17.Foolish Games

-Sweet eighteen-

Chapter 17

Time went by slowly, when you were waiting for something or someone. As crazy as their situation and distance was, they had agreed to try and make it work, not to plan too much, but be with each other, and belong to one another.

It had seemed like a natural step to take after the time Joni had spent in Canada with Chris, getting closer and more familiar with each other. Chris had even taken him to see one of his boxing matches, in Joni’s eyes it had been hot and brutal at the same time, Chris’ strength excited him, to see him fighting had been both fascinating and slightly unnerving; he had a different look then, but of course it was natural that he would, also if possible boxing seemed to increase how horny Chris was after, it was…. different, but not different in a way that would have made Joni dislike it…


It was late June when Chris’ holiday started and he was able to travel to Finland to spend the summer with Joni. The rest of Joni’s family were going to a cabin and after a little consideration Asko decided to allow the two of them to stay home, after all Joni was indeed turning 18 and there was nothing he could do about it. Chris seemed sensible enough and to be honest Asko was rather impressed that even after 6 months the two were still together. Chris seemed to do some good for Joni; as long as they had a relationship Joni wouldn’t go and … well, do foolish things with strangers….

Joni was excited with arranging his 18th birthday, another thing that made Asko see Chris’ presence as something positive; that there would be someone adult enough to make sure that the kids didn’t go too wild.

The party was on the evening of the day they would leave, Asko was packing the car that morning clearly sensing how eager his first born was to get them out of the house.

”Can I help you?” Chris asked walking to him outside, Asko smiled.

”If you can help me carry our luggage into the trunk I’d appreciate it.”

”Sure,” Chris smiled back and followed Asko into the house.

”Dad, where are all the bowls?” Joni asked once they were in,

”Bowls?” Asko raised his eyebrow, which caused his son to roll his eyes,

”I need a bowl to make punch,”

”Ah…” Asko nodded, picking up the luggage from the floor, ”did you look at the top cabinets?”

”Of course I did, but aren’t there any bigger ones? I know I’ve seen bigger,”

Chris gave Joni an amused look, whose expression was more or less serious, he had no idea what they were talking about but knew that it had to be something related to his party.

”Well… I can look in the cellar, once we get this done, okay?” Asko sighed.

”Okay!” Joni smiled and hurried back to the kitchen.

”He’s really taking this seriously,” Asko sighed, glancing at Chris while they were walking to the car.

”18, it’s a big deal, he thinks he’s so old and grown up now,” Chris grinned, ”it’s cute.”

Asko nodded with an amused smile,

”Old indeed… Well, reality will hit him sooner or later.” He placed the luggage into the trunk, arranging them carefully. ”Can you watch out for him? Make sure he won’t drink too much and that…”

”…That no one will trash the place,” Chris finished for him with a grin, ”sure I can, of course I will.”

”Thank you, Chris.”

”You’ll just enjoy your holiday, we’ll be fine here.” Chris assured, the man gave him a smile more relaxed than the previous one had been.

”Well, I can be honest; I feel better leaving him when I know that you’re with him…. And in the meantime…” He sighed looking into the trunk, ”…one could imagine that my dear wife is planning that we’re going to move up there, how on earth can I make all this stuff fit in here?”

After the family had left Chris followed Joni in the kitchen, watching him as he was fussing around, arranging snacks, making punch, making more room in the fridge to fit people’s drinks in. Chris smiled, walked closer and wrapped his arms around him,

”Mmh… you look so hot tonight,” he breathed in his ear, making Joni grin,

”You say that every night,” He chuckled happily,

”Yes, because it’s true…” Chris smiled. Joni turned his head and kissed him softly.

”Thank you.”

”So, tell me again, how many people are we expecting here?” Chris asked,

”Hm, at least 20 said they would show up, but I dunno, could be something between 30 or 40?”

Chris sighed, he had hoped for a smaller crowd, over 30 teenagers; what a headache.

”And… where do you know these people from?” He asked carefully, deciding to taste the punch that Joni had made, ”could use more lemonade by the way,” he took note of the strong taste.

”What? It has to be strong; my 18th birthday won’t be some juice and cookie party.” Joni nodded, making Chris roll his eyes amusedly.

”I see…”

”Ah and mostly they are my old school friends, then some of my model friends.” Joni smiled at him.

”Teenagers?” Chris tried not to sound too worried. Joni laughed.

”Oh don’t look so worried, there will be some old guys like you,” he snickered.

”Old, huh?”

”I’m just teasing you Chris…” Joni said and poked his arm playfully, ”but now I gotta go and change!” He noticed after checking the time, and before Chris could respond, Joni was already hurrying upstairs.


Dima was one of the first to arrive, with his new girlfriend of three months; Linda. Joni had gotten to know the 19 year old girl through modeling, having been at one fashion show with her. Linda was kind, beautiful and with a great sense of humor. Talking with her had made him think of Dima and how perfectly their personalities would compliment each other and so his first time as an amour had worked out perfectly, which he took great pride in. Linda was a breath of fresh air compared to Eva, who incidentally had later on confessed to Dima that her decision to break up had been too hasty. There was little however that she could do about it now.

He wanted the two to get to know Chris better as well. Linda spoke English well enough and so did Dima and Joni counted on them to keep Chris company if or rather when he would be busy with his other guests.

”Happy birthday, welcome to adulthood,” Dima grinned, stepping in with Linda and handing him a bottle of Russian vodka; ”that’s from Ivo,” Dima explained seeing Joni’s surprised expression.

Ivo… Joni wondered if the gesture of giving him vodka was supposed to imply something else, because instantly it had made him think of Misha.

”Thanks,” Joni took the bottle, smiling slightly.

”And this is from us,” Dima added with a faint blush on his cheeks while handing him a gift basket.

”It’s a survival packet for turning 18,” Linda grinned. ”More for your and Chris’ enjoyment, Dima was blushing the whole time when we were shopping for some of the things, so you can guess what you may find.” She giggled after, while Dima scratched his head, looking away and muttering something that Joni couldn’t quite make out.

”Oukey…” Joni laughed, and looked over at Chris, ”here, present for us,” he said, giving the basket over to him, ”we can look into it later.”

”Nice to meet you Chris, I’m Linda.” The girl shook his hand.

”Nice to meet you as well.” Chris smiled.

”Oh, there was a card as well.” Dima suddenly remembered, looking a bit lost, ”I-where did I put it?”

”I have it Dima,” Linda interrupted with a small giggle, handing him the said card. ”Remember, you asked me to hold it?”

”Ah yes!” Dima grinned and the card was passed on to Joni.

Joni read the card as Dima and Linda were undressing their coats.

He grinned at Ivo’s warning of being careful with the vodka and tips for adulthood in his usual humoristic style. But his grin soon faded with the surprise of seeing even Misha’s congratulations for his birthday at the bottom of the card. He glanced at Dima, who took note of his surprise but didn’t say anything. Joni gave Chris his beer,

”Can you hold it while I go take these to my room?” He asked, collecting the gifts and hurrying upstairs.

”What was that?” Chris raised his brows.

”I think he’s just a little surprised seeing Misha’s name on the card.” Dima answered before thinking about it, ”I’m sure he’s okay.”

Chris frowned,

”And who is Misha?”

As soon as Chris asked, Dima regretted his words. He shouldn’t have said anything, he felt like an idiot.

”Eh… he’s my brother…” He answered awkwardly.

”Then why shouldn’t his name be on the card?” Chris glared at the boy.

Dima cursed in his head, he really ought to think before speaking.

”It’s just…er… complicated, you know? Was kinda … tense? Between them…” Dima muttered looking at his girlfriend for help, ”huh, you said something hon?” He asked, but only got a confused look back.

”Complicated?” Chris asked, grasping his elbow, ”How complicated? Your brother fucked Joni?”

Dima was surprised how seriously Chris seemed to take it,

”Er… kind of…” He answered uncomfortably, ”it’s an old thing, just forget about it…”

”Kind of? Kind of fucked him? Interesting…” Chris let go, annoyed.

Linda took Dima’s hand, glancing at Chris,

”We should take our drinks to the fridge… We’ll be right back,” Dima told him and walked away with Linda.

”That was kind of an odd reaction…” Linda whispered.

”Yeah, tell me about it.” Dima sighed.

In his room Joni read the card over, staring at the few lines that Misha had written; Happy 18th birthday Joni, from Misha… It was so simple, just a few simple words, but the fact that Misha had written them, meant…Meant more than it should… And it almost made him angry, as if Misha was deliberately messing with his mind, angry at himself for starting to think of him, over what!? A few stupid lines that Ivo had probably made Misha write! Deciding it was so, he placed the card down on his table, the unopened gift basket and the bottle of vodka next to it.

He hurried back downstairs, found Chris in the living room and walked over to him, kissing his cheek.

”Back,” he grinned. ”Having fun?” He asked, taking his beer back; Chris wrapped his arm around him, stroking his lower back.

”Not without you,” he replied smiling, leaning down to kiss Joni’s lips. In his mind he was still bothered by what Dima had told him, but he tried to calm himself; everyone had their past and Joni was with him now, that was important and nothing else.


Chris ended up not really enjoying the party; too much loud foreign talking, too much Joni paying attention to other people, too much flirting with other people. And the card incident still plagued his mind…. He didn’t like it…

In the late evening they were sitting outside having drinks, Joni was seated on his lap, leaning against him, laughing at some joke that Dima had made. Chris only concentrated on stroking the boy’s thigh, hoping to be alone with him soon enough. Most of the people had already left.

”Why is it that parties are always more fun with less people?” Joni asked him, spluttering slightly. Chris nibbled at his ear,

” ’Cause morons leave first.”

”Yes… morons….” Joni chuckled, resting his head on his shoulder, ”morons wanting to go clubbing early.”

”We can go clubbing tomorrow if you like, but today… let’s just get this over with and have real fun when we’re alone.” Chris suggested.

Joni snickered.

”Ah, I can guess what you have in mind, alright,” Joni agreed and kissed him deeply.

By Midnight they had gotten rid of everyone. Joni closed the door after his last guest and turned to Chris grinning.

”Want a drink?” He asked.

Chris wasn’t really drunk, but he wanted Joni to be for something he had planned all night.

”Yes, one more won’t hurt.” He agreed.

”Great!” Joni clapped his hands together before walking to the kitchen, Chris followed him quietly.

”Hm… vodka… vodka drink…” Joni talked to himself; getting two glasses and mixing the drinks with vodka, soda and ice.

Chris walked behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist again, kissing the nape of his neck.

”You know you’re sexy?”

”Mmh…” Joni smiled, ”the subject has come up before,” he snickered, ”thank you,” he said, turning his face to him.

”You’re welcome, now drink.” Chris grinned and reached for his glass, keenly watching the younger male.

Joni chuckled, taking his glass and bringing it to his lips, enjoying the fresh cool taste of it, not tasting the alcohol so clearly anymore, though he felt it enough. Some part of him knew he’d regret it in the morning, a tiny voice that tried to tell him that maybe he had had enough already, but he was far too gone with the feeling to really listen to that tiny voice of sense. Warmth spread on his skin, making his cheeks almost tickle with the sensation.

Chris was looking so hot that night, so strong, wild, sexy… He smirked at his thoughts, took the man’s hand and led him back into the living room.

”Gods you’re so hot tonight… I think it has something to do with adulthood…” Chris grinned looking at the boy who was clearly drunk, but hot nonetheless, ”what are we going to do now?” He sat with Joni on the couch, carefully taking a sip of his own drink, ”you have any plans besides drinking?”

Joni snickered, leaning closer,

”Drinking, having fun…” He purred close to his ear, licking the shell.

”Hm… I like that thought…” Chris nodded, sneaking his hand between his thighs. Joni laid his head against the backrest, moaning with pleasure as Chris began to stroke him, ”I like you like that…wanton…”

Joni grinned, opening his eyes to look at him, slowly rocking his hips against his hand, almost begging.

”Yes, just like that…” Chris smiled, taking Joni’s hand which held the glass, guiding it back to his lips. Joni gave him a curious look, but finished the drink, placing the glass down so he could focus better on what Chris was doing.

Chris’ hand slowed down, agonizingly slow now…

”please…” Joni begged, ”feels good…”

Chris grinned at him.

”Alright,” he nodded, ”but first one more…” He said, handing him his still full glass.

Joni frowned slightly taking the drink,

”You’re up to something…” He grinned, ”… get me drunk and… have your wicked way with me?” He joked, sipping the drink, ”I’m already drunk you know.” He said licking his lips.

”My wicked way with you?” Chris whispered to his ear; ”I always have my wicked way with you…”

”Yes… because I let you,” Joni breathed out, ”please… touch me…”

”So eager… I like it…” Chris smirked, his hand lifting the hem of his shirt.

Joni’s mind felt cloudy, he blinked; the alcohol was definitely working, thus making the surroundings feel somewhat surreal.

”Want me to … take it off?” He asked quietly.

”No need, I can handle it.” And with a blink, Joni’s shirt was off, Chris’ lips ghosting on his nipples. ”Better now? Or you’re still hot?”

”Hm… yeah… feel hot…” Joni nodded slowly, ”you fast…” He noted, hardly having realized the disappearance of his shirt. ”Um… where did I put my drink?” He asked then, looking at his empty hands, he frowned; when had he put it away? And had he really already drunk it? He smacked his mouth; he still felt thirsty.

”I guess we spilled…” Chris smiled slightly, ”want another one?”

”Yeah…” Joni grinned, ”it was good…” He nodded, licking his lips.

Chris got up, pulling Joni with him, kissing him, and blindly leading him into the kitchen.¨

He quickly fixed Joni a drink, and a slightly milder one for himself,

”Here, drink…” He gave him the glass.

Joni held onto the counter for support, sipping his drink,

”God me so drunk…” he snickered, looking around, ”…so… big… mess…” he added, ”… is not funny… tomorrow…” He nodded, snickering still.

”We will fix that…” Chris smiled, pushing him against the counter, his hand caressing his chin, ”good boy, aren’t you?”

”Mmh… yeah?… am I?” Joni asked with a slight grin, ”I’m drunk Chris,” he reminded him with a fake serious pout.

”I can see that, but good boys get drunk too…”

”Mmh… they do,” Joni nodded lazily, ”you think I’m a good boy?”

”Sometimes…” Chris nodded, now caressing his sides.

Joni smiled and snickered slightly, before he finished his drink, placed his glass down and gave Chris a sloppy drunk kiss.

”You sexy… Canada… ”

”Sexy Canada?” Chris grinned holding him,

”Yeah…” Joni nodded and kissed him again.

”Okay… Let’s take you to the bedroom then…” He whispered, picking the boy up, urging him to wrap his legs around his waist. Joni giggled, clinging on to him.

”You so hot… strong…”

Chris only grinned, nuzzling his neck, carrying him upstairs to his room. He kicked the door open, stepped inside.

Chris grinned again, placing him on the bed. ”Now… let’s get back to business…” He knelt down in front of Joni, starting to undress his jeans, licking his chest, ”such a hot model you are…I wonder, would you pose for me?” He asked, teasing his organ.

Joni moaned quietly, with slight confusion over Chris’ question.

”Pose? How?” He asked, his lips parting,

”How?” Chris teased the head of Joni’s cock and the slit, ”like this, when you’re the hottest creature I’ve seen.”

Joni smiled, laying down, licking his lips, sliding his hand down to his chest to his stomach, looking at Chris with half opened eyes. ”Like this?”

”Like this…” Chris grinned, pulling the rest of Joni’s clothes off, standing up and taking the camera from the table where he had left it.

”Camera posing?” Joni asked with slight surprise.

”Hmm… I understand, you’re a good boy?” Chris grinned, placing the camera on the bed.

”I’m naked…” Joni tried to explain the best as he could with his fuzzy mind. ”Come with me?” He asked, reaching for Chris hand.

”I’m not a model…” Chris answered, crawling over to him, ”you’re the hot stuff here…”

”Want you…” Joni whispered, wrapping his legs around him.

”Yes… and I want you… but wouldn’t you do this for me first? It would be so sexy…so hot…come on…”

”Mmm… Just for you?” Joni whispered.

”Just for me, for my own pleasure; I promise.”

In his drunken mind the idea seemed funny and hot at the same time; he smiled looking at Chris, his hand caressing his own bare chest.

”I want… you happy… ” Joni finally nodded, ”is it a game?”

”A game?” Chris pretended to wonder, still stroking him in the meanwhile, ”what game would you like to play for just a few pictures I can drool over when I’m alone at night?”

”Mh… for you… a gift…” Joni consented.

”Best gift ever,” Chris grinned, taking the camera back, ”now, show me what a professional model you are.”

”Drunk professional…” Joni snickered, turning to lay on his stomach, pushing his ass slightly up, he looked at Chris from over his shoulder, ”like this?”

”Yes, that’s perfect baby…” Chris nodded, taking a few pictures, ”Hm… now stick your ass up a little more…” He advised, ”good boy, now part your legs more…very sexy.”

Joni snickered slightly, following the advises Chris gave him,

”This is naughty…”

”Yeah… and you turn me on so bad…you’re so fucking hot…turn around… let me see you touch yourself….” Chris felt himself hardening watching Joni posing, taking his pictures and he was all his…

”Would you suck my cock, Joni?” Chris asked approaching the boy who sat on the bed edge now, he lowered his hand that held the camera, opening his pants, pulling out his hard length.

Joni watched him with curiosity and finally nodded,

”Good boy….” Chris grinned, standing before him, his free hand going behind Joni’s head, guiding him closer; when Joni gave the first tentative lick he took another picture, which made the teen look up with a slight hesitant expression. ”Just for my own use, I promise… I wouldn’t let anyone else see…” Chris assured, ”Come on…”

It was all Joni really needed to assure his drunken mind. He kissed the tip of the man’s erection, slowly closing his lips around him, Chris groaned in pleasure, his hand gripping Joni’s hair, keeping him close, taking another picture.

Joni gagged slightly; he started to feel sleepy after all the alcohol he had consumed. He pulled away, looking up at Chris.

”I… sleepy… sorry…” He said with a small yawn, before lying down on the bed, tiredly fighting with the bed sheets. Chris looked at him, slightly annoyed he put the camera away and started undressing. Once naked he climbed on the bed next to him.

He pulled Joni’s body close, caressing his warm soft skin.

”I want you…” He whispered, kissing his neck.

”Mmh… sleepy…” Joni muttered, his eyes slowly closing, Chris’ hand caressed his butt cheeks, finally pushing his finger inside him, twirling it. He kissed him softly on the lips.

”Please babe, I’ll be fast…”

”Nnh…” Joni turned slightly, his eyes hardly kept open anymore. Chris reached for the lube, spread some on his palm and gently massaged it on Joni’s opening.

”Does it feel good?” He whispered, kissing his forehead and cheeks. Joni opened his eyes, looking at Chris’ face; a soft moan escaped his lips.

Taking it as a positive sign, Chris turned him gently on his back, pulled his fingers out and crawled on top of him. He positioned his cock against his hole and started thrusting in, moaning as the tight heat surrounded his organ. He kissed Joni’s lips, who seemed barely conscious under him; so it would have been more fun if he had been more responsive, but… Chris was horny and just wanted to have sex with him, they were boyfriends, it was his right.

It didn’t take long for Chris to reach his climax, at that point it seemed pointless to try and make it last or even try to make Joni get off as well, since the youth was half way to sleep. He pulled out gently and kissed Joni’s forehead softly.

”Good night honey…” He whispered, and tucked him under the blankets; Joni only made a small sound, shifted on the bed soon after falling to peaceful sleep.


Joni groaned when he woke the next morning, his head was killing him, his mouth felt dry; when would he learn not to drink so much?

He glanced at Chris who lay next to him, sifting slightly.

”Morning dear…” Chris smiled, touching his face, ”how are you feeling?”

”Uh terrible…” Joni confessed, looking around the room, he blinked, ”when did we go to bed?” He asked.

”You don’t remember?” Chris asked innocently, stroking his hair.

”No…” Joni whispered wrinkling his nose, ”did I do something stupid?”

”No… you were just cute…” Chris smiled, ”what do you remember?” He asked then, thinking it was good if Joni didn’t remember the pictures.

”Hmh… the guests leaving….drinking in… the living room?” Joni answered, looking at him, he felt the stickiness and the soreness down in his ass. ”and I guess… we had sex?”

”You guess? Don’t remember?” Chris teased. Joni bit his lip.

”Well… kind of…some parts…” Joni didn’t want to tell him how little he actually remembered.

Chris chuckled.

”Aw, my poor baby… ” He kissed him softly then, ”listen, why don’t you just rest, I’ll make you some breakfast and bring you something for your head, okay?”

”You’re so sweet Chris,” Joni smiled, ”thank you… but I think I want to shower first.”

”Okay, let’s shower together.” Chris decided got up and helped Joni to stand up with him.

He kissed him once more, deep down he knew that if Joni remembered the pictures, he would want him to remove them and Chris had no intention of doing so, after all he should have something to look at when they were parted; there was no harm.

        Web published: January 3rd, 2009.

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