7.Foolish games


Getting home, Joni went straight to shower, at the moment feeling somewhat disgusted with himself and even the soap and the warm water couldn’t wash the feeling away. He shouldn’t have done it, it shouldn’t have happened, he had lost control and he wouldn’t allow it again. If he would speak to no one about this evening and if Kasper would keep his mouth shut about it as well, then he could simply go on like it never happened.

After shower, after some time spent alone in his room, he walked downstairs where his father and Katja were still watching TV, without a word he laid down on the free couch next to them.

Asko gave a surprised look to his son and then at his wife. Joni rarely spent any time with them, he had a TV in his own room and at times it seemed impossible to get him out of his little nest, if it wasn’t for food.

”You came home earlier today than what I expected,” He spoke, looking at him still.


”Were you with Kasper?”

”Yeah,” Joni stared at the TV screen.

”Hm did something happen?” He asked with concern, unsure how to make sense of this, Joni coming home early, Joni willingly coming downstairs and watching TV with them.



”Well… yeah… we broke up,” Joni replied.

”Oh?” Asko glanced at Katja again. ”May I ask why?”

”I left him, he began to annoy me,”

”I see…” Asko wasn’t sure what else to say, Joni seemed reluctant to talk.



”Do we have any cacao?”

”Yes, I think we do, would you want me to make you a cup?”

”Yes, I’d like that,”

”and some sandwiches?”

”Yes, thanks dad,” Asko got up smiling a little, for a moment he felt like he had gotten his little son back.


At school Kasper, despite Joni’s outburst on that night, was looking at him longingly. Joni tried his best to ignore him and Eva, who in turn was looking at him as though he was the bad guy! The nerve of them.

Friday at lunch time, Kasper caught up with him in the hallway.

”Listen Joni, I know you told me to stay away but…”

”And I meant it,” Joni said firmly, continuing to walk towards the cafeteria where he knew his friends would be waiting. Kasper took his hand and gave him some sort of letter,

”Just please read this, I’m sorry Joni, I truly am.” Joni pulled his hand free and continued his way, leaving Kasper behind, but he didn’t throw away the note either.

After getting lunch he made his way towards the table where his friends sat at, including Dima, Joni was glad that Eva wasn’t with him.

He sat down, opposite from Dima.

”So it didn’t work out between you and Kasper?” Dima asked, taking a bite of his food. Joni shook his head.

”No, I should have trusted my first instinct,” Joni replied, placing the note on the table, wondering whether or not to just ignore it.

”What happened?”

”I left him,”

”Yeah, I know, Eva told me and… well, she doesn’t get why you did it.”

”What does Eva have to do with this?” Joni asked, feeling annoyed.

”Kasper is her friend and she told me that he’s been really down, you know?”

”Well, serves him right.” Joni nodded firmly and took a sip of water.

”Hm, did he… do something?” Dima continued to ask. Joni frowned as he looked at him.

”Did Eva put you up to this?” The sheepish expression on Dima’s face told Joni everything, he rolled his eyes. ”It’s not her business, it didn’t work out and that’s that.”

”Okay, sorry to ask, I know it’s not my business.” And with that Dima gave it up, concentrating back on his food. Part of the reason that Joni liked Dima so much was that he knew when to shut up. He didn’t push if he saw that the other wasn’t willing to talk.

Finally his curiosity took the better of him and he decided to see what Kasper had written. He took the note under the table, away from other people’s eyes, unfolded it and started to read.

”Joni, I’m truly sorry for what happened. You have to understand, I’ve been attracted to you since our first year and yes, I’ve even come to love you. When you finally looked at me, talked with me, allowed me to kiss you and invited me close I guess I just became blind, I saw what I wanted to see. I wanted so badly for you to love me as well. Joni, I don’t know what to do, I can’t stop thinking about you, if you’d just give me a chance? I know I could make you happy, I’d worship the ground beneath you, you’re my inspiration. I wouldn’t hurt you again, I beg you, just one chance to show how much I love you. I don’t know what I’ll do if you won’t forgive me, my heart is broken and only you can make it right again. Please Joni. I’m miserable without you.”

Joni felt his stomach turn, he didn’t like this, he didn’t need or want Kasper’s love and he certainly didn’t need this quilt. He felt annoyed, things certainly weren’t going how he would have wanted them.

Dima had invited him over after school and on their way, they had met with Eva and Kasper. Joni saw it best to stay quiet and avoid looking at the other boy, thinking it was the best way to get through with him. He couldn’t be pressured into a relationship he didn’t want. He couldn’t love Kasper that way. It had been a mistake from the start, a mistake that unfortunately couldn’t be fixed.

Eva seemed to be annoyed, he could feel her furious stare and when Dima asked if he could see her later, she just turned around and left with her friend, acting as though Dima would be equally guilty of hurting him. Dima was clearly confused and upset by his girlfriend’s sudden chill behavior.

”Dima, trying to understand women will only give you a headache, she’ll get over it, whatever it is,” Joni tried to comfort him once they were seated in Dima’s room.

”I guess so… Should I call her?”

”Absolutely not.” Joni told him. ”Want to play something, Tekken? You know I think it would do good for you, punching animated characters. I know it would make me feel better.” Joni grinned and finally Dima agreed.

And two hours later Eva came over.

”Okay, what did you do to my friend Joni?” She snarled as soon as she had walked upstairs with Dima.

”What did I do??” Joni asked, looking at her.

”Yes, he’s crying, miserable and… and it’s all your fault!” She accused him, which made Joni stand up.

”Why don’t you ask Kasper what he did?” Joni hissed in return, Eva brought her chin up.

”Kasper is a sweet guy who for some fucked up reason loves you! Though I certainly can’t understand why, you’re an arrogant, self centered bastard!”

”Excuse me and who the fuck do you think you are to stand here and judge me, you don’t even know me!”

”I know you well enough, typical guy who knows that he is good looking and uses that fact, you used my friend and therefore I can never like you. You owe Kasper an apology.” She folded her arms over her chest, Joni was steaming. Dima stood there confused, clearly confused of who’s side to take at that moment Joni felt annoyed with him as well.

”I think your friend forgot to tell you something…Eva… I owe him nothing and you can tell him that he can spend his lifetime apologizing to me and it still won’t be good enough”

She and Dima gave him a confused look , but he didn’t want to start explaining himself further.

”I think I’ll leave you two to talk for awhile, because I can’t see how any of my business would concern you Eva.” Joni finally said and left the room


Ivo’s week hadn’t been the best one, Misha was moody like a pregnant woman and Ivo just hoped he would get it out of his system and maybe go somewhere, meet someone, preferably meet Joni, because as much as Misha tried to admit it, Joni had clearly gotten under his skin.

Even now Misha was hiding, he had seen Joni coming home with Dima and had literally ran to his room where he had now spent over two hours, saying he wouldn’t come down until Joni would have left. Obviously this made it rather difficult for them to confront each other about what they did and what they felt about it.

Ivo sighed and thought that he better start preparing dinner seeing that Misha obviously wouldn’t come down to do it.

In the middle of his cooking Joni entered the room.

”Hi” Ivo greeted him with a smile.

”Hi,” Joni gave a somewhat weary smile back, ”Dima and Eva have some things to discuss about, so I decided to come down here to give them some privacy,” he explained.

”I see and did I hear some arguing?” Ivo asked, raising his eyebrow.

”Yeah, Eva doesn’t like me much at the moment, ” Joni grinned and sat down.

”And is there any specific reason for it?”

”I broke off with her friend and apparently that makes me the bad guy.”

Ivo wasn’t surprised to hear that the relationship had ended this fast, he would have been surprised to hear it last. He took a bottle of coke from the fridge and poured a glass of it to Joni.

”If something doesn’t work then it is better to end it,” he smiled and Joni smiled back,

”Thanks,” he took the glass between his hands and took a sip.

”Something else bothering you? Or does it bother you what she thinks?” Ivo asked.

”Nah, I’ve gotten used to it, that is, I know I can’t please everyone. I know… I can be… annoying?” Joni grinned, ”but the truth is that one can spend his whole life being nice to everyone and still end up with people that don’t like you and I’ve decided long ago that I won’t even bother to try and please others.”

”We are who we are, right?” Ivo grinned.


Joni tilted his head, studying at Ivo who was working in front of the stove. He did look a lot like Misha, but different at the same time, if Misha was tall then Ivo… was insanely tall and…wider…but it was all muscle, Joni could easily picture him as a bodyguard of some sort.

”I thought it was usually Misha to do the cooking,” he said then.

”Yes, usually, but now he’s busy with school and… well, I don’t mind cooking once in a while,” Ivo glanced at him.

”Do you need any help?” Joni offered, which took Ivo by surprise.

”No, I’m OK…” He smiled, but then, after thinking about it… ”Though, if you want, you could taste it? Tell me your opinion?”

”Sure,” Joni walked closer until he stood next to the man. ”What is it?”

”Beef stroganoff,” Ivo grinned and took a spoon to dip into the meat sauce, which he then brought closer to Joni’s mouth, ”careful, it’s hot,” Joni looked up to him and grinned, something in the man… Joni had seen him looking at him, more than once and… he took the spoon in his mouth and tasted.

”Mmm… good… and here I thought that I didn’t like stroganoff… you cook well,” He licked his lips, which made Ivo’s lips twist into a smile.

”Thank you,” he gave a curious look to the boy. ”So it doesn’t need anything?”

”Nothing at all,” Joni nodded. Suddenly an idea had come to him and he was curious to see how it would work. If he would flirt with Ivo, what would happen?

”Don’t you ever get tired of taking care of your brothers, of being the ’parent’ to them?” He started up the conversation.

”They grow up, fortunately,” Ivo replied, while starting to prepare the salad. It certainly hadn’t been easy when their parents had died and left him as their sole guardian, but here they were, managing quite nicely.

”Indeed they do, and quite grown they are already,” Joni grinned, ”but don’t you ever wish that you would live alone? So that you could, I don’t know… marry? Have children of your own?”

Ivo gave a curious look at Joni, who at the moment… it almost seemed as though he was… flirting with him? The tone of his voice, the way he was looking at him… And Ivo could easily admit that Joni was a fine looking young man, worth to lose your head for, like Misha apparently had… Maybe he could really use this, to push his brother in the right direction, Ivo knew that he could be the one that Misha would compete with, after all, he always did.

”I haven’t met a woman this interesting to let her chain me with a wedding ring,” Ivo told him truthfully. ”Life’s full of still unmet occasions and challenges and who knows who I’m really going to spend my life with, doesn’t have to be a woman at all.” He grinned then, giving a somewhat meaningful look towards him.

Joni smiled, suddenly feeling pleased with himself again, Ivo was flirting back and… Joni felt curious about how far he could take it.

”I bet you’ve broken lots of hearts,” Joni realized that he was being painfully obvious, but… he really wanted to test the waters and flattery usually worked.

Ivo raised his eyebrow, Joni’s words making him smirk, their meaning reaching him fast indeed.

”Had a fair share,” he nodded, though he had been trying to be careful not to hurt people he had been with, but sometimes it just wasn’t possible when feelings were involved.

Ivo realized that Joni was very young and secondly he was quite sure that Joni wasn’t even really interested in him and he’d have to be blind to think otherwise, but his sulking brother needed a good kick in the butt and for him he could… ”You too,” he answered bluntly.

”Perhaps, it’s part of life I guess…” Joni shrugged his shoulders.

”You’re not seeing anyone?” Joni asked next, wondering if he was being too straight forward,

”That is, I’ve never seen you bringing anyone here and, well, a man like yourself, it should be easy finding dates,” he explained.

”Maybe I’m just discreet?” Ivo smirked, hoping to look mysterious. ”And hiding my dates from my younger brother who …” hell, Misha might kill him after all but who cared? ”… has been fasting, obviously … and maybe he’d be bold enough to steal some from me?”

”And has that happened, has your brother stole from you before?” Joni asked grinning, feeling curious about the matter.

”We both stole from each other,” Ivo opted for the half truth, if he really cared and wanted someone there would be no way in hell that Misha would be able to steal them from him.

”Interesting,” Joni took note ”I’d imagine that would lead to some serious arguing, but obviously you two have a close, brotherly relationship, from what I can tell,”

Ivo thought about it. Yes, there had been arguing, but fortunately both of them had been sensible enough to know where to stop, where to say ’enough is enough’ and let go. And now it was ENOUGH, of this childish sulking, of pretending that nothing happened there and that Misha wouldn’t have slept with Joni and that it didn’t feel good and that he wouldn’t want more!

”That could lead to trouble,” he nodded and then smirked at Joni, ”But it won’t if Misha is simply uninterested with … you?” he added boldly.

It took Joni with surprise, was it really… this easy? Ivo was…suggesting that…?

”Your brother…” He started, ”has made it perfectly clear, that he has no interest in my direction, nor do I have any in his.” He looked in Ivo’s eyes, trying to hide every bit of nervousness he felt inside, ”so, there would be… no trouble,” there, there it was, the cards were now in Ivo’s hands.

Ivo smiled; bingo, one fly in the trap…

”No trouble at all,” he grinned, thinking how outraged Misha might get when learning that he was going to date Joni.

Joni almost felt like laughing out loud, the whole situation was so utterly absurd and… he managed to compose himself and give Ivo a somewhat shy, but yet flirty smile.

”So,” he started, ”now that we’ve established, that it would be of no trouble, then-” he took a breath, looking keenly at the older man,

”How about a date?” Ivo asked, deciding that it was just better to jump straight into the subject.. ”A club? I know you have a fake ID so…” He grinned at his brilliant idea, it would be perfect, make Misha go to a club and then he’d arrive there later with Joni, making Misha green with jealousy!

”Sure, sounds like fun,” Joni agreed, wondering what Misha would say if and when he would learn that he was going on a date with his older brother, it almost made him snicker madly until he realized what he was doing once more and told himself to stop, he shouldn’t care, just as long as Misha would suffer, even if just a little, he’d be satisfied with it.


It was Friday, a week later that Ivo had planned to take the plan in action, take Joni out and somehow arrange it so that Misha would be there at the same time. Misha’s behavior wasn’t really improving and Dima seemed to have troubles with his girlfriend, so there was a certain amount of tension in the house that Ivo hoped to solve as soon as possible.

It was 4pm when Misha got home. It was getting out of hand he thought, instead of forgetting it, he kept thinking of it, of the brat and… it was driving him crazy! It was starting to interfere with his studies, too. So far he had been able to separate his feelings from logic, but this… the brat had somehow managed to go too far! He was taking over and now, no matter how he wanted to deny himself, he couldn’t. He was there, in his head! Making a mess out of him, which he hated! No one, especially such a brat should be allowed to mess up with him, he was snappy and moody and he could see what a pain in the ass he had become in the last couple of days to his brothers, but he couldn’t stop!

He wanted to get drunk and forget, but he was afraid that if he were to get drunk he’d do something stupid. He walked into the kitchen and muttered his greeting to Ivo before going to the fridge to get himself a beer.

”Had a rough day?” Ivo inquired.

”Moderately, the test was quite tough and they got us plenty of work to do,” Misha shrugged and sat at the table, opening the bottle and taking a gulp of cold drink from it.

”Hm… you know what I think you need?” Ivo asked, getting himself a beer as well.

”Don’t even start with the brat talk,” Misha warned, to which Ivo shook his head, smiling a little.

”No, just forget about him, don’t let it get to you, don’t let him get to you. Go out, have fun with friends and just,” he sighed, ”we’re tired of watching you like this, me and Dima… and mobbing in the house on Friday night, really Misha? That’s what you call fun? This isn’t you.”

Misha hadn’t expected this, Ivo wasn’t trying to actively put him together with the brat. He realized that he wasn’t himself, but then again, sleeping with the brat wasn’t like him at all and he had done it! For some twisted reason he had slept with him and now for some fucking punishment he was unable to forget it!

”Maybe I’ll try to relax, umm, rent a film, spend a quiet evening in?”

”Rent a film? spend a quiet evening at home?” Ivo repeated, raising his eyebrow, ”Dear God, Misha, what happened to you?” He asked. ”You know what I think about this? You want to stay home because you really can’t forget about him, and that’s just sad.” He shook his head.

It wasn’t easy for Misha to try and be civil to his brother when he was rubbing salt into an open wound.

”I can forget about him! Hell, I’ve already forgotten!” He yelled, knowing that he was lying all along.

”Then, why don’t you go out and just have fun with your friends like you used to, maybe you’ll end up meeting someone nice?” Ivo suggested.

Ivo’s calm voice and his words made Misha calm down as well, it was just the behavior he should avoid, snapping for no reason and yelling and…

”Maybe,” he huffed, taking another sip of his beer.

”Aw… you know you’ll have fun,” Ivo grinned at him, playfully shoving his arm. Misha was silent, thinking of Ivo’s words, he was right, he might have fun, he might even meet someone who would help him to forget the disaster brat.

”Hmm … yup, I think I could go out.”

Ivo smiled with relief, it had worked, thank God.

”Good choice, now there’s the brother I know and love” He nodded, and now, all he needed to do was to find out where Misha would be going, without Misha knowing that he knew. How twisted? But he needed Misha to think that he was seriously wooing Joni, he needed to open up Misha’s eyes.

Misha made his final decision while standing under the warm spray of the shower. Yes, going out might be just what he needed, so he called his friends and three hours later he was ready to leave the house.


It was 6.30pm when Joni got the call from Ivo, saying he’d pick him up at eight.

Joni started preparing, feeling nervous as he did so, Ivo was much older, Ivo had been 14 when he had only been born and… Joni shook his head, Ivo was also handsome and… this would definitely annoy Misha… Then he felt confused, was he doing this for Misha or for himself? He wasn’t sure anymore.

He liked Ivo, but did he like him in that sense? He hadn’t really thought about it until now. Would Ivo want to kiss him? And if he would, what would he do? It could be quite weird, couldn’t it? Joni decided that it was just too many questions that made his head hurt. He would go out, have fun and what would happen would happen.

After shower he chose his clothes carefully, something… something to make him look old enough, though again his mind went to the matter that Ivo looked old enough for them both and if he was with Ivo then he probably would get in quite easily.

To his father he told that he was going to a friend’s party and like so often before he was told to come home for the night and be early, which rarely happened.

He walked for a few blocks to where he had told Ivo to wait for him, quite sure that his father wouldn’t approve of him going on a date with a 30 + 1 year old man.

Joni saw Ivo already waiting in his car and when he got close enough the man stepped out, going around the car and opening the door for him. Joni got inside, muttering a thank you. This door opening confused him, he just hadn’t expected it.

”I thought we could go to some pub first, it’s still quite early.” Ivo said as he started the car. He glanced at the boy next to him, feeling nervous, he hadn’t done anything like this before, he had never gone this far to make his brother see how stupid he was.

”Alright, you know the places better than I.” Joni smiled at him and somehow Ivo felt himself like an old pervert, this was Dima’s school friend! His baby brother’s school friend! And Ivo remembered times when he had been taking care of Dima when he had been just a baby!

He took Joni to a pub where he didn’t go that often and therefore wasn’t in great danger of meeting anyone he knew. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to start explaining to them what he did with a 17 year old boy on a Friday night.

He got them both beers, he simply needed one to relax, but he had to keep sure of his limits, first he was driving, second if he were to get drunk he might just forget his manners, he might just forget the fact that Joni was only 17 and that he was doing this, dating him, for his brothers sake and not for his own.

They talked mostly of Joni’s family and his dad, of school, things that Ivo would talk about with Dima, flirting with Joni simply made him feel too much like an old pervert at this point.

At 10pm he finally suggested to Joni that they could change to a club. Which would be the same club where Misha was going to, according to one of his friends.

Joni agreed, he enjoyed talking with Ivo, though he had to admit, he felt more as though he was out with his older cousin, or uncle than on a date… But at the same time, he kind of liked it, he felt like he could ask Ivo about things and talk about things that he couldn’t talk with his dad for example. And then he realized that Ivo might find this, him, boring, too young and… that wouldn’t be good. Because if Ivo wouldn’t like him, then Misha… He almost groaned at himself then, he was not, NOT thinking of him again.

When they arrived at the club, Ivo felt his nervousness rise once more, here he was at 31, trying to play matchmaker for his ten years younger brother! If he didn’t earn a punch after this night then he would consider it.. what? A success? Or a failure?

They left their coats and Ivo placed his hand on Joni’s lower back, almost to his butt; they were now where Misha was at and the brotherly behavior had to stop or Misha would see through it.

”Would you like something to drink?” He asked.

”Yes, please,” Joni smiled looking at him.

”Then go and find us a nice place to sit, while I go get us something, hmm?”


Again Joni didn’t find himself alone for long, some middle aged perv found his way over to him, the man even had the nerve to sit at the same table, trying some cheesy pick up lines. Feeling bothered and annoyed Joni looked towards the bar counter where Ivo was and he smiled, pointing him to the man and calling Ivo his boyfriend.

When Ivo turned and saw them, the man went instantly pale; seeing the dangerous smile given to him. Joni had never seen anyone escape as fast as the man did, and it made him feel good, it was almost like he had his own personal bodyguard… it made him feel… important.

”I hope you didn’t get in too much trouble?” Ivo asked when sitting down with the drinks. He had seen Misha, he had been sitting with his friends at one of the few galleries with a perfect view on the dancing floor and it was just what Ivo needed.

”No, but I’m glad you didn’t take long,” Joni smiled and took a sip of his drink. He then decided to scoot closer to Ivo, the alcohol he had drank so far had managed to make him more relaxed, to be honest he wasn’t at all sure what he was doing anymore. He blamed Misha, everything had been fine before he had met him, well, before he had slept with him. Before that he had known just what he wanted, he had known what he was doing, who he was and now… he was just utterly lost… In his fantasies before…he had always been the top, but now… after Misha… even his dreams had changed! It was…annoying.

With Ivo, flirting with him, he hoped to regain at least something of what he had lost, he placed his hand on Ivo’s thigh, smiled when he looked at him, trying to shake his insecurity away and in the back of his mind, all that he could think of was how Misha would react if he were to see them like this.

Ivo smirked when thinking how angry this would make Misha and he wanted to check just what Joni was really after so he cached his wrist and pulled on it to make him stand up from his chair and then sit on his lap.

It took Joni by surprise, sitting on Ivo’s lap made him feel uncomfortable, almost to the point where he would begin to panic, but he managed to calm slightly and force himself to stay where he was.

”hmh…” he tried to find something clever to say, but he couldn’t, he started to treat that Ivo would want him to… that he would want them to have… he tried to shake off the thought and smile at Ivo, ”you smell good,” he blurted out, feeling like he just had to say something.

Ivo had felt Joni tensing up the moment he was seated on his lap and it was confirmed, it was not him that he was after, which meant that he was playing the same game that he was. It made him grin, Misha just didn’t know who he had gotten involved with, this ’kid’ as Misha like to call him, seemed to know what he wanted and just how to get it.

”You like it?” Ivo asked, feeling slightly insecure with his hands, of where to place them.

”Yeah, really nice,” Joni said, giving a somewhat insecure and trying kiss on Ivo’s cheek.

All of this felt weird for Ivo. Joni was very attractive, sort of guy he enjoyed looking at, but so far it had been just that; looking. At 17, Joni was simply too young for him, said by reason, if he had been younger himself or if Joni would be older he might just try and charm him away from his blind brother, but it was not the case. 14 years… at this point of their life’s, it was too much.

He checked Joni’s drink, seeing it half full, he decided to make him drink it to the end.

”How about a toast, for a successful date?” He said, picking up his own glass that contained nothing but some soda. Joni raised his own glass and smiled.

”To a successful date,” He repeated, quickly finishing his drink.

Ivo followed his example and when Joni put his glass away, he made him stand up.

”Now we can dance,” he told him as he led him towards the dance floor, asking for a small miracle so that Misha would see them.

Joni was relieved to get up from Ivo’s lap, with dancing he felt more comfortable with. He liked the music they played and knew that he could dance easily with it. When he turned face to face with Ivo on the dance floor, he once again realized how tall he was, probably taller than Misha. He smiled and started to move with the music, listening to the beat, furtively touching Ivo, flirting with him, dancing with Ivo felt more like a game to him, a game he enjoyed playing.

Ivo looked keenly at him, the kid sure knew how to dance. If he would dance with Misha… just once! Misha would have to cave! Ivo felt frustrated by the fact that he had such a stubborn, obstinate brother like this. One that didn’t admit what he felt.

This dancing really didn’t feel bad, or weird… Ivo tried to follow Joni’s movements, who danced gracefully and well enough for him to easily fit to his rhythm and make them both look like two coiling snakes about to mate.

Joni brought himself closer to Ivo’s body, moving his hips against his, taking Ivo’s hand and bringing it on his hip. He started to feel hot, he glanced Ivo briefly and gave him a smile, it really wasn’t that bad, not bad at all…


Misha was quite concentrated on the content of his glass, listening to his friends happily chatting, commenting on some guys’ butts and… Misha just couldn’t forget.

”Yo, Misha, isn’t that your big brother there?” He heard one of his friends asking, now all of them were looking towards the dance floor. Ivo, there? Misha thought while looking towards the direction he was pointed at and he noticed the big figure there, it would be rather difficult not to notice him, especially when he was dancing like that … BRAT!! Misha felt as his blood pressure jumped up in a matter of seconds. What was HE doing there? What was IVO doing there with HIM?! What was it, a frigging date?!

”And who is that hottie dancing with him? I’d like to know where I can get one of those.” One of them laughed and Misha gave him what hopefully was ’never seen him before’ look, while his insides were boiling with rage.

Joni turned around so that his back was against Ivo’s chest and Ivo’s hands were… all over! Misha sent them both a very unfriendly look, ’poisonous’ would be better and then he noticed that for one small moment Joni was looking in his direction. Did he see him? Momentarily he backed away, towards the wall, it was too brief for him to see him and he was not going to give him a chance to see him again!

”Guys, I need to take a leak,” he told them, going just like he said, towards the toilet. How the hell had they gotten there? Why there? Were they on a date? And why the hell would he care??

In the toilet, Misha quickly used the urinal and then started washing his hands. He shouldn’t have reacted like that when seeing the brat, he should have ignored him and… Ivo… why Ivo? Why had he taken Joni here? Why? They were like… father and son, almost! How sick was this!

Then Ivo walked in, giving him a surprised look.

”Oh, you’re here?” He asked, ”what a surprise.”

Misha pretended surprised as well, he was not going to show Ivo that he saw him with the brat!

”Yeah, you’re here too? Having a good time?”

”Yes, I am, I am having a good time, just, I didn’t expect to see you.”

”You’re alone?” Misha asked, even though knowing who he was with.

”No, I’m not alone,” he shook his head, then a moment of quietness followed, ”well, actually, I’m with someone you know…”

Misha almost wanted to laugh from some strange reason, yes, he knew, he knew from inside and out

”Oh, so he’s probably waiting for you?” He raised his eyebrows. ”Hm, gotta go, friends are waiting,” He quickly finished as I turned towards the door, ready to leave.

”Misha,” Ivo spoke up, before Misha had the chance to run, ”you saw us, didn’t you?”

Misha stopped and with as indifferent a face as he could pull, he nodded.

”Yes, and so what? It’s your date, not mine,” he shrugged his shoulders, somehow disturbed by the fact that Ivo went for someone so young and vice versa, that the brat accepted a date from his older brother!

”And you don’t mind then?”

”Why would I mind? It’s not like he’s my boyfriend! We only slept together by accident, something that shouldn’t have happened,” Misha snarled lightly. ”I’m actually glad he’s over this silly crush of his for me,” he added, not completely truthful to himself.

”Good, then you won’t mind if I’ll take him home with me,” Ivo said, glancing at him

”You should definitely take him home,” Misha nodded, meaning the brat’s home. Because he was 17! ”Just be careful with his father, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t the happiest dad on earth, seeing his minor son with a guy over thirty,” he said a bit maliciously and then left at last, intending to join his friends and get the hell out of there!

Misha stormed out of the toilet to join his friends, but the… news!… of Ivo becoming involved with the brat was simply… disturbing! So disturbing that he didn’t want to be there anymore, he wanted to go somewhere else, away from the brat! Away from his brother, who was asking stupid questions! Like… would he MIND it that he’s going to sleep with him?! Why the hell would he?? Why?! Huh?!

Misha was steaming. He saw the brat, he saw Ivo joining back in his company. He saw Ivo leaning in to whisper something, and the brat grinned at him. The hell with them, Misha thought. He didn’t care, he didn’t!

Then the pair returned to the dance floor and it was just too much for him. It had to be an act, the hell with them! He wouldn’t stay and watch this! Ivo had somehow planned this, hadn’t he? It was a plot, that’s what it was and no way would he walk into that trap, he would leave home, that’s what he would do and it would show them!

And that he did, Misha left home, he went to bed and waited. Soon enough Ivo would come back home, pretty soon, at any moment now… But pretty soon, it turned into late and…

The next time Misha checked, it was 9am in the morning.

Grumbling, dressed in pajama pants, he went into the kitchen; after all, he was the freaking housewife, who was responsible for feeding the other two! So he started to prepare breakfast; bacon and eggs. Deep down, wondering what time his brother had ended up coming home and… how had the date ended??

His question was answered sooner than what he would have expected, at the sound of the nearing steps he turned, his eyes widening at the sight; the brat, standing at the kitchen doorway; yawning.

”Morning…” He muttered, ”hey um, any pain killers? My head is killing me and uh all my muscles feel sore,” Joni complained sleepily, walking further in, while Misha still tried to cover from his shock; this was so NOT happening, it was a bad dream, that’s what it was, right? RIGHT??

Web published: February 14th, 2008.

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