44.Foolish Games

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            Chapter 44

Joni left the place in a hurry, his feet carried him to his car and he hardly even registered the process of starting the car and driving. It had been a mistake to see Chris, bad mistake and now… Was he never going to get rid of his ex? How could it turn so bad? What could he do? Tears were clouding his vision, he wasn’t even sure where he was going, he needed… Needed to get away, find a way that would make it all go away. How?

He drove to a crossroad, too upset to really pay attention, to think clearly. A car honked,  a sound of tires screeching against the asphalt, Joni saw the car coming straight towards him and for a moment he felt almost paralyzed. His body however acted by instinct, hands moving the steering wheel and it all happened fast, there was a pump on the passenger side and Joni hit his shoulder and side against the door. And then it was quiet, the engine was turned off and for a moment Joni sat still, clutching the steering wheel tightly while still trying to progress what had happened. There was a knock on his window; Joni looked up at the middle aged man who looked seriously pissed. He himself was trembling all over, from the shock he felt over seeing Chris and now from the shock of having been involved in a car accident. Slowly he reached to open his seatbelt, before pulling the window down.

“You stupid kid! You should fucking watch where you are going!” The man screamed at him. “You’re lucky that we’re both alive, you do realize that?!” Joni’s legs felt weak, he wasn’t sure if he could stand and he felt as tears were rolling down on his cheeks, he couldn’t stop them. Other drivers that drove by the scene stared at them and he wanted nothing more than to disappear. “Are you even listening to me boy!? Are we going to call the cops here or will you come out to settle this mess?” The man carried on and opened the car door for him.

Joni looked up at the man; he was around 50 or 60, grayish hair and glasses, fit for his age. The angry expression over the man’s features turned suddenly into worry. “Hey, are you okay kid? Are you hurt? Should we call an ambulance?”  He asked now with much more softer tone.

“N-no, I’m fine…” Joni managed to say, even his voice was shaky. “I’m sorry… I…I’m really sorry…”

“Hey, could be worse. You sure you feel alright? Can you stand?”

“I think so,” Joni nodded and slowly got out of the car to see the damage. The man was still eyeing him worriedly which felt strange since just a moment ago he was screaming his head off. There was damage on the rear passenger side of his car, it could have been a close call, if the other driver hadn’t managed to turn, if he himself hadn’t had time to react in anyway the hit would have been straight on his side and then it could have easily been another hospital trip. Joni then looked at the other car and the damage on its hood, at least they could both still drive their cars but both vehicles would need cosmetic repair. “I’ll pay for this, of course.” Joni nodded, his voice was still hoarse but at least he managed some logic form of thinking.

The other man nodded and Joni went to get paper and pen from his car. “Just send me the bill, okay? I’m really sorry…” He wrote down his information and the other man did the same. Luckily the man didn’t give him harder time, after making sure he felt okay and wishing him a safe drive back he left and Joni returned to his own car feeling miserable.

His dad would be sure to let him hear it. Brand new car and he had managed to wreck it already.

The rest of the drive home felt like pure torture, he drove slowly, still shaky and unsure if he ever wanted to drive again after this. It was small relief to make it home and park the car to the driveway, but the relief soon washed away as he walked towards the door. He felt like a little kid, ashamed, guilty and miserable. He was sure his dad would yell at him and didn’t know if he could take it now in the mental state he was in. He did his best to push away the memory of meeting Chris from his consciousness, but it seemed impossible to do so.

It was 2pm and no one else was home yet. Joni slowly walked up to his room, sat in front of his desk and stared numbly at the computer screen. Sun was shining outside and he felt lost, exhausted and upset. He didn’t know where to go from here.


It was 3pm when Joni’s boyfriend called Asko at work. Misha was worried having not reached Joni all day, said his phone was again switched off and when he had visited the house earlier at noon, no one answered the door and Joni’s car was missing from the driveway. With the situation being what it was of course they worried when they didn’t know of Joni’s whereabouts. It had been difficult couple of days; Joni’s moods had switched back and forth from hopeful cheerfulness to depressed and drawn back. That morning Joni had hardly eaten anything; his mood clearly affected how well he ate and though there were good days there were still too many not-so-good ones so that the boy’s weight was still too low.

Asko promised to call Misha later when he would reach Joni or if in the worst case scenario he would not find him. He left work earlier, called his wife who was visiting her parents with the other children and asked if she had heard anything from Joni or his plans for that day; unfortunately she hadn’t.

When Asko drove closer to the house and saw Joni’s car from the distance, he sighed with relief. But when he had parked his own car and took a closer look of the Toyota, noticing the wreck on the rear side, his worry grew. Asko hurried inside.

“Joni?!” He called, getting no answer, but since he saw Joni’s shoes and jacket, he had to be home. “Joni!” He called again climbing the stairs and going towards his firstborn’s room.

Joni was sitting in front of his desk with his laptop open in front of him, yet he didn’t seem to react in anyway when Asko entered the room. “Joni?” The father called with softer yet worried tone. “Are you okay?”


“I saw the car, what happened?” His son still wasn’t looking at him, but at the mention of the car Asko could see him tensing slightly and lowering his head.

“I’m sorry… I’ll pay for it…”  Joni muttered towards the screen. Asko was quiet for a moment before slowly walking closer.

“Your insurance should cover it.” Asko sighed. ”But what happened to it? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine!” Joni suddenly snapped and got up walking little farther away from him and wrapping his arms around his chest. “It was an accident… I’m sorry… Please don’t yell at me…”

Asko frowned. “I wasn’t yelling, I’m not…. I just want to know if you’re alright.” Joni walked in front of his bookshelf and started randomly move objects on it, avoiding his gaze.

“I’m fine, the other guy is too… It was my fault…”

“You have to be careful, I was worried, Misha as well, your cell phone has been switched of all day, no one can reach you and… Where were you today? How did the accident happen?”

“It’s my business where I was! I am a grown up and I don’t need to explain every move I make! It’s my fucking life and I’m sorry about the fucking car! Just please stop yelling at me!” Joni again moved past him towards the bed, avoiding any eye contact, shoulders tense, visibly upset.

“Joni, I am not yelling,” Asko breathed confused of Joni’s odd behavior. “Of course you are grown up, but you have to realize that we’re worried in this situation, we are worried about your safety and we like to be able to reach you. And it seems to me the worry is justified judging by the state of that car.” He tried to keep his voice as calm as possible though inside he felt everything else but calm. Joni didn’t answer, didn’t even look at him. “Joni for god’s sake, tell me what happened today?” The father pressed on with frustration clear in his voice. Joni shook his head, hugging himself, facing the wall. “You could have really hurt yourself today, I don’t care about the car but I care about you and right now I’m really worried! You realize you could have been seriously hurt? I can replace the car but I can’t replace you and I can’t help you unless you talk to me!” This time Asko did raise his voice, he just wanted some reaction from his son, better than what he was getting.

Joni felt his head starting to ache, he felt so utterly weak, helpless and lost, chased into a corner and he didn’t know how to get out. “What’s the point? He will come and finish me off anyway…” Joni breathed out and felt as the tears that had been burning in his eyes started to roll down on his cheeks.

“What?” Asko frowned and Joni suddenly gasped for breath, lowering his hand over his stomach.

“It’s so stuffy in here, I can’t breath…” Joni walked towards the window little clumsily and tried to open it. He cried in frustration when it didn’t seem to open and his breathing suddenly turned more and more labored. Asko hurried to his side and opened the window for him, before helping his son to sit over the bed. Joni was still gasping for air, cold sweat broke on his forehead and he was shivering violently all over. “Can’t breathe… dad… “Joni stood up, staggering on his feet and gasping for air. “Dad help me… I can’t breath!” Asko started to panic; he didn’t know what was wrong with Joni or how to help him. Quickly he called the emergency number, while trying to get Joni to sit and calm down.

For a moment Joni was sure that he was dying, he felt nauseous, dizzy and surreal. He couldn’t breathe and his chest hurt his toes and fingertips tingled oddly. He heard his father’s voice, heard his concern but didn’t really register what he was saying. He felt terrified, he didn’t understand what was wrong, what was happening to him and why.

In the end an ambulance was sent over after Asko’s worried call. It took them les than ten minutes to arrive and by that time Joni’s symptoms had calmed down somewhat, but he was still shaky and described feeling unwell. The paramedics checked his blood pressure and heart rate in the ambulance and also the fresh bruise on his shoulder and side caused by the car crash, but found nothing broken. Joni felt somewhat embarrassed causing such a scene and worried about the attention that the arrival of the ambulance would bring, how all the curious neighbors would now gossip over what had happened. Another drama in the gay model’s house: the headlines would say, or something equally stupid.

He described his seizure to the paramedics who came to the conclusion that he had suffered a panic attack caused by all the stress and worry that he was under. They recommended visiting a doctor if the symptoms returned and resting for the rest of the day and possibly taking some mild pain killers because of the bruise.

Asko called Katja while the paramedics were still checking on Joni’s condition and told her about the situation. They both agreed that it was best if Katja would stay at her parents with the children for the night so that Joni could rest properly. After the ambulance had left Asko took Joni back to his own room to rest.

“How are you feeling now?” The father asked observing his son with concern. Joni who lied over his bed on his side glanced up at him.

“Exhausted…” He replied quietly and Asko pulled a chair close to the bed. “I thought I was either dying or losing my mind…” Joni added and turned over on his back with a heavy sigh. “Perhaps I am… “

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Asko said. “Have you eaten anything today?” He asked then and his son was quiet for a moment before shaking his head.

“Dad… I think I need help… “ Joni whispered finally without looking at him. The panic attack had scared him, he worried that the attacks would repeat and he felt so… helpless and exhausted to fight. “I saw Chris today…” He decided to add and started to tremble slightly. He had planned on keeping it as a secret but he knew now that couldn’t fight with it alone.

“What?” Asko frowned and pulled the chair slightly closer. Joni brought his hands to cover his eyes, trying to hide the tears.

“I don’t know what to do dad… I need help… He’ll never let me be, I want it over… He won’t let me go… He’ll come back…” Joni trembled more heavily and let out a broken sob, trying to turn his back on him, embarrassed that he felt like such a mental wreck. Asko stood up and sat on the edge of the bed, touching Joni’s shoulder gently.

“Hey, I’m here, it’s okay… It’s okay Joni… Come on… I’m glad you told me, you’re not alone on this, tell me what he said?”

Joni sat up slowly, brought his knees up, still trying to cover his face, get rid of the tears, hating how weak he felt.  “He wants us to move to Canada…He wants me to drop the charges… He thinks it’s not over; he won’t let me go… If I don’t agree, he’ll sell the pictures later… They can’t be sure to get the copies from him and he will never give them…”Joni’s voice trembled and he finally broke down, unable to stop crying. “He’ll ruin my life dad, I can’t… Why is this happening to me?”

Asko pulled Joni into a hug and though at first the return was reluctant, his son finally gave in and accepted the hold allowing himself to cry against him. “We will sort this out, okay Joni? Thank god you told me, it will be alright.”

“I’m such a wreck… I’m sorry dad…” Joni muttered feeling embarrassed of his break down. Surely this wasn’t how a grown man should act, he was being pathetic. He let go of his father, looking down and wiping his face, though part of him still would have wanted to remain in his fathers reassuring hold; there was something comforting in the thought of reverting into the role of a child whose parent would solve the trouble for him. Yet, the though, as soon as it had entered his mind, embarrassed him greatly. He was an adult! He should take care of things himself!

“Hey it’s okay, nothing to say you’re sorry about. I’m relieved that you told me,” Asko said rubbing Joni’s shoulder.

“I must seem so pathetic and childish, crying like this…” Joni tried to joke, chuckling weakly while continuously wiping his eyes.

“You’re not pathetic or childish,” Asko replied smiling softly at him. “It’s no weakness to express the need for help, I’m proud that you did, sometimes that takes more courage. Nor is it a weakness to need ones parent. You are my child, you’ll always be my child and like most parents it makes me feel better to know that my child still relies on me, that I can still be useful to him.” Carefully the father pulled his son for another hug. “You’re not alone, okay?” Joni sighed and rested his head on his father’s shoulder, while Asko gently rubbed his arm. “And I won’t let that man harm you again, we’ll think of something and just remember that what ever happens; you are my son and I love you. Nothing can ever be so bad that you couldn’t tell me, okay?”

“Okay…” Joni whispered, feeling like a small weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

“And I think it’s a good idea to talk to someone professional, we could look up someone good together, what do you think?” Asko suggested carefully hoping that Joni wouldn’t throw a fit because of it.

Joni pulled away from the hold, again wiping his eyes as he thought about it quietly. “You mean a shrink?” He asked then.

“I mean a therapist,” Asko replied calmly. “This has been such a stressful experience for you and what happened today… Well, I think a therapist could help you better than any of us can, it might be easier for you to talk someone outsider about everything, someone outsider with a proper education and knowledge.”

Again Joni was quiet for some time, contemplating. He didn’t want to suffer another panic attack, he didn’t want to feel so scared and lost and he was running out of tools to help himself. He just wanted his former self back. His feelings about the subject felt conflicting; on the other hand he worried that he was going to be considered crazy for needing a therapist and on the other he felt like it would be wise to get help to feel more normal again. “Okay…” He finally whispered. “I suppose I can try it… just don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“I won’t tell, of course not,” Asko promised and smiled feeling relieved that Joni agreed. “Alright, I’ll get you something to eat and I think in the meanwhile you should call Misha, he was quite worried for you…” The father stood up and Joni glanced up at him.

“Would you mind if I’ll ask Misha to come here?”

“Of course not and he can stay for the night if you want to ask him, whatever makes you feel better.” Asko smiled.

“Thanks dad.”

“No problem.”

Only after Asko close the door behind him he allowed the feelings of deep upset and anger get to him: How dared that asshole do this to his son? How dared he threaten him like this after everything? Chris had pushed it too far and Asko was determined not to let him get away for it. Chris would not destroy his son’s life: period. What he would do about it? He wasn’t sure, but he would think of something.


Misha arrived half an hour later from Joni’s call, relieved to hear from him after his imagination had made up all sorts possibilities of what could have happened to him. Joni hadn’t really told where he had been, just asked him over and said he would like if he could spend the night, promising to explain everything later.

Asko opened the door for him and welcomed him in. “How is he?” Misha inquired while taking his shoes off.

“Tired,” Asko sighed. “He’s resting in his room.”

“I saw the car, what on earth happened?” Misha asked worriedly and undressed his jacket, placing it carefully on the hanger.

“Joni went to see Chris today and he had an accident while driving home. No worries though, physically he’s fine, just a small bruise, but…”

“He saw Chris? Why on earth?” Misha interrupted, getting quite upset at the thought. Joni shouldn’t go anywhere near that asshole.

“Well, you know how Joni can be…” Asko shrugged. “I guess he thought he could handle this alone… Anyway, be careful when you talk to him, he’s quite upset and earlier he had a panic attack. I didn’t know what was wrong, he said he couldn’t breathe and it looked serious, so I called an ambulance here. Everything is fine now; Joni is just a bit shaken and exhausted. The important thing is that he told me about seeing Chris, apparently he’s still trying to blackmail Joni with the pictures, wants Joni to drop the charges and move back to Canada with him,” Asko spoke with hushed tone of voice. “Something has to be done to stop that man…”

Misha felt his anger grow, that son of a bitch deserved a good ass kicking and right then Misha wanted nothing more than to be the one to give it to him. “Something will be done,” he said then and nodded, though he had no clue of what they could do.

“We can talk about later, I think my son is expecting you already,” Asko said then and smiled a bit weakly.

“Later,” Misha agreed. “Thanks,” he muttered after before heading upstairs.

Joni was lying on his bed, there was half eaten sandwich on the table and class of coke which was also half full. “Hey,” Joni greeted and slowly sat up.

“Hey there, how are you feeling?” Misha asked closing the door after him and coming closer.

“Insanely tired,” Joni answered chuckling weakly. “I guess dad told you about the car thing?” He asked and Misha nodded, sitting on the bed beside him. “And the panic attack?” Joni guessed and again Misha nodded, reaching to hug him. The blond kissed Joni’s forehead and cheek softly.

“Thank god you’re in one piece,” he sighed. “You shouldn’t have gone to see Chris.”

“I know…” Joni whispered and pulled back. “I just thought…”

“That you could reason with him?” Misha raised his brow and smiled little sadly. “That man is beyond reason.”

“Yeah…” Joni nodded, lowering his chin over his knees, his fingers playing with his toes. “He might spread the pictures of me online… If he does then… I dunno… I really think I want to move and … perhaps change my name and identity along with nationality. I’m starting to lean towards becoming Australian: I could resign and dye my hair blond and start surfing or hunting crocodiles? What do you think?” Joni again tried to joke and even managed a slight grin. Misha chuckled quietly and ruffled Joni’s hair.

“What would your Australian name be?” He decided to go along with the joke.

“I dunno, something moronic like… Kangaroo Phil, I could live in a small village and be the local village idiot.”

Misha snorted smiling and rolled his eyes. “Well, listen Kangaroo Phil, I don’t think you have to go that far.” He said looking at Joni, who fell quiet and averted his gaze. “Don’t worry about the pictures.”

“How could I not worry?…” Joni muttered again looking at his toes. “I don’t want everyone to be able to see me like that… I can’t handle the thought, it makes me sick and… What about you? You said you wouldn’t date a porn star. Your friends and people you know would surely comment and… It’s such a mess…”

“Joni…” Misha sighed and reached to take his hand. “It’s difficult I know and no I wouldn’t be happy if the worst should happen concerning those pictures, but remember what I told you?” Joni was quiet and gave him an insecure look. Misha sighed. “You’re going to make me repeat it, huh?” The blond grinned slightly, wanting to cheer the other one up. “I love you and I’m not going to turn my back on you no matter what, we’ll get through this together I promise.” Misha brought Joni’s hand up to his lips and kissed his palm gently while looking into his eyes. “See; you’re making me act all cheesy and stuff, you’re the only one.” He saw Joni’s lips twisting slightly upwards and leaned forward to nuzzle against his cheek. “There’s the smile, I love that smile…”  Joni smiled more openly now, turned his face and kissed Misha’s lips.

“You would love me even if I have to see a shrink? Even if I would be tiny bit mad and have panic attacks?”

“Well, You’re always been tiny bit mad,” Misha teased grinning. “But yeah, even so, be as crazy as you like, see a shrink, it’s fashionable after all.” Joni sighed smiling, leaning his forehead against him.

“Thank you for being so wonderful, Misha… I’m sorry I’m being difficult so often… I do love you.”

“It will work out Joni, you just have to keep believing, okay? You know the saying; when it rains it pours, something like that, but… It will get better and just don’t go talking to that asshole again, keep no contact to him, promise?”

Joni nodded carefully. “I promise.”

“And now, as your… boyfriend,” Misha started and smiled, it still felt so new and oddly exciting to call Joni his boyfriend. “And your trainer… I am concerned.” He turned and took the plate where the half eaten sandwich was and then hold it in front of the brunet. “Why has this not have been eaten?” He asked and raised his brow.

“There were two and I ate the other one and see…” Joni pointed to the teeth marks. “I did start here, and then I felt full, so I stopped,” He explained, not really wanting to say that he had thought the cheese on the sandwich had tasted too creamy which meant insane calories which had made him stop. Also his dad had bought regular coke instead of diet coke, so… 

“You can’t be full from one sandwich,” Misha sighed. “I think you are cheating anyways with your food… Here I go trying my best to feed you and still…” He gently poked at Joni’s stomach. “You haven’t gained any weight, have you? And I won’t take you to the gym until I see you gain few kilograms.”

Joni frowned. “I am eating enough! And stop poking me!”

Misha suddenly got weird images that certainly weren’t appropriate in this situation. “Have I told you have gorgeous you look?” He asked, trying to distract Joni, who glanced at him carefully. “You can afford to eat more, your body needs it… come on… the sandwich will get sad if it’s not eaten…” Misha pouted and brought the food closer to Joni’s lips. The younger man observed him warily yet with a hint of amusement before slowly parting his lips to eat. “Yay! Now Mr. Sandwich is happy!” Misha chuckled while Joni chewed slowly.

“You are so weird,” the brunet muttered before taking another bite.


Joni fell a sleep quite early that night, falling a sleep in Misha’s arms while they were watching a movie on his bed. Joni had clearly tried to fight against the sleep for quite some time and Misha had found more entertainment from watching as the brunets head moved back and forth while he was struggling to stay awake, than what he found from the movie itself. There he was now, sleeping peacefully next to him and Misha smiled softly while observing Joni’s face. He traced his finger gently over his lovers features, adoring every bit of them, finding the amount of affection little frightening since it was still so new to him to feel this way about someone.

Misha moved carefully not wanting to wake Joni up. He tugged the younger man carefully under the covers and turned the DVD and the TV off before making his way downstairs.

Joni’s father was still awake, like Misha had guessed he would be; they needed to talk. Asko smiled tiredly when seeing him. “Joni fell asleep?” He asked and Misha nodded.

“It’s been an exhausting day for him,” the blond answered.

“Want a drink?” Asko asked and again Misha nodded following Joni’s father to his bar cabinet. “What do you drink? A shot of brandy perhaps? Or something else?…Hm… vodka?” The man was teasing him in a friendly way, smiling and Misha grinned back at him.

“Could I just get a beer?” He asked and Asko nodded and smiled.

“Good choice,” he agreed and poured the cold drink into a glass before giving it to him.

“Thanks,” Misha said and took a small sip. “This is good.”

“It’s German,” Asko told him. “The best beer tends to come from Germany, as much as I would like to be patriot in this matter I can’t, our beer is nothing compared to that.”

“Finlandia vodka has deserved its honor,” Misha winked and Asko smiled.

“I suppose so,” he agreed, refilling his own glass with brandy while observing the tall blond. “Chris will probably get out in less than two years,” he said then with exhausted tone. “And since what Joni told me today, it makes me more than worried.”

Misha nodded, feeling equally worried. “At least it’s a high chance that he will be deported, so… I guess there’s some luck with the fact that he’s foreigner.”

“Yeah…” Asko sipped his drink slowly. “Though he can still blackmail Joni from a distance… I don’t know how to get the pictures from him, all the copies, or at least make sure he never dares to do anything with them.” Silence followed as both men tried to think of a solution, if there was any.

“I wonder how he would react to threatening…” Misha murmured then, taking a sip of his beer.

“You wouldn’t happen to… know someone?” Joni’s father asked quietly almost as if he was afraid that someone would hear their conversation.

“Just because I’m a Russian, doesn’t mean I know any bad guys…” Misha replied with a small grin. “Though this situation makes me hope that I would.”

“I didn’t mean it like that …” Asko said and Misha nodded. Again both were quiet. “Joni has a cousin…” Asko started then and Misha brought his gaze up to the man, curious. “From his mother’s side… We haven’t really kept in touch… Marianna’s mother moved abroad and… her father, lord only knows where he is… Troublesome relations. Marianna had one brother, he loved alcohol too much and died quite many years ago, anyway, he had a son, Jyri, he’s around 30 now, small criminal, drugs were involved at some point, difficult past… It’s been at least ten years since he’s seen Joni, around the time when it started going downhill for him with the drugs and everything. Last I heard he was in jail.” Asko glanced at Misha, who listened quietly with concentrated expression over his features. The older man shrugged and finished his drink. “Just a silly thought perhaps, a long shot, I think I’m getting quite desperate…” He muttered then.

“You think… He would help? If he heard about Joni?” Misha asked carefully. Asko sighed, and sat down on the armchair.

“He was very fond of Joni, liked to play with him and brought him small presents… I just… I didn’t want him here, after I heard of the drugs, I didn’t want Joni to spend any time around such person… Jyri might hold some grudge against me for it, I don’t know… But would he help Joni? It’s possible.” Asko was afraid to say out loud just what he was thinking, but he honestly wanted Chris to pay, he wanted to make him understand not to come anywhere near Joni ever again. “I can’t believe I’m actually thinking this…” He finally sighed.

“That man would deserve to get his ass kicked,” Misha said then. “If there is someone who could do it, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask them.”

“I don’t know if it is possible… Chris isn’t kept with the other prisoners yet I believe and…”

“After the trial he is, I don’t think the deportation would take place instantly, so…” Misha shrugged. “It might be enough if he’s being threatened, he just might give the pictures back… But keeping Chris’ hobby in mind, I think it needs more than one man to threaten him, or… kick his ass.” The last part came out as a low murmur. Asko looked up to Misha, shook his head and let out a nervous yet confused laughter as he got up to fix himself another drink.

“Are we really planning this?” He asked.

“If I was able to get to him, I would gladly beat him up myself if I’m honest,” Misha said.

“Me too,” Asko confessed. “I’ve never hated anyone this much, I never though such hate was possible for me to feel.” He sighed then. “I think I’ll visit Chris first myself, see if he listens to me better than Joni, if not… Then, he’s basically asking for it.”

Misha nodded. “I guess it’s better that you go than I, I think I would just annoy him further.”

“True,” Asko nodded. “I can’t let him harm my son further, it has to stop, one way or the other.” He added then with quiet tone and they glanced at each other carefully, silent understanding between them. They couldn’t just sit back and wait if Chris would later come after Joni, something had to be done.


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