41.Foolish Games

            Chapter 41

Joni logged in on his messenger and grinned when he saw the new window popping up: ’Misha (mikhail.volochov@net.ru) wants to add you to their contacts…’ He accepted and was happy to see that the man was online.

“Hi, Mikhail,” Joni wrote and waited.

“Well hi there, brat ;)”

“Mikhail….” Joni simply wrote and waited.

“Hmh, yes?”

“What if I started calling you that?” Joni wondered, whispering the name out loud to himself to test it, it had a nice ring to it, but so did the name Misha and perhaps he was just more used to the latter.

“You can call me by whichever name you like, Joni.” Misha wrote back and again the reply made Joni grin.

“Are you sure?”

“Hmh… As long as it’s not anything stupid like… Idiot?.. Nor would I really rejoice if you too started calling me Vodka… ” Joni chuckled at this.

“Who is God?”


“Your name, Mikhail, it means: who is like God.”

“So you would like to call me God? 😉 “

“Haha! You wish 😛 Nah, I think I’ll stick with Misha.” Joni decided still smiling at the screen.

“Again that tongue…”

“Yup :P”

“Trying your luck huh?”

“What are you going to do?”

“Perhaps I’ll show you, next time I’ll see you? Nothing unpleasant, I assure you.”

“Hmmm… Well if it’s not unpleasant… :P” Joni wrote back and then added: “Now, where is that picture???!”

“I’ll send it in a moment, but first… I was wondering if you have a middle name.”


“Just curious… “

“Well… it’s… Eelis…” Joni rolled his eyes.

“Eelis… Joni Eelis… Cute. What if I start calling you Eelis?”

“I would never speak to you again.”

“Why? It’s such a cute name 🙂 “

“:P Just stick with calling me Joni…. Sooo, the picture? 😀

“Ok, ok, one moment, looking through my files.”

Joni waited and when finally receiving the file he waited eagerly for the download to finish. He clicked the picture open to see a tall, young blonde teenager, looking somewhat bored or perhaps even annoyed, like he was forced there to pose for a picture. Joni smiled studying the youthful face that he could recognise as Misha’s, but the body indeed was very thin and boyish unlike now. He thought Misha looked so adorable in the picture and wondered what it would have been like to know him back then.

“Horrible right?” Misha wrote and Joni grinned before typing his answer.

“Cute, you look very cute. How old are you in this?”

“Uh, I think it was my 14th birthday, Mom took that picture, at our old home. And cute? – Hardly. Awkward? –Yes.”

“If I say you are cute, then you are, deal with it 😛 So when this picture was taken I was… 9 years old. Imagine if we had known each other then.”

“That’s quite perverse.”

“Haha. Yeah I was still busy playing with my action figures, while you were busy playing with yourself, right? ;)”

“Not just with myself 😉 But really, it is quite perverse if you think about it.”

“It’s only perverse if you had met me then and….well, let’s not even go there, lol”

“Heh, yeah, please let’s not.”

There was short pause in their conversation, Joni decided to print Misha’s picture, which he wouldn’t tell the blond, especially since he planned to keep the picture on his nightstand. He rolled his eyes at himself when getting the picture from the printer. “You are such a weak man, Joni” he whispered to himself and sighed with a small smile on his lips.

The conversation window flashed and Joni opened to see what it said. “When can I see you again?” Misha had written and it made Joni smile. He bit his lip, thinking to himself.

“What would you like to do?” He asked.

“Play with your action figures?” Was the reply and Joni snickered, seeing that Misha was still writing something. “Just kidding, maybe you’d like to watch some movie together or something?”

“Maybe… Wanna come over tomorrow? Or does my dad scare you too much?” Joni grinned.

“I think I can handle that… Better start working on getting to his good side, right?”

“Oh, he might be the easy part, wait till you meet my siblings ;)”

“Now I am afraid… “

“I might protect you.”

“Only might?”

“If you behave 😉 “

“I will, of course, be a complete gentleman!”

“Haha, looking forward to it…”

“What time may I come over?”

“Is six okay?”

“Alright, I’ll see you then. I can rent some movie, any wishes?”

“Surprise me :)”


“Ok, have to go downstairs to dinner, see you tomorrow Misha!”

“See you then, brat. Remember to eat your potatoes ;)”

“I can’t, we are having rice :P”

“Then eat your rice!”

“:P Bye Misha!” Joni wrote and logged off.

Katja gave her stepson a curious look when he walked into the kitchen smiling to himself. She exchanged a look with her husband who also noticed and smiled as well.

“Misha is coming here tomorrow and we’ll watch a movie together.” Joni informed them and reached out to take a small portion of rice on his plate. Again Katja exchanged a look with Asko and smiled.

“Will he have dinner with us?” She decided to ask.

“He’ll be here at six, so yeah, I think so.” Joni nodded and reached for the chicken sauce.

“I hope he isn’t allergic to anything?” Katja asked and Joni shook his head.

“Nope, he isn’t.”


Asko observed them quietly and was pleased to see that his son was taking a quite normal sized portion on his plate. “It’s not an over night visit, right?” He couldn’t help but ask and Joni glared at him.

“What if it was? It’s my business right? I am an ADULT!” Joni had no intention of inviting Misha to a sleepover, but if his father said no, he might just do it to show him that he could not control him. After Chris, Joni was determined not to let any other man control his life or decisions, not even his father.

“Yes, of course… I was just asking…” Asko sighed, looking at him worriedly. “Just as long as… well, as long as he’s not pressuring you or… anything.” It was Joni’s turn to sigh.

“Dad, honestly, do you think that after Chris I would let anyone mistreat me again? Calm down, I can take care of myself,” Joni assured. Katja watched as Joni started to eat and glanced at her husband smiling softly at him. She hoped he would feel reassured as far as the Russian man was concerned, Misha was good for Joni, he could perhaps help him in ways that they could not, if even the short date between them had worked to bring Joni’s appetite back, then everything further had to be beneficial.


Misha decided to bring the first part of the Lord of the Rings to watch with Joni. First, he knew the youth had gotten the book from his cousin, but hadn’t gotten very far in reading it; second, he loved the series himself; third, it was quite a long movie; fourth, there were two other parts and if Joni liked the first like he hoped he would, they could watch all of them together later.

Joni had sent a text message to him that he was also invited to have dinner with them and so this time he decided to bring flowers for Katja and a bottle of wine, it was just polite to bring something when invited; that was how his family had raised him. Though his parents may have had a completely different idea of the one he’d be…’courting’ like Ivo had so conveniently phrased it… But still, family was always important; Joni was important and so getting along with his family was important.

He was nervous, although he wouldn’t admit it out loud, not even to Ivo who sensed it anyway and teased him about it. It just seemed so formal, to have dinner with Joni’s family and because it was so important for him to make a good impression, it made him fear that he would fail miserably. Maybe he would start blabbering something silly again? – Hopefully not.   

This time Joni opened the door for him.

“Hi,” the youth grinned looking at him and the flowers and the bag he carried.

“Hi,” Misha smiled, feeling a little bit awkward, silly and… something else, but the way Joni was looking at him and smiling managed to relax him a bit. Even more so when Joni leaned closer, reached up and kissed his cheek briefly.

“Don’t be nervous, he won’t eat you…” Joni whispered and Misha’s smile grew. Joni’s parents stepped into the hall.

“Good evening,” Misha greeted and handed the flowers to Katja, who thanked him with a surprised tone and then Misha reached to take the bottle from the bag and gave it to Asko. “Here, I hope you like white wine?”

“Thank you,” Asko smiled studying the bottle briefly noticing that it wasn’t the cheapest kind and was slightly impressed by Misha’s manners. Joni watched the scene with slight amusement while rolling his eyes. Had any other man done things like Misha had so far: opening car doors, paying for dinner, bringing cheesy gifts like this that could easily make him feel like the chick in this relationship, he might have been easily offended, but… well, there was something so adorable in the way that Misha did it that… Well, Joni could let it pass.

Katja had cooked salmon and boiled potatoes with some vegetables and served fresh salad as a starter. Julius, Sauli and Sini all stared at the tall blond with intense curiosity. Misha, who was not used to little children, or how one should act or talk around them, couldn’t help but feel a little out of place in their presence. He smiled at the three, glanced at Joni and saw him staring back at him with clear amusement over his features.

“Do you always eat porridge for breakfast?” Sauli decided to ask, obviously curious about how the blonde would reply. Misha blinked for a moment, surprised by the question before smiling and softly shaking his head.

“No, not always, quite rarely in fact, I-“ But he didn’t have time to finish, as the boy interrupted him.

“See mom, you don’t have to eat porridge to grow that tall!” Sauli said frowning at his mother, who parted her lips to speak yet not really knowing what to say.

“But I do eat a healthy breakfast every morning,” Misha nodded smiling slightly at the boy.

“You have a funny accent,” Julius remarked next.

“Julius,” Asko warned giving the boy a stern look. Misha wasn’t really offended.

“It’s because I’m Russian,” he explained.

“Granddad says that Russians only come here to steal,” The boy said.

“Well, Granddad is an ignorant asshole,” Joni snapped. “He says lots of stupid things that you shouldn’t believe.”

The twins gave their older brother a shocked look and then looked at their father expecting him to scold Joni for calling their grandfather such a bad name. Asko felt a headache approaching, he felt embarrassed to be honest, because indeed his own father could say such things and even worse things and yes… it was simply embarrassing. He gave a somewhat apologetic look towards Misha before looking at Joni.

“Language, Joni,” he reminded him with a calm voice. “You can’t-“

“Oh, yes, I can say that granddad is an asshole for saying something so completely moronic without considering who he says it to. He can’t teach such ignorant and racist thoughts to children! I won’t tolerate it and I don’t care how old he is, being old doesn’t mean you get to be an idiot and still expect to be respected.” Joni huffed. Misha watched him quietly, trying to keep a straight face, he actually felt quite proud of Joni at that moment and at the same time, it was somewhat awkward to sit there in the middle of this, he could see that it was the same for Joni’s parents as well, he decided to speak first to lighten up the mood a bit.

“Well, I haven’t come here to steal, nor have my brothers or my friends who live here, we came here to work.” he smiled softly at the two boys, who then insecurely glanced at their father. Joni still looked quite tense, Katja didn’t know what to say and Asko… he felt the need to explain for his father.

“I’m sorry,” he started looking at Misha. “It’s… My parents are quite old and my father… well he’s just… He still holds some grudges for having to leave his home with his family when he was a child because of the war and…” He shrugged little helplessly.

“It’s alright, I understand,“ Misha nodded. “Being forced to leave the place you grew up in… well, it’s difficult. Home is important. Were they from Karjala?”

“No, from the island that was formally known as Paatio, do you know the place?”

“Never been there, but yes I’ve heard of it.”

“Anyway, it’s not right, but he is a stubborn old man holding grudges and suspicion against all Russians, it doesn’t mean that I share my father’s beliefs,” Asko assured. Joni glanced at his father, knowing that he too had been suspicious at least before, but all that really mattered now was if he was willing to give those up.

“It’s not easy to convince old people to change their beliefs, I know that from watching my own relatives,” Misha nodded smiling and tasted his water. Asko felt a little more relaxed, starting to like the blonde a little bit better.

“Are you Joni’s new boyfriend?” Sauli decided to ask. Misha almost choked on his drink, he glanced at Joni unsure what he should reply, Joni was looking back at him seeming just as unsure.

“Well…” Misha started.

“Did you know Joni’s ex-boyfriend is in jail?” Julius asked in turn. “Because he was bad, they arrest people who are bad and… He didn’t have any sense of humour either.”

“Julius, Sauli, enough.” Asko said clearing his throat. He and Katja had decided that the children could be told where Chris really was, they didn’t need to know all the details of course just that Chris had done a bad thing and that was why he was now in jail. He could see Joni’s uncomfortable expression.

“What? I was just asking if he knew.”

“I knew,” Misha replied calmly and nodded.

“I bet you could beat his ass though,” Julius said next making Misha chuckle.

“You think so?” He asked.

“Yeah,” the boy nodded before bringing another forkful of food in his mouth. Misha glanced at Joni, seeing him looking back at him with a soft smile.

The rest of the meal went quite well, in the end Asko didn’t even have to ask lots of questions because the twins seemed to do it for him. Sini however seemed a little bit intimidated by the tall Russian and settled on just observing him quietly. 

“Okay, we’re going to my room to watch a movie together,” Joni informed them after eating and got up.

“Can’t we watch it too?” Julius asked.

“Nope, it’s not for children,” Joni replied.

“Not fair…” The boy grumbled.

“Next time, okay?” Joni offered and smiled. “Come on Misha,” he added heading towards the stairway.

“Thank you for the dinner, it was delicious,” the blonde thanked, looking at both parents and surprisingly even Asko smiled at him.

“You are welcome,” the man replied and got up to clear the table with his wife. Misha followed Joni to his room.

“That didn’t go too bad?” He wondered after Joni closed the door behind them.

“It went well,” the younger man smiled. “Except… Well, sorry for that Russian thing, I don’t understand why Julius said it; he’s never said anything similar in front of Dima.”

Misha smiled and shrugged. “Perhaps because you’re not dating Dima…” He said sitting on the edge of the bed, Joni gave him a wondering look. “You know, they did ask me if I knew Chris was arrested and if I was your boyfriend, it might be their way of…” Misha took a small pause, tilting his head. “Worrying for you.”

“They don’t know what he did to me, not exactly.” Joni replied turning the TV on.

“Are you sure? Children can often sense stuff even when we think we are good at hiding them.”

Joni shrugged, not exactly willing to talk about it, about Chris. “So what movie did you bring?” He asked instead. Misha sighed and took the small bag where he had the DVD.

“Here, Lord of the Rings.” Joni turned and took it, studying the cover. “It’s brilliant,” Misha smiled. “Trust me.”

“Okay, okay, I suppose I can civilize myself, since I haven’t gotten that far in the book,” Joni resigned and took the DVD out to put it in the player. Misha allowed his gaze to wander in the room and saw the Russian-Finnish dictionary and the ’Learn to speak Russian’ CD on Joni’s desk which made him grin.

“So how are your Russian studies going?” He asked.

“Da,” Joni grinned, his back still turned to the blonde.

“Is that all?” Misha asked with laughter.


“So, what else?”

“Zdravstvujte…Kak vy pozhivaete ?… Neploho…” Joni took a small pause trying to remember more as he walked towards the bed with the remote control. “Menja zovut Joni… Kak vas zovut? ”

”Well done… Though we have to work on your pronounciation,” Misha grinned and Joni rolled his eyes, gently hitting him with a pillow.

“Hey, it’s not like your Finnish is perfect either…”

“Much better than your Russian,” Misha teased. “But I’m proud that you’re learning.” He smiled as Joni sat down next to him. The brunet left some space between them and handed Misha a couple of pillows.

“I guess I need my tutor back, how is Ivo?” Joni asked.

“He’s fine… Hardly see him though; he spends so much time with that hairdresser of his.”

“Jami, he was nice… Have you met him yet?”

“No, not yet… And I can teach you since Ivo is so busy,” Misha offered.

“Ah so you’d be my trainer AND my language teacher?” Joni cocked his brow. “I don’t know, I sense trouble with that,” he replied with amusement.

“How so?”

“Arguments, Mikhail, lots of arguments…” Joni clarified, going through the DVD settings. “Do you want subtitles by the way? I don’t need them.”

“Choose the Russians ones and you can try following them… “ Misha suggested and Joni sniggered.

“Hey even just the letters are still a complete mystery to me, so I think I’d go just nuts if I tried!” Joni gave him a look. “You people and your weird alphabet…” He joked and stuck his tongue out, before directing his focus back to the screen. “But for you… we can choose the subtitles.” Misha smiled, it was just so pleasing to see Joni in this light cheerful mood. He hoped that it could last, hoped that the issues with Chris could simply vanish into thin air, that that bastard of a man could disappear from the face of the earth completely. However, as much he wished it, Misha knew it was impossible and he knew that this was just Joni having a good day and bad days would still follow. He just had to be prepared for them, had to be patient with Joni’s mood swings.

 “Oh! The curtains!” The brunet remembered then, jumped up and went to close them. He then returned to the bed again leaving some space between them. The movie started playing and Misha kept glancing at the younger man.

After a while Joni looked back at him grinning. “The movie is over there you know?” He pointed towards the screen having noticed that the blonde spent more time staring at him than the screen. Misha smiled rearranging the pillows.

“Well,” he tapped the pillow on his lap. “I made a spot for you here…” He said giving the brunet a hopeful look, who smiled, gave him a curious look and then slowly moved closer to him. Joni lied down and slightly hesitantly lowered his head on the pillow on Misha’s lap. “Comfortable?” The blonde asked his hand reaching to caress his hair.

“Yeah…” Joni admitted, feeling himself relax as Misha continued to run his fingers through his hair and the back of his neck in slow, soothing movements, after a while proceeding to caress his back through his t-shirt. Joni sighed contently, the touch felt good without being sexual, innocent and relaxing, just what he really needed.

Though perhaps Misha couldn’t keep the sexual thoughts completely at bay, he wasn’t going to let them take control. He just wanted Joni to feel comfortable and relaxed; he wasn’t going to repeat the earlier mistake of including sex in their relationship too soon. He had two working hands after all, a stack of porn and a healthy imagination; he could wait like he had promised until Joni would truly feel ready and would be able to find pleasure in it again.

Misha blinked when he had completely zoned out from following the film, thinking his own thoughts. He should really stop thinking about sex in any form and focus!

“I wonder if that Sam guy is secretly in love with Frodo,” Joni wondered snapping Misha out of his thoughts.

“Yeah… It would have made the movie better at least… I mean… it’s of course great to begin with, but…”

“Yeah, only boring hetero loving,” Joni snickered, changing his position slightly, his hand resting on Misha’s thigh and it made the blonde wonder if this position had in fact been a poor idea on his part.

“Yeah…” Misha agreed continuing to caress Joni’s back. He tried to imagine the orcs naked and luckily found that it worked well to tone down the awakening desire he felt for the brat.

“So how did you like the movie?” Misha asked once the ending titles started. Joni sat up slowly and stretched.

“I liked it, when will we watch the second part?” He asked looking at him.

“Whenever you like, I’m on a holiday,” Misha smiled.

“Tomorrow? I can come over to your place,” Joni suggested.

“Tomorrow it is then,” Misha agreed. “It’s getting late, I should go home,” he said glancing at the time, it was already nearing ten. Joni leaned closer and gave him a small kiss on his lips this time.

“I had nice time,” he whispered and Misha smiled warmly at him, touching his face.

“Me too…Ya tebya obozhayu, Ty dostavlyaesh mne radost’…”The blonde grinned and stole another small kiss before getting up.

“What did that mean? That last part?” Joni asked staring at him with curiosity. Misha who stood close to the table, tapped the dictionary.

“I guess you have to try and look it up for yourself,” he winked, took the DVD from the player and placed it back in the box. “See you tomorrow, Eelis…”

“Hey!” Joni protested and threw a pillow at him, Misha only chuckled.

“It’s a cute name!” The blonde grinned from the door. “Good night!” He waved and left. Joni stared at the door for a moment.

He repeated Misha’s words with a whisper and gave a helpless look towards his dictionary; it would be hopeless since he wasn’t sure about the letters! How evil… Joni quickly reached his phone and called Dima.

“Uh… Hi?” Dima’s voice sounded sleepy, how could he be sleeping this early? Joni wondered but didn’t want to risk forgetting Misha’s words by asking if he had been sleeping.

“What does Ya…teby…obozha? Ty dostavlaes.. mne rados’ mean?” Joni asked knowing that his pronouncing had been quite terrible

“Excuse me?” Dima asked. “Can you repeat that?” Joni sighed with frustration and tried to concentrate.

“Ya tebua Obozhay… Ty dostavlyeas mne radost?” Joni struggled to say and waited, hearing his friend’s heavy sigh.

“Try again, slowly…” He asked and Joni repeated the best he could. “And who said this to you?” The young Russian asked sounding somewhat amused now.

“Misha…” Joni muttered.

“Ah, well that settles it… He adores you and you make him happy. So I guess you two made up, huh?” Dima chuckled. Joni blushed, no one was there to see it but he felt his face heat up, he was at a loss for words now.

“Uh, oh I guess… Eh, you sound tired, you better get some sleep Dima, talk to you later, bye!” And quickly the young Finn hung up.

Dima glanced at Linda who lay next to him, naked, sweaty and utterly relaxed, a lazy smile over her still swollen, red lips. He smiled at her tenderly and leaned over to kiss her forehead before snuggling back beside her. “Those two are so amusing…” Dima muttered against her bare shoulder, gently caressing her bosom and stomach.

“Back together?” Linda asked smiling.

“Sounds that way,” Dima whispered. “Let’s see for how long this time,” he chuckled quietly.

“I think… No, I bet that one day we’ll see rings on their fingers, that or they will register,” Linda grinned glancing at her blonde fiancé, who raised his brow.

“Engaged, Misha and Joni? Now that would be the day!” He chuckled. “Maybe when they’re both old, like… in a retirement home?” Dima suddenly pictured the pair wrinkled and old, squabbling together over some mindless thing like… where Misha’s teeth had disappeared to and if it was Joni’s fault or his that he couldn’t find them. The image amused him to no end.

“What’s so funny?” Linda poked his arm.

“They are… Well, I hope you are right anyway; they’re both so impossible that they should be together… I hope that this time they just stick together, it’s so exhausting to just watch this back and forth chase,” Dima said and yawned. He pulled Linda closer to himself and stared out the window. “I also hope that they deport Chris soon… and that we never ever have to hear from that asshole again.”

“They have to deport him,” Linda whispered. “It wouldn’t be fair otherwise…”

“Yeah…” Dima sighed heavily and pressed another gentle kiss on her cheek. “I love you.” Linda brought her hand on his cheek and smiled.

“And I love you… It will all work out for the best, I’m sure,” she assured, knowing how much Dima worried for his best friend, knowing he still felt unnecessary guilt for not forcing the truth out of Joni sooner, when he had been suspicious of Chris. “It will, trust me Dima,” she added sensing his doubt.

“I hope you are right,” Dima sighed.

“I am, now, stop worrying, that is an order!” Linda grinned slapping his arm playfully and making her fiancé chuckle.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good boy.”


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