7.So just

Chapter 7

It was time to take another step to get closer. It was easy to book an appointment, Jami was Eva’s cousin’s best friend and dated Joni’s new boyfriends older brother. Later Aki would pretend amazed of the coincidence that he had ended up in Jami’s chair. It would be an easy conversation start, perhaps he could improve the relationship between Eva and Sonja, perhaps someone would throw a party and perhaps that way he could weasel his way into Joni’s life. Aki smiled as he flipped through the pages of a random magazine, he liked projects, coals to meet and the thrill that achieving them could bring.
“Kuusisto?” A male voice asked and Aki brought his gaze up, smiled and lowered the magazine down.
“You have an appointment?” The younger man asked and Aki nodded with a smile before standing up.

“This way then,” the barber said, smiling pleasantly at him. Aki followed him to his station. The salon was quite big, employing over ten people and every one of them seemed to have a customer at the moment. Aki observed the barber as they walked, the man was short, slim, cute, nice ass.

“Please, take a seat,” the shorter man said and Aki sat down. Jami placed the cape on him. “Would you like me to wash your hair first?” Jami asked and Aki thought about it for a short moment.
“Why not?” He replied,  a head massage always felt pleasant and he was curious of how Jami’s hands would feel. They moved to the washing area, warm water caressed his hair as the barber ran his fingers through them.

“Does the temperature feel right?”

“Mmh… Very nice.” Aki said and closed his eyes. Jami massaged the shampoo on his scalp, Jami’s fingers felt strong yet gentle at the same time, the strength just perfect, this was a pleasurable experience. The slow massage with the conditioner felt even better, it was a shame that Eva didn’t poses such talented fingers. The girl was okay enough, in Aki’s scale from one to ten, he had given five and a half for her; she could bring satisfaction, but couldn’t offer anything particularly exciting and he was quite certain that he’d grew bored with her soon, at times he had already missed their special moments with Chris. He had scored Chris’ oral skills to seven and a half, which was quite good, the prison environment had given its own excitement point, but Aki wasn’t mad enough to want to go back to that place.
Eva’s score was higher because of this project, it gave its own kick and he loved how clueless she was. She just couldn’t give a decent blow job, which was another shame. But Eva didn’t need to feel bad, Aki only rarely gave anyone above 8, only one had gotten a nine, but he had yet to find his ten; it would have to be something extraordinary to achieve such high mark.
“How would you like your hair cut?” The barber asked as they returned to his station.

“Short, easy, I trust your vision,” Aki grinned.

“Hm… Do you like to style your hair with anything?”

“I use wax, not always, but pretty often.” Aki nodded looking at the younger man through the mirror. He wondered what kind of score Jami could reach with him?

”Can I use the machine for the back and the sides, or would you rather that I use scissors?”
“Like I said, I trust your vision, just make me look handsome,” he grinned and the other man smiled, though Aki could sense certain awkwardness behind the smile.
The usual small talk started, weather was always safe, the barber regretted that there hadn’t been enough warm days this summer. Probably in the two previous summers people had moaned about the unusual heath for Finnish climate, heath that had seemed to last for days. People liked to complain and weather was a good subject for that, winter was either too cold, too much snow or far too mild and not a sight of snow, when there was no snow, people missed it and when there was people grew tired of the endless task of clearing their passageways from it. Summers were either too hot, too cold, too rainy or too dry. Aki didn’t remember anyone ever saying that the weather would have been simply perfect throughout a season.
“I think the weather is actually perfect now, if it would be too hot, one would become too lazy to do stuff.”
“Yeah, I guess that’s true as well,” the barber admitted. “One shouldn’t complain, I guess summer can never be just right in weather wise.” He chuckled and Aki smiled.

“Except when one was a child, weather was always close to perfect then, better than now at least, ask anyone.”
“Memories grow sweeter with time.” Jami nodded. “Have you had your holidays yet?”

“No, I don’t have any holiday really, I just started working in a new job.”

“What kind of work do you do?”

“Quite boring, I sell insurances for private people,” Aki shrugged, it was better than nothing. He had gotten the job thanks to his relative who had been ready to look beyond his past, ready to give him another chance.
This relative, his uncle, was just as clueless as the rest, of the other crimes that he had committed since his teenage years, crimes that he had gotten away with. He could be a charming personality when needed and as a salesperson he was excellent because of his talent to speak. “But at least one can make good money with it, if one knows how to sell.” Money had always motivated him.

“Work is work and you can always balance it with hobbies if weekdays feel vapid.” The barber reasoned with a smile and Aki smiled back at him.
“That’s true,” he admitted. Hobbies indeed played a huge part in his life, he sought his excitement through them. At that moment his favorite hobby was helping Chris or rather feeding his obsession, if he had truly wanted to help the man, he would have helped him rid of his obsession. In some ways, however, Aki believed that it had been fate’s guidance that Chris had ended up in the same jail with him and that’s why he was keen to feed his obsession.
Aki remembered Jyri, Joni’s cousin quite well, they had gone to the same middle school together and gotten involved with drugs at the same time. Jyri had been handsome before he had ruined his looks with far too many tattoo’s and scars he had gotten from fighting. Aki also remembered Joni. He had learned early on that the pretty boy’s father had money and the idea of trying to get the boys daddy to pay for his sons safety, had tempted him. In further thought, he had however considered the idea too risky and silly. He didn’t really know any kidnappers who would have gotten away with the crime successfully, so he had dismissed the idea almost as quickly as it had emerged.

Now, he knew it would be wisest to lay low and not attempt something so foolish, yet the idea had returned to intrigue him far too much to let it go completely. Chris’ was the key part and the challenging part, Chris was wayward, guided by his own intense emotions and Aki wasn’t sure if he could really control the Canadian outside prison walls. At the same time, if something would go wrong or would seem to go wrong, he could put the blame entirely on Chris’ shoulders and run free himself, that was his one plan at least.

“And you, when do you take your holiday?” Aki asked.

“I take it in short parts”, the shorter man smiled. “One week at the end of the month and then another at early fall, this is the down point that comes with working for yourself, one always need to have a conversation with ones bank account first and too often the answer for a long vacation is negative. On the other hand at least its easy to keep a holiday when one needs it.”
“I know, both my parents are entrepreneurs,” Aki smiled. His parents had also been away from home too often and thus he had been forced to entertain himself, many times in a questionable manners. “Are you planning to travel anywhere?”

“I don’t think so, we’re trying to sell our current home and then look for a new one.”

“Will you move somewhere far?”

“No, staying in the same region I think.”

“And where is that?” Aki asked and clearly the barber hesitated for awhile, perhaps the question was too intruding.

“Espoo.” -It was rightly vague answer, smart. Aki already knew the exact place that they lived though and he would know the exact new place as well.
“You couldn’t drag me into Espoo, horrid place, the distances, fields and residential areas, more fiends and random shopping malls, scattered and witless, a tourist nightmare.”

“I didn’t like Espoo before either,” Jami grinned. “I grew up in Vantaa myself, so…”

“Vantaa is a good place, I’ve lived there my entire life.” Aki smiled.
“Oh, which part?”


“My parents live in Ilola, I know Tikkurila inside on out,” Jami chuckled. “Especially the bars and clubs there.”

“My grandparents live in Ilola too,” Aki said.

“Really? Small world.” Jami smiled.

“Who knows, maybe we’ve met before too, though, I think you’re younger than I am though?”

“I’m 26.”

“See, I’m five years older than you.” And Aki was sure that he would have remembered Jami had he seen him before. He didn’t forget pretty or handsome faces. Yes, he was certain that he would have noticed Jami had he seen him.

They had a conversation about the schools which they had attended and of the pubs in Tikkurila. Jami seemed like an open person, easy to get to know to and because of that he made the task easy, all Aki had to do was to make as pleasant impression on him as he could. When in was time to pay, Aki gave Jami 5 euros tip; one had to support small entrepreneurs. He said and Jami gave him a grateful smile. “You have yourself a new regular customer,” Aki added and they bid each other good day. They would meet again soon, another step closer, this would cheer up Chris.


Jami came home at seven, Ivo still hadn’t arrived, though he usually got off from work at five. Jami sighed, took the chicken from the fridge to the room temperature and called his boyfriend.

“Hey, whats taking you?” He asked when Ivo managed to answer, he heard laughter, music and chattering in the background.
“We stopped for a couple of beers with my co-workers, it’s Friday after all,” Ivo replied cheerfully and Jami sighed.
“Well, are you planning to come home soon?” He asked, not wanting to sound like a nagging house wife but fearing that it was exactly how he sounded like.
“Yep, I’m on my way soon,” Ivo promised.

“Good, I’ll start preparing dinner,” Jami replied. “See you soon.”

“Yes, kisses.” Jami rolled his eyes smiling slightly before ending the call. He poured himself a glass of white wine, turned on some music and started washing the salad ingredients. Most of the time Ivo was wonderful, but he had some qualities that could have needed some improving, one was to let him know if he was coming home late. Jami didn’t mind that he was out with his friends, he minded because they had planned to spend the evening together and having dinner together.

It was twenty to eight, Jami felt his stomach grumbling, it had been another one of those work days when he hadn’t had the time to eat. He started cooking the chicken hoping that Ivo would happen to arrive in the right time. It wouldn’t matter if the chicken would cool off, it would go fine with the salad anyway.

Fifteen minutes past eight, the chicken already cooked, even cooled and Ivo was nowhere to be seen or heard. Jami felt annoyed, then worried, maybe something had happened? He called to his boyfriend only to find out that he hadn’t even left the pub yet.
“Oh man, I didn’t notice the time, sorry babe,” Ivo apologized. “I’ll leave soon.”

“Yeah, yeah… Just enjoy your beer, what ever. I can’t wait with eating any longer…” Jami  snarled and ended the call. Sometimes Ivo acted like a little kid. Jami sat down to eat alone, tasted the wine and looked out of the window. He felt tears rising to his eyes, insured himself that it was only due to exhaustion of a busy work week that made him so emotional, but the truth was that he had started to fear that Ivo had grown bored with him. This wasn’t the first time that Ivo had forgotten their plans. What would happen when they’d move on their own? Did Ivo even want that anymore? It was clear that in someway the upcoming chances bothered the man, the fact that Misha and Joni wanted to find their own place. Ivo was clearly attached to Joni, they seemed to share some kind of special relationship with each other that Jami didn’t always understand, nor did Misha for that matter.

After eating Jami snuggled on the couch under a blanket, with a newly filled wine glass in his hand. Some silly reality show played on the TV, The bachelor to be exact, how many seasons this show already had? One of the women cried in front of the camera; she wasn’t getting enough attention from the bachelor, all the other women were fake, silly, childish and just completely wrong for the guy. The man should notice that she was right to him, that she was in this with her whole heart. The bachelors forehead didn’t move, his eyebrows seemed frozen in the same position and finally Jami couldn’t pay attention to anything else but his frozen forehead. Maybe he had overdone Botox? And were these women really competing about this man so desperately? Jami rolled his eyes, it felt so fake when they claimed that they had already fallen in love for him.
He tried not to think of Ivo, tried not to think why he was so late, pondering if he had met someone interesting, that perhaps he was currently stuck flirting with some woman. If Ivo would come home and tell him it was over now, that he missed boobs and… and then… Jami groaned at himself; hadn’t he just promised to himself not to think such things that he was thinking? He didn’t want to be like this, pathetic, clingy, jealous boyfriend.

It was twenty to ten when the front door opened. Jami frowned, in the television the Botox bachelor kissed one of the desperate women. Jami tasted from his glass, stayed still, there was a loud knocking sound that echoed from the hall, followed by Ivo’s curse, Jami gritted his teeth. A moment passed, the steps grew nearer, Jami kept his gaze on the TV-screen, a woman had gotten a rose and cheered for joy as she talked to the camera, telling the other women off; I win you bitches! – Charming…

“Are you terribly mad?” Ivo’s voice asked somewhere close and Jami turned his gaze slowly to him. Ivo held a small bouquet of flowers; tired looking daisy’s and long blades off grass, with one red rose among them and this whole handsomeness was wrapped with a tissue from their rods. Ivo looked at him, his lower lip curving. “I brought you this, the flower shops were already close, but… Well, I thought that no one would mind if I take just a couple of flowers when I walked through the park.” Jami rose his brow, Ivo got closer. “Don’t be mad,” the man asked handing out the flowers towards him, Jami tried to keep a straight face, but it was difficult. Ivo appeared comical with his pathetic bouquet. Ivo sat down on the couch next to him, scent of beer on his breath. “I’m sorry,” he asked and touched his thigh. Jami straightened up.

”Yesterday we talked about spending this evening together”, Jami said. “I don’t mind if you go out to have a beer or two with your mates, what I mind is that you do so without letting me know, when we have something planned together.” His voice had a tight sound to it and he was still concentrated on staring at the screen. The women talked bad about another who had gone out with the bachelor with a frozen forehead. Ivo was quiet, trying to offer the flowers to him once more, flowers that Jami didn’t hadn’t yet taken and still seemed stubborn to receive.
“I’m sorry sweetie,” Ivo said somewhat helplessly.
“You’re already 35, when are you starting to act like a grown up? Grown up people understand things like these, grown up people don’t go tearing plantings from the city park.”
“Has something happened to the eighty’s children that make them so serious? You sound like Misha. Is it perhaps due to a childhood trauma of watching bad perms and terrible fashion?” Ivo grinned drunkenly. Not that he hadn’t been a victim of watching same horrid fashion and even for a longer period of time. “I never want to be that old that I’d have to start acting like ’an adult’. Sometimes I go out with my friends and often I’m too scatterbrained to remember what we had planned.” He added, shrugging his shoulders.
Jami was quiet and tasted from his glass, Ivo didn’t remember him, it was worrying. Ivo set the flowers on the table when Jami didn’t seem to accept them and then looked at the screen.
“That guy’s forehead doesn’t move,” he took note. “It makes his smile kind of creepy…”
Jami was still quiet, sipping his wine and looking tense. Ivo touched his arm.
“Hey… Forgive me?” he asked again.

“Do you find me boring?” Jami asked instead and Ivo frowned with surprise. “Perhaps you already grew bored with me when it’s so easy to forget me.”

“I’ve never forgotten you.” Ivo said. “I brought you those flowers, with you on my mind,” he pointed at the table.
“Well…” Jami shrugged, tasted his wine again, the glass was almost empty and he started to feel tipsy. “You forget our plans… You rather spend time with your friends than with me…” Jami felt annoyed how his words sounded like; bitter and whiny. “If you had let me know, I wouldn’t have sat here waiting like a fool, I could have gone out with my friends…”
“I’m sorry…” Ivo whispered, slowly stroking Jami’s stomach making him quiver. “I’m not good at this… I’ve been independent for so long and you are the first partner that I’ve ever lived with…” He said, was quiet for a moment before adding. “Hopefully the last. I try to correct my ways.” Jami gave him a hesitant look, still quiet, Ivo grinned. “I have an idea…” He started, got up, took the nearly empty glass from Jami’s hand and set it on the table before pulling him up. “You can spank me because I was naughty.” He said wittily while pulling Jami with him to the bedroom. Jami chuckled with surprise.  
“What?” He asked. Ivo let go of his hand once in the bedroom and calmly started to undress his pants before laying down on the bed on his stomach.
“Go on, I’ve been a bad partner, I deserve this.” Jami looked at his boyfriend with amusement, admiring his trained buttocks with his eyes before nearing the bed and sitting down on the edge of it.
“Are you serious?”
“Yes… Well, I’m waiting and I’ll take it like a man.” Ivo’s voice had a teasing sound to it. Jami rose his brow, couldn’t help but to smile. He lowered his hand on Ivo’s buttocks, stroking them softly for a moment before gently slapping the right buttock. “I hardly even felt anything,” Ivo grinned. “I won’t learn, unless you spank me harder,” he encouraged, Jami felt giggly and aroused at the same time and he brought his hand up higher before slamming it against the older man’s buttocks once more.

“Mmh,well that felt like something, again, give me your best.” Ivo smiled and turned his head so that he could see his lover. He had a mischievous glint in his eyes and Jami brought his arm up again, slapping his palm against Ivo’s ass little harder than before. Ivo moaned and moved slightly, his right cheek already kind of reddish. “Again,” he asked and this time Jami slapped the left side. Ivo moaned somewhere between pleasure and pain, he bit his lip and looked at the younger man with clouded eyes. Jami felt pressure in his groin, another slap, he concentrated in staring at Ivo’s face and Ivo licked his lips, smiled wryly. Jami brought his hand to gently stoke Ivo’s ass, moving his finger between the cheeks before stopping to press against his hole without intruding inside. Ivo moaned expectantly, looking at him as though begging.
“Do you want it?” Jami asked hoarsely and they looked at each other, Ivo’s earlier smile was replaced with a grin.

”You know I do…” The man replied and Jami smiled at him lustfully before opening his pants. For a moment he pleasured himself so that Ivo could see him, at the same time teasing his lovers entrance with his finger. Ivo moaned enthusiastically, pressing his hips against the mattress. Finally Jami stood up, to undress himself fully, he took the lube from the nightstand drawer and climbed on top of the older man. Usually Ivo was top, but they were both adventurous and variated depending on their mood, this night they both clearly wanted to play this way. There was something extremely arousing to take a strong man like Ivo, it made Jami feel stronger and bigger than what he was. Jami grinned, spread the lube and moved his cock between Ivo’s cheeks. Ivo squirmed underneath him impatiently.  “Jami… god… Don’t tease me any longer…” He moaner
”Do you want it in?” Jami grinned, already quite impatient himself.

“Yes…” Ivo moaned and Jami moved his penis against Ivo’s entrance, twirling the head against it for a moment before making the first thrust and watched keenly how the head of his cock was swallowed inside his lover while Ivo moaned quietly. Jami made another thrust until he was completely buried and stopped for a moment, waited, kissed Ivo’s neck, moving his hands up on his back stopping to rest on his shoulders. Jami started the slow movements, closed his eyes as the pleasure moved through his body. Ivo groaned, moved his hips up so that he could slip his hand underneath to massage himself in the rhythm of Jami’s thrusts.

”Faster,” Ivo begged and Jami grinned following his lover’s request, squeezing Ivo’s shoulders harder. The room was filled with moans, slaps when skin slammed against skin, the air heavy and smelled of sex and sweat, The pleasure grew too much to resist and Jami reached his orgasm first. He stopped, evened his breath and moved his hand gently on Ivo’s hip before slowly pulling out. The older man turned to lie on his back and Jami kissed his lips softly before moving lower on his stomach and finally bringing his full attention on his partners erection.

After they both had gotten their satisfaction, Jami snuggled in Ivo’s arms. “And you thought that I found you boring?” Ivo grinned stroking Jami’s arm. “Silly… Next time, if you still think that, I have to spank you instead.” Jami brought his gaze up and grinned at him.
“Will you promise?” He asked and Ivo lifted his brow amusedly, he brought his hand down on Jami’s side on his buttocks and squeezed.
“I swear it.” The older man promised. “You daft, how could I ever grow bored of you?” He mumbled and planted a light kiss on Jami’s lips, which the younger man happily received.
“I love you, you big goof…” Jami whispered.
“Goof?” Ivo grinned and tapped Jami’s buttocks gently. “You’re always on my mind Jami, where ever I am and I love you, though I know that I don’t remember to show it to you often enough. I promise I will try better from now on…” Another kiss on his forehead. Jami smiled, closed his eyes, his world would shatter if Ivo would stop loving him and now, everything was fixed, at least for that moment.


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