53.Foolish Games

Betad by: koira

(And edited Feb. 9th 2022)

        Chapter 53

This time, the moving felt easier, he didn’t feel like he was giving up on anything. He was simply going to stay with Misha, Ivo, and Jami and all he needed to take with him were clothes, books, and personal hygiene equipment. Though his father had wondered why things couldn’t continue the way they were, with him living at home and dating Misha, in the end, he seemed to understand. Misha had gotten on Asko’s good side and Joni thought that they had probably bonded during their plotting against Chris. It didn’t stop Asko from giving Misha ”the talk” before his move.

The talk was just ”you better treat my son well” and Misha assuring that, of course, he would and then they had drunk a shot of brandy together, patting each other on the back. Joni wondered when his dad would stop treating him like a girl, why wasn’t he offered a glass of brandy with them? Not that he liked that drink, but that wasn’t the point! Misha had said that it was because he had already been sleeping at that point, but Joni still considered it a poor point, they could have woken him up! Misha then reminded him that he wouldn’t have wanted to take the risk of waking him and then possibly getting his head bitten off.

When they started packing Joni’s car on a Sunday morning, Misha was amazed at the quantity of his luggage that mainly, according to Joni, contained clothes. Even though the blond had made room for Joni’s clothes in his wardrobe, he knew just by looking at the five full bags that they would never fit. Luckily there was Dima’s room which, with their younger brother’s blessing, Joni intended to use as his study room.

Joni also had his laptop and his high school books, pens, and calculator, everything one needed for studying. The whole Sunday went by arranging things, well, almost entirely arranging, it was easy to get sidetracked when Joni was involved. Misha tried to help with sorting out Joni’s clothes, but it soon became clear that he was only in the way, apparently placing the clothes in the wrong order. The brunet tried to explain to him about his order; there were casual clothes, school clothes, party clothes, and formal clothes, they needed to have their shelves and while the brunet explained all this to him, Misha pretended to listen while finding something more interesting in his boyfriend’s bags; his underwear. Deciding to be helpful, Misha started arranging the boxers on his bed, even folding them neatly. ”Do these have a designed purpose, too?” He asked with a grin. ”I mean, casual and formal, party and… sex?” Misha couldn’t help teasing the other man, after all, he even seemed to have underwear enough to last for at least a month or longer without having to do laundry. Joni glared at him, he was blushing slightly, though unsure why. He walked over to Misha and snatched a pair of tight black boxers from his hands.

”You just don’t understand,” he huffed and yelped when Misha pulled him over onto his lap.

”Don’t I?” The blond whispered in his ear, gently kissing the earlobe while his hands hugged Joni’s waist. Joni still held the boxers that had a red dragon on the side. ”I haven’t seen those on you yet,” the older man whispered.

”Oh, there are lots you haven’t seen,” Joni grinned and pecked his lips softly, trying to get up to continue arranging, but Misha didn’t let him. Joni snickered and Misha quickly pulled him onto the bed on his back, swinging the underwear down onto the floor and out of the way.

”Hey!” Joni protested but released another snigger when Misha leaned closer to kiss him.

”Hey,” the blond whispered in a husky voice. ”Hey, roommate,” he grinned and leaned in for another kiss. Joni relaxed underneath him, he dropped the piece of underwear onto the floor bringing his hand up to Misha’s hair, the kiss continued gently. Misha’s hand slowly moved the hem of his shirt upwards, breaking the kiss and gazing in his eyes and Joni could read the lust behind the blue orbs. ”They are still packing Jami’s stuff… They won’t be back for a few hours…” Misha whispered and Joni grinned.

”Want to get naked?” Joni whispered and it was Misha’s turn to grin.

”Very,” he said and quickly pulled his shirt off.

”Close the curtains…” Joni asked, he didn’t want to risk being seen by Misha’s overly curious teenage neighbor that had some gay man fantasy because it wouldn’t be the first time she’d tried to spy on them.

Stealing another kiss and grinning at him, Misha got up to do just that. Joni watched the blond and his muscular chest, smiling to himself, he was almost in the right state of mind, almost…


When Jami moved in a day later, it became evident that the two Finns shared love for clothes. Luckily there was Dima’s room and his empty closets so that Joni and Jami could share them for the clothes that didn’t fit in Ivo’s and Misha’s rooms.

The house was alive again, the first week went by fast with rearranging things in the house. It felt weird to Misha, the changed atmosphere, the change in Ivo, the change in Joni and himself, Jami’s presence in their home. They had never really celebrated Christmas while it had been just the three brothers, not properly. Back in Russia, they celebrated Christmas in January, and after moving to Finland… Well, they had had some poor excuse for a Christmas tree on the first two Christmases that they had lived there and Ivo had thought that it might cheer Dima up, who had been quite reserved then, mourning the loss of their parents.

Then one year Ivo had come home with decorative Christmas elves that in the end had proven to be a gift from a woman he had been dating and who had considered it horrific that someone didn’t enjoy Christmas time. So then there had been those ugly elves all over the house whose mere sight had made Misha shudder, but the elves didn’t end up having a long life. A year later, just before Christmas Eve, they had had an ”accident” that made them all fall and break into pieces.

This time it was different, Jami declared himself an enthusiastic Christmas person, he wanted a real tree in the house and he cleaned, hell, the small man even got Ivo to do Christmas cleaning and Misha was amazed. Joni and he were planning to go to Joni’s parents on Christmas eve, while Dima would spend it with Linda’s family, and then by Christmas day, it would be all six of them together.

Joni’s focus was still on his studies, but he had seen his agent and agreed to return to work in January, his first assignment was for some jeans campaign and negotiations for sportswear campaign were also on a good way and now they were planning his training schedule with Misha. Everything was slowly falling into place. Joni continued with therapy less frequently and Misha finally confessed to him that he had nightmares. Now that they were living together there was no point in hiding things.

Jami, on the other hand, was somewhat depressed about the argument with his family. Joni figured that it was why the smaller man kept himself busy cleaning around the house so much. Joni had never enjoyed cleaning all that much, of course, he liked keeping things tidy, but… If he could pass the cleaning on to someone else, he did. He had somewhat lazily offered his help, but luckily for him, Jami had answered that he liked cleaning (as crazy as it sounded to Joni) so it was fine and Joni could continue concentrating on his things.

Two weeks before Christmas, Jami’s twin brother Leevi came to visit. They weren’t identical, Leevi was taller than Jami, around Joni’s height, he wore glasses and his hair was blond, but there were similarities as well, the shape of their faces and noses, even their eyes so it was easy to recognize that they were brothers. Jami joked that it was Leevi’s fault that he was so short, that the twin had stolen all the crucial nutrition while they were in their mother’s womb. Leevi seemed like an okay guy, he didn’t have any problems with Ivo and even came to the conclusion that of all the guys he had seen with his brother, Ivo was a major improvement, especially after the married middle-aged man that their parents did not know of. Leevi swore that he would put in a good word for him with their parents. Jami’s mother was already on the verge of giving up when she understood that their son had no intentions of visiting them, let alone joining their traditional family Christmas if his boyfriend was not accepted. Leevi’s visit seemed to cheer Jami up slightly, at least he gave up on the rather obsessive cleaning which had started to annoy the three other men.

Of course, there was still the issue with Chris, the small threat that the man would still someday return in one way or another didn’t disappear, it couldn’t, not completely, while Chris still existed and they had to accept that and continue regardless. Adam, however, would continue to provide them with news on Chris’ condition, and before Christmas Joni got a new update on that matter.


Adam had arrived to spend Christmas in Finland with his wife, who had traveled earlier up north with their baby and one of their friends. Adam had decided to go visit Chris on the same trip, it was Christmas after all and he wanted to see how he was coping. He still kept his hopes up, praying in his mind that he would meet the friend he had thought he knew and not the violent monster that he had briefly turned into.

There were other inmates and their loved ones in the visiting room and Adam sat down to wait as they brought Chris there. His friend had lost some weight, that was obvious, the bruises were healed mostly but there remained a small scar on top of his broken nose. Chris, however, seemed calm and even smiled at the sight of him.

Adam took the receiver and waited for Chris to do the same.

”Merry Christmas,” he greeted and Chris grinned and nodded.

”Is it?” He asked and then chuckled. ”Nah, just kidding, merry Christmas, I’m glad to see you.”

”How have you been feeling? You’ve lost weight?”

”Ah yes, the doctors advised me to hold back from training because of my ribs, but it looks like I can start it up again after Christmas, if I remember to take it easy, they said…” Chris shrugged. ”So how are you man, how’s the baby? It was a boy wasn’t it?” He asked and Adam smiled. It was the first time Chris had asked anything about the child.

”Yes, he’s growing up fast, he’s already 5 months old.” Adam explained studying his friend who nodded and smiled.

”Going up north?” Chris asked.

”Yeah, Suvi is already there with Aaron,” Adam answered and Chris was quiet for a moment.

”Big family Christmas again?” He asked then, looking into Adam’s eyes, tapping his fingers against the table. Adam sensed that his friend wanted to ask if Joni would be there, the smile on his face faltered, but he tried to keep it up.

”Nah, just Suvi’s folks, siblings and their grandparents.”

”Oh I see…” Chris frowned. ”Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it, since we were there together?” He chuckled but it had no real joy behind it. He sighed, shifting his gaze to the table and then to Adam.

”It does,” Adam admitted sadly. ”I brought you a present, I think they’ll give it to you later.”

”It wouldn’t happen to be a file inside a cake?” Chris again tried to joke and then he grinned. ”Sorry I didn’t have time to buy you anything,” he winked. ”When I get out, I’ll get something for your kid, it would be nice to see what he looks like.”

Adam felt uncomfortable, he knew that Suvi wouldn’t ever want Chris near their child, she wouldn’t welcome Chris back in their lives. ”I’ll send you his picture, if you like?” Adam offered.

”I would, thanks.”

”How are the other inmates? Has there been any trouble lately?”

”They’re okay, I’ve been left alone mostly but… I made a new friend actually.” Chris grinned.

”Oh… a good friend?” Adam asked carefully.

”We have things in common,” Chris winked. ”Two gay men, sharing a mutual interest, yes we get along real well, we understand each other.”

”I see…” Adam cleared his throat. ”Well, you seem to be doing better, that’s great to see.”

”Yes, I’ve also taken part in some counseling. So don’t you worry my friend, I’ll get back on my feet just fine.” Again Chris grinned and Adam smiled hesitantly.

”Was Joni happy about getting the pictures back?” Chris couldn’t help but ask then.

”What do you think?” Adam asked in return and frowned.

”So yeah… Well, I hope… That he is fine and all that… I know you’re going to call him so tell him merry Christmas from me and to his folks as well… ” Chris took a pause and grinned again. ”Oh what the hell, tell his new boyfriend Merry Christmas as well, I’m in a good mood after all,” he winked. ”Time for forgiving and loving and all that, right?”

”Right…” Adam again felt weird, with Chris it was impossible to tell if he was sincere or not.

”I can change, you know… trust me. I need to change, once I get out I won’t plan to return to a place like this. Ever.” Chris stated, with a serious expression.

”I know you can change if you truly want to,” Adam nodded looking in his eyes in a searching way which made the other smile.

”I want to,” Chris assured. ”I hope you’ll keep in touch, you could write me letters and I’m going to hold you to that promise of your kid’s picture.”

”Sure, I’ll write and I’ll send you Aaron’s picture.” Adam promised. ”You take care of yourself now, time will fly by sooner than you know.”

”I know, I’m counting on it.” Chris smiled. ”You take care as well and enjoy your Christmas!”

When Adam left, he felt slightly better. Chris wanted to change and he had seemed a lot different than before, so perhaps it was possible. When Chris would eventually get out, Adam wanted to try and help his friend to get back into normal life, to make sure that he could.

Later, Adam did indeed call Joni. He told him about the meeting, saying that Chris had seemed calm and even sensible. He hesitantly told him that he had gotten the impression that Chris had met someone in jail, a friend, possibly a lover and that Chris had also wished him well and merry Christmas. Chris wanted to change and Adam said he believed that his friend was honest.

Joni, on the other hand, was beginning to tire about the news of his ex. He didn’t know how he felt about the innuendo that Chris had met a new lover. He wanted Chris to move on, if it meant that it was with someone he had met in jail, then good for them both, as long as he would never have to deal with Chris again. He couldn’t change the past, he couldn’t make it disappear, but he couldn’t keep worrying about it either, end of story.

Joni decided not to mention Chris’s possible boyfriend to Misha either, knowing that the blond would instantly start to analyze the subject, probably making the assumption that Chris was lying, that it was just another plot. They didn’t need this stuff anymore and Joni had other intentions for their Christmas than wondering about his ex.


By Christmas everything had settled. Jami was on speaking terms with his parents, but not enough to spend Christmas with them, since Ivo wasn’t invited. Ivo on the other hand still irritated Misha at times but that was nothing new. Joni still lost his temper occasionally and behaved like a brat in Misha’s mind, but it wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t have expected. They had lived together for three weeks and only once had Joni wanted to sleep in Dima’s bedroom because of a silly argument that made Joni insist that Misha didn’t understand anything. Other than that, they were hardly able to keep their hands off each other and pretty soon it was actually Jami who suffered from it the most, Ivo also snored at times and Misha got the barber earplugs as an early Christmas present.

Misha’s nightmares also stopped, or at least they weren’t quite as frequent or hopeless, once he had even been able to kick Chris’ ass in the dream and woke up feeling quite smug about it, of course realizing that it was only a dream but still, it was some kind of victory as far as nightmares were concerned.

They had heard that Chris’ appeal hadn’t gone through, his sentence and his compensation claims remained the same; at least there was some justice in that.

Christmas ended up being more enjoyable than it had been in years. Joni was happy to be with his family and happy how well Misha seemed to fit into it. Children knew people best, Joni thought as he watched Misha interacting with them, his siblings had never really connected with Chris, of course there had been the language issue, but Chris had never even really bothered to try. Now the twins were all over Misha, they were fascinated by his height and strength and Misha didn’t mind answering their sometimes silly questions. At Christmas, Misha even connected with Sini, who had been somewhat intimidated by the tall Russian before. Now, when the blond agreed to carry her around piggy-back, while she played the princess on a horse, it was instant love.

They stayed the night since it was Joni’s parents’ wish and Asko perhaps needed to see that Joni wasn’t running away with Misha forever. When they lay in bed together, side by side that night, fingers idly playing with the others’, Joni smiled at the blond.

”Can we celebrate New Year’s Eve just with each other?” He asked with a whisper. Ivo’s friend was throwing a party to which they too were invited and they had thought about going without having settled anything yet.

”Sure, if you like,” Misha answered and smiled back at him, studying him in the darkness.

”There’s something that I want to give you but I’d rather give it when we’re completely alone.” Joni explained.

”Oh?” Misha made a small sound. He suddenly had ideas and hopes of what that could be, but he didn’t want to seem too eager in case he was wrong. ”What is it? Or is it a surprise?” He finally asked out of curiosity and Joni was silent at first before leaning closer to kiss him.

”I think you know…” The brunet whispered. ”I just… for me to be able to relax, I need to know that there’s no risk of someone suddenly bursting in the room and…”

”Ah…” Misha got the hint. ”Yeah… Ivo can have that… timing issue…” Misha replied, suddenly slightly out of breath. Though they had a lock on their door, Ivo, being the idiot that he sometimes was (Misha thought), could come knocking on it with the worst timing, asking if they wanted to come downstairs to play poker with them or something similar. That thought put aside, Misha now remembered their first time quite vividly and started feeling quite hot. A week, now all he had to do was wait a week, he could do it, but it would feel like a long week knowing what was waiting for him at the end of it. ”Yes… alone together… Sounds far better than a party by Ivo’s crazy friends, I can’t wait…” Misha murmured, kissing Joni again.

”I can’t either…” Joni whispered back and moaned into the kiss that followed.


The weather outside was rather depressing, you could hardly believe that it was December the 31st when you looked out of the window; there wasn’t a hint of snow anywhere, instead there was a gray sky and light rain. Neither of them felt any jealousy while Ivo and Jami got ready that evening to leave for the party.

”You sure you don’t want to join us?” Ivo asked while putting on his shoes.

”Oh yes, very sure,” Misha assured.

”Okay, so see you guys next year,” Ivo winked and laughed at his own lame comment.

”Yeah, have fun!”

”We will and you too!” And they were off.

”Finally,” Misha grinned, walking over to the couch where Joni was seated. He sat down next to him kissing the brunet. ”Want me to bring you a glass of wine?”

”Sure.” Joni nodded and stole another kiss before allowing his boyfriend to get up.

There was a loud bang, followed by several more and the dim room was momentarily lit by flashing blue and green lights. It was only a little past six but people already were firing rockets, most likely families with small kids, and teenagers who had been firing them a day or two earlier as well, it wasn’t allowed but every year the same thing happened. Joni looked out of the window, leaning against the pillows, he felt comfortable and warm. Hearing Misha’s approaching steps, he looked up and smiled at the blond who carried two wine glasses. The blond settled the glasses down momentarily to put on some music then he was by his side again. Misha smiled, handing the other glass to him. ”Cheers,” he said and Joni grinned when bringing their glasses together.

”To a better year,” Joni said.

”To a better year,” Misha repeated and took a sip watching the brunet whose legs rested on his lap.

”What did you do last New Year’s?” Joni asked, sipping from his glass.

”Ivo had his usual party here,” Misha shrugged thinking back to how much had changed over the course of one year. He wrapped his arm around Joni’s shoulders looking at him without wanting to ask what he had done because it probably involved Chris and they didn’t need to dwell on those memories any longer. ”I think I prefer this…” He whispered and Joni smiled at him.

Joni took another sip before setting both of their glasses on the table and rose to sit on the blond’s lap. ”I prefer this as well…” He whispered, bringing his hand to Misha’s cheek and the blond placed his palm on Joni’s. Misha brought the smaller hand on his lips, kissing the warm skin gently while keeping eye contact.

”I think I’m ready… I want you, I want to feel you inside me.” Joni whispered.

Those words… Joni had no idea how hot they made Misha feel. Sure, everything else they had done so far had felt amazing as well, but he couldn’t deny that the desire to have Joni that way was strong. Misha’s lips parted and Joni placed his index finger to shush him.

”And don’t ask if I’m sure, because I am… Very sure.”

Misha grinned. ”No, I was only going to ask if we should move upstairs?” At this Joni chuckled.

”Oh… Yes…” He nodded. ”Let’s.” They shared another kiss, a hungrier one this time and Joni couldn’t help but to moan when Misha stood up, scooping him up in his arms. The brunet snickered when Misha began to carry him towards the chairs. ”You really like to carry me, huh?”

”Would you have preferred to walk?” Misha asked in a lustful voice, already taking the first steps up.

”No…” Joni denied. ”It’s kinda hot like this…” He whispered, holding onto the blond, leaning closer to kiss his neck. Misha groaned, he was already half hard, just by the promise of something he had desired for so many months.

When upstairs, Misha gently laid Joni on their bed. ”Strip for me…” Joni asked, sitting up on his knees over the bed and looking at him with those dark eyes of his, and Misha couldn’t help but to smirk. Not saying a word, he began to slowly open up the buttons of his shirt, all the while keeping eye contact. He tossed the shirt carelessly away. His hands slowly went to his belt which opened with a click. Joni felt himself shivering with anticipation, he licked his lips and removed both of his own shirts quickly so as not to miss the show. Misha grinned, the belt was open, and slowly the first button opened and then the zipper. The bulge was obvious by now and Joni moved closer to the edge of the bed.

Misha approached, his pants still open but he left it at that for now. Gentle, now was the time to be gentle, to make love rather than fuck. He leaned closer to kiss those soft full lips, his hand caressing the dark hair as he slowly lay down trapping Joni beneath him. His hand caressed the brunet’s crotch, pleased to find him hard. Misha grinned, another kiss on those lips, chest, stomach, his tongue stopped to play with the silver jewel that pierced Joni’s cute belly button. His hands worked to open the brunet’s jeans before carefully taking them off, followed by each sock. There he was; all naked and revealed, exposed to his lustful eyes that admired every detail. Joni smiled up at him, his cheeks flushed on an otherwise pale face, dark hair on a white pillow, long thick eyelashes framing those soft chocolate eyes, his lips dark red after intense kisses. Misha tilted his head while his hand ran gently along Joni’s beautiful upper body, a thought came to his head and he couldn’t shake it off unless he said it out loud. ”You remind me of Snow white right now…Well, a male version, obviously.” He whispered huskily which made Joni snicker.

”You’re certainly not one of the seven dwarfs…” He had time to whisper before Misha kissed him.

”No… I can be your prince though…” Misha grinned.

”That’s so cheesy…”

”Yeah… I know…” Another kiss, before Misha parted from those sweet lips to undress himself down to his boxers and get the lube.

When he returned next to Joni, opening the tube that contained the lube, he saw the brown eyes looking at him insecurely. Misha leaned closer again to kiss him.

”Are you nervous?” He asked with sympathy.

”A little, but I want to do this.” Joni replied with a smile. Misha smiled back at him, laying down on his side and pulling Joni on his side as well, so that they were facing each other.

”Nothing to fear, I would never hurt you…” Misha smeared his hand with the lube before he brought it down on Joni’s cock, wanting to pay attention to his organ first. Sure enough, Joni moaned and closed his eyes. Misha felt his cock throbbing in the tight squeeze of his boxers and as if reading his mind, the brunet’s hands gently freed him from their squeeze. Their eyes met, both glazed with pleasure as they continued to caress each other with their hands.

Finally Misha moved his hand behind Joni, gently massaging with the lube between his cheeks, teasing the tiny opening with his finger, which made the brunet’s hand still, uttering a small gasp with his eyes closed. Misha kept observing Joni’s face and when there was no sign of refusal from him, he slowly proceeded moving his finger inside. Joni’s eyes were half open now and his hands drawn close to his face. ”Okay?” Misha made sure and there was a small nod which made him continue preparing him, his finger moving in and out in the tight channel before joining a second finger in with the other. He twisted his fingers aiming for that specific spot inside Joni’s body and when he found it he was rewarded with a pleasurable moan from the younger man’s lips. Misha grinned, he felt hot all over, his cock twitched with anticipation, wanting to take part in the action already, but it would have to wait a moment longer.

Joni licked his lips, Misha kept teasing him and it felt so incredibly good, he had almost forgotten how good it could feel. He twisted and moaned on the bed, opened his eyes half way gazing at the blond with unmistakable pleasure in his eyes, three fingers were moving inside him twisting and stretching, preparing him and he was surprised by the lack of pain. ”I want you, Misha…” Those words practically made Misha melt, he leaned towards the brown-eyed man, kissing him with wild passion while his fingers slowly moved out of him.

The blond moved his hand onto Joni’s knee, gently pushing his legs further apart so that he could comfortably settle in between them. Breathing hard, Misha lubed his own organ before guiding his dick towards the entrance. He looked into Joni’s eyes, butterfly kisses on the soft lips, he teased the opening with his cock, holding the eye contact and then slowly he started to penetrate. Joni gasped, there was a small whimper and his eyes squeezed shut. Misha gently kissed his temple and forehead in an apologizing gesture for causing Joni this inevitable pain, sometimes he wished that he wasn’t quite as big as he was down there. Joni’s eyes slowly opened, he panted slightly, their eyes locked. Misha stopped when almost fully inside, the hotness and tightness around his erection felt maddening. Their lips caressed each other softly.

”You okay?” Misha asked, reaching for Joni’s hand and bringing it next to his face as their fingers locked together.

”Yes…” Joni whispered and even managed a small smile. ”I’m okay now…” He added and encouraged Misha to start moving. The brunet’s legs were wrapped around him, Misha made the first tentative thrusts forward and back, gasping at the sensation, it felt better than he remembered. Another kiss, slow, they were so close, wrapped around each other, smooth, slow movements. This was different from their other times, much more gentle and slow, without any rush, just being together, as one, relishing the feeling related to it.

And the pain faded, gasps turned to moans, the joy of being able to do this and not feel fear. Joni felt so warm, he felt Misha moving inside him, strong yet patient. The smaller man smiled into another kiss that they shared, the strong hand of his lover found its way between their bodies to stroke him. He didn’t want this pleasure to end, he wanted to be with Misha forever. As the pleasure increased and thinking got fuzzy, the movements took a faster pace.

Misha groaned, it felt so bloody amazing and he was convinced that it could never feel this good with anyone else. Joni’s moans of pleasure were music to his ears and grew louder when nearing his climax. The brunet cried out, his muscles clenching around the thick organ inside him as his own shot out his seed staining both of their stomachs and Misha’s hand. He licked his lips and smiled dazedly. For a moment the blond’s movements stilled, his hand moved on Joni’s shoulder holding on to it as he was able to continue thrusting into him harder, releasing a loud cry of pleasure when he came.

The sweaty blond collapsed on top of him trying to catch his breath and when he felt a little more coherent he brought his face up and with a lazy smile he kissed Joni’s lips. ”I think I’ll suffocate you if I stay here…” He whispered with a grin before ever so slowly starting to pull out of him. He laid back down on his back, pulling Joni close to him and the brunet laid his head on his chest, relaxing. ”Amazing,” Misha whispered and kissed the dark hair. ”You’re amazing.”

”You’re pretty amazing as well,” the brunet grinned, glancing up at him. He could feel Misha’s seed beginning to drip from his empty hole down on his thighs and surely on the sheets. ”We should shower and… I think… change the bed sheets.” He grinned slightly. Misha’s hand moved down to caress his back.

”Oh, you think?” The blond grinned and slowly sat up, the grin turned wider as he stood up and quickly snatched Joni in his arms. The brunet laughed, but instantly relaxed.

”You do have a kink with carrying me,” Joni stated as they walked towards the bathroom.

”Maybe, do you mind?”

”No, I have the kink to enjoy you carrying me.” They shared another small kiss.

Later that night, as the clock neared twelve, they went outside to watch the fireworks. ”It really is like shooting your money up into the sky…” Misha commented looking up at the flashing, green, blue, gold and orange lights, whizzes and loud bangs all around them and Joni snickered at his comment. ”I’m just glad it’s not my money.” He grinned looking down at the snickering brunet who shivered slightly from the cold. ”You should have worn a hat…” The blond frowned.

”And mess up my hair? -Never!” Joni joked, grinning at him, but it was slightly ineffective with his lips shivering.

”Oh, and for God’s sake, where are your gloves?” Misha noticed when Joni tried to warm his hands by breathing into them. There was almost an innocent smile on Joni’s face.

”I couldn’t find them…” He whispered.

”All those clothes … and you misplace the most important things in winter…” Misha sighed. ”Alright, hold on, I’ll go get you something…”

”There isn’t even any snow!” Joni called after his boyfriend who retreated inside.

”But it is cold!” Misha called from the door. Joni smiled to himself looking up at the sky at the beautiful flashing lights. He had a feeling that the next year was going to be a lot better. Misha returned, placing a hat on his head and then taking his hands to put the gloves on him like dressing a small child. ”Now you’re properly dressed.” The blond said and then opened a bottle of sparkling wine, pouring it into two glasses. He gave one of them to Joni and lowered the bottle on the ground. Misha’s arm wrapped around Joni’s shoulders.

”Cold night, cold drink but warm embrace.” Joni grinned and their eyes met, Misha smiled warmly and kissed Joni’s forehead. The banging around them got louder, Misha glanced at his watch and toasted his glass with Joni’s.

”Happy New Year, brat!” he grinned and Joni looked up at him quickly trying to think of something to retort back to him.

”Happy New Year, Vodka!” He knew how the old nickname annoyed Misha, but this time he didn’t seem to mind. Instead Misha drank to that and then leaned closer to kiss him.

”It will be a better year ahead Joni, I promise,” the blond whispered and Joni smiled softly at him.

”I know it will be.”

”And I have to take you to Russia,” Misha said, then sighing as he looked up at the sky. ”If you dare to go?”

”Russia!” Joni grinned. ”Why wouldn’t I dare?”

”My grandmother wants to meet you.” Misha answered and brought his gaze back to him, Joni looked surprised.

”Why?” He couldn’t help but to ask and Misha smiled.

”Because she heard rumors, she wrote to me and I replied and then she called me on Thursday, she wants to meet my boyfriend.”

Joni blinked for a while and then swallowed. ”She won’t just start beating me with a stick or something?” It made Misha laugh. ”I mean… if she is a strong and angry Russian woman… and old women, you can’t really even defend yourself against them, no matter how strong they are.”

”She won’t harm you, she seemed surprisingly okay with it, I thought I could never tell her. That’s why I didn’t tell you before now, it took me a few days to take in this news. Now Ivo isn’t sure if he should also tell her about Jami or if it would just freak her out too much that we both lean that way. Anyway, she wants to see you, she’s curious, that’s what she said.”

”Oh…” Joni nodded.

”So, how about it?”

”Sure…” Joni said and looked up at him, with a hesitant smile. ”It might be fun? I’ve never been to Russia before.”

”Don’t worry. I will protect you,” Misha grinned.

”Okay, deal.”Joni smiled and reached up to kiss the blond. ”Let’s go back to bed now?” He suggested with a whisper and Misha grinned.

”Yes, let’s…” He agreed. For that night even Misha was able to forget Chris’s existence in the world, the future looked better now, he had his brat by his side and he wanted to keep it that way.

It was funny how time changed things, what unexpected turns life took. When Joni laid in bed next to Misha that night, watching the blond sleep, he couldn’t help thinking how lucky he was in the end to have found love like this. His hand touched his lover’s face gently and with affection.

He thought about the past and Chris and as painful as many of the memories were, as dark as the road had been, perhaps it had been the only path to get where he was now? What had happened had changed him, it had forced him to grow up fast and leave some of his vanity behind. It had been a hard lesson to learn and of course he wished that he could have learned it all in a gentler way, without Chris, but it was what it was. It was time to change, no more playing around those foolish games of his teenage years, games that only led to trouble. And perhaps in time the past could release its hold on him, perhaps, until then there would always remain hope. In the loving arms of Misha, however, Joni felt like nothing outside could harm him and if he could, he would remain Misha’s forever.

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