18.Foolish Games

            -Jealousy- (part 2)

Joni had accepted the dinner invitation from Markus one weekend that they were both on leave. He wanted Chris to get to know his friend and see that there was nothing for him to worry about. It was at least what he hoped would happen.

But it was clear how little Chris wanted to go there, he had been whining the whole day about it and it was beginning to get tiresome to listen.

They got to the door, Chris already looking grumpy and Joni rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s behavior.

”Please remember to behave, otherwise you’ll be sleeping on the couch,” Joni sighed before ringing the doorbell. Chris glared at him but didn’t say anything.

Markus opened the door with a huge grin on his face.

”Come in come in,” he invited. ”Welcome to our humble home, really humble,” he smiled. Joni handed him a bottle of wine, before undressing his jacket.

”Thanks for having us and don’t worry, it’s not like we live in a mansion,” Joni grinned and watched as Lauri cautiously approached them.

”Hi,” the boy chirped and though Lauri was older than Joni and Markus, twenty-two, he looked younger, being a short and kind of skinny brunet with big innocent-looking blue eyes.

”You must be Lauri, nice to meet you,” Joni shook his hand smiling politely. The boy, a young man, Joni reminded, glared at him and muttered his greeting, almost seeming intimidated. ”And this is Chris, my boyfriend,” he introduced, and kind of lazily Chris reached to shake Lauri’s hand.

”Charmed…” He muttered, earning another glare from Joni.

”So are you hungry?” Lauri asked, his tone polite but his eyes revealing similar lack of interest like Chis’. ”The table is set,” he added smiling.


”Yeah come on guys, let’s eat, I’m starved!” Markus grinned, then glanced at Chris. ”So you’re a computer gay, I mean guy, weren’t you?” he asked and then laughed at his word mix-up.

Chris counted to ten silently following Joni; keeping an eye on his every move, every smile, and every word.

”Yes, computer guy and gay,” he answered as calmly as possible.

”So games and all that shit?” Markus asked, stopping in front of the table and gesturing for them to sit down.

”Yep.” Chris nodded feeling bored already, he sat down rearranging his fork and knife, and napkin. Joni sat down next to him and gave him another one of those looks with the message; behave.

”So, Lauri, what was it that you studied?” he asked, hoping to get a more relaxed atmosphere in the room.

”I study to become a nurse… but currently I’m doing civil service,” he explained, glancing at his boyfriend who for some reason was snickering to himself while serving the food to them.

”Oh yes, Markus did mention something like that,” Joni smiled exchanging a discreet look with his friend that vexed Chris.

”Did I?” Markus grinned, clearly they had some private joke between them that bothered both Chris and Lauri, by the looks of him.

Chris cleared his throat, glaring at Markus.

”And what do you do?”

”Oh just army for now, then probably go back to my work at the warehouse,” Markus answered, setting the portions of chicken and rice on each plate. ”Wine or beer? You look like a beer man Chris,” he teased.

”Wine with the food, thank you,” Chris answered not wanting to give Markus any satisfaction of being right.

”Sure, Joni?”

”Wine will do,” he nodded.

”So, civil service? Political view?” Chris asked Lauri, once Markus had also sat in front of the table.

”I don’t like guns,” Lauri answered, slicing up his chicken, ”or violent, senseless wars where innocent people are being killed. The world would be a better place without guns.”

Markus glanced at him, ”well it is a fine idea dear, but you know it’s not possible. We need to have an army to defend ourselves.” He sighed then looked at Chris and Joni, ”this is the one subject we highly disagree on.”

”I think it could be possible,” Lauri muttered.

”And yet it isn’t, not unless by some miracle all nations suddenly have some happy pills to stop all evil thoughts, world leaders stop craving more power, or suddenly everybody abandons religion, face it Lauri; not everyone thinks like you,” he continued when it was clear on everyone that he was pouting, ”not everyone is so sweet-natured I mean… Let’s not start this again; we have company.”

”Hm, this chicken tastes delicious,” Joni smiled, breaking the awkward silence that had followed.

”Lauri cooked it, I’d be happy to eat his food more often,” Markus smiled at his boyfriend, who was now avoiding his gaze. ”Not looking forward to that forest camp,” he added with uncomfortable laughter.

”Oh me neither! Gods I’m so tired of that model shit, tired of the Mr. Finland comments; I mean come on, I’m in better shape than half of the limp dicks there and it pisses me off how they’re all on my case, especially that Sergeant Koivu, fucking dickhead.”

Markus laughed, ”I think he has a crush on you… Annoys him to have such a pretty gay boy there threatening his peace of mind. I bet he’s having a hard-on using his superiority on you,” he grinned.

”Ew! Don’t want to think of that! Thanks a lot, Markus,” Joni shook his head, chuckling.

”Imagine him there masturbating his little, thin, hairy dick inside his sleeping bag thinking of you and…”

”Stop! Seriously,” Joni took a sip of his wine, ”I’m about to lose my appetite here.”

”Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

Chris glared at the pair, ”is this man harassing Joni?” he asked. ”Who is he?” His eyes narrowed, ”why didn’t you tell me?”

”Relax Chris, Markus is just teasing. It’s the same guy I’ve complained about before,” Joni assured with a smile. ”Just someone who needs someone to pick on, and this time it happened to be me. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that I couldn’t handle.” 

”Yeah nothing to worry about Chris, Joni is a big boy,” Markus grinned, getting a beer for himself.

”Anyway, how have you liked Finland so far Chris? I understand you haven’t lived here that long yet,” he asked, then sat down.

Chris played with his glass. ”Almost six months already,” he answered, then glanced at Joni. ”It’s been okay, but I can’t wait to have Joni back home permanently,” He smiled and Joni smiled back at him softly.

”I know it feels long now, but I’m sure that the time goes by faster than you think.” Joni touched his hand under the table, which instantly made him feel better.


The evening continued, more drinking, Joni and Markus were in a cheerful mood talking and raising their glasses, getting drunker by the minute until they both came up with the idea of wanting to go clubbing to celebrate their short couple of days of freedom.

Lauri and Chris, both soberer and slightly annoyed by the close friendship that the two seemed to have, reluctantly gave in, knowing that otherwise, they would go without them.

As soon as they arrived at the club Joni and Markus went to get drinks and when back at the table they would at times forget to talk in English which annoyed Chris even more. They were too close, Joni was flirting… Markus seemed to be hitting on him, looking at him in that certain way, not even paying much attention to his boyfriend, and with each passing moment, Chris disliked the guy even more. The final straw was when the two went dancing together; Chris was steaming.


Finally, Chris was able to persuade Joni to leave for home with him, though he had been reluctant.

”I don’t get why we had to leave so early, I was having fun,” Joni pouted in the taxi.

”’Cause I’m pissed at him for groping you!” Chris glared at him, Joni rolled his eyes and waved his hand dismissively.

”We were just dancing, gods give it a rest,” he said and when the taxi stopped in front of their building Joni got out of the car.  Chris could pay for the ride since he had insisted on them leaving early.  

It didn’t take long for Chris to follow him. Joni heard the car door slam shut, heard the taxi driving off, and the hurried steps behind him. 

”Oh it didn’t look like dancing, it looked like snogging,” Chris hissed, grasping his elbow rather forcefully before dragging him to their building. Angrily Joni withdrew his arm from the hold and hurried to the elevator where Chris followed with angry steps. 

”You’re delusional!” Joni snapped and pressed the button to their floor, ”we were just dancing, alright?”

”Dancing, just dancing? Then why are you defending yourself so much?” Chris glared at him and Joni rolled his eyes huffing. 

”Jesus,” Joni folded his arms.  ”Defending myself?” he asked, cocking his brow at his boyfriend whose gaze was filled with rage.

”Yes!” Chris snapped, narrowing his eyes at him. Joni looked away and clicked his tongue, feeling relieved when the elevator stopped and he got away from the too narrow space. He searched for his keys, Chris close behind him.

”I don’t understand what you’re going on about,” Joni sighed with a calmer voice than he felt. ”It really was just dancing, only dancing, with my friend.” He said undressing his coat, hearing Chris’s heavy breathing behind him.

Chris threw his jacket away on the floor before grasping his arm harshly once more and turning him to face himself. ”Friends my ass!” he growled. ”I saw the way you looked at each other!” he hissed close to his face and Joni felt the unpleasant feeling in his gut. 

”We are just friends, Chris, let go of my arm,” Joni pulled himself free. ”And I don’t like you talking to me like this!”  he hissed before heading to the kitchen. He got to the fridge and got himself a beer, only to have it knocked out of his hand by Chris.

”I don’t care if you fucking like it or not! You will listen to me! I don’t like him, I don’t want you hanging out with him.”

”Nothing happened!” Joni screamed back at him, ”he is my friend and you are not going to tell me who I can meet! He has a boyfriend and I’m with you. So we danced together, so we like each other’s company?! It doesn’t mean I’d cheat on you with him! It isn’t a crime to dance with someone else!” Joni shouted walking past him. Chris stopped him, once again taking a hold of his arm, turning him to face him.

”Well he doesn’t look like he cares about his boyfriend that much,” he pointed out. ”Not the way I care about you!”

Joni looked deep into his eyes.

”Then calm down, I haven’t done anything wrong and I don’t deserve being shouted at like this.”

”I don’t want you doing that again,” Chris stated more calmly.”I don’t like the way he looks at you, I don’t trust him.”

Joni tried to calm down.

”I’m asking you to trust me, Chris, you have to trust me when I say that I am not interested in Markus, not in the way you fear.” He touched his cheek, ”if you can’t trust me, then how can we work?”

Chris lowered his hand down on his and finally nodded.

”I love you…. but it’s difficult for me to watch when you flirt so much and you do, you did tonight.”

”If it looked that way, I’m sorry… but you also have to calm down your temper, okay, can you do that Chris?”

”I’ll try,” Chris promised and leaned closer to steal his lips in a kiss.


Nine months after starting the army Joni was released and his immediate plan was to go to night school to finish his high school and continue modeling while looking into other options, at the same time Chris’ jealousy started to bother him, what had been cute a year earlier started to take frustrating turns.

That day Joni had felt bored, having spent enough time studying at home, Chris making long hours at work, and he had decided to invite Markus over for coffee. After the unsuccessful evening get-together at Spring, Joni knew well that Chris didn’t like him hanging out with Markus, but wouldn’t let it come in between their friendship. Besides, when Chris wasn’t at home he saw no reason not to invite his friend.

They sat in the kitchen just talking, catching up on things, and laughing at each other’s jokes and as usual, there was a certain flirty kind of tone in their conversation but they didn’t test the lines any further.

”Is Chris still jealous of our friendship?” Markus  finally asked after they had talked about other things.

”Yes,” Joni sighed, ”and Lauri?”

”Oh yes…. he starts to pout every time he hears your name, I’m getting tired of it,” he admitted.

”I know what you mean; it gets old fast,” Joni nodded and at that exact moment he heard the key turning in the front door, and moments later the heavy door opened making Joni glance at the time; only three pm.

”Hi, I’m home!” Chris called; he had been able to finish earlier and now would have all weekend free. On his way home he had stopped to pick up some wine wanting to spend a relaxing romantic weekend alone with Joni. He placed his shopping on the floor before kicking his shoes off and undressing his coat.

Joni gave Markus a look that almost seemed worried, before he excused himself and walked towards the hall, holding his coffee cup between his hands. ”Hi,” He smiled carefully leaning against the wall, ”you got home early? Want some coffee?”

Chris smiled back at him, but then, putting his jacket on the coat rack he noticed one that didn’t belong to either him or Joni.

”Whose jacket is that?” he gritted his teeth glaring at Joni.

Joni glanced towards the jacket, then at Chris.

”It’s Markus’, I invited him for coffee,” Joni explained calmly, ”I was bored.”

”Bored? You were bored and you had to bring that son of a bitch?”

Markus walked out of the kitchen and towards them.

”Hey calm down man,” he said, frowning and glancing at Joni who seemed just as surprised as he was by Chris’ language.

Chris walked towards him and grasped his shirt.

”Shut the fuck up! What the fuck were you thinking? What, your boyfriend’s ass is not enough to fuck? You need another one?!”

Joni looked at Chris in disbelief, okay he had been jealous but this took it to another level.

”Chris, let him go now! He hasn’t done anything; he’s my friend for fucks sake! He just came in to have coffee with me, nothing else!”

”Just coffee?” Chris hissed, ”then why behind my back? Why when I’m not home and don’t know about it?” He let go of Markus as if disgusted and then turned to Joni, ” I fucking told you what I think about you and him!”

Joni narrowed his eyes, his lips tightening while looking at him; it was humiliating to be screamed at like this while Markus was there, he didn’t like it one bit.

”What the fuck do you think Chris, am I supposed to call you each fucking time if I want to invite my friends over?”

”Exactly… I have no fucking secrets from you and I expect the same!”

Markus, who started to feel uncomfortable caught in the middle of their fight moved towards the door.

”I should go…” He muttered reaching for his jacket.

”God, you’re being so ridiculous Chris!” Joni snapped. ”Can you honestly tell me you would call me every time you want to invite someone over?”

”Of course, I fucking would!” Chris shouted. ”Unfortunately, all my friends are in fucking Canada, because I moved here, FOR YOU!”

Joni hated when Chris pulled out that card, he had to bite his tongue not to say something he would end up regretting, besides he felt embarrassed for his friend.

”Sori Markus, soitan sulle myöhemmin, jooko?” Joni muttered looking at his friend.

Chris snarled, ”that was fucking low!” Markus hurried to take his jacket and shoes before rushing away, ”fucking coward!” Chris shouted at the boy slamming the door behind him.

Joni was sure the whole neighborhood could hear him.

”What the fuck is the matter with you, Chris?! You’re acting like a five-year-old! I’m sick of you overreacting!”

”Oh am I? I don’t like your chats with him,” he turned and glared at Joni.

”Yes, I can see that! But he’s my friend, so you will just have to deal with it.”

”Then change your friend to someone who doesn’t want to fuck you!”

Joni sighed, tired, ”you’re overreacting, stop trying to control everything I do! He didn’t fuck me, alright? Try to have some faith in me!” He glared at him for a while before turning back to the kitchen, where he lowered his coffee cup down and turned the machine off.

”Oh, he didn’t? Good,” Chris walked closer to Joni and turned him around. ”Good, because I don’t want anyone else to fuck you beside me.”

Joni looked at him silently for a moment. 

”Next time I have a friend over, don’t you dare to start shouting at them the way you just did,” Joni warned.

”And next time you have a friend over, tell me,” Chris requested, leaning closer.

To Joni, it sounded idiotic and made him feel like a child.

”What if one of my friends decides to pay me an unexpected visit, am I to call you even then?”

Chris rose his brows, ”yes, unless it’s a chick.” 

Joni felt his breathing getting tense, trying to control himself; seriously did other couples have a rule like this? – He doubted.

”What about Dima? What about my other straight friends?” he asked tensely.

”Don’t test me…” Chris hissed.

”I’m sorry but it sounds silly to me, I mean come on Chris!” Joni folded his arms over his chest, leaning against the counter.

”I just don’t like it,” Chris tried to calm down. ”Look, I care for you and I don’t like when guys are staring at your ass.” He moved closer to his ear, ”it’s my ass and only I can fuck it.”

”Possessive, are we?” Joni rolled his eyes then looked at him and tried to calm down as well, ”of course, I care about you as well, I’m with you, aren’t I? Just… You have to trust me!” He looked at him carefully, ”you have to learn to control your jealousy, and you can’t go around shouting at people like that.”

”Maybe,” Chris nodded.

”Okay, so no more shouting?” Joni asked, his eyes fixed on his.

”No more shouting,” Chris promised with a whisper.

”Good,” Joni sighed and leaned to kiss his cheek carefully. He was too tired to fight and would rather spend a relaxing weekend with Chris.

Chris smirked and wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed him. Joni answered the kiss, but still felt slightly taken aback by Chris’ jealousy.

Chris pushed him more firmly against the counter, deepening the kiss, and nibbling at his lower lip while lifting his shirt up.

Joni moaned softly, batting in his mind over the fact if he should give in or not after the fight, his hands traveled to Chris’ shirt, gripping the fabric. Chris’ breathing had turned hard, he lifted Joni to sit on the counter, ripping his shirt open, kissing his shoulder and neck hungrily, biting, sucking, wanting to mark him as his.

Joni tried to pull away,

”Chris; I’ve told you no marks!” He sighed frustrated, they had had this conversation too many times already. His agent was losing patience because he didn’t seem to keep control of his boyfriend’s desire of bruising his skin with love bites; they weren’t easy to cover.

Chris narrowed his eyes, looking at him, clearly pouting at the matter but he said nothing, just undid his pants and Joni knew he had already managed to make a small one on his neck, he could only hope that there wouldn’t be anymore. Sighing he leaned closer to kiss his cheek, hands caressing his shoulders.

”You have no reason to be jealous…” he whispered, making Chris look up into his eyes and lean closer to steal his lips into a kiss.

”I want to fuck you, right here,” Chris whispered into his ear, lifting his hips to get rid of pants and underwear.

”I know,” Joni whispered, ”the oil is in the same closet with the flour,” he added.

Chris smirked. ”You are mine, remember that,” he whispered, turning him around, bending him over the counter.

Joni turned his face towards him, hands resting flatly against the counter; he glanced towards the cabinet where the oil was, and then at Chris who was happily caressing his butt.

”No marks?” He asked, ”how about here?” and before Joni could react Chris was already biting his thigh, making him yelp, feeling his dry finger nudging against his hole slowly trying to make its way in.

”Use the damn oil!” Joni snapped.

Chris felt annoyed, and glared at him but then got the bottle, smearing it on Joni’s ass.

”Happy?” He asked pushing two fingers inside harshly, making Joni cry out softly.

”Easier…” He reminded him knowing Chris was in this mood again and it was soon confirmed as the man leaned over his back, licking the nape of his neck, his fingers working inside of him, thrusting in and out and wriggling mercilessly.

It was rather painful, but Joni couldn’t move when his weight was pinning him down.

”Chris,” he whimpered.

”Yeah?” Chris whispered, adding a third finger, tired of handling Joni with kid’s gloves, he stretched him wide, his other hand undoing his pants and pulling his hard cock out.

”Slower,” Joni asked, ”it hurts slightly,” he turned his face to again look at him.

”You’re so fucking girlish sometimes,” Chris whispered, ”but I can prep you more if you want.” He pushed a fourth finger in, twisting Joni’s arm behind his back, pinning him down to prevent him from escaping now.

Joni screamed, by instinct trying to move farther only to have his hip bones press painfully against the edge, tears filling his eyes.

”Not ready yet?” Chris asked, turning his fingers and aiming at that spot he knew well by now where to find.

Joni gasped at the sudden feeling of pleasure, making the pain more tolerable, he couldn’t help but moan, not a single sensible word making out.

Chris kept massaging that spot smirking down at him. ”You like that don’t you? Being spread wide and fucked hard?”

Joni’s body relaxed slightly, vision getting foggy, panting as the pleasure kept growing, almost making him feel like he could pass out from it. ”nnh… Chris…”

”Yes? I’m listening, tell me what you want?” He licked his ear, listened to Joni’s pants and moans,


Chris smirked happily and pulled his fingers out, ”and you will get just that.” He said before taking a hold of his hips, aiming his cock against his anus and thrusting into the hilt not even waiting for Joni to adjust; he was already spread so nicely so Chris started rimming into him madly.

Joni close his eyes, groaning, his hips kept hitting painfully against the counter, and the rough manner in which he was being fucked started hurting again, softening his erection.

”You’re… fucking mine!” Chris hissed in his ear, ”Say you’re mine or I’ll fuck you ’till you bleed.”

Sometimes Chris’ possessiveness scared him and made him feel uneasy like now.

”I’m yours,” Joni panted out, at the moment just wanting Chris to finish up fast.

Chris answered with a growl, speeding up, ”then fucking remember that!”

Joni bit his lip, this felt weird, and wrong somehow; Chris had never before been this rough. However he tried to push his hips up to meet with Chris’ thrusts; to make him come faster, he felt quite sore by now and couldn’t help but to whimper beneath him.

”C-chris,” he moaned out, knowing how he loved when he breathed out his name during sex.

Chris’s hand let go of Joni’s hip and gripped his hair instead,

”Yeah Joni… you…fucking good,” Chris gave him a couple of more firm deep thrusts before burying himself deep within his body, filling him up with his seed.

Joni tried to collect his breathing, he felt exhausted, Chris let go of his hair and arm and withdrew from him. ”Wonderful,” he whispered in Joni’s ear and kissed his neck, ”Joni, you came?”

Joni almost laughed bitterly at the question but held himself down, he wasn’t sure what to think now.

”No,” He finally replied, pulling himself up. ”It’s okay… I think I’ll just take a shower and get some rest.”

”No,” Chris said, turning him around and grasping his organ, stroking it gently. ”I want you to come.”

Joni tried to take a more comfortable position, feeling his insides still throbbing as if Chris’s length was still buried in him. He moaned softly when Chris’s touch started to feel good.

”Good boy,” Chris grinned, kneeling between his spread legs, taking him into his mouth, sucking gently while his hand slowly massaged his balls.

Joni closed his eyes, the one hand taking support on the counter, while the other went to Chris’s hair, he could feel it as the oil and sperm started to leak from his opening, and he bit his lips.

”Going to make a mess…” He whispered,

”I like it,” Chris smirked, licking his cock, looking up to his face, teasing his finger around the leaking hole. ”When my cum is leaking from inside your cute little ass, it almost makes me hard again.”

”Well… just to let you know… won’t be going in there again today… too sore.” Joni grinned eyes closing, focusing on the feeling of Chris’ lips around his member.

Chris merely grinned around his cock; if he wanted he knew how to push Joni into the right direction, knew just what strings to pull, sore ass or not…

Chris knew how to do this, the warmth of his mouth around him felt maddening, pleasure growing intense, Joni started thrusting his hips forward, Chris’ mouth, for a moment able to forget the pain.

”Nhh… close,” He warned and Chris only started sucking him harder and pretty soon he felt Joni’s cum fill his mouth, the lean body trembling before him, Joni cursing quietly in pleasure. Chris swallowed everything he could, licking his lips and looking up with a smirk.

”Wasn’t that bad, was it dear?” He asked, getting up and kissing him on the lips. Joni looked at him carefully.

”Next time; be more gentle, okay?” He asked,

”Of course, I promise,” Chris smiled and kissed him again. ”Let’s go and shower, then I’ll make some dinner, you can rest.”

Joni nodded carefully, sometimes Chris confused him, his rough and gentle side mixing, changing so suddenly, however, he gave him a small smile back.

”Thank you,” he whispered. ”I don’t want to see another jealousy fit like that again, Chris.” He decided to add to which Chris only smiled.

”And you won’t, dear, not if you don’t give me another reason for me,” he whispered and gently kissed the tip of his nose.

         Web published: February 13th, 2009. (edited May 2022)

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