8.Foolish games

-One fly in the trap-

Ivo had been disappointed to see Misha leave the club, he had hoped that perhaps he would just… come over and… he wasn’t sure, maybe admit that he was jealous? Maybe even shout at him? It would have been better than escaping, anything would have been better. Ivo was still sure that his brother was jealous, but his stubbornness was getting tiresome. Perhaps Misha thought that he wouldn’t really go as far as to take Joni into his bed, but… he was sorely mistaken.

Though, at first, Ivo had no clue as to how he would suggest this to Joni, ’Hey, I want you to spend the night in my bed because my younger brother is too stubborn to admit he likes you.’ …Yes, obviously he couldn’t say it like that, so he just kept dancing with the kid … and he enjoyed dancing with him, he enjoyed looking at him, the way his body moved against his and … The look in the kid’s eyes; tempting, very tempting… the somewhat sly smirk on his full and kissable lips, Ivo wondered at some point if Joni knew what he was doing, what it looked like, how he was teasing? But it was just dancing, he reminded himself, though sometimes his hands forgot this and roamed the young body against his with growing curiosity, but his guilt always came out to stop him. Dancing like this made it too easy to forget why he was here and that his current dancing partner was only 17.

He couldn’t help but think about how silly his brother was, so clueless, so… frustrating! It was wrong to have such a silly younger brother, when… if he had been in Misha’s place… well, he would know what to do; he would take what he wanted.

The boy was beginning to get quite drunk, somehow… Ivo hadn’t been able to say no to him when he asked for drinks; it was damn silly what a pair of pretty eyes on a pretty face could do to him.

And the boy was oddly cute when drunk…

It was close to 2 am and again they were sitting in front of the table, Joni happily sipping the remains of his drink, then something made him laugh and Ivo got curious.

”My dad will get angry if I go home drunk,” Joni explained, seeming to be amused by it, ”I shouldn’t laugh, I know I shouldn’t, but…”

”Well, perhaps it’s better not to let your father see you like this,” Ivo smiled at the boy, glad to finally have an excuse. ”Not tired yet?”

Joni licked his lips, hummed a little of some old tune,

”Mmm.. I guess…a little tired,” he nodded, his hands going to his cheeks, ”my cheeks are burning,” he muttered, then, before Ivo could react, Joni took his hand and placed it on his skin.

”Feel how hot my skin is,” he grinned.

”Maybe we can get you in a bed?” Ivo said in a joking tone of voice, feeling a bit odd with what Joni was doing, ”so that your dad has no reasons to suspect that actually you spent the night clubbing?”

”So…you would offer a bed for me then?” Joni asked in a playful manner.

”My own, you accept?”

The boy seemed to consider this for some time,

”Yes,” he answered then, smiling. Then, just as Ivo was about to suggest that they could leave, the song changed and with new found energy Joni jumped up, ”Oh, this song is so cool! Let’s go and dance!” He took Ivo’s hand and practically dragged him onto the dance floor.

It was 2.40am when they finally left the club, Ivo supporting the drunken teen as they walked. Maybe he should have kept a better eye on his drinking? Meaning, shouldn’t have bought him those drinks… He wondered idly, helping the kid into his car.

”Hm, perhaps you should send your dad a message that you’re sleeping at Dima’s, so he won’t get worried,” Ivo suggested.

Joni instantly started to look for his phone, having some difficulties in finding it and when he did, he grinned and showed it to Ivo.

”Here it is!” he announced almost proudly, but his smile soon turned into a concentrated frown. It wasn’t easy to type a text message when drunk, he thought to himself.

’Dad, I am at Dima’s, going to sleep here. I am sorry, I forgot to call you. I am OK! I will see you tomorrow, I mean later today. Good night.’ He read it over and over, it was important not to have any typos, correct grammar was essential, so that his dad would think he wasn’t drunk, which he was, or that he was some place else than in Dima’s room, like… in his older brother’s room. That wouldn’t be good. Perhaps something should be added there? ’I am at Dmitry’s house’, didn’t it sound smarter? He wondered, and maybe; ’Good night and hugs!’ His dad couldn’t get mad at him if he wanted to hug him, yes? It made sense with his drunken mind and so the message was sent.

Ivo parked on the driveway and helped Joni out.

Joni stumbled a little walking into the house where it was dark and it made him snicker, more or less quietly. It was so weird, he had slept with Misha and now he was spending the night with the older brother! It was so twisted that he couldn’t help but laugh.

”I’m sorry,” He whispered to Ivo, ”drunk…” he explained afterwards, wondering what the hell he was even doing there, he hadn’t meant for it to go this far.

Ivo chuckled, catching Joni, ”A bit, yes,” he admitted as he led him inside, trying to keep it as quiet as possible.

”Shh, let’s not wake Dima,” he told him in a conspirator tone, pushing his finger against his lips.

Snickering quietly Joni nodded his head, his own finger going to his lips as well.

”The room is over here…” Ivo whispered and tiptoed towards it with Joni in tow.

When Joni stepped in, all he seemed to be able to see was the large bed in the center of the room, his mind sobering for a bit. Would Ivo want to…? He felt a stab of insecurity when he thought of it.

”Nice room, big,”

Ivo noticed the insecurity from him, the slightly frightened look in his eyes and nodded, more to himself than to Joni.

”It is, that’s why it’s mine,” he grinned and then pointed to the bed, ”Which side do you want to sleep on?”

”Either is fine.”

”You want to go to the bathroom before you go to sleep?” Ivo asked, starting to take off his clothes, once again feeling slightly weird when looking at the boy, his mind suddenly offering him images where they would… He cursed silently, it was wrong to even think of such things!

”Yes,” Joni replied quickly when Ivo started to open up his pants. In the darkness of the room Ivo looked confusingly much like Misha.

”The main bathroom is on the way to the kitchen,” Ivo reminded him and when Joni left, he sat on the bed. What was he doing? Playing a matchmaker; and ending up in bed with the one he was trying to match his brother with… It was beyond weird.

Some minutes later the boy returned to the room, slowly making his way towards the bed where he began to undress. And though Ivo tried to tell himself not to look, he couldn’t help it, his eyes were drawn to the other person in the room and he was practically holding his breath as the clothes were thrown to the floor, revealing the slim, yet muscular body underneath.

Joni’s head was still disoriented with the alcohol, the slight dizziness that seemed to make the room shift in his eyes, the bed looked soft and he just wanted to lie down and go to sleep, for a moment forgetting that it was not his own room. When his t-shirt was thrown to the floor with the rest of his clothes, leaving him in his boxers, he once again became aware of the other person and raised his gaze to him.

Ivo cleared his throat, feeling once again like a dirty old pervert, who had just been caught.

”Toilet, teeth and leak, you try to go to sleep,” he muttered getting up slowly, he had been on the verge of getting very aroused and… it was bad… bad, bad, bad. There was more than one reason for why it was bad; first, the boy was a minor and 14 years younger; second, the boy was drunk; third, the boy had feelings for his younger brother and vice versa, even if both were too stubborn to admit it.

Joni felt somewhat relieved to see Ivo out of the room and crawled to bed, thinking that he’d be better off with trying to fall asleep as fast as he could. He pulled the cover on him tightly, lying on the very edge of the bed, closing his eyes and welcoming sleep… At least that was what he wanted to do, but the sleep for some reason didn’t come straight away and when he heard the man returning into the room, his body tensed all over.

Ivo finished undressing, leaving only a pair of boxers and he got into the bed, trying not to even brush against Joni. He could hear his uneven and little shaky breathing that told him that the boy was only pretending to be asleep and he smirked to himself in the darkness. No matter what part of him wanted, he wasn’t going to touch him; he really didn’t want his brother to later rid him of his jewels!

When nothing happened, Joni felt the tension leave, his body finally welcoming the sleep; it was safe.


Joni woke to the sound of snoring somewhere close and glanced beside him; Ivo.

It was a good thing that he hadn’t fallen off the bed, Joni noted to himself, that’s how close to the edge he had been lying. He sighed, turned on his back, and brought his hand to his forehead. His head was aching, obviously he had drunk at least one drink too many.

Slowly he turned his face to look at the man beside him, what on earth was he doing? He wondered to himself, glad that at least they hadn’t had sex; it would only make things more complicated. But if he continued dating Ivo, then sooner or later it would become an issue, wouldn’t it?

Joni sat up slowly, the questions and the confusion did nothing to help his poor head. But Misha had been there, at the club, and he had seen them, and now… if Misha were to see him there, he would of course think that he and Ivo had… Joni couldn’t help but to grin. It would surely piss him off, wouldn’t it?

When he got up, he also became aware of his sore muscles. It must have been all that damned dancing and alcohol put together. He carefully picked up his clothes from the floor, not wanting to wake Ivo, and quietly tiptoed out of the room, into the bathroom where he got dressed.

He felt tired, the exhaustion making his body feel heavy and combined with the sore muscles and the headache, he really didn’t feel all that well.

He lazily made his way to the kitchen, where he saw Misha. Now normally seeing him would have made Joni smirk, but this time the tiredness got the better of him and made him yawn.

”Morning…” He muttered, ”hey um, any pain killers? My head is killing me and, uh, all my muscles feel sore,” he complained sleepily, knowing full well how Misha most likely would take his words, and it wasn’t that he’d guess that the reason for his muscles soreness was hours of dancing, but a reason entirely different…

Startled by what or who he saw, Misha accidentally touched the hot pan, scalding his hand.

”Ah, shit!” He ran towards the sink, opening the cold water and shoved his burning hand under the cold current, cursing in his head. Why the hell was the brat there??!

Joni felt somewhat amused, well amused to the point that made him feel less ill. Misha deserved that, he thought to himself, while taking a few more steps closer.

”Are you alright?” He asked in an irritatingly sweet tone, his lips twisting slightly.

”Perfectly alright,” Misha hissed at the brat who was pretending to care! ”No need to worry your ass,” he added, noticing the fake smile; Joni was laughing his ass off, the little snake!

”I was just asking, no need to get angry,” Misha glared at him nastily, now the little brat was faking all innocent… yeah innocent in his ass!

”Ivo is still sleeping, I didn’t want to wake him, so I-” Joni started to explain, making Misha’s insides boil even more, ”anyway, my head is really hurting, so?”

Misha simply pointed at the cabinet where the medicines were.

”Help yourself.” He muttered, looking at his thumb which was now sore and red, he’d have to put some ointment on and if he avoided a nasty blister, it would be a miracle! And it was entirely the brat’s fault!

Joni took the medicine with some juice he found in the fridge.

”You know, they say that when you burn yourself, you should at least keep the area in cold water for 20 minutes at least, so it won’t spread in deeper skin layers.” He told Misha while carefully sipping the juice.

”So the breakfast is doomed,” Misha responded acidly ”Go and wake … Dima,” he looked straight at Joni, ”he can finish cooking alright.” Misha definitely didn’t need IVO to walk into the kitchen as well.

”I can help finish the breakfast,” Joni offered, which made Misha snort,

”A spoiled brat like you certainly wouldn’t be able …” he laughed in his head at the idea. Preposterous!

”I can cook you know… I do cook at home, not often, but… sometimes,” Joni told him, annoyed, ”but whatever, I won’t touch your precious breakfast, if you’re that worried.” he huffed.

”Because you would certainly burn it,” Misha muttered now. ”I’m going to wake up Dima,”

”By all means, go,” Joni rolled his eyes and sat down in front of the table. What did he care if Misha’s finger would be damaged forever! For all he cared he could have his finger fall off completely!

He absently reached for the first magazine at sight, of course it was Russian, it figured… but it would have to do.

It took Misha almost 5 minutes to wake Dima up and when he actually was up he looked like a sore bear. Of course Misha knew that he wasn’t an early riser but for God’s sake…

”Move your ass, Dima, or the breakfast will be completely ruined!” Misha hissed at his brother who was giving him a morning ’I want to sleep!’ glare, but finally he obeyed like any good little brother would.

Dima was more than surprised seeing his friend in the kitchen, he blinked in surprise.

”Morning Dima,” Joni smiled at him.

”What are you doing here?” Dima asked, ”I mean, eh, good morning,”

”Your brother invited me, we went out yesterday,” Joni gave a small grin seeing the dumb expression on his friends face. Just then Misha walked in and Dima looked back and forth between them.

”You’re dating?”

Misha had not expected this, Dima’s question made him open his mouth in shock. Date? Date HIM?

Joni had the feeling that Dima wouldn’t like it, he bit his lip… the situation was bound to become awkward.

”Erm, no, we’re not,” he told him, briefly glancing at Misha, whose utter shock didn’t feel nice to look at.

”But you just said…!” Dima looked at him with his mouth open, slowly putting the pieces together

”You said you were out with my brother…”

”Dima, finish breakfast,” Misha regained his voice after clearing his throat, feeling uneasy about the whole situation. He had known that it was a bad idea, from the very beginning! Joni wasn’t the suitable age for Ivo! Ivo was too old! And now Dima was dragged into this, too! ”Before it gets completely inedible,” he added and then, though he had been about to send the brat to wake up his current … lover and his older brother, instead he decided to wake the oldest pervert himself.

Joni was left alone in the kitchen with Dima, who was shaking his head while cooking.

”Are you serious, Joni? He’s…” Dima’s voice was tense, ”he’s 31! You are 17! It’s…” again the other boy shook his head and Joni was unsure what to say, he had never really considered what Dima might feel, or what he would say, he had never thought about it this far.

”I realize that, but… I like him, he’s nice and…” He tried to explain the situation that now felt even more complicated. He had wanted to piss of Misha, but now… it seemed silly if it was the only reason… other people were involved too and… Joni felt confused.

Misha’s finger was throbbing with pain and made him realize that he still hadn’t taken care of it properly and yet, here he was, going to Ivo’s room, getting pissed off again for some reason. Before he walked into his room, he hit the door with his fist.

”Ivo! Put some damn boxers on! I’m getting in!” He waited for a moment, long enough to give Ivo the chance to find the said piece of garment and get decent.

To his surprise, when walking in, he found his brother almost fully dressed, lacking only a shirt

”Ah, Misha!” He smiled brightly at him, which made Misha agitated, ”So very good morning! You slept well?”

Why the hell was Ivo so god dammed cheerful in the morning, Misha wondered, his gaze drifting to where the bed was; the sheets messed up and… Yes, of course, the reason was currently seated in their kitchen.

”Not so good,” Misha replied sourly. ”Dima just learnt about you and Joni,”

”Oh ? And what would that mean?”

”God, don’t pretend that you don’t know what it means! You slept with him and Dima’s bound to have questions as to why!” Misha hissed at him, slowly losing his cool façade.

”Hmm, then I’ll just tell him that … Dima’s not a kid, he will understand,” Ivo waved his hand dismissively, making Misha want to strangle him.

”Dima is already confused! He thinks that I date the brat!”

”Oh? And that would be bad because …?” Ivo gave him an amused look. ”But ok, I’ll try to clear the situation for Dima; YOU already had your chance and threw it out of the window,” Ivo shrugged his shoulders and left the room.

Misha was steaming; Ivo was an idiot! Couldn’t he see what trouble he could cause!? How would the parents react when they learned about this affair?? Once again he looked at the bed, suddenly imagining how they had… NO! He did not want to think of it!

He went into the bathroom, where they kept their first aid kit and at last he put some ointment on his finger. And then, his insides still steaming with anger, he returned to the kitchen.

Joni turned to look when he heard someone entering the kitchen and smiled at the sight of Ivo; at least there was one friendly face.

”Good morning, slept well?” He asked.

”Morning, morning!” Ivo was still in a bright mood; nothing worked better than getting his younger brother this agitated and jealous! ”Slept marvelously! And you?”

”I slept very well,” Joni lied, ”your bed is so soft,” again he forgot about Dima and everyone else, he wanted to get back at the bastard who called himself Misha.

”Dima, what’s going to be for breakfast?” Ivo asked, surprised to see his youngest brother in front of the stove, ”And what about Misha? Why isn’t he making food?”

”He burnt his finger,” Dima informed and then Misha walked in, with his, as of now, sour trademark face.

”Ah, so we’re all here now,” Ivo started making tea and coffee and soon four mugs were placed on the table. ”Sit down, everyone, Dima, that bacon ready?”

”Yes, it’s ready.”

Ivo took out plates and fixed everyone a good serving of the dish, first of course serving to his ’young lover’

”Here you go, Joni,” he smiled, winking, which made Misha’s face even sourer, though he remained silent. Dima also kept his head cool, though Ivo could see that he didn’t like what he saw either. Ivo sat down next to Joni, maybe Dima would go even so far as to try and help Misha? It would be more than welcome!

Joni kept smiling at Ivo, acting like a… well, a love sick fool… Though he was dying to see Misha’s face, he did his best to not look at him. He took a sip of his coffee and started eating his breakfast, happily humming to himself.

Misha stabbed the eggs on his plate with his fork, watching the two CHIRPING lovebirds across the table. He saw Dima’s questioning look and gave him a short shrug in response; even though it made him mad, he kept silent. Ivo was right, it was between him and Joni and he had no business in it and he didn’t even want to get involved in it!He didn’t!

”Oh, Misha, and how did your outing go? Did you have a good time? You mysteriously disappeared after I met you in the restroom,” Ivo suddenly asked him.

”I went home,” Misha responded shortly, taking some of the bacon in his mouth. If he ate quickly he could also leave quickly.

”How long has this been going on?” Dima asked then, looking between the pair.

”Not long, we had our first date yesterday,” Joni answered in a calm voice, smiling at his friend and taking a sip of his coffee.

”And alre-…” Misha stopped himself before saying anything else; he should learn to keep his mouth shut.

”Already what?” Ivo asked with an innocent face. ”Already slept together? Well, at least WE had one date before going to bed.”

This made Joni almost choke on his breakfast, he started to cough and had to slap himself on his chest a few times in order to make the food go down. He took some water.

”Wrong throat,” he muttered afterwards. Dima continued to stare at him and Joni could only hope that he wouldn’t catch what was truly being said between Ivo and Misha. It was awkward… Sleeping with two brothers, though he hadn’t really slept with the other, but it looked that way and… it would kind of make him seem like a… slut?

”Anyway, let’s eat, Dima worked hard and got up earlier especially to have this breakfast prepared for us,” Ivo smiled again, not continuing with the awkward topic that made him feel kind of … nervous.

Dima looked even more puzzled, which was good; if he learned that both his brothers had slept with his schoolmate… classmate!… Misha suddenly felt like the biggest pervert alive and he wondered how it was that Ivo was still so cheerful, as if not noticing the tense situation he had created, almost making his teenage lover choke on his breakfast, Misha of course had nothing to do with it.

After Joni got over the shock, he smiled at Ivo and then at Dima.

”How’s Eva? Have you talked with her?” Joni decided to ask.

”She’s still mad at you, but I think I’m forgiven.” Dima muttered, taking a mouthful of food, glaring at him from under his brows.

”Well,” Joni cleared his throat, ”That’s… good? I think. I mean I’m glad it’s okay now between you two.” Joni replied, he was used to having people mad at him, random people, but… he didn’t want his friends to be. He didn’t want Dima’s anger, with his girlfriends he could live with.

”Hm, I think I should go home soon,” Joni said to Ivo then, ”what are your plans for today?”

Misha couldn’t help but to watch, Ivo looked at the brat still with that infuriating smile of his,

”Have anything in mind? I’m flexible so …”Misha glared at his brother; that PERVERT! And why didn’t the brat just go home?! Misha was sure that his parents were dying with worry, and they rightfully should be!

”How about your dad?” Dima suddenly asked and almost made Misha smirk; good boy! ”Won’t he… ask where you were?”

”Well,” Joni started, ”I- he knows where I am, I just…. told him that I was coming here for the night, but….in your room,” he explained, smiling a bit sheepishly, ”You don’t mind, do you?”

Dima looked tense.

”How convenient,” he muttered, taking a sip of his tea.

”You do mind,” Joni took note with a slightly unsure voice.

”It’s not that, it’s…” and again Dima looked at them both. ”It’s…”

Misha gave a meaningful look at Ivo, as if wanting to tell him ’I said so!’ but the bastard still kept smirking, even more! And suddenly he leaned forward and gave Joni a kiss on his cheek, almost causing Dima to choke. Misha stared at the idiot and his boyfriend in disbelief.

”Ivo, he’s…” Dima suddenly seemed angry, just like Misha was, though at the moment Misha was able to cover it better than he was. ”…14 years younger!”

”So what? He’s not a kid anymore, Dima,” Ivo said philosophically, ”if he is alright with dating me, I see no reason why you couldn’t be.”

Joni couldn’t remember ever seeing Dima as angry as he was at the moment.

”Dima, I like Ivo… I’m… you shouldn’t worry, it’s okay.” He tried to assure his friend, realizing that he was just getting himself deeper and deeper into the mess he himself had created. He took Ivo’s hand in his, just hoping that Dima would calm down; maybe he was just upset thinking that it was only sex?

”It’s just that…” Dima stood up, ”Joni, you told me that you were a…” he started ”…and he’s…” Dima pointed at Ivo, and then he sighed in frustration. ”Uh, what ever! I’m going to my room!”

”Congratulations, you two,” Misha said calmly when Dima left the kitchen, somehow glad that he didn’t approve of Joni and Ivo getting together. Misha left the kitchen, too, following Dima.

Dima obviously needed to talk about it and if Ivo was behaving like a teenager, lust taking over sense, then it was Misha’s duty to be the responsible one.

He stood in front of the door to Dima’s room, stopping for a moment and thinking what it was that he wanted to talk about with his younger brother; did he want to rub salt in his wound? Or was he simply shocked seeing Ivo and Joni together? Finally he knocked, what happened would happen.

”Dima, can I come in?” He waited, having to wait long for the response and finally it was given.

”Yeah, come in.” The voice didn’t sound enthusiastic, but at least the permission had been given.

”Um, you wanna … talk?” Misha asked. ”About … stuff?”

Dima looked at him, sitting on his bed and sighed.

”I just… I don’t like this; I don’t like it at all.” He said, shaking his head and for a moment staring blankly at the wall in front of him before again turning to look at his brother. ”Ivo is too old! He’s too old for Joni.”

Misha couldn’t have agreed more.

”It’s not like you’re going to … hmmm, tell Joni that he shouldn’t date Ivo,” Misha said carefully, sitting next to him, a bit slouched. ”I don’t like it either,” he told him honestly; Dima wouldn’t stupidly tease him about it so he could afford being honest.

”Joni told me a while back that he was still… a virgin… well I can’t be certain what, if anything, happened between Kasper and him, both seem reluctant to talk about it … but anyway, Ivo, he just, he’s seen lots of people! And I can’t see him being serious with this, with Joni. I mean, what can they possibly have in common with each other?! They slept together after just one date!” Dima huffed. ”I know how Joni can be, I know he likes to flirt a lot and he doesn’t always THINK what… or how…” Dima shook his head, frustrated for not being able to voice just what he wanted to say, ”I mean, yes he is vain and annoying at times, even I can agree with that, BUT he is my friend and he isn’t always like that, I think it’s more of an act really, he is a good friend. I like him and I don’t want him to get hurt by dating a much older man, our brother! Who’s 14 years older, it’s a mistake! Joni’s not mature enough and…”

The unintentional slip up had made Misha flinch, well it was sort of everything that Dima was saying; the fact that he had taken Joni’s virginity, without thinking twice about it while he couldn’t even stand him; how was he better than Ivo? He wasn’t, he hadn’t even dated him, not even once!

”It’s not that he’s dating my brother, if it was you, then…” And to this Dima stopped, looking at him like just discovering something, as if getting the most brilliant idea ever, Misha didn’t like that look.

”Uhh, don’t throw me into the mix, Dima,” Misha told him seriously.

”But, I just realized it! You’d be perfect for him! Honestly Misha!” Dima exclaimed. ”Joni is cute, right? He is good looking, um… sexy? I mean I am straight, but I can say when another guy is handsome and he is.”

What should Misha care even if he were cute, or sexy? He was a brat, someone that he wouldn’t date even in a million years! Because he was vain and irritating and… right now, didn’t he have Ivo?

”Dima, it’s not … cute is not everything, you know hundreds of cute girls and you’re not dating them, right? So … it doesn’t work that way,”

”I know, I know!” Dima sighed again, ”but Joni is nice and you’ve never really given him a chance, have you? You’ve been so focused on…hating him, that you can’t see beyond that. So… if you would just talk with him, I’m sure that you’d see what I see.”

Misha’s mind was screaming against the idea.

”If I suddenly started being so … attentive … wouldn’t it look suspicious?” And he wasn’t going to be the begging idiot! No way in hell!

”What if you just… try? Carefully? To talk to him?” Dima suggested hopefully. ”Misha, I’m worried, if this continues with Ivo …nothing good will follow… and with time Ivo would understand. He would see that it’s better.”

What was better? Misha wondered, him getting even more involved with the brat? As if they hadn’t already tried to rip each other’s throat every time they met? And those two actually tolerated each other! Though, it was true, nothing good would come out of it.

”Why won’t you try hooking up the bra-… Joni, with one of your friends? It would be more suitable,” he muttered.

”He doesn’t seem interested in any guys at our school, something has changed. Before he was more…” Dima stopped to think for a moment, ”he talked about some guys there and even dated one of my friends for some time before Kasper, but now… maybe it’s Ivo? Uh, I don’t know.” Dima shook his head, ”maybe he just wants someone older.”

Misha cursed in his head, he had been sure that it was him who the brat had a crush on, at least after that unfortunate night… but maybe it had changed? He didn’t seem to like it one bit! Misha could remember that Joni felt disgusted and used and… Maybe he had fallen for Ivo now? But again Ivo was old, ancient even! Definitely not for the brat! And IVO should have realized that!

”Well, if you want to do something good for your friend, why don’t you talk everything over with Ivo? He seems to be more inclined to listen to you than me …” at least recently … because recently all Misha had received from him were taunts about the brat.

”Maybe, I’ll try to talk to him… I just don’t know what to think, I feel like he’s using my friend, but he’s my brother and it doesn’t seem like something he would do, especially thinking that he IS my friend, you know?” Dima felt confused. ”All I know is that I don’t want that relationship to continue, can you imagine it continuing? Seeing them here, all…kissing and…uh!” Dima shuddered at the thought. Ivo had been more like a father figure to him and now…

”Uhh indeed,” Misha muttered, disturbed with the anger that was once again flaring in him at the memory of the small kiss that Ivo had planted on the brat’s cheek. ”If it comes to something serious, we can always contact his father, can’t we? Because this truly has to stop,” Misha made a firm decision; no matter what, Ivo wasn’t going to continue this … illicit affair!

”Well, that would work I think, though, Joni would hate me forever for it.” Dima gave him a somewhat desperate look, ”his dad is quite protective of him in certain ways… I’ll try to talk with Ivo first; I don’t want him to get in trouble either…” He sighed heavily, still believing that the best alternative was to bring Misha and Joni together. ”You already know what I think would be the best.”

Scrounging, Misha shook his head. ”It’s NOT the best option,” he said as he stood up. ”I KNOW it,” he added and left the room, hesitating where to go next; downstairs? And face Ivo and Joni? Go to his room? Kick the wall in a fit and then suffer from a broken toe? Uh, decisions….


Ivo drove Joni home, well not quite; he dropped him off at the place where he had picked him up the night before.

”I had fun,” Joni told him, before leaving. Ivo smiled,

”I had fun too,”

”And sorry if I… behaved stupidly last night, hm, I shouldn’t have drunk so much,”

”It’s fine, you were alright,” Ivo grinned.

”Do you think that… Dima is terribly mad at me?” Joni asked with a hint of worry in his voice.

”No, if he’s mad at someone, it’s me and not you.” Ivo assured him, wondering what he would have to deal with once he got back home.

”So…” Joni hesitated, unsure what to do, he looked at the man, he did like him, it was easy to talk with him and he was handsome…

”Want to go to the movies later?” Ivo asked, thinking that it was best to continue dating Joni; sooner or later Misha would have to snap.

”Sure,” Joni smiled, ”call you later?”

”Yes, I can come pick you up at six, how does that sound?” Ivo smiled back at him.

”Agreed,” Joni nodded and acting on an impulse he leaned closer and gave a hurried kiss on Ivo’s cheek, ”see you later!” he said before getting out of the car,

”See you,” Ivo muttered, after the door was already closed, Joni grinned at him for one last time before he started walking towards his home without a hurry.

Ivo started the car, smiled and shook his head; just what was he getting himself into?

Web published: March 3rd, 2008.

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