Foolish games/Lapselliset leikit, character pictures

This is for you who enjoy seeing what characters might look like. I altered ”Misha’s” hair and eye color to make him more like what I see him. (but I do not have such great programs for it so…) Also adjusted ”Joni’s” eye color. I admit his character is the most difficult for me to find because well I’ve described him so eye-catching, you know 😉 But this guy’s face stayed with me, so I thought, okay, good enough, you’re ”hired,” at least for now. 😅

I do not own these pictures, these are random guys found from the internet, for them I’d like to say, thank you and I’m sorry for borrowing your pictures 😅

And ”Jami’s” hair and eye color have also been altered. Ivo and Chis got to stay as they were, heh.

What do you think? Would love to know!


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