him his present in the evening. Joni loved gifts; Misha pondered partly amused what kind of pouting fit might occur if he had nothing to give. They had agreed to go out to town to have dinner and enjoy a drink or two with Galina and Pavel and perhaps by the end of the evening he could offer the ring if the right moment would present itself? Or would it still be better to do it before they went out?

Anna, Misha’s grandmother, had prepared pancakes for breakfast and knitted woolen socks for Joni; he could use them once the fall would turn the evenings cold, she explained, and Joni had been clearly pleased to receive a gift from her when he hadn’t expected one. Misha suggested they could go for a short walk together, he had taken the ring box in his pants pocket just in case and now it seemed to be all he could focus on. Misha held his hand in his pocket, feeling the small box as though he needed to make sure that it was still there. He felt nervous, odd, Joni walked beside him, clearly in a good mood, smiling and observing the scenery around them.

”Now I’m old enough to drink in the USA, legally.” Joni suddenly commented and Misha glanced at his boyfriend with amusement.

”And this is an important fact?” Misha asked and Joni grinned at him.

”I would like to go to New York”, the younger man announced and observed his expression. ”Couldn’t we travel there? In the fall, for example.” Misha sighed.

”Why there?” He asked. For some reason he wasn’t very keen on traveling to the USA, he never had been. On the other hand, he could guess why Joni wanted to go. ”Let me guess, you want to go shopping? We would need at least five suitcases with us, to satisfy your shopping need.”

”Well… You don’t go that far only for shopping…” Joni denied, but smiled after. ”Of course it would be equally silly to travel there and do no shopping at all.”

”Yes, yes…” Misha grinned. ”Well, we’ll have to see…” He said although he already knew that he’d soon find himself marveling the statue of liberty if Joni wanted to go there so badly. For a while they walked together in silence, until…

”Let’s play war?” Joni suggested suddenly and grinned. His eyes sparkled and his smile was contagious.

”War?” Misha asked in surprise, smiling back at his lover.

”Yes, didn’t you play war too sometimes when you were a child?”

”Hm… Yes…” Misha admitted. ”And now you want to play a game like that? What are we supposed to do? Use sticks as guns?” He asked bemusedly.

”Maybe… And Misha… It doesn’t have to be same kind of game as in our childhood”, Joni said cunningly, turning so that he was walking backwards facing him, a suggestive look in his brown eyes and Misha certainly became more interested in this game. On the right side of their walking path was a rather thick forest where Misha remembered playing in his childhood and on the other side random houses and fields.

”Then what kind of game could it be?” Misha inquired tilting his head as he watched his boyfriend. Joni had promised to make up to him for what had happened a couple of days ago, but so far there hadn’t been the proper time and place. Joni glanced around them quickly and when he saw no one, he grinned.

”You have to catch me first!” He said before turning quickly and running into the forest. Misha blinked for a second before realizing he had to go after him.

Joni couldn’t help but laugh as he was running between the trees, the branches scratched his clothes and the ground was so uneven that he had to watch out carefully in order not to trip over anything. Joni glanced behind him, he had quite a good lead and when Misha tripped, he hesitated for a moment wondering if he should go back to check if he was alright, but when he saw the blond man cursing and getting up clumsily while wiping his clothes, Joni decided that he was okay enough and he could use the opportunity to hide. He hid himself behind two large stones and peaked from between them only barely able to hold his laughter while Misha looked around with a confused look on his face.

”Joni?” He called and the brunet crouched down, trying to sneak as quietly as he could to a less obvious spot. Although he had every intention of getting caught in the end of the game, he didn’t want to be found too soon either.
Misha observed the scenery carefully and listened and while he walked he picked up a branch from the ground partly amused by the situation, partly aroused. He couldn’t deny that he craved rougher games, but still Joni had managed to surprise him completely. Misha wasn’t sure how far he could take this game with Joni, he was afraid of that flickering line, the line that if crossed he could cause a panic attack in his lover. The branches crackled underneath his shoes, Misha looked around taking note of possible hiding places. He smiled, a romantic proposal might be somewhat challenging now, was it that? A proposal? It felt crazy, perhaps more like a promise… A promise to spend the rest of their lives together and if Joni planned to continue doing things like this, at least he would make that life interesting.

”We will find you Finnish boy…” Misha said with a grin and allowed his gaze to scan the surroundings. ”And when we do, you belong to us…”
Joni bit his lip, held his breath and laughter as he crawled forward on the ground, the moss was slightly moist and his clothes had to be dirty by now, but at that moment it didn’t bother him greatly. He listened to Misha’s steps, listened to how the branches crackled underneath his shoes and estimated their distance by these sounds. Suddenly it became quiet though and Joni startled, waited anxiously, but as the silence continued for what seemed too long, he rose carefully on his knees to take a peek from between the rocks, looking around in nervous excitement if he could see his boyfriend. His heart beat fast, it was just a game, but it was exciting.
Joni startled visibly when he felt something poking his back and turned his head to look. Misha stood behind him grinning with satisfaction and holding a tree branch on his back.

”Now you’re my war prisoner,” Misha sneered.

Joni took his lower lip between his teeth, tilted his head and looked at him with disturbing innocence. ”I am at your mercy,” He started. ”And I beg for your indulgence, I’ll do anything to keep my freedom.” Misha lowered his ’weapon’ and slowly Joni turned to face him, his hand rose to Misha’s groin, with a teasingly innocent gaze and a shy smile. ”Oh great conquerer, let me keep my freedom.” Misha had to swallow.

”Freedom requires certain sacrifices, but we are willing to negotiate,” Misha said with a thick voice.

”What kind of sacrifices?” Joni asked tilting his head and moved his hand on Misha’s covered organ feeling it starting to harden.

”You look quite delicious there, muddy and on your knees in front of me…” The blond grinned. Joni looked down on his clothes that undeniably were somewhat dirty. Their eyes met and Misha took Joni’s arm making sure with his gaze that Joni accepted the situation. ”I’ll take you to a better spot where we can settle this…” He said and pulled his boyfriend up. He held Joni’s arm tightly and lead him deeper into the woods to make sure there was little risk that someone would surprise them. ”If you want me to stop at any moment just say the word and I will, okay?” Misha whispered once they had reached what he considered a secluded enough area… Joni nodded and they gazed into each other’s eyes before Misha leaned forward to kiss his partner hungrily. Joni uttered a wanton moan while Misha’s hands roamed his body and he could feel the blond’s erection against his thigh, which made his own blood rush down to his groin.

”Now, the first condition…” Misha said licking his lips. ”I want you to kneel down and suck me…” Joni could sense the small hesitation in Misha’s voice and his eyes and at the same time he knew how the situation excited his lover, perhaps he was just worried about going too far with him. Joni smiled to encourage his boyfriend in the situation and obediently knelt on front of him. He caressed the bulge with his hand before carefully freeing his lover’s member from his trousers. Misha sighed with pleasure as he felt Joni’s lips on his organ, the gentle caress of his hot mouth. He ran his fingers through Joni’s hair, squeezed. He groaned, trying to control the movement of his hips. The situation was arousing beyond words and he had never before had sex in the woods or outside in general. He looked down at Joni, admiring the sight, grinning lustfully.

”Joni?” He called with hoarse voice and the brunet looked up at him continuing to caress him with his hand while taking a small bottle of lube from his pocket. Joni smiled as he showed him the bottle.

”Perhaps this is what you needed?” He asked cunningly and Misha swallowed heavily before taking the bottle, twirling it between his fingers before slowly kneeling down. The moss underneath them was soft; Misha knocked Joni down on his back before climbing on top of him. Their lips sought each other for a passionate kiss while Misha’s hand moved underneath Joni’s shirt. Hot breath on his skin, Misha’s organ felt heavy and he could feel it throbbing impatiently. Joni gasped beneath him, pulled his pants lower and Misha did the same.
Joni chuckled, turned on his side, a pine needle stung underneath his bare bottom. Misha grasped his hips, turned him and brought him on his knees, his back against the blond and Joni moaned when he felt the hard organ between his buttocks, and the feverish lips on his neck. A nibble, Misha’s fingers found their way to his opening, spreading lube, two of them entered him determinately and Joni quivered. Insane… wonderful… Birds were singing somewhere in the background, their song drowning underneath their moans.
Joni took support from the nearby birch trunk, still on his knees, Misha behind him and he felt how the hard thick organ moved slowly inside him. Misha covered his moan with his hand for a moment, before parting his fingers to give him a chance to speak.

”Everything alright?” The blond whispered behind him, stopping for a moment and Joni closed his eyes, nodded, felt quite full and stretched, a hint of pain that died down quickly turning into something else entirely.

”I want you,” Joni gasped and turned his head so that they could kiss. Misha’s fingers lingered on his neck softly for a moment before lowering onto his shoulder, the other hand brought Joni’s hand on his organ to encourage him to caress himself before Misha brought his own hands to hold Joni’s hips tightly.

Misha parted his lips, looking at Joni intensely while increasing his pace. He knew he was being rougher than before, but at the same time he observed his boyfriend seeing no signs of discomfort. Dimly he realized that someone could still surprise them, but at the same time he believed that he had chosen the right place where such chance would be quite minimal.
Misha brought his hand up underneath Joni’s shirt up to his chest, caressing his lover’s cheek with his lips. ”Beautiful..” He whispered and moved his gaze down to watch Joni pleasuring himself; arousing.

The situation was new and exciting, Misha felt how Joni’s inner muscles began contracting around his organ as the younger man moaned reaching his orgasm. Misha followed quickly and pressed against Joni’s back with a wonderful feeling of exhaustion and bliss. ”Wonderful…” He whispered. ”I’ve never done something like this before…” He continued as he slowly pulled out of his boyfriend.

”I haven’t either…” Joni smiled and just a few weeks ago he couldn’t have imagined doing something so bold. ”Perhaps Russia has gotten into me, making me little crazy…” He grinned and then blushed slightly while taking some tissues from his pocket and handing one to his boyfriend before starting to clean himself. Misha observed Joni with a grin, touched by the fact how well he had been prepared.

”Did you plan this for long?” Misha couldn’t help but ask. Joni smiled without meeting his gaze, bringing his pants up.

”Not very long… I had a dream a couple of nights ago and it gave me the idea.” Joni admitted, Misha pulled his own pants up, there were a couple of pine needles in Joni’s hair and both of their clothes were pretty dirty. He pulled the younger man closer to him and kissed him.

”Nice idea,” he praised. ”Wonderful, Joni…” He grinned and knocked them both over on the moss. Joni laughed, lay on his back on the ground and looked up to the treetops, admiring the sight of sun rays pouring from between them. The scenery was calm, soft gust of wind, birds sang somewhere in the distance, it was beautiful.

”So, am I free now?” Joni grinned still gazing over at the treetops before turning his face to his boyfriend.

Misha turned on his side, supporting his head with his hand, his elbow on the ground. ”Free? I caught you, didn’t I? Caught and conquered, so don’t I at least get to hold a part of you?” He asked with a smile. If he was searching for a perfect moment, wasn’t this one?

”Part of me? Which part of me would you like? My left buttock?” Joni joked. ”You already took the left buttock or thigh or little bit of both from the Finnish maiden, I believe we once had a left arm as well, now it’s Russia’s. You left us with one arm.” Misha cocked his eyebrow, smiled with amusement and then took the small box from his pocket, which he quietly laid on Joni’s chest.

”What’s this?” Joni asked with curiosity as he took it.

”Open it,” Misha asked, felt his heartbeat speeding up, unsure what Joni’s response might be. Joni looked at him for a moment and sat up, while Misha slowly followed his example. Joni opened the box and Misha observed his reaction worriedly. Joni frowned, smiled in slight confused manner; he looked at the ring without daring to take it from the box. It was white gold and it had something carved on it with darker text. Misha knew that Joni didn’t like golden jewels on himself, which had made him choose white gold. The brunet gave him a questioning look and Misha knew that he should say something and he had tried different options in his head, practiced them silently, but now… Those perfectly practiced sentences seemed to have disappeared from his memory. Slowly he reached to take Joni’s left hand.

”I can’t imagine anyone next to me but you and I wish…” Misha started and fell silent for a moment, thinking. ”I tried to plan what to say to you, but I don’t think that I’m very good at this.” He chuckled somewhat nervously, Joni looked at him anxiously, smiled, seemed to tremble slightly. ”What I’m trying to very clumsily ask of you is… would you spend the rest of your life with me? Grow old and grey together and all that…” Misha smiled a little crookedly, felt his hand sweat as he waited for Joni’s reaction.

For a moment Joni was at a loss for words, he hadn’t expected this from Misha and now his mind was filled with confusion and emotion. He felt silly, like he was about to cry and laugh for joy at the same time, his hand trembled and he brought it over his mouth chuckling abashedly and embarrassed that his eyes had begun to water. Misha watched him worriedly, frowned not knowing how to interpret his boyfriend’s reaction. ”Did I shock you?” Misha asked insecurely. Joni watched him, his hand over his mouth, his eyes sparkled, and he chuckled and nodded.

”Yes,” Joni answered quietly and for a moment Misha thought that the answer was for his latest question.

”I’m sorry if…” Misha started carefully.

”No… My answer is yes… for the rest of our lives… I don’t really want to turn grey, but… I’m sure that Jami can help me with that… As for the rest, my answer is yes.” Joni nodded still holding the box on his palm. Misha smiled with relief, leaned closer to kiss him and Joni chuckled with joy, climbing over on Misha’s lap. ”This is crazy.” He noted smiling.

”Yes, it is…” Misha admitted stealing another kiss from Joni’s luscious lips.

”Will you put it on me?” Joni asked and handed the box over to him. Misha smiled and picked the ring from the box.

”Give me your hand”, he asked and Joni gave his left hand with a grin. Misha slipped the ring slowly on Joni’s finger, he couldn’t stop smiling, their eyes met. ”You are the most important thing to me in this world,” Misha whispered. Joni bit his lip, overwhelmed by all the emotions going through him, emotions that almost made him tremble and feeling strange, dazzled by happiness perhaps.

”Who would have thought…” Joni whispered. ”You’re the most important to me as well…” He added gazing at the ring on his finger. ”I never thought that one day I’d get engaged…” He said, the situation still felt somewhat unreal, amusing and wonderful. Misha had proposed to him? He would have laughed his ass off had someone told him a couple of years ago that this would happen. ”What does this mean?” On the ring there were calligraphic Russian words; ”Любовьнавекивсердцемоём”

”The love in my heart is forever” Misha smiled, even blushing slightly. ”I admit that I might have been just a little bit tipsy when I ordered it.” Joni snickered; he wrapped his arms around Misha’s neck.

”Under the icy crust there’s actually one big softy…” He grinned. ”I love you.” And for a moment Joni was quiet, looked at his ring before lifting his gaze. ”Where’s your ring?”

”I didn’t get one for myself yet, I wasn’t sure if you’d say yes.” Misha said.

”Then I get to decide what kind of ring you’ll have.” Joni smiled. ”And I can’t wait to see my dad’s face,” he snickered and they kissed again. ”Or Ivo’s,” Joni added and Misha sighed, rolled his eyes.

”It will be quite a show I imagine.” He said and smiled crookedly. Ivo would probably faint from joy and then throw some god awful fit about this… Misha felt quite sure that he would hate it.

Finally they headed back to Anna’s house. Their clothes were stained with moss and mold, their hair messed up and they tried their best to look as decent as they could after stepping out of the forest. An older man who was pushing a wheelbarrow that carried willows, walked by them. The man gave them a funny look, but finally nodded and greeted them politely, to which Misha responded as friendly as he managed, trying to act as though there was nothing odd about his or Joni’s appearance.

When they stepped into the hall, Anna came to meet them. ”What on earth have you boys been up to?” She asked looking at Joni’s normally so clean outfit that was now stained all over, and she could swear that she saw some pine needles in both of their hair. ”Or wait, perhaps I don’t want to know more after all?” The woman added raising her hands and walking to the kitchen with a smile on her face. Misha shared an amused look with Joni, Anna didn’t need to know all of it, but perhaps the last part? Misha wasn’t at all certain how his grandmother would take the news, most would probably think that they were silly and perhaps they were, but on the other hand what did it matter if they thought so? They were committed to one another and other people’s opinions didn’t really matter in this.



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