17-18 Love and broken hearts

Chapter 17.

No one cheats on my brother and gets away with it.

I’ve been glaring at Joni for the longest time, since I saw him entering the club, that guy needs to be taught a lesson, a real one… This might be my lucky day, I think as I get myself another drink and; why if it isn’t my co-worker Vodka …

I smile at the sight of him; he truly is a hot piece of work, what a shame for us women that he’s gay. But a girl can always look, can’t she? Looking and admiring isn’t cheating. I call his name and wave my hand, he turns to look at me, smiles and gestures for me to come over to him.

I walk closer with a huge grin on my face.
”Fancy seeing you here,” I say and take a sip of my strawberry margarita.

”Fancy seeing YOU here, of all people. Did you change your sexual preferences or what?” He returns my grin. ”What’s bringing you here?”

”I’m whit my brother, you remember Jesse?” I ask, Jesse came to see me once at our work place, and I know that Vodka remembers him. ”And my husband’s here too, so I’m a good girl” I smirk. ”As always.” I add,

“A good girl?” He smirks, ”If I didn’t know you better, maybe I would believe you.” He teases me, I’ve gotten used to it, we like to tease each others this way. ”So you’re here with your brother? Why? Does he need a babysitter?”

”Well, you know how it is; one has to take care of the family, have to keep an eye of the younglings,” I grin, God I love this guy. ”Alone here today? Where’s the boyfriend, is there one?” I ask casually, again taking a sip of my drink.

”Let’s just say I’m no longer interested in him,” He tells me and I try not to grin like a mad woman when this all is working to my favour. ”Let’s sit down and maybe you can tell me why this brother of yours needs help.”
I can hardly keep myself from clapping my hands, I agree to his suggestion and move with him to sit in front of the free table, not too far away. ”You see, Jesse just recently broke up with his boyfriend, they lived together and…” I start slowly, trying to collect my thoughts. ”And this guy cheated on him, broke his heart…”

”Soo ..” He starts slowly, obviously wondering where I’m going with this. ”Do you need me to take care of your little brother? I can do that,” He smiles lazily.

Oh I bet he could, but no, Jesse is not for him, my brother is just too young and far too innocent for a guy like him. ”No, in fact, I think I have got the greatest challenge for you, far greater than to heal the broken heart of my brother…” I smirk, trying to hide it. I know I got his attention, I know he can never refuse a challenge…

”A challenge?” He asks, one eyebrow raised, doubtful perhaps.

I smile at him, taking my time before I answer, devouring the content of of glass, I finally place it down on the table, leaning closer. ”This guy that my brother was with…” I start slowly, ”My brother is not the only one who has gotten burned by him, I imagine … hm … maybe it is impossible for anyone to tame him …” I lean back again, looking towards the bar counter and then back at Vodka. I raise my eyebrow, smile and try to see what he is thinking

”Maybe …” He nods his head, realizing where I’m going at, but doesn’t seem to take the bait so easily as I thought he might. He is clever, I give him that.

”So, he is a challenge, a real challenge…” I say then, not looking at him anymore, ”Well, maybe too much so really, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, you might be the one guy who could…” I lazily turn my eyes on him again, looking at him like measuring his chances
”But, maybe, he’s just too much, even for you…”

”Now what do you have in mind?” He still drawls lazily, ”Do you want me to sleep with him? What’s the challenge in that?”

”Sleep with him?” I ask, ”Are you a top or a bottom?” I smirk, ”Sleeping with him is not a challenge Vodka…” A pause. ”If you like taking it up there… you know? …” I add.

”Then what is? And don’t ever call me a bottom,” he pretends to be offended by my insinuation but I can see the amusement in his eyes. What was it that he told me once … hm … Oh yes: ‘The world hasn’t seen a man who would make great Vodka bottom for him.’ I smile at this memory, oh my dear friend it is exactly what I’m counting on. I hold down a chuckle that tries to rise from deep within me. They will be just so perfect for each other, both slightly vain, well, no one is as vain as Joni, but anyway…

”The thing is, he finds himself … hm … he sleeps around, he, as I understand, is a top …” Again I take a pause, trying to will my drunken mind to work the way I want it. ”So the challenge is; can there be such a man, to put him in his rightful place? I wonder.”

”Let me guess, you want me to top him?” He asks bluntly, watching me with amusement, smirk in his eyes.

“Hm, I still wonder, could you do the thing that no man has succeeded in doing before you…?” I hide my smile, yes the guy I’m talking about is a virgin up there, my brother and I share everything, well, almost everything, not details or anything *shudders*… Vodka must be interested now, he just has to.

”Like I said it is a challenge… but if you’re not interested, thinking that you can’t… I understand perfectly.”

”I didn’t say that … I only think what’s in it for me?”

”What’s in it for you, eh?” I ask, again I turn my head, scanning the club, trying to spot where Joni is. Then I see him and I grin as I look at him; oh he’s sooo in for it… Again I look at Vodka, ”Well, if you manage to tame him Vodka, then I’ll… Let’s make it a bet? If you succeed I’ll treat you to a nice night out.” I promise, just to add a little more in to it, not too much, but a little. “And he’s here now, would you like to see him?” I’m counting on that once he sees him the deal is done.

He looks and he sees him and I know right then that he is interested, he takes his time as he looks at Joni from head to toe and I hide my smile in my drink. Yes, Joni is worthy of looking at, no one can say that he isn’t good looking, if only he wasn’t such a vain arsehole… I think I’m even doing him a favor really, setting this trap for him, guiding Vodka towards him. After all, Vodka really is a handsome man and I can’t think of anything bad to say about him, but I know his taste, as I understand he’s quite wild in the bedroom and I want him to be rough with Joni, oh how I want it.

.”Hm, to tell the truth, a rather … tasty piece of meat … but if he sleeps around like that, I am not interested. I don’t like to share.” He says then. Oh no, don’t you back up, I won’t let you to ruin my plan.

”Yes, might be a bit much for you, like I said the challenge is to tame him, maybe you’re just not the man enough to do that?” I sigh deeply and then continue. ”Maybe I have to find someone else to fill my challenge.”

”It’s not your place to judge if I am a man enough,” he snarls, sounding angered. ”I could meet the conditions of your challenge any day.”

”Could you now?” I raise my eyebrow, ”I’m not sure if I can believe you, I need a proof.”
I look towards Joni and then slowly back at Vodka

”Need a proof? I WILL make him bottom, on a permanent basis if need be,” He scowls hitting his fist down. I could laugh, but I manage to hold myself down and give him a sweet smile.

I only wish that I could be a fly on the ceiling when this all happens, when he takes Joni. Suddenly I feel all horny, Pauli will be pleased this night.”So go for it.” I encourage him.



I feel as if I was boiling inside, That … woman … made me promise I would top that … cheater. OK, so he is handsome … but even if he poses a great challenge – and I like challenges – what I abhor the most is sleeping around. And I am actually going to do that. Well, not exactly, I am going to teach the cheater to be a nice bottom. I watch him and I wait for the right chance. I watch as Cecilia goes to her brother’s table, getting more drunk by the second.

I watch as there is a brief meeting with this cheater and Jesse. Cecilia’s brother pulls away from him, clearly feeling upset and the guy, the dark haired guy, stares after him and finally moves to the bar counter to get a drink which he quickly pours down his throat.

I almost snicker as I try to get closer to the guy.

I stand right next to him. The cheater … I don’t even know his name … is drinking heavily as if trying to drown his sorrows. Oh, now you’re trying to forget what shitty things you did? I think viciously but in fact I smile seductively and say to the man, ”Want another drink?”

He looks up, our eyes meet, he smiles as he checks me from head to toe and then looks back into my eyes. He has beautiful warm brown eyes and he’s even more handsome at a closer look. Still my emotions towards him are slightly negative; so he has beautiful eyes, but these are the eyes of a cheater.

”You alone here?” I try to start a conversation. He takes time before giving me an answer.
”I’m not anymore, am I?” He asks, with a soft grin.

”No, you’re not. But what is a babe like you doing here alone?”

He chuckles, amusement in his eyes, clearly used of hearing such things, but I know he wants to hear them just the same.

”I could ask you the same, couldn’t I?” Again he grins, playfully, the man who just moments earlier was drowning his sorrows in a drink is now openly flirting with me, whatever the relationship was between him and Cecilia’s brother I truly doubt that it was real love.

”You could, but would I answer you?” I try to play his game. He is a little more than tipsy so it will be easy to just make him play into my hands.
”So how about that drink you offered?” He asks then.
”What would you like?’

”Battery vodka”

I raise my eyebrows in surprise. The cheater … need to ask his name, finally … wants vodka?

”Aren’t you afraid you’ll fall under the table?” I grin challengingly and add, ”And what’s your name?”

”Me? Under the table? It will be you before me.” He challenges back. ”My name is Joni, yours?”

”Misha …” I answer and then decide to tease him, ”but my friends call me Vodka. Be careful, Joni, whom you’re challenging,” I grin dangerously and decide to go to the bar and bring the drinks. Before I leave, I turn back and look at him once again, ”let’s play a game.”

He looks at me, curiosity in his eyes and I see as he glances towards a table where a group of guys his age sit and one of them looks right back at him, like asking for something. He wasn’t alone really, was he? He turns back to meet my eyes.
”A game?” He asks

”Yes, a game. Prove me you can drink me under the table. If you can, I may … do whatever you please. But if I drink you under the table, I will have the right to do just the same thing.” And it will be me who will win. Because I am a Russian and we are born with natural resistance to alcohol and need LOTS of it to fall under the table. You, though … a measly Finnish boy … half drunk already … your ass is so gonna be mine!

I can see how he thinking about this, thinking: would it be wise to agree, could he win me? I smile deciding to give that one extra push.
“Of course if you’re scared of losing…” I start casually and see the flash in his eyes.
“Scared?” He laughs, “Not bloody likely, I can win your ass, I’m game.”

”Splendid,” I send him my most brilliant smile and leave to get drinks. Or better – a bottle of the strongest alcohol they have here. That, and a set of vodka glasses.

At the bar I order the bottle of vodka – why not? The cheat … Joni wanted it and it will really help my case. I feel hot at the mere thought of that guy under me; he is so gonna lose and he will be mine. Even if I feel disgusted with his antics, he really is attractive … which makes my challenge all the easier. Then I take the ordered alcohol and the glasses and come back to his table. ”I thought THIS will be better for our little contest, don’t you think Joni?”

I see the slight surprise in his eyes and hide my smirk, I guess he couldn’t guess that I’d choose plain vodka for us, with nothing to soften the taste.

I pour the first shot of vodka for the both of us, offer him one and watch how he lifts it up to his lips. Then I imagine something else entirely, so close to his lips and feel hot again. I’m starting to like this challenge, I think to myself as I lift my glass and drink it quickly.

The first shot of vodka slides easily down my throat. Well, I have some practice with that. Joni, on the other hand … his face is screwed with the taste of it … oh, you will like the other vodka I have to offer, I think and I smile to him once again.

I take another glass wait until he takes one too. He’s trying to fight not to show how he really feels about the taste, I almost feel sorry for him, but only almost.

”Don’t you feel … hot?” I ask him innocently as I gulp the second shot.

His brown eyes look at me, his skin is slightly flushed, his lips parting, just begging to be kissed. He bents his head to the side, fingers playing on the shot glass, sexy look in his eyes, of he is such a flirt.
”Yes, it’s quite hot in here, isn’t it?” He asks and licks his lips in a teasing manner.

I want to laugh so hard … the poor cheater doesn’t know what he is asking for. But if he wants it so bad … I move to sit next to him. Then, not looking away from him, I lift the third shot of vodka to my lips but before I gulp it down, I let my tongue run along the rim of the glass, licking a drop of alcohol.

His eyes follow my movements, his pupils dilated, he takes his third drink, holding my gaze as he forces it down from his throat. He blinks his eyes, I can see how the alcohol is already starting to take him over, how he tries to fight it in vain. I have you, I have you my prey.

I feel a little hot after three shots of strong alcohol but it’s still far away from even being tipsy. Yet … maybe I should pretend a bit? My head sways a bit and I put my hand on Joni’s thigh, trying to make it look as an accident. My hand stays there for a long moment and I remove it finally, grinning at Joni. ”Sorry, I think alcohol is starting to work.”

He smiles, leans closer to me, his lips almost touching my cheek. “It happens…” He whispers and leans back again….

I decide to allow him a little break, I don’t want him completely drunk. What’s the fun in taking a passed out cheater? And I do want to take him, I feel my body respond to his closeness. Damn that Cecilia, she knows me better that I thought it possible. I decide to continue conversation with Joni.

”I’ve been thinking … what are you going to do to me if you win?”

He smiles again, curiosity and lust in his eyes. ”Well first…” He starts, touches my chin and slides his hand slowly down on my neck, on to my chest, drawing small circles close to my nipples. ”I’d undress you of these clothes of yours…” He takes a pause, looking into my eyes his lips parting. The hand moves down on my stomach and I shiver liking where he is heading, but he stops before he touches me there and you know where. He leans closer and I think he might kiss me, his breathing on my skin, lips almost touching, ”I’d have you begging under me, but what fun it would be to reveal it all just yet?” He leans back, his hand pulls away from me taking his forth shot raising his glass to me, a smile, then he gulps it down.

He has dirty mouth, he really has. But his words made me hot. Only I imagined doing those things to HIM. But he doesn’t need to know that. I smirk once more and take another shot of vodka.

Then he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, my eyes glimmer as I watch him walking, watch as he sways a little trying to keep himself in order but failing miserably. Oh yes, he will be mine. I wait patiently until he comes back. He smiles as he sits down.
“I’m back,” He informs and then he giggles at himself.

He looks so … disconcertingly sweet, giggling just like that … it erases the image of a cheater from my mind, leaving only a drunk, helplessly giggling and desirable man. I smile at him and speak to him, my voice a bit husky from the lust that starts to pool in my stomach, ”You were certainly being missed by me, babe.”

He really smiles a lot, and what a pretty smile it is, dimples and all, he looks at the table like searching for something, licking his lips, then his eyes meet mine again.
”I’m thirsty…” He tells me and I wonder how he manages to look and sound so innocent now.

”Would you like another drink?” I offer, feeling myself smile again as I watch him trace his lips with his tongue. ”Or maybe you would like to rest a bit? I know a good place, just to sit in peace and enjoy the company.” I say, thinking actually of bringing him home.

.”You do?” He asks. ”Well I suppose it would be easier too talk and…” His leg touches me own briefly, suggestively,”…stuff, in some place more quiet…” He grins then.

”Then … after you,” I stand up and gesture with my hand for him to stand up too. ”Or maybe … you’d like me to carry you, bridal style Joni?” I grin as I look at him.

He raises his eyebrow at me and stands up, ”I think I can manage just fine,” he says, swaying a little trying to cover that by smiling.

I go to the door and keep it open for him, bowing a little as he comes closer. ”Ladies first.”

He glares at me. ”You’re the lady…” He retorts raising his chin up proudly but stepping out before me just the same. ”So where is this place you want to take me to?” He asks then, turning to look at me.

”Actually not very far, we can walk,” I answer him, suppressing a snicker. Me – a lady? The best joke I have ever heard. Oh, Joni, prepare yourself for the biggest – and I mean BIGGEST – surprise of your life.

He frowns a bit, I guess the idea of walking doesn’t actually inspire him in the state that he’s in.

”Lead the way.” He tells me then.

I walk rather slowly, seeing pretty clearly that he is swaying on his feet. He’s more drunk than I expected but then again, this walk will do him good. ”So, tell me about yourself, Joni,” I decide again to talk to him. Despite being an incorrigible cheater, he really got me interested. At least enough to make me want to know him a little better. And I was challenged to make it something more than a one night stand. I want to know more, to be prepared for anything, to have the upper hand.

”About me?” He asks and he grins. ”Well… I’m twenty three years old… I’m one quarter of a Gypsy; from my mothers side, only few know about it, um, I’ve lived in this area all my life… I work as a guard and I’ve also done some modeling… there are lots of things about me that’s just some…And what I want to do in the future is still kind of open.” He explains. “And you? Tell me about you?”

”I was born in Russia, grew up there but the moved to Finland and stayed here, you see. As to my work … it’s just work, something that gives me money. I am twenty seven and …” I stop for a moment and smirk at him, ”I am a sworn top, Joni.”

”So here’s a problem then; I am too, I’ve never, ever been a bottom,” He tells me with a grin.

”I can be … very persuasive …” I smirk once again and resume the slow walk, already entertaining the thoughts of him bottoming. For me.

”This is a game, we are playing a game and if I win; your ass will be mine.” He grins playfully.

”I am very good at playing games, Joni,” I retort, seeing his searching eyes glued on me. I have you now, I think with amusement and turn towards the house where my flat is. I make a welcoming movement with my hand, ”Here we are, let’s get inside.”

He takes his coat of slowly, looking around him. I can feel his uncertainty and I decide to play it cool for the time being. ”So, this is my home, make yourself comfortable. Do you want something to drink?” I decide to play a perfect host as I lead him to the small but comfortable living room.

”The game is still on isn’t it?” He grins, ”Yes, I’d like to have a drink.”

”Of course, the game is on,” I grin and take out a bottle of vodka out of the small bar and a set of glasses. Then I decide to bring some soft drink as well, he did say he was thirsty. ”What would you have before we resume our drinking game?”

”Water would be just fine, thank you.” He smiles politely.

I go to the kitchen, it is bigger than in other flats but I like having a big kitchen, I am a cook by hobby. Yes, I know, such an unmanly hobby but if you had a mother that insisted you SHOULD be able to cook for yourself you’d become hooked on it anyway … I take out a bottle of mineral water and pour the water into the tall glass. I come back to the living room where I left my soon to be bottoming lover.

He’s sitting on the couch looking around as if for trying to find clues.I offer him the glass of mineral water and he takes it with a thank you.

”You have quite nice place here, the rent must be high?” He asks casually.
”Hm …” I am puzzled with his question. Why is he asking this question?

”What is it that you do here? I can understand the appeal of moving here from your country, things are pretty screwed up there, aren’t they? Here it’s much better, better chances and…” He looks at me then, his eyes narrowing slightly, smile on his lips, but not the kind of smile that I would like with those words. “What is it that you really do for a living Misha? How long have you lived here?” I smell prejudice.

I slit my eyes for a moment. Oh, so that’s all about me being a Russian? Am I worse being a Russian? Then what does it make him, a part Gypsy by blood? Yet I keep my face straight, promising him punishment in my head. Oh, you will be punished, for considering me worse than you, Joni, you will be punished. Keeping my voice cheerful, I try to answer as best as I can, ”I work in a small computer company, earn enough to have a decent life.” But inside me everything is boiling.

I will teach him I am worthy, I am not worse than anyone in this bloody country where everyone seems to despise me because I am a Russian.
”That’s great,” he answers after a pause

”Yes, it is,” I nod my head and sit next to him. ”Shall we come back to our game?”
He nods his head and smiles in much more open way. ”Yes, bring it on.”

I pour vodka into the glasses and give him one, my other hand *accidentally* brushing against his shoulder. It’s time to start meeting the challenge … I feel turned on by the mere thought of it and the anger I feel at the moment makes it even stronger. He moves closer to me, and pours the shot down his throat.

I gulp down the shot I prepared for me. Then quickly I pour another for the both of us and offer him with a hopefully seductive smile. ”Maybe I could propose a toast?”

”Yes,” he says answering to my smile whit a one of his own,

”To the bottom!” I grin dangerously, looking suggestively at him. I see a hint of nervousness in his eyes, but he loses it quickly shaking his head.
”To the bottom…” He repeats after me.

I watch him drink up the vodka and then swiftly drink up mine. I start to feel the first effects of downing such an amount of alcohol but I am still far away from being drunk. His hand lands on my thigh suddenly, he grins up to me.
“How are you feeling?” He asks again doing that thing with his neck, thing that makes me want to suck on his skin there and bruise him.

”A little drunk,” I answer, my member responding with hardness to his touch. Oh, Joni, you’re tempting fate. My hand reaches to his face, I cup it and bring it closer to my lips, then give him a forceful, dominant kiss.
I slide my tongue inside his mouth, tasting alcohol. I am a little surprised that he responds so enthusiastically. Hm … I am drowning in his warmth, a sudden though comes to my mind. Is he a closeted bottom? He definitely acts like one, all almost begging to be fucked to the sofa we’re sitting on. After a while he starts trying to fight; trying to take the control to himself, he places his hands on my chest and I wonder if he’s trying to push me away or get me closer to him. He moans into my mouth.
I decide to take another step forward. My hands go to his wrists, I grip them and then pull them away from my chest. At the same time I push forward with my chest, making him lie down, continuing our kiss. He struggles, but his struggling is far too soft to make me think that he would really want me to stop, it’s just an act to give himself.

I am sorely tempted to pin him to the sofa but we did agree to the game. It is the game that should decide who gets to top. Though … it will be me after all, the game will just stall us a little. So I sit up, freeing his wrists, allowing him free movement if he chooses so. I grin at him, seeing his reddened lips and dilated pupils. Yes, you’re definitely a closeted bottom, one that didn’t notice it yet. But I see it clearly, Joni, you want it so bad … I reach for the bottle and pour another shot for him and me and offer him his glass. ”Drink up, Joni and may the better win,” I wink at him and drink my shot.

He sits up slowly and takes the offered glass. He tries to look confident but I can see straight through him,

“May the better win,” He replies, drinking it down. I notice that his hands tremble as he places the glass down.

I decide to test him. I stand up and ask him, ”Would you mind if we went to the kitchen? I think I am becoming hungry.” Well, hungry is a very good expression for what I am feeling now. I am waiting for him to stand up, curious if he will be able to.

He takes a deep breath, he’s not feeling all that great now, is he? He starts standing up slowly, his face goes white, his hand reaches out to touch his forehead and then his legs give up from under him

I try not to chuckle when I see him fall onto the floor. Oh, he is trying not to fall face first but even if he is reaching with his hands to break the fall, he manages to hit his leg. Ouch, I wince in sympathy and reach for him to help him stand up. ”Are you ok?” I ask him, smiling sweetly, as sweetly as I can. I have a very good reason to smile; I have won the game! I have drunk him under the table. His ass is so gonna be mine! But I am no neanderthal brute, I can wait.

He looks slightly embarrassed; he curses quietly and rises on his knees. He looks up to me and takes my offered help to stand up. He looks at the coffee table slowly realizing what just happened.

His horror stricken face makes me chuckle. ”Well,” I say after that, ”that means I have won. Aren’t you hungry? You’ll need your strength soon and so will I.”

Is he trembling? I wonder. He doesn’t say anything just nods his head, he’d better not even try to back up now; a deal is a deal.

I head for the kitchen, expecting him to follow. In the kitchen I take out bread and cheese, make some sandwiches for the both of us. He should eat something, it could help clear his head a bit. After all, one tolerates alcohol much better with his stomach full. Or maybe it’s too late for that now? I place sandwiches on a flat plate on the table and take out a bottle of red wine, pouring some into the wine glass I take out from the cupboard.

He sits in front of the kitchen table and watches me silently. He is nervous isn’t he? He tastes the wine and reaches out to take a sandwich, he looks at it like wondering something. His eyes meet mine then, he places the sandwich down whitout eating a single bite.

“What will you do to me?” The question is asked carefully and the look in his eyes makes him look so much younger than what he is.

”You’re very curious, aren’t you?” I grin as I chew the bread. ”Well, it will be something you’ll definitely like, Joni.” I look at his glass, half empty already, then I take a careful sip from mine. I don’t need to be drunk. He’s too drunk for the both of us.

He seems to be thinking what I just said, he takes the bread in his hands again and this time takes a bite of it, chewing carefully. He takes the sip of wine again and I really wonder if it was wise to give him anymore alcohol. Again he focuses his eyes on me, I wonder what’s going inside of his mind. Again the sandwich is placed down, I wonder if I could order him to eat it? I think he should eat it.

He leans forward then, his hand landing on my own, he smiles at me.
“Do you want me?” He breaths out, stroking my skin whit his fingers.

Oh, he is starting to relax a bit. A good sign. If he panicked more, he would only make it worse for himself. I can’t stop the shiver feeling his touch. Oh, he is a fox, I like that. And a closeted bottom, yup. His question is said with a lustful voice and once again I feel shivers. ”Umm,” I murmur as I swallow the mouthful of food and then lean towards his, to brush his lips with mine. Then I answer, ”Oh, yes, definitely want you. And will have you, Joni.”
He kisses me, I am surprised he’s this willing.

I kiss him for a few long moments, enjoying the taste of him, mixed with the taste of bread and alcohol. I start to feel really hot and my breath becomes shorter. Damn him, the cheater … I want him, want him now … but I am not a brute as I said. I have patience enough, I will wait until he feels better. He looks at his almost empty glass and I ask him with a little doubt, ”Sure you want more?”
”Yes” He answers biting his lip and then licking it.

I refill his glass again, with smirk and watch him as he drinks a little. I watch his Adam’s apple move with the gulps he takes and that is all I can stand for the moment. I stand quickly, come to him and lift him, making him sit on the table. And I start kissing him, hungrily, demanding, without even trying to be delicate. Damn, he is not a woman, he won’t break.

Horny slut, I think bemusedly when he moans in my mouth, inviting me in willingly, he wraps his arms around me stroking me, feeling my muscles. I smile to the kiss. Don’t worry babe, you’ll get it, you’ll get it alright. My hands start to wander all over his torso, slowly undressing him. I touch his naked skin, I brush his nipples, then start to fumble with the clasp of his jeans. I watch him, watch as he trembles and he licks his lips again.

I stop for a moment, just to look at him, half naked in front of me, flushed with alcohol and – I do believe – arousal and need. I slowly remove my shirt, throwing it somewhere onto the floor where his landed not so long ago. I watch him hungrily, my eyes wandering over his naked torso, stopping at the bulge that is tenting his half opened jeans. Then I say the first thing that comes to my mind. ”I want to fuck you so hard, have you ever been fucked before, Joni?”

His lips are parting and his eyes travel down on my chest. He snaps his head up when hearing my question, he shivers.
”No, never.” He answers and lowers his gaze stopping to my crotch where he can see the obvious bulge, how much my cock wants to be freed so it could meet his virginal warmth.

I smirk at him as I reach to his groin, my hand brushing his erection. Oh, he really wants it, such a good, obedient bottom. I chuckle to myself, massaging his hard, hard member, thinking what I will do to him so soon. But … he’s really drunk as well, that little bread he ate, won’t help him. I decide to sober him up a bit and what’s better than a lukewarm shower.

”Joni, babe,” I murmur into his ear, my hand never ceasing its rubbing motion, ”we should get ready for your first time, don’t you think?” His neck is bent back, he pushes his hips forward to meet with my touch and I look at him with a smile, admiring his beauty. It takes some time before he reacts to my question, I think that just now he’d do what ever I would want him to do. His eyes are half open.
“Okay…” He agrees then.

”Then would you just wrap your pretty legs around my waist and let me carry you to the bathroom?” I whisper to him. He seems to be thinking again, but it doesn’t take him long to make this decision. He smiles and wraps his legs around my waist just like I asked and he kisses me again.

I return his kiss and then support his weigh with my right hand; I placed it under his bum so that he wouldn’t just slide down. A very good place to put a hand, I notice. I start to walk towards the bathroom, feeling his erection brush against my stomach with every step I take. It only makes me harder. God, I want him so much, to feel him around me … And walking has never been so hard for me; no, he is not that heavy, just … I suppress the need to pin him to the first wall and take him right there, preparation forgotten. At last we get to the bathroom and I say, ”We’re here, you may stand if you want.”

He slides down onto the floor, keeping his arms around me. He kisses me massaging himself against me, rubbing our erections together. I enjoy his kiss and the rubbing motion all too much. I suppress a moan. It wouldn’t do any good if I started to moan.

”Why don’t you strip, I’d like to watch you strip for me.” I breathe out, he smiles and backs away, he brings his hands on his torso, moving them down to his jeans, slowly lowering them down and finally kicking them off, he touches himself before he continues with undressing his boxers. He smirks, looking at me from under his brows, clearly feeling confident about himself and there really is no reason why he shouldn’t.
”You like what you see?” He asks innocently, disturbingly innocently.

”Yes, my little bottom,” I say even though I can see he isn’t little THERE. ”Your looks do please me.” I come closer to him and give his erection a firm stroke. Then I command, ”Undress me, Joni.”

He shivers, but brings his hands on me, starting to undo my jeans, he tugs them down with my boxers kneeling down and urging me step out of them and I do. He then takes a look at my cock; hard and ready just for him … I bite the inside of lower lip. I feel it bleed in my mouth. And then he gasps and rises (why, oh why, he looked just perfect down there!)
“It’s so big,” He states the obvious.
”Don’t tell me you’re afraid, Joni,” I smirk at him challengingly. ”You’re a big boy, aren’t you?”
He brings his chin up.
”No, I’m not afraid.” He says as though I had insulted him, he kisses me then.

I made him kiss me, he kisses so well, he is so sweet like that. He would be perfect if he wasn’t a cheater … but then again, I can make him completely mine, I can teach him that he is mine and what is mine, belongs entirely to me. God help me, he will be mine and God help him if he decides to cheat on me! I return his kiss forcefully, pushing him against the wall, my thigh between his legs, I move it, rubbing his erection with it. My hands go to his wrists again, pinning them to the wall over his head. I break the kiss suddenly and growl at him, ”You will be MINE, understand, Joni?”

He looks at me surprised and bit frightened.
“Yours?” He asks, looking into my eyes. “You won, I get that, and tonight I am yours, so just relax.”
I give him a look but do not continue with the topic. He may think whatever he pleases but he will be mine. I move a step away from him, remembering we were supposed to shower so I get into the shower stall and turn on the water, making it slightly warmer than lukewarm. Then I invite him with a hand gesture and step under the whip of water. He follows, still slightly hesitant after I had shouted at him. He gets in, touches the water, clearly enjoying the warmth. He squeezes some shower gel on his hands and starts washing my chest, he kisses my lips.

And I let him wash me, let him kiss me, let him learn how to please me. He will need all the practice he can get because if he cheats on me like he did on Jesse, I will not be a merciful, forgiving lover, just the opposite. After a while I decide to return the favor, I take the sponge, drip some shower gel onto it and rub it on his skin, washing his torso, then arms, then the back. The sponge travels down to his buttocks; they are firm and just perfect. I imagine myself sliding between them, in and out … I harden even more at the mental image. Oh, yes, you will be mine, Joni. I am not giving up on you. Then I drop the sponge and let my soapy hands travel to his erection.

He moans, bucking his hips forward to meet better with my touch. “Oh yes.” He breaths out.
I press harder against his erection and then start to stroke it firmly, once, the second time. My hand sets a steady rhythm as I watch him thrust into it. Enjoy, Joni, enjoy, my beautiful. I kiss him forcefully once again, my hand moving faster now.
He lays his forehead on my shoulder, holding on to me as if fearing that he could fall. He pants heavily. “Oh God…” He moans then, trembling from his orgasm, holding on even tighter. His head moves to rest on my chest.

He has come so fast, I blink with surprise. Oh, no control whatsoever. I enjoy my sex if it lasts longer. But it is just another lesson I will have to teach him. Now he is leaning heavily on me, in the afterglow of orgasm. I support him with my hands, letting the water take his seed. When his breathing finally slows down, I whisper into is ear, ”Let’s take this into the bedroom.”

He nods his head lazily and steps out of the shower. He dries himself up and pulls his boxers back on, just that I don’t understand why because he won’t be needing them shortly. I remain naked myself. I take his hand leading him to the bedroom thinking of all the things I’d like to do to him and what I soon get to do to him.
“You wanted to know what I would do to you…” I murmur as I open the door to my bedroom and let him in. “…I want to tie you to the bed and blindfold you and I’ll make sure that you’ll enjoy it Joni.” I assure him.

He looks somehow confused as he sits down on the bed.
“I don’t know…” He mutters, looking towards me.
“But I know,” I flash him an amused and reasuring smile, then turn to my wardrobe to find something to be used as a blindfold. I take out a scarf and a robe and turn around to see him fighting with sleepiness. ”Joni?”

He lies down, his eyes are falling shut, he opens them again and tries to look at me and the items I have in my hands. “Mmm…” He answers hearing his name and then he yawns. “I don’t know you…” He says then. ”Shouldn’t… what if… I don’t like pain…”

So I overdid it … too much alcohol, sex. I am stupid. I should have known better he would pass out. He is not passed out yet but very well on his way to do so. He’s mumbling incoherently now and much as I am aroused, I don’t like having sex with someone who is nearly unconscious. I decide to leave him in peace.

”Don’t worry about it now, we will come back to it later,” I tell him as I put away my accessories. He nods his head and smiles in an adorable manner, closing his eyes. “Cold…” He mutters as he curls up seeking more warmth, looking now all innocent. Innocent, my ass! I cover him with a blanked; no one can say that I don’t care about my lovers. Well, not a lover yet, soon-to-be-lover … Though … he was kind of selfish, leaving me in my current state of arousal. I decide to take care of my problem; I come back to the shower stall, quickly bring myself off, with the mental images of Joni writhing under me as I enter him and the climax that hits me, feels so sweet. I will so enjoy taming that little cheater and turning him into my little obedient bottom.

Then I wash myself briefly again, and decide to think up a plan. The guy is just too stubborn for his own good. And I think he didn’t understand fully what I meant by saying he will be mine. He will not like to have me in his life, he will probably walk away come the morning. I need to … I need to know where he lives, I need to have a key to his home … I decide to check his clothes, if he has a key, if he has some ID. The pockets of his jeans hold the key. Bingo! And then an ID, his driving licence, oh, yes. I take my phone and write a message with his name and the city where he lives in, and sent it to one service number to inquire his address, I soon get a message back. I write down his address in my phone book and then dress myself. I have to go to my friend, he has this little firm that makes keys, he will copy it for me, he owes me one favour.

When I come back home, almost two hours later with a spare key for myself, he is still sleeping. He should be, after so much drinking. He will have a hangover of his life in the morning, well it’s already morning, but well; in the morning for him. And then almost snicker. Not only will he have a hangover, but a surprise of his life as well. He won’t be too happy about bottoming, I am sure of that, but I won, fair and square.

I move on the bed, taking the blindfold and the robe with me, better do it now when he’s still in a deep sleep and can’t change his mind, somehow I’m quite sure he’ll whine about this when he wakes. I touch him, making sure that he really is in a deep sleep and he is. I flip him carefully on his stomach; it will be easier to take him this way, easier to hold him and he will have harder time to start messing with me if he chooses so. But I won, so this is only fair. I tie up the blindfold carefully, make sure that his head is resting comfortably, that he can breathe easily. I force his left arm up and tie his wrist up securely to the bedpost, then the right.

I ran my hand down on his neck to his lower back touching his buttocks briefly, feeling my anticipation growing. No, I have to wait. The temptation is powerful, but I must wait. I draw the blanket better on him and lie down next to him, not touching him. I need all my strength if I want to tame him. Oh, I really can’t wait till the morning.

I wake up rather early, my eyes opening to the sight of a man lying next to me, blindfolded and tied to a bedpost. It takes me a couple of seconds to remember who he is, but then I remember; Joni, a challenge form Cecilia, a little cheater … a little cheating bottom that I want all for myself. And I will have him, the moment he wakes up. I get up, pad to the bathroom to relieve my full bladder and take a bottle of body oil and a condom from the bathroom cupboard and come back to the bedroom. I wait for him to wake up and when he stirs from his sleep, I smile to myself. ”Finally awake, I see.”

He snaps his head towards me,
“Who the fuck are you? I demand you to untie me this instant!” He snaps, trying to pull himself free from the robes.

”Don’t you remember?” I ask bemusedly. Of course, he doesn’t remember, not after such heavy drinking. I stop myself from laughing out loud. I sit down on my bed, next to him, putting the bottle with oil and the condom within my hand’s reach. ”Oh well, I suppose it’s all the alcohol you drank last night. I won, you see.” I don’t tell him what I won yet. Let him squirm a bit.
”Won what?” He asks tensely.

”I drank you under the table just like I told you I would, but you didn’t seem to believe me and ..” I don’t finish that sentence. He looks so precious, so defenceless; I want to enjoy this feeling a little bit longer.
”And?!” He starts sounding more nervous now.
”And ..” I stop for a second, licking my lips at the sight of his squirming, ”so I won Joni. I get the prize, well, I would have, but you passed out and being the gentleman that I am, I thought it would be decent to wait until you wake. Now you finally have.” Then I lift the blanket, drinking in the sight of almost all his body naked.
“I don’t remember this, you’re nuts, and you’ve won nothing.” He whines, oh I just knew it! Again he tries to pull himself free.

“Aww, and you were such a good boy last night…” I decide to tease him a little and let my hand wander to his buttocks, stroking it lightly. I feel myself harden at the thought I will be soon in him.

“Boy, I’m no fucking boy to you.” He tells me and his muscles tense as he feels my touch. ”Don’t touch me!” He hisses and squirms on the bed .

“But I won, we made a bet and I won, are you really such a poor loser that you’re going to deny it from me?” I whine a little, rubbing his buttocks harder and then my hand goes to the hem of his boxers and I start to remove them from his hips, which is rather difficult, with him being stubbornly uncooperative … which only turns me on more.

”Stop it!”

His squirming helps me this time as I get to remove his boxers completely. “I’m not going to rape you.” I whisper almost gently into his ear, my hand running down his spine to his now naked buttocks.
“Let me go! What do you think you’re doing?”

My finger wanders to his opening, I circle it and then tease it, trying to arouse him. Some of the fiercest tops really went for that caress. “Now Joni, we had so much fun last night, don’t you remember? We even washed for this, you wanted it… You so wanted this…” I murmur to him, lying a little bit. Ok, so maybe he didn’t want it at the beginning … and even later he was skittish with the idea. But I know he wants to be fucked, he is a closeted bottom, I am firm in my opinion

”You’re lying!” He accuses me.

“The agreement Joni…” I tease his opening more, preparing to enter him with the first finger. “I promised to get you drunk; I said I have some vodka, remember that?” My finger slides in; he is so tight inside I feel dizzy at the thought of actually entering him with something else. My member twitches in agreement with my mind. “Well we got here…mmmh” I start to thrust my finger in and out, enjoying the tight heat. “You are tight, aren’t you?” I purr with happiness, expecting great pleasure.

“You fucking bastard!” He spats. His words make me angry but I try to quell it.
“That’s not what you said last night, I believe that last night you were quite…quite lustful in fact, where is that lustful man I brought in here?” I try to sound inquisitive but I know I sound lustful instead. Oh, well, who wouldn’t be lustful if such a tasty morsel was lying spread eagle on their bed, waiting to be fucked?


I push a second finger inside him and continue with my explanatory speech, “Indeed… Anyway, the deal was that the one who drinks the other one under the table gets to be the top… And you agreed, but unfortunately, before I could claim my win, you had passed out completely. And trust me when I say, last night you were wanton. I think you even wanted me to win,” I grin widely. My impatience is growing bigger. Oh, I can’t wait to be in him, the feeling of him around me. This preparation turns out sheer torture and a test for my self-control, not only lust but anger as well.

“That’s ridiculous, I- I don’t do this, I won’t do this! I’m not going to take it up there…”

“Ah, but my dear, you will enjoy this, I will make sure of that.” I pull away my fingers and take the bottle with body oil, open it and drip some of it onto his waiting pink butt hole. My fingers return there after a couple of seconds. Soon, Misha, soon …

“Take them off! Let me go!”

“You sure whine a lot, don’t you?” I chuckle and push my fingers deeper, searching for his prostate. It doesn’t take a long time to find it, I have lots of practice. He hides his face in the pillow as he moans. I found it, I smile to myself and thrust my fingers a few times more.

“Please, just tell me:are you fat?”
I look at him with surprise hearing his question. Oh my vain, little, soon-to-be bottom, I really have so much to teach to you.
“Do I feel like fat to you?” I decide to lie next to him … no, bad idea, ON him. Much better idea. I enjoy the touch of our naked bodies. My penis nudges his opening and I would like just to slam into him … but no. He has been sleeping around quite a lot, I don’t want to get any funny disease. Must put on a condom. Then I move downwards his body, licking at his firm buttock and I touch his opening with a thumb, thrusting in and out again. He trembles under me.

“You bastard.”
Hearing him calling me bastard – after I have been so considerate and nice to him- makes me angry again. I bite his left cheek quite hard. He screams.

“You fucking piece of shit! You fucking crazy arse!”

Well, he certainly can cuss! I nip and lick the abused skin for a moment than start laughing. When the bout of laughter passes, I stroke the skin and tell him, ”You do have a bad mouth, I should spank you.” It suddenly seems a wonderful idea and I do just that, slap him hard on the right buttock.

“You annoying dick! I’m supposed to leave with my family to a cabin this weekend, how do you expect me to go to the sauna with my father with that biting bruise on my arse?!”

I can’t help another chuckle. “Does your father often stare at your arse?” I inquire, leaning forward to be able to speak straight into his ear.

“Well it’s kind of hard not to notice when one is naked!” He sounds annoyed.

“True, and that was the reason why I did bite you, I like to mark what is mine.” I answer him, my voice now sweet as honey. I haven’t forgotten my idea of making him mine, now is the perfect time to remind him of that.

”Yours!? Well I ain’t one of them, so leave my butt alone.”

“You’ll soon be mine, and that does not include leaving your precious butt alone, very much the opposite I’m afraid.” I explain, not mentioning to him now, that being mine will be a more permanent thing than just this one time. Then I come to the conclusion that I have enough of this play and move myself to sit on his firm butt cheeks. I grin to myself, only a few more moments and you will be mine, Joni. I reach for the condom, open the small packet and slide it onto my swollen member, then I lie on him again, guiding it to his well prepared opening.

“Don’t you even try…”

I don’t really pay attention to what he is speaking, being so close to finally taking him. “I want your cherry… are you ready?” I murmur and I try to thrust inside him but I’m off the aim and just slide along the crack between his cheeks.


Damn, he is so tight and tense. I use more strength to get my head in him and then, with another hard thrust, the whole member. He feels so tight, he must be tensing and it’s not good for him. He screams. “It will be okay, just relax, soon you’ll enjoy this,” I try to soothe him with my voice as I start to move in him. It’s his fault, if he didn’t tense so much, I would be able to wait a little and let him adjust. Now I have almost zero control over my body. I feel him trembling under me. I keep thrusting into him, hoping to hit his prostate and then I hear his moan. A sweet sound, I come to the conclusion I want to hear more of this sound.

“Faster…” I hear him whispering ever so quietly. “Harder…” He asks soon after.

I smile as I oblige with his wishes. I knew he had this in him! My hips move faster, delivering harder strokes. Then I rearrange us, lifting his hips in the air, making him kneel, but his head still rests on the pillow. You asked, you shall receive, my little obedient bottom, I think to myself, and I start to stroke his hard shaft, still continuing to rock forcefully in and out that sweet butt hole. In an out, hard and fast …

He comes in my hand abruptly and I deliver a couple more strokes, enjoying the tightness and the shocks of his climax. When I am close to my own climax, I decide to slide out. I remove the condom from my member, and rub against his buttocks, finally coming with a loud groan. I fall on the bed next to him, enjoying the sweet feeling in my body.

Coming back from the pleasant haze takes me some time but when I am finally able to move and think normally, I kiss him right behind his ear, where most people are so sensitive to the touch, and untie his hands. Then I sit up and pull him to myself, making him sit on my lap. He struggles quite a lot so I keep him more tightly against me. I need him to calm down before I remove this blindfold of his. When he seems calm enough – though I don’t believe he actually is so calm as he pretends to be – I say reassuringly, “Now, I’m going to remove this blindfold so just relax.” I try to untie the scarf as delicately as I can.

He jumps away from me almost immediately, backing away from the bed.

I grin at him a bit stupidly, maybe waiting for him to tell me it was a great fun. It certainly was but he keeps silent and I start to feel a bit uneasy. So I decide to ask, “Well wasn’t that fun?”

“You arse! Do you often kidnap people and rape them?!”

“It was hardly a rape and you can’t kidnap the willing.” I feel offended with the insinuation. He came here willingly. Maybe not too sober but willing.

”Oh so I was willingly tied down and blindfolded?”

“You were passed out.” I decide to lie a bit and I smile at him. After all I tied him down when he didn’t know about it, in his sleep. “And we did talk about it before you did.”

“Oh really?! Why don’t I remember any of this? How should I believe you? I don’t know you!”

“You really forgot everything didn’t you?” I sigh but grin at him again. ” Oh well, I might as well introduce myself again since we’re going to see each others more often from now on. I’m Misha, but my friends call me Vodka.” I reach out my hand to shake his. That is if he decides to shake it. Because there is no doubt in me that he won’t like to shake it.

”Vodka?!” He laughs almost hysterically and just stares at me and my offered hand. ”I should have guessed.” He continues. “And what do you mean see each other more often? I can assure you, this….” He points at the bed and shakes his hands in the air, “is never going to happen again!” I let my eyes wander down on his naked body and then it seems to hit him that he’s still naked so he reaches out to cover himself whit the blanket. “Now, where are my clothes?”

His attitude is so … annoying, I was nice to him and he treats me like shit. So I decide to mess with him a little and come closer to him, trying to look dangerous. He moves backwards, soon his back hits the wall and I have him trapped between my body and the cold wallpaper. I press closer to him, enjoying the contact with his warm body, feeling I could get aroused very soon. “Before I forget; Cecilia Lumme says hi,” I decide to tell him, just to mess with him even more. I don’t want him to think I went after him willingly, he is too vain already. I have to teach him a lesson in humility. Then I kiss his neck, stopping myself from actually biting it, no need to be too forceful right now.

I go to fetch his clothes, they are in the kitchen (his shirt) and in the bathroom (his jeans). I collect them and bring them back to the bedroom. When he snatches them from my hand, I decide to make him more aware of the fact that he is mine now. Mine as in permanently. Hopefully for a long time.

“Now Joni, I’ve heard the rumours about you and that has got to stop. I am a jealous man and I don’t want you sleeping around, understand?” I warn him and decide to add, ”I am watching you, just so you know, I have friends Joni…” I am not lying, I have lots of friends, harmless people they are, really, but he will take it as he wants to take it. It’s his problem what he thinks of me. If he is a little afraid, he will try to be obedient. If not … I have other means of making him more obedient.

“Oh do you now? I find that quite surprising.”

“Anyway as I said, I have friends and if you still can’t keep your pants on, then I will be forced to take some drastic measures.” I warn him again. I don’t like the things to be unclear between us, well, maybe except that ’friends’ part.

“Excuse me, but what makes you think I owe any explanation to you of my doings?” He asks while buttoning up his shirt.

I take out a packet of cigarettes and light one. Then I answer his very unintelligent question, “Because you’re mine now.” It should be obvious to him, does he need me to spell it out? He looks at me with his mouth open and then he starts to laugh.

“You’re even crazier than what I thought you were. I don’t belong to anyone, least of all to you. You can not control me. I. Am. Independent. Got it? I’m not a slave, and you. Are. Not. My. Master.” He says slowly.

Oh, how wrong you are Joni! I am your master, as much as you are my slave now. As long as you resist me, you will be treated like a slave. Then the image of Joni, bowing down, naked, spread wantonly for me and me only and whispering ’I am yours, master, take me and do whatever you please’ pops in my head and refuses to leave.

He turns and leaves the room and I follow.
”Joni,” I almost shout at him. See him checking his wallet, oh too late for that I already have everything I need.

”Joni!” I call him once more but he doesn’t respond so I come to him, grab him by the arm and … What am I doing? Am I trying to stop him? Do I need him so desperately? No, definitely not. “I’ll see you tonight.” I promise him with a smile.

He laughs pulling his arm free. “Wouldn’t hold my breath.” He says. “Get this through your thick head; you are lucky that I won’t be going to the police about this, we will not be seeing each other, I am a free man to do what ever the hell I like, alright?” He dresses his coat on.

“I’ll see you tonight Joni.” I say again as I watch him leave my flat, closing the door behind him. Then I turn around, whistling with contentment. That was a morning to remember, I think to myself as I head to the bathroom to take a shower and prepare for my day and for my night…

Chapter 18.


You have to understand how mad I was finding my bottom about to cheat on me on the very first chance he got. Anger burned me, tormented me and I must have scared the shit out of little guy, who meant nothing to me at all; only that he had no right to touch Joni, he had no right to touch what was mine!

Staying into the room alone with him, him threatening to call the police; a phone ready in his hand and I had no doubts that he would go along with his threat if he could. I had to snatch it from him. I took my chance; succeeded in it and I held him close, wanting him to feel just what he did to me; how hot he made me.

He struggled and kicked me managing to make me lose my balance and fall onto the floor conveniently right on top of him; after he had somehow managed to trip down over his own feet.

Vainly he tried to turn our position, fighting to get the upper hand which I would never give him. He smelled so good, of cleanliness and musk and it got me crazy from lust.

I am stronger than him, it is not out of cheer fun that I go to the gym. I opened my pants, he kicked me, and then he bit my shoulder; for crying out loud! I quickly pulled him back when he tried to crawl away. So he wanted it rough? I decided to give him just that.

He is feisty, he has spirit and will to fight and all it does is to turn me up even more.

I was rough with him, you could say that I merely used him to get my own pleasure and to be honest I didn’t much care for his comfort right then, I was just too angry. All I can say to my defense is that I tried to hold myself down, but my holding down lasted less than a minute after I was inside him.

My bitch, my bottom, I’ll teach him, I’ll tame him.

The temptation was too great I wanted to cum on his pretty face. There he was, one of the most sexiest guy I had seen, and one of the most annoying and vain creatures in this world; on his knees, helpless in front of me, my cum on his face. He was even more beautiful right then, right there, I was almost tempted to take a picture and keep it in my wallet.


I drag him towards where I assume to find the bathroom. He tries to fight me, his eyes narrowing, I simply push him in. He stands there looking at me like a wild animal that’s been forced into a corner.
“Would you please release my arms.” He asks then, breathing tensely.

”Anything for my little bottom, if he asks so pretty, like that,” I smile at him and release his arms from behind his back. I strip from my clothes and get into the shower, turning the water on I look at him, waiting for him to join me.

He looks at me, biting his lip slightly and hesitating. I wait patiently. Slowly he moves towards me and gets in, keeping a small distance and watching me warily. He reaches out to take some water in his hands and washes the cum away. I see his obvious discomfort with me but … oh, well, if he decides to act like a virgin I defiled, then so be it. I turn away from him, snatch the sponge, soap it and start washing myself. And let him just watch me, getting accustomed to my presence around me, after all … I do want to make it a more permanent thing. The faster he accepts it, the better for him because I’m not going to give up easily.

I listen to what he is doing behind me. If he asked … I could … but no, he leaves without a word. I finish showering, then get out of the shower and dry myself with a fluffy towel. I look at my clothes … um … not too fresh after our little fight … I wrap the towel around my waist and leave the bathroom like that. Well, I would have nothing against parading all naked, he has seen everything I have, besides, I am not ashamed of my body in any way … but I want to give him some more time. I exit the bathroom and shout, ”Joni, babe, do you have some sweatpants that would fit me?”


I hear his shout as I am dressing fresh clothes on. What? Sweatpants? Babe? Just who does he think he is?! I think angrily. I take out a white t-shirt and pull it on. Swallowing my annoyance. I mean this guy just waltzes in here, frightens my fuck buddy away and the fucks me raw like an animal and now he wants me to give him sweatpants? Uh, the nerve of him!

Sweatpants! I’m almost huffing out loud, going through my clothes and not answering to him, lost in my own thoughts; then I suddenly notice that I am actually holding a pair of sweatpants that would fit him just right. Oh God what’s wrong with me!?

He walks into the room and takes them from my hands ”Thank you,” he smiles. ”Would you happen to have a shirt as well?” Lowering the towel and dressing the pants on, he looks at me, waiting. I look back at him, not sure what to say. He’s just so arrogant! I give him one of the largest t-shirts that I have in my closet, he has a broad chest so… Really, why the fuck am I giving him things?! I’m suddenly very annoyed with myself. I really should just give up and crawl to his feet and ask: ‘Oh master, would you please tread me like shit! Please take everything I have, oh please master!’

”Um, you’re not too sore? Sorry for being so rough with you but … I was serious, Joni, I don’t share, you must understand that.” He asks suddenly.

Again I glare at him, oh so now he’s concerned if I’m sore? ”What do you care? Why? It’s not like we’re a couple.” I say then and walk over to the bedroom window and opening it, feeling like I could use some fresh air
He walks behind me, his hand reaching to touch my neck he start rubbing it gently.
”Hm … you don’t see it that way … I on the other hand …”

I look at him, feeling his touch and actually liking it. I feel so confused, why is he making me so confused?! I feel like ripping in two, then I feel dizzy again.

”This is crazy, why are you-?” I pause. “Uh!” I snap then and walk out of the room into the kitchen, thinking about getting a beer, but first I need a glass of water.

I lean towards the counter, my back turned towards the doorway and somehow I just know that should I turn around; I would find him standing there. I don’t know what to do and I am starting to remember more. The previous night, I really did ask for it, didn’t I? We actually did have fun, but… Still, I feel so torn inside. He is about to turn my whole life upside down, he is ripping me of my self control and there is no turning back if I let him stay. And he’s so rough and he’s so… so… uh! He is something, a real piece of work.


I come into the kitchen and stand by the table, watching him more as he leans a bit on the counter. Oh, that firm ass of his … I decide to stay for the night, there is no way I will leave him alone! He would get to the bar and find another fuck buddy … besides, that ass … I feel myself start to harden a bit. “I’m staying for the night,” I tell him as I sit on the chair by the table, my eyes still on him.

He turns around, looks at me and sighs.
”No, you are not.” He replies shortly and takes a beer out of the fridge.
Feeling myself thirsty after all the exercise we got so I ask him, ”Give me one.” Ouch, it has come out more like an order but … oh, well, let him get accustomed to it as well, after all until he behaves nicely and is faithful to me, he is going to be treated like a slave …
“Why should I give anything to you? You’ve taken enough and I want you gone.”
“Give me.” I demand, grabbing his arm as he passes me. Strangely, him being obstinate, starts to turn me on.
”Ask nicely,” he insists, I almost want to laugh, but maybe I should just humor him, after all I really was quite rough with him, so maybe I should try to make it up?
“Fine, please give me the beer, babe.”
“I’m not your babe.” I see his lips twitch a little, maybe he even wants to smirk? Oh, my little bottom thinks he won? I must correct it immediately so I stand up and slap him on his butt .. his firm sweet ass … um … yes, another round is in order!

”Hey!” I give him a wide grin and lean closer to him, my mouth brushing against his ear, my tongue reaching out to lick the delicate flesh. Um, such sweet taste, such clean smell … my bottom really knows how to turn me on, even if he does it unconsciously. “I’m horny…” I murmur in his ear and push him closer to the table. I kiss him deeply on his mouth, feeling that he isn’t protesting too strongly. He is learning fast! I lift him up, ripping his t-shirt rather forcefully from him. “Your ass is just too lovely.” I try to explain to him, taking my already hard member from the pants.

Again I kiss him, at first he doesn’t respond and even tries to fight it, but then he gives in and kisses me back! Good and I was beginning to think that I’d have to get him drunk more often to get him more cooperative. He really was much sweeter last night. He trembles, his hands on my chest again not sure if he should push me away or invite closer.
“Misha…” He whispers softly.
“Mmm…” I murmur against his skin, kissing his throat. “Touch me Joni,” I intended it to be an order, but my voice is losing the edge.

His hand moves down on my body, almost unsure.
”What is this Misha, what are you doing to me…?”
I gasp at the exquisite feeling of his hand on my member and I watch him as he closes his eyes. Why?
”You think too much, Joni. Enjoy more, think less,” I chuckle and then I add, ”Open your eyes, I am not disgusting to you, am I?”
Carefully he open his eyes, ”no you’re not, but you’re still a prick and we should stop this.” But still he continues to stroke me and in his eyes I see how he struggles with himself.
”Be careful, Joni, with that dirty tongue of yours or I may want to put it to a better use,” I suggest playfully and kiss him once again, catching his lip between my teeth and pulling it a little, then biting it – no, not hard, very delicately … ok, quite hard, but carefully so as not to split it. My hips start to move a little, his hand still on me. ”Mmm … I want you, now!” I demand.

He moves his hands on my shoulders, biting his lip, wriggling helplessly. He still has his pants on and I start to fumble with the zip of his pants, freeing his member and stroking it to full hardness, wanting him to enjoy it as much as I do. ”Do you like it? Do you like me touching you?” I ask him, my voice raspy with need, but I still control myself.
“Mmmh…” He turns his head, slaps my chest weakly for few times, then squeezes my shirt inside of his fists. He moans again, his breathing changes, he’s gasping, squeezing his eyes shut, his neck bents back and I would like to tell him that it’s alright, like to tell him…
“Just let yourself go, enjoy Joni, let yourself enjoy this.” I whisper.
“I can’t.”
“Yes you can.”

“Do you want me to stop?” I ask, not sure if I could if he would say yes. He opens his eyes once more and I keep stroking him; hoping that he’d just give in. He shakes his head as I almost stop completely.
“Don’t what?” I ask.
“More. Don’t stop.” He almost looks ashamed by his words
”I don’t intend to,” I continue my hand movement and at the same time I am trying to get his pants off that lovely ass of his. ”Oh, nothing would make me stop now, Joni.” Finally his pants are off and on the floor and I grin at the sight.

But then he closes his legs tightly together.
”What if I won’t give it?” He asks with a hint of playfulness in his voice.

So, my little bottom wants to play? That’s a good sign, even if he decides to tease me. A mental note to myself: put my little bottom in a more playful mode more often, he’s more fun then. But for now I should just show him two can play this game. So I reach with my hand as if I wanted to stroke his member but I only touch it very lightly, waiting for his response. I will torture him like that until he willingly concedes … oh, yes, he will beg me this time …


Oh the bastard, he can’t do that?! He can’t just almost touch it and then not. I try to follow his hand, and then mentally hitting myself as I play right into his bag. I glare at him, wondering. I open my legs ever so slightly, bring my hand down on my torso. ”You want this? Do you?” I ask him. ”Would you like to get inside of me, would you?” Then I bring my other hand on my lips and start sucking on my finger. If I can’t top him, I can try control him this way, can’t I? I smile to my clever thought or what I think is clever with my lust filled mind

”You seem to be very eager to have me in you,” He chuckles. ”So eager as to prepare yourself for me with that finger…” He grins then, and brings his hand to stroke my thigh

Dammit, I’m not eager to get him inside me, I am not, really…. really, really… really? I look at him.

”Why would I do that? Why would I prepare myself for you?” I ask him, I move the finger which I just sucked, down on my body, on my member. ”Maybe I’ll just have my own fun? Maybe I just let you watch me?” I grin at him, starting to stroke myself slowly, watching him. I really am overwhelmed with my lust, this guy… Just moments earlier he just took what he wanted from me, can he control himself now I wonder… Let him suffer, the horny bastard, hot horny bastard.


The sight of him stroking himself is a hot one but still – no, he can’t do that, I won’t allow that, I won’t allow a bit of control he would like to exercise over me. So I reach for is hands, grab them and move them away, pinning them over his head with my one hand. Then I resume my almost non-existent stroking. Just barely, just so … Meet a master, Joni, a master in sweet torture.

He growls at me, and then he moans, wriggling. ”Not fair,” he complains. ”You bastard, ” he bites his lip. ”Please…”
”What did you say, Joni?” I ask him. ”I didn’t hear quite well.”
Again he growls with frustration. ”Please,”
”Please what?” I decide to tease a little more.
”Please touch me.”
”Where?” I ask again, leaning over him, whispering into his ear.
”Umh… you know where…” He looks into my eyes and I know how he hates to beg me, but can’t help himself.
”I have no idea …” I pretend oblivious, though my hand is ghosting over his member.
”You’re mean…” he accuses. ”My cock, I want you to touch it, I deserve as much.” He says narrowing his eyes; dark whit lust and need.
”I decide here what you deserve, Joni,” I inform him with amused voice, ”And so far you didn’t earn anything. But … if you open those pretty legs of yours …” I am now using my best tempting-seductive voice, ”I may oblige with your wishes, who knows?”

He is mad, I can see it from his eyes but it so amusing really, he knows I won, I always win. Turning his eyes from me he opens his thighs, but only a little so.
”I hate you.”
”Good boy,” I smirk at him and give him one harder stroke, ignoring his ’I hate you’ remark. Just one stroke.
”Ungh….more…” He begs me.

”Wider, please,” I instruct with a lust-filled voice.
He looks like he really hates himself when he does it.
”You see? You really have it in you,” I smile at him and I step away, though I would like nothing more than to bury myself in him, my cock hard, throbbing and becoming painful. But he deserves a reward. So I come to the fridge, open it and quickly scan its contents. And spot a bottle of olive oil, the expensive kind. That should suffice, I think to myself as I unscrew it and pour some of the slick liquid on my hand, leaving the bottle on the counter. I come closer to him and smear some of the oil around his exposed butt hole.


I moan slightly as I feel him rubbing the oil on me, damn, if Jesse only knew what was being done to the olive oil he bought few months back. Who would have guessed? This time I manage to pass easily the memory of him, now it seems so far away suddenly. I tense slightly, fearing the pain would come, I try to relax then, my hand reaches out to touch his arm, something that I don’t even realize doing at first.

His finger moves gently inside, massaging my previously abused walls. He slowly moves in the second and waits until I start to get used to it, until I find myself calming down and slowly relaxing, I know I must relax, it will be much better if I do.

I was beginning to doubt that the word gentle didn’t belong to his vocabulary, but I may have been wrong. I open my eyes and look into his. I like it rough, I dreamt of it as a top, and … and I like it as a bottom,(if I am true to myself) but on the other hand… some things, I understand them better now… He is more like me than what I am willing to admit out loud.


I start the scissoring motion, getting more and more impatient to get inside him, that lesson I taught him, was a lesson for me, too, in self control and patience. Uh, I would like to drive into him with something else than my two fingers, damn! He feels tight around them, so tempting, so hot .. Oh, god! Patience, Misha, patience, you’re not a neanderthal … Ok, so maybe I am around him … I thrust my fingers in and out, a bit quicker than previously, then pull them completely and decide he doesn’t need more preparation, he’s still loose from our last time. I use the remaining oil to lube my cock and position myself against his glistening hole. ”Joni, I’m back!” I give him a bright smile and push inside, trying to go slowly. OK, trying, trying .. Ug, it’s harder than I expected, I am half way inside him and already losing control. Damn! My muscles are quivering with the effort to control my body but I can’t take it anymore and finally push the rest of my cock into him with one quick shove.

He lets out a small sound, one of pain, one of shock or pleasure? I’m not really sure, but I do feel as he’s trembling more heavily now. He wraps his arms around me, burying his face against my neck as if suffocating a pained sob. But I don’t want him in pain now, not anymore, he got his punishment already, now I want him to enjoy.
”It’s alright,” He whispers quietly after awhile.

And that is all it takes for me to lose the control I had been holding, and start moving in him … slowly … no, who am I trying to kid?! I want him, I want him bad, my little teasing bottom so even if I start slowly, I pick up speed with every thrust. He really does feel perfect around me. I grab his ass and bring him closer to me, almost on the edge of the table, allowing myself more space, more free movement. I start to nibble at his ears, he has sexy ears, not too big, so lick-able, so nip-able … uh … ”Joni …” I moan his name.
His hands moves lower gripping my ass and squeezing, willing me to go deeper.
“Misha…” He moans sweetly, “Misha…” He repeats soon after, I don’t hear pain in his voice anymore.
My name in his lips sounds … my brain can’t even analyze what it sounds like, I want him to moan it again and again. And then he willingly, WILLINGLY tries to kiss me. If my brain wasn’t so overloaded with sensations, it would go into deep shock. But as of yet, I simply return his kiss, moaning into his open mouth and go even faster, wanting to fill him with … oh … he feels so good, both previous times didn’t feel actually as good as this one … I reach with my hand between our bodies and give his member a couple more strokes, wanting him to come before me. Because I feel I will come VERY soon. He returns by pushing his hips forward to meet with my movements, sweat glimmers on his forehead making his hair stick to it, I gently stroke his hair away, lay my forehead against his, with trembling lips I kiss him taking in a moan.

He breaks the kiss, closing his eyes and bending his neck back, I feel as he comes, his muscles tightening around me and that is all I can take before I explode in him.
I am lying heavily on him, panting after the sudden and forceful climax and feel his hands curl in my hair. We’re both sticky with sweat and his come and … oh, my god, I forgot to put on a condom! I. Forgot. A. Condom! How the hell did it happen?! OK, Misha, don’t panic … ”Joni … I took you raw … no condom …” I mutter and try to turn it into a joke, ” … which means, you get to be mine exclusively, if you like it or not.” I wince slightly, is he going to scream at me? Well, it’s me who is in more danger of getting a funny disease …

His eyes look at me in confusion, still weary and relaxed after the sex. A hint of nervousness in his eyes as he then realizes what I just told him, and after he feels it; my cum leaking down on his thighs. He wriggles up from under me.

“I am healthy, I am not stupid for God’s sake, though everyone seems to think I am. I take a test regualy, I took one just two weeks ago and it was clean. So I sure hope you are too.” He looks at me in that searching way of his.

The invisible weigh lifts from my chest, for a moment I was imagining myself queuing to the doctor who treats funny diseases … But his words … thank you lord, he was being careful … ”Yes, I’m clean. I don’t act all slutty and sleep around like you.” Ups, shouldn’t have said that. Why, oh why did I say that?? He narrows his eyes at me.

“Well, feel free to leave this slutty place immediately then, I do not need you here to judge how I live my life, not after everything…” He stops, glares at me one more time before taking
his clothes from the floor and walking away towards the bathroom.

“Joni,” I call him. We were doing so great and now another step back. I sigh deeply. I follow him into the bathroom to find him in the shower.
“Go home Vodka.” He says looking at me.
“No, I’m staying here.” I inform him and step into the shower with him before he has time to leave.

“I said go away!” He says, trying to push me away. God he’s being so hard headed! I grasp his arms tightly, push him against the wall and kiss him forcefully.
“I am staying Joni, you are not going to push me away. You are mine now, try to understand it already.” I hiss at him, he is driving me crazy with all his angst.
“Why? Why do you have to have me as yours? I don’t understand.” I look at him quietly, holding him still. It’s not out of the challenge anymore, partly yes, but party it’s something more. The sound of the shower water around us, his tense breathing and my own.
“Because I want you, because I hunger for you and I know it won’t stop. You are mine, accept it.” He shakes his head. “Why do you have to be so stubborn? Give in, just give in.” When he doesn’t reply I kiss him, I kiss him long enough until he surrenders to it.

His fire, it will not be put out so easily and nor do I think it should, but I want to tame him just a little, enough to make him mine and enough that I can trust his faithfulness.


He lets me stay, but he’s being very quiet. He sits on the couch, the TV turned on. I move in the apartment and I feel his eyes following my movements. I stop in front of the window to look at him, he quickly turns his eyes away. I decide to sit next to him.
“Why won’t you get us some beer babe.” I say then, yes I still feel the need to order him around, he has not earned to be treated as an equal yet, who knows, maybe sometime later when I have taught him a thing or two?
“Get it yourself,” He snaps at me. I pull him closer, squeezing his wrist.
“I’m also a bit hungry Joni, why won’t you make us something to eat while you’re at it?”
“You can’t push me around like this in my own home!”
“I can and you know it.” I smirk at him. He looks like fighting his anger.
“And I suppose you’d like it if I served you naked.”
“If you would, I certainly wouldn’t object. As a matter of fact, I would kind of like it, very much so.” And I place my hand on his thigh lean over to kiss his neck. When he slaps it away and stands up.
“Well you can forget that!” He tells me as he walks into the kitchen, again I have to fight with myself not to laugh, he certainly gives a guy a great entertainment.

He returns with a tray, that carries; two beers and some tomato cheddar pasta on two plates and some french bread; good little slave, I think smiling to him. He doesn’t look at me, but sits on the floor in front of the TV. And starts eating. I clear my throat and he glances at me from over his shoulder.

“Oh please, you can help yourself this much.” He rolls his eyes and turns back to watch the program.
“Joni, you will get that pretty ass of yours up from the floor and serve me.” I can see how his neck muscles tense. The way I see it; I was kind of nice to him last night, I was the perfect host and he could do the same now and more, because he needs to learn to be more humble.
He laughs then.
“I say this again; I’m not your slave! You can get up from your behind to help yourself.” Okay, this will not do. You can’t give an order and let them get away with it, it’s a simple thing really, one that every teacher should remember. I reach out and take his arm.

“Joni, babe, you will do as I say.”
“Why should I?” He asks. Now every teacher should give their students clear reasons when they ask, but… in this case…
“Because I say so and you’ll obey. Serve me, or should I fill my hunger in other way? Should I perhaps fuck you for the forth time?.” I hold back a grin, I actually wouldn’t mind another go, he is just so tempting.

Gritting his teeth Joni hands me the beer bottle. He takes a servlet and places it on my lap staying on his knees, then he hands me the plate and the bread.
“Are you pleased now master? Should I lick your feet master?” He plays with the role in sarcastic manner, but I rather like it that he called me master.
“Yes my slave, master is very happy, you could rub my feet, not necessary to lick them.”
“Oh just shove it!”

Later that same evening, after few beers, he’s moved back onto the couch with me. He starts to get comfortable around me and when I pull him closer he doesn’t fight, he yawns and lays his head on my chest. I slowly stoke his hair, feeling like I could really, really get used to him. I wouldn’t mind, I certainly wouldn’t mind, what I would mind is him cheating on me, him leaving. No, mustn’t let that happen. When he falls asleep in my arms I know that he must, deep down, feel comfortable around me, if only he would admit it to himself. I gently nudge him, whispering that we should move into the bedroom. He nods his head, lets me lift him up and carry him.

So he’s adorable when he’s drunk and when he’s tired, when he doesn’t have the energy or the will to fight. I kiss his forehead as I lay him down; my little bottom, you really are mine now, aren’t you? I gently remove his clothes, his eyes are half open and he looks at me.
“You’re quite weird Misha…” He yawns. “I do not know what to make of you….” He mutters.

I smile at him, undress myself naked and join him on the bed wrapping us both under the blanket and then I pull him close to myself. I kiss him more softly this time and he responds to the kiss.
“You’re the weird one, my little bottom.” I touch his nose.
“Oh shut up,” he mutters, but there’s a lazy smile on his sweet lips. Slowly the sleep claims us both.



I wake up into him humping me, he lays on top of me rubbing our morning hard ons together. I moan when he kisses me. He grins at me.
“I want you again.”
“You can’t…”
“In your mouth.” He tells me, moves up pinning my upper body between his legs and pushing his cock against my lips. “Suck.” I try to turn my head, but can’t. Why am I doing this? I wonder as I finally open my lips taking him into my mouth. He groans pushing in deeper and I bring my hands on his hips trying to tell him to slow down before he chokes me. He pulls out and in again. I’m so being used; I think as he finally fills my mouth with his cum, which I’m forced to swallow.

And then the door bell rings.
“Oh my God what time it is??” I push him away and look at the alarm clock: 11.03 am. “Shit!” I stumble up from the bed and wipe my mouth frantically. “Hurry, get up and dress! It’s my father!” I hiss at Misha who sits on the bed looking at me stupidly. Then he stretches his arms calmly, hiding a smirk of amusement, “It’s not funny; hurry for fuck sake! I can’t let my father see you like this.”
He walks over to me.
“When will you be back from your trip; with the sauna and your father seeing your ass?” He asks touching my neck. I glare at him, I don’t have time for this. I try to pull myself free but he stops me.
“On Sunday, I’ll be back on Sunday.” I tell him.
“Good, I wouldn’t want to stay away from you too long. I couldn’t.”
The door bell rings again and I pull my pants up and hurry to dress my t-shirt. “Stay here!” I tell him as I hurry to the door closing the bedroom door behind me.

“I’m coming!” I yell and check my face from the mirror before opening the door.

“It took you long enough, the fish await son!” My father smiles to me stepping in the he looks at me more closely. “You look a bit flustered, are you alright?”
“Yes father, um, I-“ When you have just given a blow job and swallowed another man’s cum, your father is not the first person you want to see. He sighs.
“You’re not even ready yet,” He says then.
“I, uh,” Then I hear noise from my bedroom; oh no he wouldn’t??

“You have company Joni?” My father frowns at me.
“Uh no, I um, it’s the repair man.”
“Repair man?”
“Yes, something wrong with the pipes.” I think up in hurry, feeling the need to lie to my father. And then Vodka appears; fully dressed, but buttoning his shirt; dammit! I HATE HIM.

“Good morning sir, a nice day out, is it not?” He smiles brightly. My father looks at him and then at me; I grit my teeth together and try to look everywhere but at my father. “You must be Joni’s father? A pleasure to meet you, sir.” He offers his hand to him and my father, in his stunned state, shakes it.
“I’m Misha… The repair man apparently?” Vodka looks at me bemusedly raising his eyebrow, happy with himself. If looks could kill, he’d be so dead. “No need to worry sir, your son’s pipes are now properly checked.” He continues then. He dresses his coat and shoes on, his hand already on the door knob. Then he turns, grasps me and kisses me full on the lips right in front of my dad.
“I’m sorry sir, your son just…” He looks at me. “Well one can’t help to resist those lips.” He smiles so innocently, like a man in love. “See you later, sweetheart and be good!” The door closes after him. There’s an uncomfortable silence between me and father. I dare not to look at him, he’s never actually seen me kissing another guy, he’s seen me with my boyfriends and always known, but never seen anything like… well anything like that.
“A repair man Joni?” He asks then, raising his eyebrow,
“Crazy bastard,” I mutter, “Better go and pack.” I excuse myself quickly. I’m not going to get rid of Misha anytime soon, am I? And to be honest, I think I wouldn’t even want to, even if he is a bastard.

 Chapters 19-20



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