20.So just


Jami felt like over the moon. After they had made up and gotten back together Ivo had started to pay more attention to him. It felt like they had gotten back to the relationship that they had shared in the beginning.

When he was cooking breakfast, Ivo could sneak up behind him and wrap his strong arms around him. The man would kiss his neck all over so that it made Jami snicker with excitement.

”It is of course wonderful and stuff that you’re back together… But… could you please try to tone it down, just for a bit?” Dima grumbled one morning when he walked into the kitchen, looking visibly exhausted.

”I’m sorry. I guess we should have kept it quieter last night.” Ivo grinned and Dima gave his brother a spiteful glare.

”Earplugs were my only salvation from receiving a lifetime trauma,” Dima concluded and Jami couldn’t help but blush from embarrassment. He offered an apologetic smile to the younger man before quickly turning his attention back on the task of frying eggs over the pan.

”Well now, you’re just exaggerating!” Ivo chuckled and couldn’t resist slapping his partner’s ass while passing him. A gesture that caused Jami to let out a rather unmanly shriek, quickly followed by Dima’s heavy sigh.

”Now I can see why Joni and Misha wanted their place,” Dima commented and poured a cup of coffee for himself.

”Hey, they were just as bad as us! Or maybe even worse!” Jami defended. ”And that bed of theirs made an afoul ragged,” Ha added just as Dima sat in front of the table.

Dima began to hum and brought his hands on his ears to show his opinion over the conversation. ”I don’t want to hear more!” He added and reached for the newspaper. ”Thank God I didn’t live here then.”

”You’re just jealous,” Ivo teased. He sat opposite his brother holding a coffee cup between his hands. Dima only gave him another spiteful glare.

Soon Jami served them both toast and eggs. Again Ivo couldn’t resist himself and pulled his partner onto his lap. ”My little wife serving here, looking so sexy…” Ivo whispered to Jami’s ear and made him giggle.

”I am not a wife!” Jami shrieked.

”Little hubby then… My sweetheart…” Ivo grinned. Dima gave the couple another poisonous stare before he folded the newspaper and picked it up to carry under his arm. Then he picked up his coffee cup and his plate.

”I think it’s best that I eat in my room before I start feeling sick.” He said.

”You should call that Eva or something. You are starting to remind me of Misha when he was your age, and that is worrying!” Ivo called after his brother who was already walking away. If Dima had one of his hands-frees he would have shown Ivo his middle finger.


After getting home from work on Saturday Joni met with Dima. They went to have an early dinner at a Chinese restaurant, which was located near the gym where Joni worked.

”I heard that Jami and Ivo made up?” Joni asked while they waited for their food to arrive.

”Hmh… they sure did.” Dima sighed and took a sip of his beer. Joni gazed at his friend with a questioning eye, caused by Dima’s tone of voice. ”Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for them, I am! But their make-up has led to very loud activity that I wouldn’t care to listen to while I’m trying to sleep. Imagine if you’d hear your dad and stepmom doing it, then you know how awkward it makes me feel.”

”Okay, thanks, I didn’t need these images in my head!” Joni frowned. ”I understand your pain. It’s awkward to hear other people having sex, especially those close to you.”

”True,” Dima nodded. ”So, the trip to New York draws closer?” He decided it was time to change the subject.

”Yes. We’re leaving on Christmas day.” Joni smiled. ”And return shortly after New Year. Then a week at home followed by a long weekend or a week at your Grandmother. It’s still uncertain how many days Misha can take off from work.”

”Others travel while others have to perish in long lectures.” Dima sighed.

”So you’re not coming to your grandma?”

”I have a couple of important classes that I don’t want to skip. I’ll travel to see her later in the spring. Perhaps at Easter.”

”Do you know if Ivo and Jami are coming?”

”Ivo talked about it, but I’m not completely certain,” Dima replied and smiled at the waitress who brought them their plates. ”Thank you.” He said and Joni thanked her as well.

”Have you still dated Eva?” Joni asked and tasted his food. Dima nodded, emptied his mouth, and took a sip of his beer before replying.

”We’re dating, but it’s not serious. I know she’d want more, but I’m not ready for a committed relationship yet… I guess I still remember all too well how it ended the last time with her. And also… It hasn’t been that long since things ended with Linda.”

”Do you still keep in contact with Linda?”

”We’ve spoken a few times over the phone…” Dima admitted and shrugged. ”It’s all a bit confusing… My studies take so much of my time now. I want to be successful and I know where I want to head as far as my future career is concerned. It’s the personal stuff and relationships that confuse me.”

”I understand and that’s why I feel bad to ask you this but…” Joni hesitated. Dima gave him a questioning look.

”You got my curiosity to wake up. Ask me what?”

”This may sound strange… But has Eva heard anything from that man, Aki, who she was dating before?”

”No, not that I know of… ” Dima replied with a confused tone. ”Why?”

”Did she know that he was in prison before?” Dima now looked so surprised that it was clear that he hadn’t known.

”She hasn’t said anything to me at least. How did you find out?”

”My cousin, Jyri,” Joni replied and took a sip of his water before he continued. Aki came to the gym about a week ago when I was working. He asked all kinds of questions about memberships and so forth and… Then Eljas suddenly rushed to the lobby and threw him out. I don’t like that guy, Aki I mean, he makes me feel uncomfortable, but the reaction from Eljas seemed kind of intense. There was something strange about it. I asked Jyri if he knew anything about it and though he couldn’t say what was going on between Eljas and Aki he said he knew Aki from before. He also knew that Aki had served his time in jail, something to do with drugs, selling them or something.”

”Oh…” Dima breathed. ”I wouldn’t have thought.” He added looking at his friend who ate slowly and nodded. ”Do you believe there’s something else?” Dima asked quietly.

”I don’t know.” Joni sighed. ”I think my imagination is just running wild, but… Jyri left so suddenly yesterday that..” Joni fell quiet and Dima gave his friend a thoughtful look.

”When was he released?” Dima asked and Joni shrugged.

”Jyri was surprised that he was already released, so it can’t be very long ago,” Joni replied and Dima thought he understood what worried Joni.

”I could ask if Eva knows something about it,” Dima promised and Joni nodded trying to give a carefree smile to his friend.

”Tell me that my imagination is just running wild and that I worry about silly things,” Joni asked and Dima offered him a soft smile.

”You worry about silly things.” He said although he couldn’t know if it was true. He hoped that it was, hoped that what Joni was probably thinking and what had come to his mind as well wasn’t true. Dima decided that he would try to meet with Eva that same weekend.


On Monday in the middle of his workday, Misha got a call from Jyri.

”Hey, can you meet with me today?” Jyri asked.

”Hm, sure. After work?” Misha suggested, confused over why Jyri wanted to meet with him all of a sudden. ”Is there something important?”

”Kind of,” Jyri admitted. ”It’s about Joni. Nothing to worry about, I just thought… Well, we can talk more when I see you. What time do you get off?”

”At five. Where do you want to meet?”

They scheduled a meeting at the same pub where Joni had often met with his cousin. Misha wasn’t sure what to expect and though Jyri had said there was nothing to worry about, what else could he have felt but worry?

Jyri was already there when Misha arrived. ”Want something to drink?” Jyri asked, sipping a beer himself.

”Do you think that I need a drink?” Misha questioned. ”I mean what kind of news are you going to tell me?”

”A beer might do you good.” Jyri nodded.

”I’ll be right back,” Misha said and went to the bar to order. When he returned he gave Jyri a worried look. ”What’s going on?”

”Joni would probably want to hear this first. But somehow I have the feeling that he might not tell you and… I think it’s better that you know in case there is something to worry about.”

”Don’t keep me in suspense.”

”I’m sorry.” Jyri apologized before he continued. ”Joni asked about a man that has dated your little brother’s ex-girlfriend a few months back…” Misha frowned at this. ”I know this sounds strange. Anyway, I understood that Joni has seen this man, Aki, a couple of times since they broke up. About a week ago Aki had visited the gym where Joni works and my friend Eljas had a pretty strong reaction when seeing him there.

I have known Aki since my youth. I remember him being kind of a strange guy. He sold drugs then and… he was into some pretty disturbing stuff, like torturing animals. I also heard rumors back then that he had sexually molested some teenager.” Jyri fell silent for a moment. ”I… I don’t know these rumors to be exact because I was a user then too. But one time I saw him talking to Joni when Joni was a child, no more than ten at the time. I had taken Joni with me to this place where I got my supplies. It was a horrible misjudgment on my part I know but…” Jyri rubbed his forehead while

Misha listened quietly, feeling the tension building.

”Where does this story lead to?” He asked anxiously and Jyri sighed.

”Aki was serving time in prison. In fact I thought he was still in jail when Joni asked me about him. Apparently he was arrested for participating in a drug related crime but the sentence was only around one year. Though I’m pretty sure that his actual participation would have served him a longer sentence. Anyway… Why I am telling you this is because Aki was held in the same prison where Chris was. And they were there at the same time for some months. Aki was released in the spring and shortly after he started dating your little brother’s ex.”

Misha stared at Jyri with disbelief for a moment before cursing silently. ”They’ve met there…” Misha mumbled and took a big gulp of his beer.

”It’s not for certain but not unlikely either. Joni will want to know this as well and he has every right to. He will probably get cross with me for telling you first but I thought…”

”Joni might not have told me.” Misha sighed and fell silent for a moment thinking about it. ”Listen, will you do me a favor? Tell Joni what you told me, but don’t tell him that I already know. I want to see if he shares this information with me.”

Jyri looked surprised. ”Are you sure that this is wise? He’ll get mad if he learns the truth.”

”He most likely will. But I will also know if Joni would keep something like this from me in the future. If he does, he could also keep silent if Chris would contact him.” Misha explained and when Jyri still gave him a doubtful look Misha decided to continue. ”I think he might do that because he wants to protect us closest to him from worry. I, on the other hand, worry that he will tell me when things have already gotten serious. For example, I heard about this conversation between you two for the first time.”

”Alright, if you think that it’s better.” Jyri resigned.

”One more question…” Misha started. ”That teenager that he was rumored to abuse, a boy or a girl?”

”A Boy…” Jyri replied in a regretful tone and Misha gritted his teeth.

”Of course…”


Joni was still troubled by the conversation with his cousin and what had made Jyri leave so suddenly. He wondered how he could ask about Aki from Eljas, something was off in the whole thing. The next morning Joni ran into Kasper at a coffee shop where he stopped by before his shift started.

Kasper sat alone by the window, a laptop in front of him. When Kasper spotted him in the queue, he smiled and waved softly at him. Joni answered the smile and waved his back to greet him. After getting his coffee Joni decided to approach the table.

”It’s been awhile, what a coincidence.” Joni took note. Kasper nodded and smiled before closing the cover of his laptop.

”It is! Would you like to take a seat?” Kasper asked with a hopeful tone and Joni quickly checked the time. He still had half an hour before he had to be at work. Also he thought he could ask what Kasper knew of Aki.

”Okay, I have a moment to spare.” Joni nodded and took a seat. ”How are you?”

”I’m alright, actually I’m waiting for Eva. We’re supposed to go shopping together.” Kasper saw the look on Joni’s face changing when he heard her name and Kasper chuckled softly. ”Don’t worry, I’m very early. We’re supposed to meet at eleven.” He explained with a smile. Joni smiled back at him. He’d already be at work by then and would most likely avoid meeting with Eva.

”Our chemistry just doesn’t seem to mix well.” Joni decided to comment. ”Although… I don’t know, I suppose I could try more. I know that Dima is seeing her again, though it’s not that serious yet… At least I got that impression from Dima.”

”No, I don’t think so either. Although I know Eva would wish it to be more serious. Dima seems to be quite busy?”

”He is. He takes his studies seriously.”

”So, you’re doing well?” Kasper asked with a smile.

”Yes, I’m on my way to work.”


”No, not this time. I work at a nearby gym. I’m also starting a trainer course next month. And how’s your studies going?”

”Fine, I was actually writing one school essay just now. I have a lecture this evening.”

”And then I came and interrupted you.” Joni said with an apologetic tone.

”You’re always a pleasant interruption, I assure you.” Kasper smiled in a way that for a moment made Joni feel uncomfortable.

”Um, by the way, has Eva heard from that man Aki that she dated before?” Joni then decided to change the subject.

”Not that I know of. How come?” Kasper asked.

”I don’t know if Eva knows, but apparently the man has been in prison before.” Kasper’s expression changed to disbelief.

”Are you serious?”

”My cousin told me. How did he seem to you?” Joni asked and Kasper brought his coffee cup to his lips, took a sip, looking thoughtful before setting it back down.

”There was something odd about him…” Kasper admitted. ”He was polite and all, but…” He shrugged and thought about it. ”I saw him at that show where you performed, the one Jami and his work partner organized. At first I thought that maybe he had followed Eva there, but he didn’t really seem to pay any attention to her… He sat close to the stage and I remember him playing with his phone. It looked like he was taking pictures or something.”

Joni looked at Kasper quietly, he had an uneasy feeling in his chest. ”I wonder why he was there.” He pondered out loud and Kasper shrugged his shoulders.

”I also caught a glimpse of him after the show had already ended.” Kasper confessed. ”My theory that he would have followed Eva didn’t really seem logical since he hasn’t contacted her even once after they broke up.” He continued and gave Joni a thoughtful look. ”What was his crime, do you know?”

”Drug related…” Joni answered and frowned. ”My cousin knows him from his youth, he used drugs then. Apparently I’ve met Aki as well when I was a child.”

”Do you know where he served his sentence and when he was released?” Kasper asked. He knew that Joni’s ex had been in jail for abusing him and wondered if it was possible that both men had been in the same prison at the same time. On the other hand the idea seemed absurd and even stranger when thinking about the coincidence that the man had started to date Eva. Although… Suddenly Kasper realized that Eva had met Aki on the same night that they had been at the same club with Joni.

His mind started connecting pieces that formed a rather troubling picture where Joni was concerned. And on the other hand he didn’t want to speak his own conclusions out loud just yet, because they could be nothing to cause concern.

”No, I don’t.” Joni shook his head. But as they looked at one another Kasper knew that Joni had gotten the same idea in his mind. Joni took another look at the time. ”I should get going now. But thank you for the chat.” He said with a small smile, clearly still troubled.

”Thank you, it was nice seeing you.” Kasper said.

”You too.”


Joni found it difficult to concentrate during his work shift. Different thoughts ran through his mind. Could it be that Chris and Aki had served time in the same prison, that they would have met and… What would that mean? Eljas was busy the whole day and there didn’t seem to appear any right moment to have a word with him. Joni didn’t even know how to bring the subject up.

Misha came to pick him up after his shift ended. ”I thought we could go somewhere to have dinner?” Misha suggested.

”I won’t say no to that idea, I’m starving.” Joni smiled.

”Anything particular that you’d like?”

”Not really…” Joni replied absentmindedly and Misha nodded, eyeing him, wondering what went through his mind. Wondering if Joni had already heard Jyri’s news. On the other hand he had parted with Jyri less than an hour ago so it was unlikely.

”How was your day?” Misha asked. ”Anything special happened?”

”Hm… Not really. It was okay.” Joni replied. ”And yours?” He returned the question. Sensing something off about his partner’s behavior

”Nothing special.” They ended up at a nearby Italian restaurant and made their order. Before their food had arrived Joni’s phone rang and he looked at the screen silently for a moment.

”You don’t mind if I take this, do you? I’ll be back in a moment.” Joni asked and Misha, who could guess who the caller was, shrugged and tried to smile.

”It’s fine.” He said. Joni thanked him, got up and walked towards the restrooms to speak. Misha noticed the slight agitation that began to rise to the surface. He was almost convinced that Joni would soon return, smile as though nothing was wrong and lie that the call had been from work or something like that.

He found himself playing nervously with his napkin. He sighed and took a sip of his water glass. He glanced at the other people in the half full restaurant. Could that man be helping Chris somehow? Did that make any sense? If they did work together then what were they up to? What did Chris want? Did Chris only seek a blind revenge or was there something else? Or maybe he was overreacting and the two had never met in prison? Still…

Joni returned, interrupting his wildly running thoughts. The younger man sat down and took a sip of water avoiding eye contact at first. Misha sighed.

”Who was it?” He asked and now Joni met with his gaze.

”Jyri.” He replied and at the same moment the waiter brought them their dishes. When the waiter had left Misha looked back at his boyfriend.

”What did he want?” He asked and Joni thought he sensed a slight tension from Misha’s voice. Joni didn’t reply straight away, he unfolded the napkin over his lap, frowned and thought for a moment.

”I don’t know how to tell you this.” He finally started and sighed heavily. ”I don’t know what I’m thinking, perhaps there is nothing to worry about and maybe all of it is just a coincidence.” He shrugged and Misha listened quietly, surprised that Joni seemed like he would be honest with him.

”So, okay here it goes… For a couple of times I’ve encountered a man that to my recent knowledge was convicted in the same prison at the same time as Chris.” Joni lowered his voice as if afraid that some outsider would hear him. ”This man has dated Eva in the spring, sells some insurances and well… My cousin knows him from years back, not closely but still and…”

”I have to confess that Jyri told me today.” Misha interrupted him and Joni gave him a confused look.


”Yes, I saw him after work.”

”And you didn’t say anything to me?” Joni asked with an upset tone. ”Why did he tell you first?”

”Well Jyri thought that I should know and if I’m honest I had my doubts if you’d share this with me so I wanted…”

”To test me.” Joni interrupted, looking more and more irritated.

”It wouldn’t be the first time that you keep something this important from me.” Misha said calmly and tasted his food. Joni looked at his partner feeling somewhat dumbfounded, he clicked his tongue and shook his head.

”Unbelievable…”He muttered. His appetite had disappeared. He felt annoyed.

”I’m happy that you told me.” Misha said observing him while he ate.

”So now you can trust me again?” Joni asked with a sarcastic tone, moving his fork around but without eating.

”Well, I assume that I can also trust that Chris hasn’t contacted you, at least not yet?”’

”Well, he certainly hasn’t!” Joni snapped and diverted his gaze from Misha to other people at the restaurant. There was a couple who gazed at each other with a completely mesmerized look on both of their faces, probably fresh love between them. Then there was a family of four and the mother tried desperately to get her small daughter around four or five to sit quietly with them. An older couple who barely spoke one word to each other, too concentrated on the food on their plates perhaps… Further in the distance four young women were taking pictures of each other while chatting and giggling happily.

”Don’t be angry.” Misha said. ”I just wanted to make sure that you’re safe. That I can keep you safe and that you tell me things like these.” He continued and looked at Joni and his plate of food from which he hadn’t eaten a single bite. ”Eat your dinner.”

”Don’t treat me like a small child! You’re behaving like I couldn’t take care of myself without you patronizing me!” Joni snapped before settling his fork down. He took his wallet and set some money on the table. ”I’m going home!”

”Joni, come on. Now you are just acting childish!” Misha sighed, keeping his voice down not to wake too much attention.

”I don’t care!” Joni said and took his jacket. ”Enjoy your dinner!”

Misha breathed deeply to calm his nerves and shook his head as he watched how his partner headed towards the front doors. Other diners had taken notice of this small scene and now have small curious glances towards him only to quickly divert their eyes when they noticed him looking back.

Misha felt annoyed, he tried to remain calm and continued eating as though nothing had happened. He didn’t feel like he had been in the wrong. Joni could just be so bloody stubborn at times and above all; childish! Besides, it was foolish to leave the expensive meal practically untouched on the table. After finishing his own dinner he asked for the waiter to bring him the check and to pack Joni’s dinner with him.

Joni arrived home; he was still vexed and frustrated. He felt a heavy lump in his chest, he pondered about the conversation with Kasper and what Jyri had told him. Even though Misha’s attitude irritated him, it wasn’t the main reason for his growing anxiety. What if Chris was involved with Aki? What if the silence from Chris was only misleading comfort and something bad was already on its way? Something he had no control over? What if Chris used Aki to have his revenge on him?

What could he do? The cops wouldn’t take him seriously if he’d go to them with a simple suspicion. They needed proof before they would take action. And he had no proof, only an uneasy feeling, a doubt. And perhaps he really was only imagining things?

Joni walked restlessly in the apartment until he went to the shower and changed. He crawled on the bed, hunger forgotten, dismissed in front of worry. He wouldn’t have wanted to think about it, wouldn’t have wanted to drown himself in these paranoid thoughts. Perhaps he was slowly losing his mind? Could he talk to Chris? Could he just talk to him and find out if he had any real reason to worry? For a moment the idea seemed to make sense and he was seriously considering if he should call Chris and they could have a sensible conversation and he would find that Chris was okay and perhaps he would even tell him that he had managed to move on with his life, perhaps with someone new?

Quite soon he changed his mind however. He pictured another more likely turn to the said conversation. Now even the idea of picking up the phone, making the call and hearing Chris’ voice made him shiver. Chris would be spiteful and cruel, the conversation would turn into insults and threats and would give Chris the idea that keeping contact with him was allowed since he had made the first step.

When Misha arrived home, the apartment was quiet and the only light was turned on in the hall. Joni’s jacket and shoes were however there, so at least it meant that he had arrived home safely. Misha undressed his outdoor clothes, still somewhat irritated by Joni’s behavior, which he found unreasonable.

”Are you still mad at me?” Misha called as he walked further in. He set the bag from the restaurant on the kitchen table before turning the lights on in the living room; Joni wasn’t there and he didn’t hear him reply. Misha turned towards the bedroom. The door was left ajar and in the darkness he could see Joni’s form curled on the bed. Misha sighed, walked closer before sitting on the edge of the bed. ”So you are?” He asked. Joni’s back was turned against him. The younger man moved slightly, without looking at him. Misha could hear Joni draw a shaky breath, followed by a small sniff. Misha realized that Joni had been crying and felt his irritation melt. He moved over the bed behind his boyfriend, touching his shoulder gently, planting a soft kiss on his neck. ”What’s wrong?”

”Nothing.” Joni whispered.

”You worry about Chris?” Misha asked. ”This whole deal with that Aki character?”

”How could I not worry?” Joni asked quietly and turned slowly to face Misha. The blond man brought his hand to stroke Joni’s hair tenderly. ”And… maybe I’m just being paranoid and all of this is only coincidental. I haven’t heard anything from Chris and in reality I’ve been constantly worried that sooner or later he’d try to contact me. I want to let go of that worry.”

”I know…” Misha said, moving his hand on his cheek. ”I worry too…” He admitted. ”We could try finding more about this Aki… Perhaps we should cancel our trip to New York and reschedule some other time for it?”

”What would that help?” Joni asked. ”You just wouldn’t want to go…” He guessed with a small smile. ”But I do. It will help take my mind elsewhere.”

”I guess I worry about safety.” Misha smiled back.

”If that man is any trouble, then I think we’re safer in New York than in Helsinki.” Joni pointed out and Misha gave him a thoughtful look.

”Perhaps you’re right.”

”And I don’t want this to spoil our plans.” Joni said and Misha was quiet for a moment before leaning over to kiss him.

”You must be hungry. I could warm up your dinner from the restaurant.” He suggested and the younger man smiled.

”Oh you brought it with you?”

”Would have been shame to waste, right?” Misha grinned and stole another kiss. ”Now come on brat, lets get you fed up. I like you better when you’ve eaten.” He chuckled.


Joni didn’t really want to start digging things deeper. He wanted to drown himself into some kind of self-deception, make himself believe that there was no real threat. He didn’t want to go over the subject with Misha more than they needed. Christmas was drawing close and he wanted to spend it with his family without worrying about something that might not even be worth worrying.

Misha had tried to get him to talk with Eljas about Aki and Joni had promised to do so, but only after their trip. Misha saw it better not to put too much pressure on Joni about it for now. Instead he would remain alert himself.

They spent Christmas Eve with Joni’s family and stayed over for the night. Their plane would leave on the evening of Christmas day and Asko had promised to drive them to the airport.

Christmas was spent calmly and relaxing. Katja’s cousin came over to play the role of Santa that evening. Sini was starting to be in the age where she no longer believed in Santa, or so she had claimed to her parents earlier. However, she seemed overwhelmed with joy when Santa did arrive and there didn’t seem to be any doubt on her part that Santa was in fact her relative. There was still that small girl who wanted to believe in the magic of Christmas.

Late that night as they were getting ready for bed, Joni decided to check his Facebook page while Misha was brushing his teeth. There was a message on the other file that was from people not on his contact list. Joni clicked it open and his heart skipped a beat when he realized that it was from Chris. ”Merry Christmas, Joni.” It said with all its simplicity. Nothing else. Joni stared at the phrase with disbelief while his heartbeat speeded up with nauseating feeling. What did this mean? How should he react? How could such a simple message cause such a strong reaction? The message had only been sent twenty minutes before. It was late afternoon in Canada. Joni closed the message window and his Ipad. He didn’t know what to think, he didn’t want to think.

Misha would want him to share this with him but at that moment Joni didn’t want to speak of it. He wanted to calm down, not to over interpret. But still, as he got undressed to his underwear he couldn’t help but to ponder how he should react to the message? Was it better to ignore it? Or should he reply and tell Chris to stop all kinds of messaging in the future? Or… If Chis was connected with Aki, could his response or the lack of it make some kind of difference on how it would play out?

Joni lay on the bed and pulled the cover on. He faced the wall to avoid conversation with Misha. He didn’t want his boyfriend to read the troubled thoughts from his face. He might speak of it tomorrow, or later, after he had time to progress it himself. After getting some idea on how he should handle this.

Web published: 5th of February 2019.

edited March 2022

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