30. Silent

Betad by: Charity ❤️

Chapter 30

Michael cooked for them, Kitty sat at the Dining Table with a glass of white wine in front of her and watched the young man who clearly loved his job and had a certain passion for it. Sam set the table and Kitty couldn’t help but enjoy the fact that she could just relax herself while the men were doing all the work. It seemed strange to know Michael’s past, the whole thing was difficult to grasp and at times the thoughts of what Michael had had to experience and how horrible it must have been, crept into her mind making her feel uncomfortable.

How could one live with something like that and move on? Kitty tried to imagine how she would behave in Michael’s position, but it was hard, she didn’t think she would do so well herself. She hoped she could stop thinking about it, but those horrible images kept trying to force their way into her mind, images she didn’t really want to think about because they made her feel so nauseous.

 Michael asked Sam to taste his risotto, Kitty watched as Michael held out the spoon with a smile towards Sam’s mouth and how his friend tasted the food willingly, watching the younger man in admiration, in love.

“Mm, delicious,” Sam praised.

”Doesn’t need anything more?” Michael asked and Sam grinned, leaned forward and kissed him.

”No, it’s perfect.” The man praised. Kitty had never seen Sam look at anyone the same way as Michael, with such a passion and it made her smile.

”Good, then I’ll declare the food ready.”

Michael offered them a lemon risotto with chicken fillets and Kitty was sure she had never eaten anything as heavenly and remembered to say it out loud too. Michael smiled, took the praise modestly but was clearly pleased with his success. He had also prepared dessert for them; strawberry panna cotta, which was also mouth-watering.

“You’d be a great cook,” Kitty said after devouring her dessert with such an appetite that she was now wishing that she would have chosen to wear something a little more comfy that would give her more room for her overly stuffed belly.

“Santo promised I could start helping him in the kitchen at times,” Michael smiled. “He could teach me if Muriel agrees. We’ll ask about it next week.”

Sam smiled at his partner, who was clearly bubbling with enthusiasm for the idea, nurturing hope for a better future and that was exactly what he needed. He now needed positive experiences to strengthen himself because soon they would have to embark on that difficult path to reveal the true nature of Richard Larkin and what he had done to Michael and God only knew how many others.

Sam had already taken the first step, spoken to a private detective known to be trustworthy and skillful, and ended up hiring him to dig up more information about Ricky. He didn’t want to tell Michael about it yet, as he believed it would only frighten him. The detective had vowed to exercise caution in the matter, without taking unnecessary risks. At first, he would try to observe the man’s movements and find out the backgrounds that were easily available, then they could discuss what to do next.

”I’m certain that Muriel agrees, after all, she adores you.” Sam said encouragingly and Michael smiled, his eyes twinkling.

”That’s what Santo said.” Michael answered. ”I just want to stay in that kitchen so much that I’m willing to work there for free after my own shifts.” He said and Sam laughed gently at his enthusiasm.

”Well, as long as you don’t let them completely deprive you, a job done well should be compensated.” Sam pointed out with a smile.

”Several internships are unpaid.” Michael said. ”I have no kitchen training, other than school’s household lessons and what my grandmother taught me.”

“They seem to have worked out well for you! Michael, listen, I’ve eaten in many fine and expensive restaurants in my life, but I’ve never eaten anything as delicious as what you’ve prepared.”

Michael grinned clearly flattered. ”You say that because you like me.”

”I say that because it’s true.” Sam smiled. ”And yes, I like you too, that’s true as well.” Michael blushed a little but couldn’t stop smiling in that sweet way of his. The younger man got up to fix the dishes.

”I like you too.” Michael said and winked at him.

”Hey, you sit down now, Kitty and I will clear up the dishes.” Sam laughed as he walked over to Michael and took the plate from his hand, planting a soft kiss to his lips.

”I can’t just stay idle and look while you two are cleaning!” Michael tried to argue.

”Yes, you can, or if it hurts to watch, take a glass of wine and go watch TV in the living room.” Kitty was amused by Michael’s expression, for a moment he hesitated, staying still where he was, like a little boy who wondered if he’d heard right and was given permission to take the candy.

Kitty decided to refill Michael’s glass and handed it to him. ”Well, shush now! And enjoy yourself!” Kitty grinned and Michael smiled.

”Thank you.” He spoke. ”Well… I guess I’ll go then?”

“Go!” Sam laughed, looking after his boyfriend who left the kitchen in the slowest, almost hesitant steps.

“I can’t stand how sweet she is,” Kitty whispered. ”I just want to hug him.”

”I know the feeling.” Sam smiled and rinsed the plates before putting them in the dishwasher. “Michael has a birthday next month,” he began after a moment of silence. “I would like to organize a nice surprise for him, he needs new pleasant memories now… Michael has already started to talk more about his past at home, told me that when he was sixteen his grandmother held a big party in her garden for him, family and friends… I would love to organize his family here, but I feel it might be too big of a step at this point.”

Kitty looked at her friend seriously, but with a small smile on her lips. ”I think you’re right about it being too big of a step for him… But it’s a good idea to arrange a surprise party, do you have any ideas yet?”

“I thought I’d ask his workplace if we could hold the event there, his coworkers seem to have become important to Michael, I feel it’s mutual for them, they’re a bit like family. And I’m sure that Eric and Paul would be more than happy to join. It would be a complete surprise to Michael so that he would think that he’s just having a very ordinary workday but then…. What do you think?” Sam asked, Kitty smiled widely.

”I think Sam, you’re in love for the first time in your life.” The woman grinned. ”And yes, I like the idea.” Sam smiled but turned his gaze away from his friend and continued to rinse the dishes. They hadn’t talked about love with Michael yet, but it was on his mind often and Kitty might be right. Michael’s background was so very different, hard to comprehend, but his ability to survive and find good in the world after all the darkness he had gone through amazed Sam. Michael got joy from the little things, things that Sam would have ignored without him, and with Michael, Sam also found new sides of himself that he liked.

“I’ve been thinking about one thing,” Sam said in an even quieter voice, glancing behind him. There was a sound of television in the living room, but he wanted to make sure Michael didn’t hear.

”What?” Kitty asked.

“When Jean helped Michael… Why didn’t he suggest to Michael that he could contact his home? Why didn’t Jean at any point bring up the idea that Michael and Jack could reveal the truth to the authorities?” Sam wondered, Kitty was silent and shrugged.

”Did Michael say Jean didn’t suggest it?” Kitty asked and Sam nodded.

”Uh, I’m just bothered by the whole thing… I think the solution seems so simple, Michael would report to the nearest police station, they would find out he really is Michael Wills and the man who kidnapped him is Richard Larkin, with whom Michael lived for nearly three years with a false identity…”

”It does seem simple, so simple in fact that it has to have some trick in it.” Kitty thought. “If that man really knows a lot of people, some of the authorities too… I guess he has to, if he’s had the balls to abduct an ordinary schoolboy…” Kitty frowned. “Michael is understandably afraid for his family. Be careful too, Sam. We don’t know exactly what we’re dealing with.” Sam nodded seriously.

”What are you two talking about?” Michael’s voice startled them, and Sam turned his head towards the doorway. Michael smiled curiously, his expression telling him he hadn’t heard what they were talking about.

“Secrets only,” Sam grinned. ”Weren’t you told to relax on the couch?”

”Yes… But I felt lonely, and I’d rather help you.”

”Well, we’ll be ready soon, but if you bring me a clean towel from the hallway closet?” Sam smiled. Michael nodded and left his still half-full glass on the kitchen table. “Better leave this topic for another time,” Sam whispered to his friend who nodded in agreement.

Later, after Kitty left home, Sam and Michael relaxed on the couch watching a movie. Michael’s head rested against Sam’s chest, while Sam stroked his arm softly. Michael felt safe and good there. There were candles burning with a low, calm flame on the living room table and outside the evening had already darkened. Sam laughed at a joke of the French movie they were watching, and Michael smiled to himself. The film didn’t matter so much, he focused on enjoying the atmosphere. The moment was the kind of which he had dreamed of when he was younger; a moment resting in the arms of the person with whom he wanted to share his life with. And Michael didn’t want to think about the matters that made him sad or the people he missed, he wanted to focus on that moment alone with Sam.

Michael closed his eyes and smiled as he listened to Sam’s heartbeat, feeling his chest rise and fall steadily under his head. He breathed in the lovely scent of Sam into his nostrils, wanting to create a strong memory of it, a scent that made him think of warmth, love, security. The scent was fresh, like English summer rain; to his last mental image he grinned, and Sam bowed his head down to look at him curiously, Michael opened his eyes and as their eyes met, Sam smiled.

”What are you thinking?” Sam asked with curiosity.

”Your scent reminds me of rain, English rain.” Michael whispered and for a moment Sam blinked, partly confused, partly amused.

”Okay… Does that mean I should take a shower?” He asked with a soft chuckle.

”No. You smell good.” Michael grinned. ”I love the rain in England, I miss it.” He said and climbed up so he could sit with spread legs over Sam’s lap. “I want to taste it…” He continued and kissed Sam softly, making him sigh quietly.

Sam wrapped his arms around Michael, stroking his back calmly, tenderly. Wanting to move with the pace Michael set for them, allowing him to do most of the initiatives. So far, they had restrained only in oral sex and petting, Sam wasn’t sure if Michael wanted anything more, whether he could find pleasure in anal sex, or if he felt it was distressing for him. Sam was afraid to find out because he knew he would be somewhat disappointed if Michael didn’t want it. The kisses turned feathery, Michael looked into his eyes almost thoughtfully before smiling and rising from his lap and reaching for his hand.

”Shall we go to the bedroom?” Michael asked quietly and Sam could only nod. He let the younger man lead himself in the direction of the bedroom. When they stood next to the bed, they stopped and exchanged soft, calm kisses, that slowly filled with more desire. Michael broke away from the kiss first, looked into his eyes before slowly undressing Sam’s shirt and then his own, both of which ended up being cast carelessly onto the floor somewhere. Sam touched Michael’s cheek, the younger man closed his eyes, shivering with pleasure as Sam’s other hand moved on his bare back.

A golden cross hung around Michael’s neck, glistening against his olive toned skin, and Sam touched the jewelry gently, wondering if Michael still believed in God after everything bad that had been done to him or if the jewelry had a different meaning.

Sam planted a tender kiss to the younger man’s neck, who sighed softly as his hands slowly moved to open Sam’s pants. They looked into each other’s eyes again, Sam saw riddles and gentleness in Michael’s brown eyes, a man who woke more emotions in him than anyone else had succeeded waking before and he wanted to learn more, see more and he was sure to find only more qualities to love as their relationship would progress.

 Love, Sam paused at the thought, Michael kissed his lips again, his hand caressing Sam’s hardened member calmly, tenderly. Sam sighed with pleasure and as Michael parted from the kiss, undressed naked in front of him and looked into his eyes as he sat down on the bed, Sam felt both lust and tenderness towards the younger man.

He wanted to be affectionate, to worship Michael’s body with his touches and kisses, to feel him as close as he could. Sam undressed and sat down next to Michael, caressing his body as he had just imagined doing a moment ago. Sam brought his hand to Michael’s buttocks and looked at him questioningly, not daring to ask it out loud, but the other knew what he would have wanted to ask.

“I want you…” Michael whispered encouragingly, and Sam guided him to lay down on his back, caressed him with his hands and lips all over, tenderly, lovingly in a way that was new and welcome. Michael hadn’t felt the same kind of desire for a long time, it almost made him laugh and cry out of pure happiness, he had feared he wouldn’t be able to feel this way again. But Sam’s hands were skillful, and Michael felt no pain.

When Sam finally settled over him and pushed into him with calm determination, Michael groaned with pleasure. They made love, it wasn’t just sex, it was intimacy and pleasure, and they were one and equal.

Michael felt his orgasm surprising, intense and he would have liked to last longer. However, as they lay side by side after Sam came inside him and held him close, kissing his face and shoulder tenderly, Michael found the moment almost as perfect and enjoyable. He felt the semen flow slowly down his thigh but did not feel the kind of disgust he had felt in the past. Sam still looked at him as gently and appreciatively as before.

Sam smiled as he looked at Michael’s face, admiring his features, reddish lips and dark eyes framed by long dark eyelashes. He gently brushed his dark hair back with his fingers, planted a kiss to Michael’s forehead, he was sure of his feelings now, nothing like this he had experienced before, and all his previous relationships seemed insignificant compared to this that he got to share with Michael.

 “I love you, Michael Benjamin Wills.” Sam whispered and Michael looked at him in surprise, with such happiness that burst out in a soft, joyful spout of laughter

“I love you too, Sam Addison…” Michael whispered. ”Wentworth.” He added, gazing at him affectionately.

Sam decided to tell his parents about his relationship, he wondered how surprised they would be and how, especially his mother, would fall in love with how sweet Michael was. He also wondered how Michael would end up reacting, fully understanding the wealth of their family. It would be left to see.

Chapter 31 and plus chapter: Evan




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