4.Foolish games

-And now I want you-

The others left the gaming area, some groaning, some snickering, Ivo giving Misha a congratulatory pat on his back.

And Joni glared at him, he hated losing, especially now when knowing what it meant, losing to Misha. He crossed his arms over his chest, sulking about his misfortune.

”No, I’m not ready, but I don’t have a choice, do I?” he groaned and took a sip of his drink.

”No, I don’t think you have,” Misha chuckled, taking slow sips of his drink, and giving Joni a meaningful look. ”At the beginning… you’re to call me a master, for the rest of the night, got it, slave?”

Joni merely snorted at his words and looked away, like hell he was going to call Misha his master, like hell he would call anyone as such!

”Ohh, I forgot, if my slave gets disobedient, he gets punished,” Misha snickered, already having fun with thinking of an impromptu punishment, something that wouldn’t hurt his slave but would feel humiliating. ”So as a punishment …” He looked up to the ceiling as if he was trying to find his answer from there. Then, the idea came to him, he looked at the dark-haired boy and grinned. ”You are to go to Ivo and tell him about your… first sexual experience. And I will check it.” He warned him.

”Excuse me? Are you out of your mind?” Joni stared at him, ”how would you even check it?”

”I’m going to ask him word for word what you told him and believe me, he IS going to retell it so if I don’t get a story from him … I’ll think of something less pleasant. Now, SLAVE,” Misha pulled him up from the floor and pushed him towards Ivo. ”Go and tell him the story!” Misha didn’t even care if it was a true story, he just wanted to see Ivo’s shocked face. ”With juicy details, if you please,” he added.

Joni couldn’t believe that bastard! He glared at him, as spiteful as he could manage, hoping that for once looks could kill. But it was of no use, he was pushed towards Ivo, who now was looking expectantly at him. Joni gave Misha another death glare from over his shoulder, before looking back at Ivo. Who smiled, cocking his eyebrow expectantly.

”Hm, well, I lost and so I need to tell you…” Joni started, again looking back at Misha, who had folded his arms over his chest, looking at him in a way that said; oh you better do it, or else!… And Joni started to think that maybe THIS wasn’t so bad, after all, the man could be crazy enough to think something horrid, couldn’t he? So, giving in, Joni sighed.

”So, I was fourteen,” Joni rolled his eyes, feeling embarrassed, not looking at Ivo’s face. ”And… it was…uh… my cousin’s friend! Ok so, we were at a cabin, my cousin was asleep, I was awake, and he was awake and we… gave each other handjobs, his name was Timo, he was a year older, and it was great! So there, now you know, bye!” And with that Joni quickly fled into the kitchen.

Misha looked at his brother’s expression; less than half shocked, followed by about of laughter. He guessed that Joni had told him the story and it must have been either hilarious or said in such a way as to sound hilarious. Misha approached his brother.

”Ok, so how was it, his first sexual experience?” He asked him with a smirk.

Ivo shook his head, with a grin on his face.

”You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he asked, ”Well, he was fourteen, at a cabin, cousin’s friend, a year older, called Timo, gave each other handjobs,” he repeated, still feeling amused.

Misha opened his mouth with surprise, it had worked! And the story…it wasn’t that hilarious, but to be thinking of Joni’s face…

”Yes, I’m really enjoying this, the brat’s going to repent for his sins,” Misha smirked once again, deciding to leave his newfound slave in peace for a while until he would come up with a new task for him.

Joni came into the kitchen where he found momentary peace. He took a deep breath, walked over to where the punch was, and filled his glass. He wasn’t sure what to do, a part of him wanted to leave, a part of him wanted to think of something to get back at that arrogant bastard. He wasn’t feeling that embarrassed about what he had told Ivo; what bothered him was that Misha had won and that he had given in, that he had not put up a fight, simply submitting to his ’slave position.’ What a joke!

Misha was enjoying his time after his sweet victory, spending it drinking vodka and talking to Ivo and his friends. Soon enough he was talked into finding his official slave. Misha had thought to maybe leave the boy alone, but here he was, making his way towards the kitchen, looking for Joni, already having the idea in his mind of what he could make him do.

”Oh, slave~~~” He called him as he entered the room and saw him, the kid’s back turned against him. And the only way that Joni acknowledged his arrival, was to give him a glance from over his shoulder, before drifting his gaze back to his drink. So he wasn’t responding? Was he… ”Craving punishment that badly?” Misha asked, ”This time…” He saw the brunet tensing before he turned around and gave him another evil glare.

”This time, what?” Joni hissed.

”The last time you got curious about that big black … hmm?” He gave him a meaningful look, ”how about you show me that hand job, using it?”

Joni almost choked on his drink, looking at the other with disbelief in his brown eyes.

”Now you are joking,” he stated, looking to see some kind of clarification on the other’s face, ”do you think that’s funny? Well, haha.”

Misha grinned even wider, it was just how he had imagined it, the kid was shocked and disbelieving, but it didn’t mean anything, he WOULD do it!

”Do I look like I’m joking?” He asked, trying to keep his face serious for the time being.

Joni continued to stare at him.

”You’re crazy,” he noted. ”That’s it, you are crazy, you can’t expect me to…” The mere idea seemed odd and… just overly perverted to Joni. His head was already beginning to spin with the alcohol that he had drunk, to the point where he wondered if this all was just a dream, a crazy dream.

”Crazy?” Misha chuckled and shook his head. ”No, I’m just …” having lots of fun, finally being able to put that little brat in his rightful place!

”Just what?” Joni asked, shaking his head slightly, hoping to shake the spinning away too, ”I still say that it’s crazy, crazy that you expect me to just do it,” Joni wondered about the possibility of telling Ivo what his crazy brother was planning and… he looked at Misha’s still grinning face, no he did not want to say the word ’dildo’ to Ivo, it would be embarrassing, then he felt his skin getting hot, was he… blushing?? His eyes widened slightly, he did not blush!

Misha snickered, ”Well, whatever you think, Wondrous Hands,” he alluded to what was waiting for him. ”You’d better be prepared to give a good handjob to that dildo, you were pretty much interested last time.”

”And what happens if I don’t?” Joni asked, raising his eyebrow, ”What if I don’t want to, and what if I say no?” He just couldn’t picture himself or even wanted to picture himself fondling some freaking dildo, what was even the point in that?

Misha narrowed his eyes at him, it was a part of his punishment, and, by god, he would do it!

”Then I’m gonna drag you there and I swear to god, you’re gonna get it shoved right up your plumbing.”

Joni was taken back, his face paled, who knew? Misha might be as crazy as to do it? He had that look on his face and… giving a hand job to the freaking thing was definitely better than having it shoved up his… ass…

”Well, fine then,” he finally muttered.

”Good boy,” Misha walked closer and patted his head, ”I’m looking forward to it and now, excuse me, I’m going to drink more,” Misha left the kitchen and the puzzled teen behind. Soon enough he found himself getting involved in another impromptu drinking contest, AGAIN.

Joni emptied his glass, took a deep breath, and decided to leave the kitchen as well. Maybe if he was lucky, Misha would get drunk enough to forget the stupid dildo thing?

”Where’s your master gone to? Leaving his slave all alone?” A voice from behind him asked and Joni turned, looking into Luka’s grinning face.

”He’s busy getting drunk, see,” Joni lazily responded, pointing towards where he had last seen Misha. The man looked, then leaned against the wall, next to Joni, looking at him.

”And imagine I lost to him, it’s a shame,” he smiled.

”I suppose, you would have had something else in mind?” Joni asked, raising his eyebrow, now grinning at the older man.

”Something else most definitely, and you would have liked it, too,” the man ran his finger on his arm and Joni just gave him a curious look. ”Why don’t I get you something to drink?” He suggested.

”Thank you,” Joni smiled.

”I’ll be right back, don’t disappear.”

”I won’t,” when the man left he looked again to where Misha was, laughing and drinking with some other guys, not looking in his direction. Fine, have it Misha’s way then! Joni saw no reason why not to talk and perhaps even flirt with Luka.

Soon enough the man was back with two drinks, ”There you go, Joni.”

”Thanks,” Joni lifted the glass to his lips, and then remembering something, he had to smell it, unsure if he could even smell if there was something odd in it. He took a very careful sip, tasting it, but found nothing odd in the taste, either.

”I haven’t poisoned it if that’s what you worry about,” the man chuckled. Joni grinned at him.

”Sorry, just a bad experience.”

”I understand, but you don’t have to worry, not with me.”

They continued chatting, and Luka kept filling his glass for him, thus making him drunker by the minute. Joni found himself laughing at Luka’s jokes, and barely noticed the touches that Luka kept giving him.

The contest was over and Misha left the table as the winner, feeling more drunk than before. He found himself drifting to the table and grasped a couple of sandwiches to fill his stomach and let him last a bit more. As much as he enjoyed the taste of the ham and cheese sandwiches that Ivo had prepared, he discovered that he had spotted Joni drinking something. Misha watched him intently. Ivo’s friend Luka was with the brat, who was now laughing at something, making the dimples in his cheeks more visible, his skin slightly flushed, his lips reddish… Luka was touching his arm and leaning closer as if wanting to…kiss him? Misha frowned and staggering he walked closer to them wondering how to tell this guy to keep his hands away from his slave.

Joni’s skin felt warm, hot even, slightly dizzy feeling in his head and he almost laughed thinking how drunk he was. He felt the touch on his arm that almost made him shiver. He looked up at the man next to him.

”I want to kiss you…” he heard him whisper.

”Well of course you do,” he heard himself answering with a grin, they all did, of course, the question was, would he let them? Joni turned his head just before the lips would contact with his own and instead he got his cheek kissed. That’s when he saw Misha, approaching them and Joni smiled at him, thinking how sexy he looked.

Misha wondered if he had in fact drunk too much because at the moment it seemed that the brat was smiling at him, in a way he had never smiled at him before. He couldn’t help but to smile back, a bit tightly, but it wasn’t his usual malicious smirk. He blinked a few times, scowled at by Luka who had obviously tried to kiss the brat.

”That one is my slave, go and get yourself another prey and keep your hands off this one,” Misha growled at him.

Joni found this amusing and fun and he watched as Luka left the scene muttering something that didn’t sound all that polite. He turned his face back to Misha, feeling slightly weak with his knees.

”Hello, master,” his mouth spoke before he could think and he found himself grinning, while deep down, wondering why the hell was he giving Misha this pleasure of calling him master, willingly!

Misha blinked once more, wondering if he heard wrong, did Joni just call him his master? ”Hello, little slave, having good time?” he asked. Joni nodded his head, took a sip of his drink and then licked his lips.

”And are you…” He tilted his head to the side, ”…having a good time?”

Misha nodded at first and then, after a few seconds, he shook his head. ”Well, sort of,” he spoke without conviction. ”The drinks are OK … games are great, chicks suck.” And to this Joni laughed, he couldn’t help himself.

”Yes, chicks suck,” he agreed, and again the voice of dimly fading reason reminded him of how drunk he was.

Misha looked around, at the said chicks and then he looked back at Joni

”Hmm …” He remembered about the deal and smirked. ”Maybe it’s time for you to show me that hand job?”

Joni swallowed, finished his drink and put his glass down. ”Maybe,” he finally answered after some silence. He looked in Misha’s eyes, he could think of something better than that! More interesting, like showing it to Misha, doing it to Misha. Then he started to wonder of his size, would it really be that small? Joni grinned, amused by the images coming to him.

Misha noticed the small smirk and wondered what the reason for it was.

”Something terribly amusing?” He took a sip of his drink.

”Yes, actually there is,” Joni brought his hand on his lips. ”I was just thinking… about your…” Joni allowed his gaze to travel down on Misha’s body, ”…size.” He finished, not able to stop himself in time. He looked up to Misha’s eyes and grinned.

Misha’s eyebrows shot up momentarily, an amused-surprised look setting on his face. He tilted his head sideways and gave him a curious look.

”It’s more than satisfying,” He said then, his voice calm and slightly challenging. Joni bit his lip.

”Is it?” He asked, once again looking at Misha’s groin area, wondering with his alcohol-dimmed mind of what would happen if he were to touch him there.

Misha smiled wide, suddenly not minding Joni’s attention at all, in fact, he found himself enjoying it, the interest he was showing. ”Exactly the size of that BBD,”he gloated. To this Joni’s eyes widened in disbelief.

”I- I don’t believe in things that I can not see,” he spoke slowly, looking Misha in a way that must have suggested more than what he meant.

”Don’t challenge me to do something you’re not ready to do,” Misha warned him with an amused tone of voice. ”You can get burnt, little brat.”

”I’m not a little brat,” Joni corrected him, bringing his chin up, ”I’m not a child,” he continued. ”You must be blind if you don’t see that…” He took a bold step closer, looked up, having to bend his neck to be able to do so. He wanted for the other to stop calling him brat, he wanted to prove himself to him, now!

”You’re not?” Misha looked down at him, his eyes for some reason trained on his lips. ”Prove it.”

It was only a moment of hesitation on Joni’s part, noticing how the other was looking at his lips, he looked back at his and finally closed the distance, having to tiptoe slightly to reach him. His right hand rested on his shoulder, the other went for his waist, gripping the fabric of his shirt. He parted his lips, gently nipping on Misha’s bottom lip to make him respond, open up. And Misha smirked into the kiss, that felt nice, though a bit sloppy due to the fact that Joni was drunk, but yes, he found himself enjoying it and he didn’t feel like kissing a kid at all. He decided to add more pressure and leaned forward to make it more comfortable for Joni, so he wouldn’t have to stay on tiptoes. He gave his lips a short lick, getting the taste of him, mixed with the taste of the drink that he had been drinking.

A moan escaped from Joni’s lips, at some point he had closed his eyes, at some point he found himself being pressed against the wall, Misha’s hand in his hair, on his waist and his own, wandering restlessly on Misha’s back, feeling the muscles. He was enjoying the power, even though it was getting out of his hands. He was getting out of breath and he felt hot all over, and he felt like losing himself completely.

It was the sound of loud laughter over the music that woke him from his trance and lowering his hands on Misha’s chest, he pulled away from the kiss. He looked around, then at Misha, his cheeks feeling hot.

”D-do you see now?” He asked, almost breathlessly, licking his heated and swollen lips. He kept looking between Misha’s lips and his eyes; the bluest eyes he had ever seen.

Misha’s gaze was set on Joni’s lips, still entranced with the leftovers of their kiss, breathing slightly faster from it.

”See what?” He felt a bit dazed, discovering how close they were.

”That I’m not a child?” Joni explained, his hands still resting against his chest, he looked down, before again to Misha, who was yet to say a word. ”O-or…perhaps… you need more proof?” He asked, carefully, almost innocently. And Misha chuckled, exhilarated for some reason, he brought his hand on Joni’s cheek.

”Be careful what you’re offering, Joni,” he whispered, and leaned once again to catch his lips in a demanding kiss. When he broke it, even more breathless than before, he added, ”I won’t hesitate to take it.”

Joni tried to calm his breathing, he wasn’t sure what he was offering. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing and yet he was doing it. He also realized that there had been something… something he should now be overjoyed with, that he… But when looked into Misha’s eyes, he just couldn’t get a hold of this missing trail of thought.

”There was something… I was supposed to do…” he whispered, ”is it… still what you want or …?”

Misha frowned for a moment, then he remembered and smirked looking at him.

”The handjob, Mr. Wondrous Hands.”

”I do have…wonderful hands, talented hands” Joni nodded firmly, ”and… a talented mouth,” he decided to add with a grin.

”I won’t believe … until I’m proven otherwise,” Misha gave him a half amused, half serious look, suddenly he was getting very interested, and very willing to be proven otherwise.

”I can’t prove anything here,” Joni told him, pulling back, looking away, looking at the other people and wondering how many of them had witnessed their kiss.

”Hmm …” Misha thought that he must have lost his mind somewhere along the way because … he was seriously considering taking him to … ”My room?” He suggested. Joni grinned.

”Why not?” He asked in a playful way, while his mind was trying to offer him some reasons why not, but he chose to ignore them.

Misha licked his lips that felt suddenly dry and he carelessly pointed with his hand to where his room was.

”You know the way,” he gave him his permission and invitation, waiting to see what he would do, would he accept or reject it?

Joni still stood before him, watching him, he thought of his options, he could reject him now? He could laugh and say; in your dreams, but now it seemed foolish and so he smiled at Misha, and moved past him to the direction of his room.

He pushed the door open and stepped into the darkness, without switching on the light, he walked further in, looked towards the large window, the curtains were cast aside and the snow outside produced small visible light in.

As Misha followed him, he discovered that he was shamelessly ogling him, his butt and his back, which… Ivo was right about, he had a cute butt. Joni stood in his room with his back still turned against him, gazing outside. Misha closed the door and blindly found the light switch on the wall, making the room alight.

At the sound of the door closing, Joni turned around.

”So … we’re here,” Misha spoke and from a small distance Joni looked at him, at the closed door behind them. He could still hear the noise from the party, people’s laughter, but it was fading to his ears, they were alone.

”Here we are,” Joni repeated, almost with a whisper. This felt new and exciting, something he shouldn’t be doing, but yet he couldn’t find a clear enough reason to walk away. He felt curious of what would happen, of what could happen.

”And now you want me to…?” He let the question linger between them.

Misha suddenly felt hungry, hungrier than ever, and somehow he knew that the boy standing before him was the only one who could satisfy that hunger.

”Now I want you.”

”O-oh?” and it was only that Joni had time to say before the man had closed the distance between them and pulled him into a demanding kiss. His knees felt weak once more, ready to give up on him, but he wasn’t scared of falling since Misha was holding onto him so tightly. After the surprise he had at first felt, Joni relaxed and brought his arms around Misha, again it was the moment that was taking him over, sucking him in and everything else grew meaningless. He could taste Misha in his mouth, wanting to memorize the taste. No one had ever kissed him like this, making his whole body tremble with want and make him feel so incredibly hot all over.

When Misha’s hands grabbed his buttocks tightly, bringing him more firmly against himself, Joni felt an odd pinch in the bottom of his stomach. This game was unfamiliar to him, he wasn’t too sure of the rules and it both excited and scared him at the same time.

Misha’s whole world was reduced to a pair of hot lips that were devouring his, with the strength that matched his own and it felt so intoxicating… more so than the alcohol that he had drunk. Everything else stopped being important to him, as he felt himself growing pleasantly warm, the hunger both increased and satisfied.

The warmth that Misha was experiencing grew fast, making him overheated all at once as he started to deeper explore the willing mouth of his partner. He felt as Joni’s hands wandered all over his upper body, tugging at his clothes, trying to get rid of them. Misha having more experience, knew exactly how to take of his t-shirt in a way that he would barely notice and soon Joni was standing with his chest naked in front of him.

Joni felt the cold breeze hitting his naked and heated skin and felt a little surprised to see his shirt already removed, his fuzzy brain hadn’t even been able to catch it when it had been done.

He looked into the blue eyes, breaking the kiss, he started pulling the others shirt up.

”It’s only fair?” He grinned.

Misha reached with his hand, trailed the skin of his chest, from his abdomen up to his collar bones, admiring what he saw. Having a hold of his shoulder, he massaged his skin for a moment.

”Only fair,” he repeated like an echo, allowing Joni to remove his shirt. And once again leaned a bit to kiss him, his heart racing as he brought him against him, their naked skins touching. It was so hot, so arousing…

The feel of the other’s skin against his own made Joni want Misha even more.Though still he wasn’t entirely sure just what he wanted to happen, he allowed his hands to continue the exploring of the body in front of him, across his naked back, further down, till he reached his buttocks and gave them a hard squeeze to feel how firm they were, and firm they were!

Feeling Joni’s hands on his butt made Misha smirk into the kiss, he had to break it in order to look at him with a challenge.

”Have enough guts?” Misha asked and Joni looked up in haze.

”Guts?” The brunet asked.

”Guts, courage, I hope you’re not chickening out?” Misha grinned, and to illustrate what he meant, he pushed his hips forwards a bit, colliding with his. Joni chuckled at his own pacing and met with Misha’s push with one of his own.

”Not chickening,” he answered, ”but… can you handle that?”

”Try me,” Misha grinned and his hands went to the opening of Joni’s pants, fiddling with it for a moment before he got the upper button and the fly undone, though the pants stayed on his hips.

Joni watched Misha’s hands for a moment, before he decided to bring his own hands to open up Misha’s pants. He realized that he was holding a breath as he slid the zipper open, wondering if it was true what Misha had told him.

Misha stopped his own hands, to watch him, not his hands, but his face as he was working to open his pants. Then he brought his hands to play with his nipples, teasing them as he rolled them between his fingers and kneaded them for a bit, making them hard.

Joni gasped at the feeling of Misha’s fingers, almost reluctant to break the contact, to kneel down and pull his pants down, until the blond stood before him only in his boxers. He saw the promising bulge in front. So it wasn’t small at least! He brought his hand to touch it through the boxers with almost childlike curiosity. He started feeling it with his hand, again holding his breath, fascinated to find it so hard already. He leaned forward and traced his lips through the fabric, planting small kisses on it until he decided that enough was enough and he wanted to REALLY see it.

Misha bit his lip, watching Joni, down on his knees in front of him, touching him in a way that was about to make him snap out of control. And then finally he pulled the boxers down.

Joni’s eyes widened as the cock jumped to his vision. ”Oh-” he stared at it, before again, ever so slowly, he brought his hand to touch. He took a hold of the base, closing his fingers around it, gasping at how thick it was. Thick and long, ”It’s- it’s big,” he took note, still watching and measuring it with parted lips. ”Oh.”

”Oh?” Misha raised his eyebrows, smirking once again, though definitely his ’ohh’ felt like a compliment would. ”So you didn’t believe me then?”

Joni could only shake his head as a no, as no words were ready to leave his mouth at that point. He was getting bolder with his touches, wrapping his hand around it, moving it up and down. Wondering if it would get even bigger than its current state.

Misha’s breath hitched with every movement that Joni made and yet, even in his drunken state, he tried to keep himself composed, trying not to betray that he was becoming more and more turned on. He cursed in his mind, Joni could probably feel it right now! But it didn’t discourage him from trying.

Joni smiled to himself, then finally looked up and grinned, feeling satisfied to have Misha in this state of arousal, he remembered that it was exactly what he had wanted, he had wanted Misha to want him and now he did, but at the same time, Joni couldn’t deny his own arousal. He gave a trying lick to the tip of Misha’s member, teasing him, enjoying the strange feeling of power he thought he possessed.

Misha tensed slightly, it felt too good and definitely tempting and Joni looked like a mortal sin, kneeling there in front of him, making him slowly lose his firm intent to not let it go too far, but what was too far in this case anyway?”

”Joni,” he muttered with a warning. ”You’ll get burnt, I swear you will.”

Joni grinned, looking in his eyes at the same time when he licked his shaft, working his balls with his spit slicked hand.

”Will I?” He asked with an innocent voice as he started licking the slit that was now leaking with precum. ”Hm… I doubt,” he grinned once again before taking his cock between his lips, sucking the tip like a lollipop. He knew it must have felt agonizingly slow how he moved his hand up and down and he almost giggled to himself, enjoying the situation far too much.

Misha tried not to push his hips forward, he would show that… brat… that he wasn’t controlling him completely. Even if his mouth felt good, more than good and… maddeningly light and teasing. Misha gritted his teeth, hoping he wouldn’t start to moan at some point.

Joni decided to give Misha some more, wanting to test how much he could fit in his mouth. He didn’t even get the half of it in when he felt the urge to pull back. He kept his sucking slow, wanting to tease the man some more.

Misha had to grit his teeth even harder when the sensations started to flow freely and abundant, it was feeling simply overwhelming, making him wonder where Joni had practiced to be so talented? Involuntarily he reached with his hand and touched his hair first, he ran his fingers through it… so soft and warm around him,

Joni looked up, feeling the tender touch in his hair.

”Like it?” He asked playfully, tilting his head and lightly licking him again, keeping eye contact.

Misha narrowed his eyes, looking straight down at him, liking the sight all too much, more and more with every second. Without words he nodded his head and once again he ran his fingers through his hair.

Joni couldn’t hide his satisfaction from showing on his face and once again he brought Misha’s organ to his mouth, deciding that he had teased him enough, he added speed to it. He was going to make the man cum and then he would never be able to ignore him again! It would be perfect. Joni felt like he had won already!

After few more moments, Misha’s body informed him that that was it, that was everything he could safely take, without breaking the limit, so even though Joni’s mouth on his cock felt perfect, he reached for him and taking a rather forceful hold of his arm, he made him let go of it and stand up. And then he kissed him, much harder than previously. He said he’s not afraid, that he wasn’t a child, so he could take what Misha had to offer!

Joni had little time to realize what was happening, his hands rested helplessly on Misha’s strong arms, as he was given almost a bruising kiss and all he could do was to moan. He dimly realized that he didn’t have the situation under control after all. However, he was reluctant to give in and so with the best that he could, he answered to the kiss, trying to match its power.

Misha was still kissing him hungrily and he felt his arms, sliding his hands down on them and when finding his wrists, he trapped them in his hands and broke the kiss.

”Bed.” Misha said simply, looking in his eyes with a firm gaze and pointing with his head towards his bed. 

Joni looked at him a little bewildered, his heart beat increased in a different way than before, he felt nervous. The look on Misha’s face, the sound of his voice and the fact that he was standing stark naked in front of him with his dick up… Joni couldn’t get a word out, but he nodded.

Misha smirked lightly now, feeling a bit more relaxed after seeing the nod, he released one of his wrists, but still keeping the other he pulled him to the bed and when in front of it, he made Joni sit on it, pushing on his shoulders.

Joni looked up in curiosity; well, the bed was more comfortable to sit on than to be kneeling on the hard floor after all. He brought his hand to Misha’s hip smiling, ready to continue what he had been doing just moments before.

But it was not what Misha had in mind. It would be him to do the touches now, so he took his hand and the other one as well, in one hand’s hold as he made Joni lie down with his other. He then pinned Joni’s wrists above his head. He looked at the trapped body beneath him, he was still half clothed, it wouldn’t do.

Misha had to release his wrists in order to undress Joni. He brought his hands on the jeans waistband and started pulling them down harshly with his boxers.

Joni again felt slight uneasiness when he realized that this might be heading to much more than what he had at first intended.

Misha looked at the slim, naked body in front of him and grinned, but that was when Joni started to move away, oh now he wouldn’t, Misha grasped his ankle and pulled him back, again pinning his wrist above his head.

He ran his free hand along his sides, caressing the hot skin, tickling it with his fingertips but having one goal in mind all the time. At last he reached it and started giving him small tugs, playing with his foreskin, too and pressing his fingertip to his slit, all the while looking at Joni’s face with a grin.

Joni realized that he really had lost control and that it would be difficult to regain it. He bit his lip helplessly, watching what Misha was doing and finding his touch amazingly good. His lips parted and he had to close his eyes, feeling the burning on his skin getting stronger. He found himself moaning again and he wanted to hit himself for giving in like that. He tried to pull his hands free even though he knew he’d go crazy to lose his touch, he felt torn between lust and the want to win the game he had thought to be playing.

Misha grinned even more when he started struggling in his hold, little butterfly in a spider’s web of lust and arousal. A beautiful butterfly, he had to admit as he licked his lips and released one of his hands and brought it down to his penis, putting it over the hardness, encouraging him to take it as he started playing with his sack, for a bit, pressing his fingers to the soft spot behind it and then trailing it a bit down toward his entrance.

Joni felt confused and aroused at the same time; he couldn’t think straight, it was alcohol and lust that were messing with his thinking. When Misha brought his hand down on himself the thought of struggling had once again escaped. He started moving his hand slowly up and down, still feeling Misha’s hands there, going down, until….

”What are you doing?” He asked looking down in surprise,

Misha looked up, no, the boy wouldn’t tell him that he didn’t know what he was doing.

”Preparing you,” he told him honestly, his finger rubbing the soft skin without intruding inside.

Joni frowned, kept looking at him, the touch actually felt good, but…

”Preparing me…” he repeated slowly, swallowing, ”I-” He cursed his own fuzzy brain, the touch felt oddly good down there, making him curious and the other part felt nervous, wanting to move away when fully realizing what the words: prepare you, meant, to realize to what he would be prepared for!

But there was that curiosity, it wasn’t like he had never thought of it, he had. The idea and the fantasy had felt arousing, but it was the reality that nerved him.

Misha continued making circular motions around his entrance and then he looked towards the nightstand, the lube should be in the first drawer… but he felt it was too early to go straight to the sex, so he decided to pay more attention to Joni, leaning forwards and catching his lips in a playful kiss.

Joni answered the kiss, feeling the odd sensation in the bottom of his stomach growing, butterflies? He once again decided to try and take the control back, wrapping his legs around Misha along with his arms and he tried to flip them over so he would be on the top.

Misha chuckled, easily keeping him down with his back to the bed, his forearm pressed against his chest now, he realized also that now he was settled perfectly between Joni’s opened thighs. He rubbed his nose against his and kissed him once again, his finger probing his entrance, it was dry… he really needed some lube.

Joni felt frustrated, he had just used too much of his energy while struggling and Misha didn’t seem to have any difficulties, instead he was just chuckling! Then he found it oddly sweet how he was rubbing his nose against his.

”Evil,” he muttered, his struggling easing down as he realized how pointless it was.

Misha continued to kiss him to reduce the… his mind paused to think, reduce what? Stress? Fear? Both? Or maybe he was just breaking his unwillingness? He felt Joni’s struggle die down and a feeling of victory or maybe triumph started to spread within him. Then curiosity followed, had Joni ever done this? It would be…interesting to really be his first, the mere thought of it made Misha feel hotter.

”Have you…” he muttered between kisses, ”…with anyone… all the way?”

Joni looked at him, feeling himself blush and he wanted to look away and lie that, yes, he had, that he wasn’t a virgin that way, somehow thinking that the truth would make the other gloat and feel… what? Victory? He wondered; was this something he wanted to give him? Misha’s lips were trailing the side of his neck, gently nipping and licking the skin, and Joni was still puzzled with the question, with what to answer,

”No,” he finally heard his own voice, giving the answer he wasn’t sure he wanted to give. And he cursed in his mind, he should have lied, Misha would taunt him with this later… But later seemed such a far away word at the moment, when even tomorrow was light-years away.

Misha was surprised, he had been sure that with the other’s attitude he would have lost it long ago. He looked down at the others face, with his cheeks slightly red, swollen lips after the kiss, honey-brown eyes that didn’t exactly meet with his own. Beautiful, sexy…

”You surprised me,” Misha whispered, and couldn’t help but lean over and catch those lips once more. If he hadn’t been drunk, and well…horny….he would have probably told them that then they should wait, that virginity was not something that should be lost rushing up like this… But the fact was that he was drunk and even though there was that tiny little voice in his mind that told him that he should probably do the right thing and stop, he was far too lost in the situation by now.

There he had a beautiful, fit young man under him, naked, who had just revealed to be a virgin when everything in his actions before had spoken against it. Hadn’t he been asking this all along? And maybe even now it was just a game? Why should he stop when he didn’t hear the other ask him to do so?

But he did want to make it memorable, he wanted to make Joni enjoy, it so that even after many years it would be his name on his lips when he would look back on who it was that had taken him first.

”I want you,” he whispered, nibbling on Joni’s ear now, caressing him, doing everything to make him feel good and relaxed.

Joni breathed out, he didn’t want to lose the touch, no one had ever touched him like this, kissed him like this and he wanted more of it. And when Misha was whispering in his ear, he forgot everything else.

”I want you too,” he whispered as honestly as he could. He felt exposed, stripped of every mask that he had ever created, was he really giving this, himself to Misha?

He had consented! Misha smiled to himself, giving another hungry kiss to the full and sexy lips, getting better in between Joni’s still parted thighs, closer until their chests were perfectly aligned, making them feel every breath that the other one took.

Misha was still holding his hands above his head, but Joni didn’t try to free himself. He could feel Misha’s erection against his own, feel how he started rocking against him, faster and faster, with greater need and passion, it could not be stopped anymore, Joni thought to himself, and it both scared and excited him. Misha had the power and he had submitted.

Misha had lost all sense of rational thinking, he wanted, no, craved to take the one beneath him, make him his, he started sucking on his neck, leaving a mark, then another… his…only his.

And when he heard Joni’s moaning it drove him forward with his need. His breathing was getting harder and harder, there had been so many forbidden pleasures, so many nights spent alone when all he had wanted… It was partly the brat’s fault, he thought and brought his head up to once again look at his face, the brown eyes that were much darker now than normally, and his lips so inviting, so helpless beneath him and so sinfully handsome.

Finally, he released his hands, wanting to have both of his own free to explore, he sat up and ran his hands on his chest and stomach, feeling the muscles…

Joni, watched almost hypnotized by every move that Misha made, and though he had his hands free now, he only moved them to the side of his face. And then Misha grasped his hips, lifted his legs over his shoulder, and… Joni felt his cheeks go red again from surprise and embarrassment of something that was new, as Misha looked at him so…close… He bit his lip, feeling his fingers, gently pushing against him and…

Misha held on to Joni, his face between his legs, looking at the pink hole, he first touched it with his fingers, then moistening it with his spit, he carefully stretched it open with his fingers on the side, and his fingertip went in, circling the tight, tight hole, feeling the suction.

”You’re clean here…pretty,” he muttered, making Joni blush even more, and then… then it was his tongue, licking him! Joni couldn’t help but moan, it felt so odd and good at the same time.

Misha wasn’t sure how much he could wait, his cock was throbbing with need, making it almost painful, finally, he lowered Joni’s hips back down on the bed and reached for the lube,

He squeezed a glop of a gel-like substance, spreading it over his fingers and once again reaching for his opening,

”Just… if it hurts…let me know.” He told him feeling a little out of breath with trying to control himself from just doing it. He checked Joni’s face and saw him nodding carefully.

Joni jumped slightly when feeling the gel reach his skin, it felt cold at first,

”It’s cold…” he whispered and Misha gave him a grin.

”Don’t worry, it’ll warm soon, and then it’s gonna feel really hot,” he told him, at last slipping his finger further in, allowing Joni’s muscles to adjust to the intrusion; hot tightness surrounded his finger, and slowly the muscles gave out a bit under the pressure, and when the first impossible tightness passed, Misha started to push his finger deeper in and then pull out in a slow and careful motion, mimicking thrusting as his other hand went for Joni’s member to caress it, to make him pay less attention to any possible pain.

It felt odd to Joni, this was all so new to him and he felt a hint of pain when the first finger entered, but it eased almost as quickly as it had come, and then the second finger was pushed inside, causing more pain than the first, he felt them stretching him and he started to pant, unsure if he wanted this to continue or to stop.

”It’s hurting, I know, I’m sorry but as you noticed, I’m rather … large … so …” Misha said as calmly as he could, having to repeat to himself over and over again that this was a virgin he was dealing with and that he would have to hold some kind of control and consideration to the fact, he couldn’t just think of his own pleasure. Slowly he felt the tightness around him become less tight, which was good.

Joni heard him apologizing for the pain and focused on breathing. After calming himself down it started feeling less hurtful, good even.

And then, the third finger, Misha knew that this would hurt and he feared that it still might not be enough to prepare him fully, he leaned over to gently kiss him as his finger nudged into him deeper, and deeper.

Joni squeezed his eyes shut, and a small pained moan made it from his lips into Misha’s mouth. Misha spread his fingers inside as much as he could, without really hurting him, kissing down on Joni’s body, he took his cock in his mouth to again distract him from the pain. He sucked the tip while his hand started to pump steadily in him.

Joni grasped the sheets, wriggling under Misha’s body, these odd sensations making him disoriented. What was he getting himself into?

Misha swallowed the saliva which had gathered in his mouth and slowly removed his fingers, he couldn’t wait, he felt like he would soon explode if he did. He reached for the lube for the last time and squeezed some to apply to his member, the necessary amount.

”Joni….” He called, his voice hoarse by now, ”I don’t think I’m able to stop now so if you’re hesitating … just run.”

Joni blinked at him, there was that nervous anticipation mixing with desire, he didn’t think he could run away from it now, nor did he want to.

”I’m not running,” he spoke out with a faint smile, getting a grin in return. Misha crawled up to him, found his lips and took them for a short kiss, before finding Joni’s entrance again with his finger and positioning himself, he helped himself to push inside him, just his head, no more.

Joni had almost forgot how big Misha was until now, his body tensed after the head was in and he brought his head up, breathing hard, and slowly it moved further in, making him cry out. His head fell back and his eyes began to water, it hurt, it seemed to stretch him to the point where he would break in two.

Joni felt pair of hot, wet lips caressed his cheek gently, but he couldn’t open his eyes.

Misha waited, it felt too tight to push in more and so he waited, trying to kiss the pain away and make it feel better, as much as he could.

”I’m sorry it’s hurting,” he muttered against his lips as he tried to push in a bit more.

Joni started to tremble, it hurt more than he could have imagined, but still he tried to answer to the kiss that was given, trying to make himself relax more, tell himself that it was the only way that it would stop hurting. He felt tears running down his cheeks, unable to stop himself from crying. It was painful enough for him to consider for a brief moment to ask the other one to stop, but he didn’t.

Misha stopped again, feeling the other tensing up which did prevent him from moving forward and instead he pulled back before he returned , just a tad further and he remained motionless again. The tears worried him, he really wanted for the pain to stop soon for Joni.

”Sorry, ki…Joni,” he stopped himself from calling him a kid, after all, what they were doing was hardly the thing kids would do! So, as well as he could restrain himself, he again kissed him deeply, before another back-forward movement.

Joni returned the kiss, again a bit brokenly, feeling like he needed more air to breath, he felt the salty taste of his own tears on his lips and opened his eyes to look at him again and it was…odd, even somewhat frightening to look in Misha’s eyes when he was inside him, but at the same time, he felt some tension leaving his body.

At last the tension that had been threatening not to leave him and make it a rather painful experience went away, allowing Misha to push in deeper. He hoped to bring more pleasure to Joni, scared that if it was only pain that he’d remember, he would not allow this to him or to anyone else, ever.

The tightness around him felt maddening, but now as he knew that Joni had managed to relax enough to start feeling pleasure, he took the first tentative thrust forward, going slowly and deep, almost to the hilt.

As the pain slowly faded, still there, but more bearable, a new feeling made itself known, a tingle of pleasure slowly growing, mixing with the pain… Joni gasped, brought his hands on Misha’s back and with another thrust he moaned out, ”oh god…fuck.”

Misha grinned at him mixing obscenities with God’s name.

”We are,” he reminded him, moving slowly and patiently, withdrawing and returning, his length in the sweet, warm grip which made him breathe hard and fast as he was trying not to speed up. He wanted to enjoy every moment of this and he wanted Joni to enjoy it too, so he had to restrain himself!

Joni wrapped his legs around Misha’s hips, and threw his head back with a somewhat loud cry of pleasure, Misha had just touched something inside him that…

”Do that again,” he asked out of breath,

”That?” Misha angled his hips a bit, repeating the fluid forward motion and closing his eyes as a wave of pleasure made heat coil in his stomach.

”Uh.. that…yes,” Joni felt his erection that had died down during the painful penetration come back to life again. ”More,” he asked, ”more,” he repeated soon after.

”More, more, demanding … are you?” Misha panted out with a short moan, joking as he drove himself forwards just as he wanted him to, finding it exhilarating to be the one who was taking him, who was giving pleasure to him and he wanted to give lots of it!

The pain forgotten for the time being and the tears dried on his skin, Joni kept moaning almost as though in heat, that’s how he was feeling, that he was in heat. He licked his lips, ”More,” he repeated with a grin and brought his head up, kissing Misha’s cheek, and then finding his earlobe, gently biting it, licking, wanting…

Moans were all that Misha could hear at the moment, though he knew there were other sounds in the room and there was music coming from downstairs, but all he could hear was those half loud low moans that made him speed up even if he wanted to keep it slow and lazy and sweet and wanted it to never end.

Joni reached down between their bodies to take a hold of his own cock and he started to stroke it in the rhythm of Misha’s thrust inside him,

”Nnh, oh God,” Joni moaned half loudly, getting closer and closer to the edge of release.

Misha gritted his teeth, trying to slow down, doing everything humanly possible to slow down, but the tightness around him, the warmth and the moans were really making it more than difficult and instead he just pushed harder, wanting to bury himself in him completely,

”Nnh, it feels….”

Joni let go of his own organ and moved his hands down on Misha’s buttocks, finding it just as good to rub himself against his stomach.

”Close….so close,” He whispered followed by a moan.

Joni managed to break Misha’s control as easily as that, and his thrust became harder and faster, deeper, as if he was trying to get all of him inside him, his muscles tensing almost painfully.

Joni felt like burning, he was burning inside and yet… his toes curled up, his whole body tensed as his release got him and it felt more intense than any other before, for a moment he thought he saw stars… He thought he heard a sound somewhere in the distance, a sound of door opening perhaps? But his mind was too clouded with pleasure to really pay attention to it, still trembling from the remains of his orgasm.

The clamping on Misha’s member informed him that someone was really enjoying himself, and at the same time, he was making his journey to the bliss faster, he couldn’t pay attention to anything else apart from that sweet heat, so not even the ”Oops, sorry Misha,” was able to alarm him, though he noticed it, but somewhere far away from them.

Joni continued to hold on to him, still feeling the heat and him inside himself, filling him, he could hear someone speaking, a faintly familiar voice, but he was feeling too weary to really care. Sound of door closing. He tried to even out his breathing, again registering the small pain and burning feeling inside. But he wasn’t a virgin anymore!

A few more pushes was all it took and it was Misha’s turn to drown in pleasure that was so complete that it made him breath hard and fast, making his heart fast and wild, making him moan Joni’s name as he felt his release fill him, wave after wave.

Feeling utterly spent and lazy at the moment, Misha remembered that he was still lying on Joni completely and he was rather tall and heavy, heavier than Joni was, so he rolled them both on their sides, keeping them still joined, not feeling ready to leave him yet.

”Nhh…. so … does my cock satisfy your curiosity?” He asked him with a trace of amusement in his voice.

”Mmmm… it is big…” Joni whispered, feeling very full and stretched at the moment, ”can you…hmm it’s…um, burning,” He added with a smaller voice. Misha kissed his cheek.

”I’m sorry,” He whispered and started to pull out as carefully as he could. Again he kissed him, feeling as Joni now snuggled closer to him.

”My dad would so totally kill you right now,” Joni muttered tiredly, with a small snicker.

”I hope you’re not going to run to him and tell on me,” Misha joked, starting to feel slightly sleepy, the pleasure and satisfaction making him into a wonderful mood. Joni lazily shook his head.

”No… too sleepy,” He whispered with a yawn, slowly closing his eyes and staying close to Misha, he fell asleep.

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