28. New Silent

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Betad by: Charity

Chapter 28

Jean wasn’t always bad; he wasn’t always what he appeared to be that day. Michael remembered pieces of memories they had shared together, happy memories. Jean wasn’t bad, not completely, not truly, Michael had seen his good side. He remembered secrets shared on quiet evenings and Michael had always known there were more secrets on Jean’s part as well. Now, seeing the man like this… Those bleeding eyes and the vile smell of alcohol on his breath… There was a loud noise in the apartment, Eric’s voice was raised, Patrick was there, and Michael was looking at his clothes that had been spread all over the floor. He stuffed his clothes into his bag with trembling hands, Sam helped, and Jean quarreled loudly with Eric.

”Where are my pictures?” Michael finally dared to ask as he got up from the floor. Jean looked at him, with an evil smirk curving his lips.

“In the bedroom,” the man replied. Michael nodded slowly and walked towards the room, Jean immediately followed, Eric and Sam quickly behind him, Paul was in the living room with Patrick. “You’re going to regret this whore, I swear it…” Jean hissed and just before he got to the younger man Eric got a grip from him to prevent it. Jean cursed. ”Fuck, let go of me!” He shouted, but Eric just tightened his hold.

When Michael saw the pictures of his family and Tony, the pictures he had so carefully protected during all those horrible years, torn to pieces and spread across the bedroom floor, he burst into tears and Jean laughed. Sam looked at the man in disbelief, came beside Michael, and stroked his back comfortingly. Sam didn’t know what to say, the whole situation seemed somehow absurd and Jean in all his madness was scary. Michael took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and began assembling the pieces. They were soon alerted by Paul’s cry. Eric glanced over his shoulder worried and released his grip on Jean, to see if his partner needed help. Jean smiled unpleasantly and looked at Sam, who had stepped in front of Michael protectively.

 The sounds of Eric and Patrick’s bickering rang from the living room. “It won’t last,” Jean said in a low voice. Sam stared at the man tightly. ”You’re going to leave Michael alone after this, understand?” Michael got up after collecting the pieces of the pictures and looked over at Jean with sadness. Jean didn’t answer Sam, he held Michael’s gaze and tilted his head. “You’re very ungrateful Michael. You may still come to regret this.” Jean said. “I no longer have any obligations to you…” The man looked back at Samuel and smiled coldly. “Enjoy now while you can. Fuck him to fulfil your lust, that whore is good for that…” Michael saw how Sam’s neck got tense, the man was already raising his fist to Jean, but Michael placed his own hand gently on his arm to stop him.

“Let’s go,” he whispered. “Violence doesn’t solve anything, and he won’t listen to us now,” Sam’s shoulders relaxed, and he nodded. Michael was right, what could you even say to that lunatic? They came into the living room, where the atmosphere was at least as tense.

”I’m ready, are we leaving?” Michael asked and Eric nodded stiffly as Patrick grinned beside him. Jean sat on the couch looking back at his now former lover with such bitterness and hate in his eyes that Michael was certain that it wouldn’t be over this easy.

Patrick had attacked Paul in the living room, he had kissed him forcibly while groping him. Eric was furious, he hated Patrick and now his sympathy for Jean was starting to fade as well. “Michael, it’s best that you have someone with you on your journeys to work or when you get home. At least until we can be certain that Jean doesn’t try anything.” Eric said when they got out. Sam agreed, Jean clearly wasn’t going to let the relationship end so easily. ”Let’s look at your work schedule at home so I can try to match them with mine.” Sam said.

”And if Sam can’t arrange it, Paul or I will.” Eric said seriously and sighed when he saw Michael’s miserable look. “Taking walks alone will also have to end for a while, you understand?” Michael nodded, of course he understood, but he was more worried about Ricky than Jean. He knew what Jean had meant when he said that he no longer had obligations, Ricky could find him, Jean could even give the monster a clue where he was, now that Jean was this upset. ”Come now, cheer up, we’re all here to help you.” Eric smiled and hugged Michael. ”Do you need a ride home?”

“We can take the subway; we’re going in different directions after all.” Michael whispered and Sam nodded. ”Thank you for your help, though.”

”We’re glad to help, we’ll be in touch later and Sam, take good care of him!” Eric said with a stern voice and Michael was moved by Eric’s fatherly concern for him.

”Of course, I will. Thank you to you both!”

The journey home was quiet, Sam watched Michael anxiously, the situation was anything but easy. When they got home, Michael collected the pieces of the photos on the kitchen table, trying to see if the pieces could be combined. Sam looked at the other with sadness and decided to prepare them both a cup of tea. “Those pictures… they could be replaced with new ones…” Sam started cautiously and faced Michael’s confused look. ”In this situation, wouldn’t it be best to contact your parents?” Michael seemed to tense up; he shifted his gaze to the window. ”And about that man….” Sam hesitated, he knew the subject would bother Michael even more, but they had to talk. ”About Ricky?” Sam continued and noticed how Michael shuddered at the name, looking fearful. ”I’d like to know his full name.”

Michael shook his head and looked away. “Michael, I can see you’re terrified! I want to help you, but I need to know what or whom to protect you from.” Sam sighed with frustration. He walked to the table and sat across from Michael.

”What would you do with the information?” Michael finally whispered.

”I’d try to figure things out.”

”Too dangerous.”

“Michael, you said you were afraid that he would still try to find you. And now this situation with Jean…” Sam sighed. ”It would only be a hell of a lot better if I knew the name of the man who is such a great threat to you.” Sam reached over the table and grabbed Michael’s hand, glancing at the pieces of the pictures before bringing his gaze back to Michael’s face. ”Wouldn’t you want to see your family again one day?”

Michael was silent for a moment and swallowed. ”Richard Larkin….” He finally whispered. “He owns a big advertising company…” Michael pulled his hand away from Sam’s grip, feeling sick. ”He knows a lot of people… rich people and… influential… some of those men were cops… some lawyers… It’s terribly hard to trust anyone.”

Sam nodded quietly, memorizing the name, and decided to try to figure out the background to this. Maybe he could hire a private investigator? Sam pondered and at the same time came to think that Michael still didn’t know the whole truth about him. After all, wouldn’t this be the right time to tell?

”You said you used your mother’s maiden name?” Sam asked in a gentle tone and Michael nodded softly.

”So, we have it in common right now, because while I’m here, I’ve used my mother’s maiden name as well, which is Gray. It’s not my official last name.”

”Are you running away too?” Michael asked cautiously.

”Kind of….” Sam shrugged and smiled. He held out his hand. ”May I introduce myself?” Michael smiled in embarrassment and grabbed Samuel’s hand.

”Samuel Addison Wentworth, nice to meet you Michael Benjamin Wills.” Sam grinned at Michael’s confused look. ”Doesn’t my last name say anything to you?” Michael shook his head.

”Should it?” He asked, clearly confused about whether he should feel embarrassed that he didn’t know if it should. Sam laughed.

”I don’t think so.” The blond man replied, was silent for a moment and decided to leave the story of his wealth for a second time, it wasn’t relevant now and they had already had a hard day behind. ”Now, however, we’re properly introduced and can enjoy a nice cup of tea.” Sam said and got up.

** ^^ ** ​​^^ ** ​​^^ **

Jean sat on the couch staring at his whiskey glass, his head was aching, but he couldn’t stop drinking as he hoped it would numb the pain he felt in his chest. Michael had really left, and everything had seemed to happen so fast that it was hard to comprehend. Jean didn’t know what to do. He emptied his glass and refilled it.

”We should take revenge on that whore.” Patrick snarled and Jean looked up at his friend. Sure, revenge had been on his mind too, his mood was sifting, at times he felt such longing that he thought he was choking. Memories flowed in his consciousness as an endless stream, all about Michael; that first time in that apartment in New York, how shy Michael had seemed, how it had felt like to touch him…. Michael’s smile, the soft chord of his laughter, how it had felt to hold him against his chest and Michael had whispered how happy he was that Jean had saved him… When the sadness had slowly shifted, Jean had believed that he had finally won the younger man’s heart.

And now Michael was in the arms of another, the thought left Jean bitterly inconsolable, lonely even in the company of his friend. “I want him back,” Jean whispered. ”I just want him back.”

”That slut doesn’t deserve you.” Patrick said in a cold tone. “That whore deserves a lesson! A lesson of what such an ungrateful brat deserves!” When Jean didn’t answer, Patrick sat down next to him. ”Now think about how long he’s been cheating behind your back, after all you’ve done for him.”

”Yes,” Jean said. “I saved him and kept him safe…. Ricky could kill him; he must still be furious…”

”Then he would surely rejoice if he’d hear…”

Jean closed his eyes, different memories flashing in his mind, painful and dark, things he wouldn’t have liked to remember. Blood on a white sheet, that last choking sound before death, and there had been nothing beautiful about that death.

“I just want Michael back…” Jean whispered, trying to shut those horrid images away from his thoughts. If he could just somehow talk to Michael? Make him understand, no one else could protect him like he did, for no one else knew that monster better than him.

** ^^ ** ​​^^ ** ​​^^ **

Two days passed relatively calmly, Jean had tried to call Michael a few times and sent two messages, one asking him back, declaring his love to him. The other calling him nasty names when Michael hadn’t answered. Sam had walked Michael to work on both mornings and made sure he was there in time to pick him up.

Otherwise, no more than innocent touches had been exchanged. Not that there wouldn’t have been desire between them, however, Sam was unsure if Michael was ready to try a new relationship and Michael, in turn, did not know if Sam would feel the same interest again after hearing about his past.

Michael had partially taped his photos, but they still looked quite miserable, and it saddened him. He kept wondering what Sam had said and if he could contact his family. It was just difficult, since for years, he had considered the matter as something that would be impossible, and now he was frightened by the mere reflection. He feared that his parents would be angry or indifferent, disappointed, or that they would just not want to talk to him. He was afraid he would be rejected, and it would break his heart, now at least he could hold on to the idea that maybe they could still love him. Imagination felt safer than being disappointed with reality.

That night Michael wanted to prepare dinner for Sam, to thank him, the younger man had said, and Sam certainly had nothing against a good home cooked meal. They opened a bottle of red wine and Sam looked at him warmly as Michael chopped the ingredients for a salsa he was preparing. ”Can I help somehow?” Sam asked, moving closer, admiring how everything seemed to go so smoothly in Michael’s hands.

”No, just sit down, drink wine and relax!” Michael grinned, continuing his cooking with a smile.

”But what if I preferred to watch right here next to you?” Sam asked and their gazes met. Michael nodded, his smile suddenly seemed very shy, and Sam felt the spark of their closeness.

“You may do that too,” Michael replied, taking a spoon and scooping some salsa with it before offering it to Sam. “Taste,” he asked, and Sam parted his lips, making eye contact with the other.

“Mmm…” he muttered approvingly, and this time Michael’s cheeks flushed, that voice, and that look seemed to make his knees weak. “Delicious,” Sam whispered and licked his lips.

“I’m glad that you like…” Michael smiled, bit his lip and shifted his attention to cooking the meat. Sam’s intimacy suddenly felt exciting, and he found himself thinking… thoughts he hadn’t remembered thinking in years, Sam was so good to him, so pure… Michael didn’t know if he could earn such a man as his partner. Would Sam want him?

Sam carefully took a step closer, looked at Michael, examined his face while slowly lowering his hand to his waist. The younger man breathed but did not move and their eyes met, Sam looked at Michael questioningly for a moment and as he found the answer he leaned forward and planted a soft kiss to his lips. They smiled at each other and shared a new kiss. Sam laughed happily before stepping behind Michael, wrapping both arms around him and planting a new kiss to his temple.

“I was afraid it was too early for you,” Sam whispered. Michael was silent for a moment before turning his head to look at Samuel.

“I was afraid – you might not want me like this now that… you know…” Michael admitted.

“I want you, of course I want…” Sam whispered and touched Michael’s nose gently with his finger. ”I want to be yours… I want to keep you safe with me, like this.” Again, Sam hugged the smaller man against his chest and Michael felt warm throughout. The minced meat cooked in the pan and the dark-haired man smiled and moved it with the spatula.

“I’m yours…” Michael whispered and felt Samuel’s hands on his stomach, his hands moving softly under his shirt. Samuel kissed his neck and Michael sighed approvingly. He hoped he could stay in that moment, never leave Sam’s embrace, just stay there where it was warm and safe, for evil was lurking outside, waiting and wanting to get him back in its cold, painful hold. Michael never wanted to step back into that world, the mere thought frightened him to the core.

Michael trembled with pleasure as Samuel began to caress him more boldly, he felt the man’s erection against his behind, and the feeling was not at all unpleasant, it made him aroused as well. “The food will soon be spoiled…” Michael whispered and decided to save the situation by turning off the stove and moving the pan aside. They could reheat the meat in the microwave later. After placing the lid on the pan, Michael turned face to face with Samuel. “We can eat later, too,” he grinned before bringing his lips to Sam’s for a passionate kiss.

Sam’s thoughts seemed to blur, his hands landed on the young man’s firm buttocks, and he squeezed them gently. He felt incredibly aroused, new wet kisses that Michael seemed just as eager to respond to. ”Should we go to the bedroom?” The younger man finally suggested, and Sam looked at him with a smile.

“Yes, let’s…” Kissing, holding on to each other, they walked towards the bedroom. Michael opened the buttons on Sam’s shirt impatiently, gently pushed the other onto the bed, and climbed over him. Sam chuckled for the happiness he felt before they exchanged a new kiss. Michael sat over him with spread legs and took off his shirt. Sam looked at the younger man in admiration, how many times had he undressed him in his mind? And now… Imaginations had not done justice to the beauty of Michael’s body.

Their naked chests softly emerged together, soft fingertips running along Michael’s spine. One piece of clothing after another disappeared from over them and ended up carelessly on the floor. Michael lay on his back on the bed, Sam examining his body with his lips and hands. Michael trembled with pleasure as he felt the blond man’s warm lips on his penis, the heat that opened from his mouth taking him in. The hand caressed his testicles at the same time. Michael reached out to caress his blond hair, kept his eyes open and watched. Sam faced his gaze, seemed to grin with his eyes while taking him deeper in his mouth and Michael had never felt so good.

The orgasm made his whole being tremble, the moan fading from his lips and for a moment his eyes seemed to blur. Sam smiled, gently kissed Michael’s body before crawling back next to him. Sam gently stroked Michael’s hair, the other smiling with bliss.

“It felt really good,” Michael praised.

“Good… You taste good…” Sam grinned and felt his own cock jerk as it sought attention. Michael turned to his side, slid his hand along Sam’s chest to his stomach, and finally gently grabbed his erection. Michael felt the thick, stiff organ in his hands that radiated with heat. He crawled further down, pressed a kiss to it and watched it with interest.

With Jean, sex was often more of a duty that had to be performed at regular paces, and he hadn’t particularly felt willing, but now… The situation was different, he wanted Sam: He wanted to kiss and suck that gorgeous organ, he wanted to try and enjoy it. Michael surprised Samuel with his enthusiasm, and Sam was sure that he had never received such good oral sex before.

Afterwards, they lay in each other’s embrace happy and relaxed. Sam stroked Michael’s hair with a smile. “You’re gorgeous,” he whispered, and Michael looked up at him, grinning.

“So are you,” Michael said. ”I’m happy, Sam.”

”Good, I am too, so incredibly happy.” Sam kissed Michael’s forehead. He wondered how ecstatic Kitty would get after she’d heard that he was now officially dating Michael. Or how thrilled his mother would be to hear that he now lived with someone he was romantically involved with! At the same time, he became aware of Michael’s past and its problems, the fear that something bad would happen if the matter could not be resolved. How could they solve it?

Michael got up. ”I’m hungry, let’s take a shower and then eat?” He asked, picking up his clothes from the floor. Sam smiled and nodded, got up himself and followed Michael to the bathroom.

In the shower, they caressed each other, sharing small kisses. “Wentworth…” Michael whispered, leaning against the bathroom wall. Sam smiled lazily and looked into his chocolate brown eyes.

”So, Wills?” He asked, using Michael’s real last name hoping that Michael would soon understand that the right solution would be to contact his family and the police to tell them the whole nasty story.

”Why did you want to hide your true last name?” Michael asked.

“Hmm… To avoid gold diggers…” Sam replied and smiled a little when he saw Michael’s confused look. ”Wentworth is an old and wealthy family… Some know it… I’m wealthier than it looks.” Michael fell silent, he wasn’t sure what to think, he looked away in embarrassment. “I came here and took my mother’s maiden name because I wanted to live at least a moment like any other, do the work I enjoy and…” Sam shrugged. “Try a different kind of life. So far, I have liked it, I have never felt comfortable in those rigid circles…” Michael looked uncertain; he was still silent. “Hey, I hope you’re not going to abandon me now… because of this creepy secret…” Sam joked, and Michael glanced at him seriously. ”I would give up everything if you asked me to.” Sam continued with a smile.

“Don’t talk like that…” Michael sighed, stepped out of the shower and took a towel to dry himself with.

”What’s the matter?” Sam wondered, turning off the water tap.

”Am I just a joke to you?” Michael asked and Sam frowned.

”Where did that come from?”

Michael sighed and turned to look at the other. “Sam, if I’m just some kind of experiment, adventure or something for you… I hope you’ll be honest. I don’t know how much more I can take to be played with.”

“Michael, where on earth did you come up with that theory? I’m serious with you, I thought I already proved it?”

”And could you take me home in front of your parents?” Michael asked doubtfully. ”Knowing what you know?”

”That you were abducted at a young age, mistreated and then you escaped?”

“I was a whore…” Michael whispered.

”Stop that.” Sam came up to him and hugged Michael tightly before softly taking his face between his hands and looking at him with sadness. “You were raped. Your freedom was taken away, you never were a whore, no matter what Jean says. To me, you’re Michael Benjamin Wills, and my money shouldn’t matter, it doesn’t define me. I’m Sam and I’m insanely in love with Michael, I want to be with him and that’s all that matters.” He smiled as he saw Michael relax. ”I would be proud if I could introduce you to my parents, they will love you.” Michael smiled and leaned over to kiss Samuel.

”Should we go and eat now?” He asked and Sam nodded.

”Let’s go…”

Michael wanted to enjoy that moment, that happiness, to pretend even for a moment that everything could be fine, to drown into the idea that everything could be arranged. He didn’t really want to think of Sam’s wealth, he wanted to keep him as the kind of Sam he now knew, in a world where they were both ordinary, normal people who had found each other. Yet inwardly, he knew he was trying in vain to escape something that was inevitable, it was crazy to think that Jean had given up, crazy to imagine that he would never again face that monster from his past. Still, for a moment, that moment, he wanted to be crazy and believe.



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