16.Foolish Games

-The distance-


No one seemed to have faith that his and Chris’ relationship had hopes to continue because of the distance, and Joni understood the reason, but when Chris had left a week after New Years Eve Joni soon noticed that he really did miss the man.

He hadn’t seen Misha, he had tried to avoid him even, thinking it was better this way; to wipe the memories away simply because they were painful and also because he had started to feel something for Chris. Perhaps part of the fascination with Chris was just the hopelessness of their situation, with such a long distance separating them… But this time it wasn’t one sided…

They talked often in messenger, almost daily, using an internet program to talk and thus saving expensive phone bills. A web camera was also quite useful as they both noticed; it had embarrassed Joni at first, Chris encouraging him little by little to show off naked skin, then later to play with himself, watching Chris do the same. It felt so naughty, and that was part of the fun.

They had managed to convince his father to let him travel to Canada early in March, Chris had had a long talk with Joni’s father during his visit and apparently he had won him over, partly at least, enough so that Asko trusted it was safe to let Joni go.


”I’m so excited; I don’t know what to pack!” Joni grinned, looking through his closet. Dima, who sat in front of his desk, gave his friend a thoughtful look.

”I’ve never seen you like this before…” He noticed smiling slightly.

”Like what?” Joni asked, looking through his shirts, picking out his favorites.

”I don’t know… like… in love?” Dima wondered. He had seen the way Chris and Joni had been acting towards each other on New Years Eve, touching each other constantly, whispering to one another, laughing quietly and … he truly hadn’t seen Joni behaving like that with any other, could it be serious? He wondered.

”Love? Don’t be ridiculous Dima, it’s too soon for that. I like him, I have fun with him and I like the way he… is with me, you know?” He smiled, packing his bags. ”I’m not going to move to Canada, if that’s what you wonder about.” He added with a grin.

”Yeah…” Dima smiled carefully.

”Anyway, how is Ivo? I haven’t talked with him in a while.” Joni asked, part of him felt tempted to ask about Misha, really tempted, but he didn’t want to seem desperate.

”Oh he’s fine, the same…” Dima answered, ”Asking why you’re not coming by our house anymore,” he decided to add.

Joni was silent for a while, he glanced at Dima; they hadn’t really talked about the incident with Misha.

”It’s… I would feel weird coming there now, if I’m honest.” He finally sighed. ”I’m….”

”Because of Misha?” Dima took note.

Joni folded his shirts neatly, glancing at him.

”Yes,” he nodded.

”Want to tell me what happened between you two?” Dima asked carefully though the subject was slightly uncomfortable for him.

Joni was silent for a while then looked at him and smiled.

”He’s your brother, I’m your friend, I don’t think it’s a subject you want to discuss,” he said and went to get more clothes from his closet.

”I don’t mind Joni; I wouldn’t hold it against you if you have something bad to say about him.” Dima told him, again giving a slight smile when their eyes met.

”Misha doesn’t want to have anything to do with me and that’s the truth… Maybe in time I can see him again and it won’t feel so weird or uncomfortable as it would now… You know?”

Dima nodded, part of him wondering if it was true that Misha was partly jealous, he had seemed so tense when the subject of Chris came up.

”And anyway, I have Chris now… I don’t know if it can lead to anything, but we enjoy each other’s company and … there’s no reason to overthink it.” Joni concluded.

”I understand.” Dima nodded, ”when will you come back?”

”In two weeks,” Joni smiled, ”one week would seem too short, after all who knows when we get a chance to meet again?… Hm. God, I hope I won’t forget anything important… ” He sighed looking at the contents of his luggage.

”I’m sure Chris can take you shopping if you do,” Dima grinned, ”as long as you don’t forget your passport.”

”I definitely won’t,” Joni grinned.


Chris waited in the terminal, looking anxiously at the crowd coming from the flight. When he saw Joni, he smiled and approached him. Joni quickened his steps smiling back at him, grinning almost ear to ear, and when they were close enough he hugged the man tightly.


”Hi back,” Chris grinned and kissed his cheek, ”how was your flight?”

”It was fine, thank you,” Joni nodded, ”I need to get my bags now,”

”Bags? You have many?” Chris grinned taking his hand, he didn’t really care about the curious looks they received.

”I have two,” Joni nodded.

”Packed your whole wardrobe, huh?”

”Not all of it! I just couldn’t decide what to leave out.” Joni snickered.

They got Joni’s bags and headed towards the car.

”The man next to me was snoring the whole flight, so I haven’t been able to sleep well.” Joni explained.

”Oh poor thing,” Chris touched his cheek briefly before putting his bags into the trunk. ”You should have taken an iPod with porn with you, then it wouldn’t have been such a boring flight. That’s what I did.” Chris grinned, circling the car; Joni shook his head with a small chuckle before getting inside.

”Porn on an airplane, God you are a sex maniac!” Joni laughed once Chris was seated next to him.

”They have a men’s room,” Chris took note, starting the car, ”you know, foreplay on the seat, happy ending in privacy.”

Joni couldn’t help but to laugh.

”And what about those poor people waiting in line in danger of wetting their pants, because you’re occupying the toilet to get your happy ending, as you call it?”

”That’s the best part of it!” Chris exclaimed.

”You’re impossible,” Joni still snickered. Chris’ free hand lowered on his thigh, rubbing it gently for a moment.

”Missed you…” He told him, Joni smiled gently,

”Missed you too, Chris.” He answered, resting his head on the headrest, drifting his gaze to the front window before covering a yawn with his hand.

”Sleepy?” Chris glanced at him, ”Don’t even dare to sleep, I haven’t seen you in weeks and as cute as you look when you’re sleeping, I want you awake!” Chris stressed the words ’want’ and ’awake’.

Joni tilted his head,

”Don’t worry, I’m young, I’ll survive, all I need is a few cups of coffee.”

”Good, ’cause I’m planning to take you out tonight!” Chris grinned, turning to the main street.

”Oh?” Joni brought his head up, watching him with curiosity, ”Out where?”

” A nice, big, loud club, you should like it,” Chris winked at him.

”Good thing I got my friend’s ID with me on this trip then,” Joni grinned.

Chris shook his head chuckling,

”You’re one smart bastard; your father really underestimated you. Pity.”

Joni snickered,

”That’s because he was a much nicer teenager than I am, things like clubbing were quite foreign to him… until my mom that is.”

Chris glanced at him, gave him a small smile.

”You really loved her.” He took note.

”Yes, of course, I still love her.” Joni nodded, looking out the window, ”anyway, how’s work? What kind of games are you planning now?” He asked, changing the subject and looking at him again.

Chris shrugged,

”Lately PSP and a few mindless shooting games, they need background as well. ” He answered. Joni smiled and nodded, once again looking out the window.

”How long of a drive is it?” He asked.

”Just a little longer, have patience, we made it almost 8 weeks, we can make it for the next few minutes.”

”If you say so,” Joni snickered.

A few clocks later, Chris parked his car in an old, nice tenement. ”The loft,” he said, pointing to where he lived.

Joni got out of the car,

”Looks nice,” he smiled.

”Thanks, it is nice, I’ve been renting it for a while now.” Chris told him, taking Joni’s bags to carry them.

”I can take the other one,” Joni tried,

”No, you’re tired, I’ll carry them.” Chris smiled.

”Thanks,” Joni smiled back, following him to the building, all the while looking around curiously, comparing any details he found to his home.

”Do people here use more French or English or both?” He asked.

”Here? English,” Chris answered, opening the door to his apartment. ”But Canadians don’t use French anyway, they just think they use French.” He winked, putting his bag on the floor and taking his jacket off.

”Is that so?” Joni raised his eyebrow in amusement and shook his head, ”then I suppose you’re saying that ’cause you don’t speak French.” He grinned, taking off his coat as well. ”Oh, I have a surprise!” He exclaimed then before Chris could respond. ”Well, small one.” He added and kicked his shoes off.

”Small you call it? I would say that the surprise was at least 180 centimeters tall!” Chris grinned looking at him from his toes to the top of his head.

”I was talking about another thing, silly,” Joni stuck his tongue at him, ”but it’s in my body…” then he frowned at his words, ”or on my body? um… anyway!”

”Aren’t you perverted,” Chris teased him.

” It’s not in my pants!” Joni snickered, ”under my shirt.”

Chris burst out laughing,

”Oh my God, you swallowed it?”

Joni laughed,

”No I didn’t! Uh you like teasing me,” he made a face and pouted, ”okay, I pierced my belly button, ”but I did bring you chocolate too, hm… and candy. And myself.”

”Oh you are a pervy one,” Chris stated approaching him, he lifted Joni’s shirt and admired the simple silver jewel. ”You look sexy with that…”

”Dad doesn’t know I have it, he thinks having oneself pierced is silly and I can have infections…. I’m glad it’s winter…”

”Then how about your manager? I mean at work, are you allowed to have this? As a model?” Chris asked, still touching his belly.

”Yes, I asked and they said it’s okay,” Joni smiled, ”besides, when it’s healed properly, it’s easy to take off if a client wants me to.”

”Hm… sexy…” Chris nuzzled his cheek, pulling him closer, ”okay, I should feed you, are you hungry?” He asked, forcing himself to pull away.

”Yes, I am a bit…” Joni nodded, ”will we meet your friends tonight?”

”Yeah, at least one I’m sure of.” Chris nodded, smiling, ”Now come on, I even cooked for the occasion!” Chris took his hand and led him to the kitchen.

”You cooked? I’m impressed,” Joni grinned.

”I live alone, I have to cook from time to time. Can’t eat only fast food, if I did I wouldn’t be able to last long in the gym, that shit will clog your blood with fat and cholesterol.”

”That’s true,” Joni nodded, ”I have to watch my diet too… and I’m also prepared to have lots of exercise on this trip.” Joni snickered.

”Oh yes, very exhausting exercises, you’re going to lose at least a few kilos… you think you can handle that kind of training?” Chris grinned, opening the fridge and taking out Greek salad and chicken; which he reheated in the microwave oven, ”coffee? tea? juice? beer?”

Joni took a seat down in front of the table,

”Just water if you have? And coffee would be great.” He answered, ”and I’m sure I can handle your exercise programme,” he grinned after.

Chris served their dinner, pouring Joni a glass of water before preparing coffee. He took a beer for himself and some juice.

”This looks good, the thing they served in the airplane looked like dog food,” Joni snickered, taking a sip of water.

”Really?” I didn’t even take it, survived on gummies; the smell of the food was enough to get nauseous.” Chris smirked and took a seat down.

”The snoring guy ate mine,” Joni grinned, ”he looked hungry so I asked him if he wanted it and he did. Then after eating he fell asleep and snored all the way to Canada.” Joni nodded, taking a bite of the chicken.

”That makes me wonder if they added some sleeping pills to the food,” Chris winked.

”Do you want to take a shower before clubbing?” Chris asked after they had finished eating.

”Yes, please,” Joni nodded, ”thanks again for the food, it was really good.” He added with a smile.

”You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it. There’s a towel for you ready in the bathroom.” Chris told him, showing the way.



”I’m surprised you haven’t tried to have sex with me yet,” Joni whispered when they were seated in the taxi later, ”are you ill?” He grinned.

”Want me to take you right away? Here? I will if you say yes,” Chris grinned back, lowering his hand on his thigh, stroking it suggestively.

”I don’t want us to cause an accident, so that would be no.” Joni chuckled.

”Ah, what a shame.” Chris sighed, ”Could have been fun, who knows, the driver might have enjoyed the show.” He spoke quietly, grinning at him.

”Oh you dirty man; obviously I shouldn’t have mentioned the s-word!” Joni laughed.

”Ah, but you’ll get it later… I can promise that, I didn’t want to jump you the first minute, you know, let you settle in first, relax and all.”

”Ah, like a true gentleman?” Joni nodded, looking at him with an amused expression; Chris gave him a wide grin.

”Yeah, like a gentleman.” He nodded.

Some minutes later the taxi parked in front of the club and Chris paid the driver, got up and held the door open for Joni reaching his hand out to him. Joni gave him a curious look.

”You’re up to something,” He took note as he got up and took his hand.

”Me? What makes you say that?” Chris pretended to be clueless.

”You’re so… I don’t know; making me dinner, not taking me to your bedroom straight away, you’re… so considerate? It makes me wonder what you’re planning.”

”I’m just planning to make you enjoy your trip, that’s all,” Chris answered smiling, ”now let’s get inside, shall we?”

Joni smiled holding Chris’ hand while they headed inside.

”Suvi was worried for nothing, I should tell her that….” He told him, while they easily passed the doorman and got inside the club.

”And what was she so worried about?” Chris asked, helping him to take his coat off.

”About you simply using the opportunity to get some…ass…” Joni chuckled, ”she didn’t think you would be very serious with me… well, not a lot of people have been I guess.”

”Shame,” sighing Chris took his jacket off, ”people don’t take you seriously because you’re young, it’s a mistake.”

”Yes it is,” Joni nodded, ”I’m glad you’re different.” He smiled and hooked their arms walking towards the bar with him, ”I’ll buy you a drink, what would you like?” He asked, looking at him carefully.

Chris grinned slightly,

”For now, just beer, I want to remain sober a little longer,” he winked at Joni and looked around checking if anyone he knew were at the club.

”Alright, I’ll be right back, don’t disappear…” Joni smiled at him before heading to the bar counter, glancing at him once more from over his shoulder.

Chris remained where he was, looking at Joni’s ass as he walked, grinning to himself; he was cute, but he wasn’t the only one who noticed. He couldn’t say he liked the looks that Joni received, somehow they irritated him, making him want to be near, drive others away or at least make them see that they had no business going near him. But just as he was about to walk over to Joni, a familiar voice called his name.

”Yo, Chris!” He turned and saw his friend walking over, grinning enthusiastically.

”Leo, man, how are you doing?” He answered, looking around to see if he was alone or not. ”Alone? With someone?”

”With Thomas,” Leo smiled, ”he’s waiting over there,” he added pointing towards a table in the back. ”So, where is he?” He asked with curiosity.

”Joni is getting us a beer,” Chris answered calmly, looking towards where Leo had pointed, then towards where Joni should be, just to see him already walking towards them, holding two beers, with a slight smile on his lips.

”Hi?” He looked at the other man carefully handing Chris his beer. The man wasn’t very tall, shorter than him at least, he was lean, with brown spiked hair, a dress shirt and tight jeans, perhaps the same age Chris was, perhaps even slightly older.

”Well, hello, so you’re the famous Joni? Chris has been talking a lot about you.” Leo grinned looking at him from head to toe, ”and he wasn’t exaggerating I see.”

Chris rolled his eyes at Leo’s comment; Joni gave an amused look at him.

”Maybe I should take that as a compliment?” He smiled at the other man then, not knowing what else to say.

”Yes, a compliment indeed!” Leo exclaimed, ”I’m Leo by the way,” he added and turned waving at them to follow. ”Well come on you two, come and sit with us!”

Chris groaned slightly, he was not in the mood to spend an evening with his work mate and his so-called boyfriend, he would have rather focused solely on Joni, but there seemed to be no option for that now that the invitation had been made…

”Just for a short while, deal?” He whispered on their way to the table.

”If you were this eager, we could have stayed at your place as well.” Joni whispered at him with a grin on his lips.

”And you’re telling me that now…” Chris joked, lowering his hand on Joni’s butt as soon as they came to view with Thomas and Leo who were already seated.

Thomas stood up and reached to shake Joni’s hand, making Chris roll his eyes and grit his teeth, recognising the glint in the other’s eyes, he knew what kind of a man Thomas was and it was poor judgement on Leo’s part thinking that the relationship between them could ever develop being serious, more than just casual sex.

”Hi Joni, I’m Thomas,”

”Hi, nice to meet you,” Joni smiled, glanced at Chris and sat down. Chris took the seat next to him, glancing at the time, wondering what would be a polite but short enough time to sit with the two, already trying to come up with the perfect line to leave early.

”So how do you all know each other?” Joni asked, taking a careful sip of his beer.

”I work with Chris,” Leo answered grinning, looking towards Chris.

”Not only work,” Thomas decided to add winking at Joni, who could hear Chris groan, ”old days…”

Joni glanced at Leo and Chris raising his eyebrow, getting a good idea what was implied, their faces said it all. He took a sip of his beer then, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

”Hm, where are you from Thomas? You’re accent, it’s…?” He just wanted to change the subject.

”Texas!” The man stretched on his seat, grinning, ”awesome place, and hot!” He added. ”I’m freezing here.”

”I suppose it is quite different,” Joni nodded, ”And work brought you here?” He asked; the man was dressed neatly, business look, Joni guessed that he was closer to 30 or slightly above.

”Yes, I’ve lived here for two years and I’m still not quite used to the climate…” The man finished his beer, then glanced at Leo, ”babe, bring me another?”

Joni glanced at Leo, who smiled and got up,

”I’ll get us all my favorite drinks, Chris, come and help me?”

Chris groaned once more, glaring at Thomas, his expression softening slightly when diverting his gaze on Joni.

”I’ll be right back,” he promised, touching his shoulder before leaving with Leo.

”So Joni, you’re… Swedish was it?” Thomas asked, making Joni laugh and shake his head.

”Close, but no.” He smiled then.

”From Norway then?” Thomas tilted his head, looking at the boy closely.

”Wrong again, try the other side of Sweden.”

Thomas frowned, his index finger tapping the empty glass in front of him. Joni shook his head and grinned amused.

”So you’re not going to help me with this?” Thomas asked, leaning forward.

”You can check your map tomorrow if you’re so interested… ” Joni said with a hint of a smile tucking at the corners of his lips.

”Ah, you want to play the mysterious card.” Thomas smirked.

”No, I’m not playing any cards; I just don’t see the point when even if I told you, you would forget it in less than a minute.” Joni smiled sweetly and took a sip of his drink.

”And what makes you so sure I would?”

”I’m sure your boyfriend or Chris have already told you before and you forgot, what would make you remember it now?” Joni wasn’t sure why he didn’t just say it; instead he found it fun to tease the man.

”Because I hadn’t seen you before and now that I have I’m more interested in the details. Where does such a handsome young man come from?” Thomas grinned, if possible leaning even closer.

Joni could help but to laugh again,

”You’re hitting on me? Your boyfriend went to get you a drink and you start hitting on me, that’s kinda….”

”Leo isn’t really my boyfriend…” Thomas corrected him before he could finish,

”Then who is he?”

”We have fun, you know, like you and Chris…”

”Like me and Chris, huh? And I suppose you know everything about us then?” He raised his eyebrow.

”Don’t get mad…” Thomas smiled, ”I just assumed that your relationship is based more on sex, considering the distance.”

”If I simply wanted to find a sex partner, I would find one closer to home, that’s not to say it’s serious between me and Chris, but I think it’s safe to say it isn’t just sex either.”

”If I insulted you, I’m sorry; it was not my intention…” Thomas tilted his head looking at him closely, ”you’re a very attractive young man, as I’m sure you’re aware of.”

Joni was silent, glancing towards the bar and took another sip of his beer.

”Thank you.” He finally said, glancing back at the man, he was handsome, but a player type for sure.

”Tell you what, Joni…” Thomas smiled, reaching for his wallet and taking out a business card, handing it over to him, ”if you feel bored on your stay here, give me a call, I’m sure we could arrange something.”

Joni took the card, read it with an amused expression before sliding it back across the table to him.

”I don’t think I’ll get that bored, thanks.” Thomas raised his eyebrow, ”If I told Chris or Leo of our conversation, what do you think they would say?” Joni asked then.

”They don’t have to know.” Thomas replied calmly, ”it could be our secret, don’t you like secrets?”

Joni laughed once more; he shook his head amused by the conversation and the man’s boldness.

”I do like secrets, but not the kind you’re suggesting. I came here to spend time with Chris and not …. Well, not what you’re implying here.”

”You have a beautiful laughter, your eyes light up…and…” Thomas, touched his own cheek, looking at him, ”I like your dimples, they’re cute.”

”Oh my God …You’re impossible, did you know?” Joni grinned.

”Yes, and you like it… admit it.” Thomas grinned back.

”I thank you for the compliments, but I’m not impressed.” Joni told him, smiling calmly, running his fingers up and down his glass.

”So you like Chris then?” Thomas raised his brow, crossing his arms over the table.

”Yes, I do like him.” Joni nodded, ”It should be obvious.”

”Alright, yes… and certainly Chris is crazy about you as well, I saw the look he gave me.” Thomas nodded. ”I can’t blame him… You must forgive me for staring at you, will you? I just, wow…” Thomas sighed, leaning back, still looking, ”wow,” he repeated.

”I’m still not impressed,” Joni grinned playfully, ”you should work on your lines,” he teased.

Thomas chuckled amused.

”You’re cute,” he nodded, ”but alright, alright, I know when to stop. So let’s change the subject.”

”So Texas…” Joni started, eagerly wanting to find something else to talk about as well, ”why did you move here?”

”Work of course, I’m a manager, you know, suits, stress and coffee.” He grinned. ”And you’re… a model was it?” He asked then.

”I’ve done modeling, yes, and most likely will be doing that later, but I’m trying to find something else as well. I’m not sure what it will be, acting maybe? I don’t know… something exciting.” Joni grinned.

”Indeed.” Thomas grinned back, again leaning slightly forward, ”Well, you definitely have the looks for it, for modeling, acting… hm, I’m sure you’ll accomplish whatever you set your heart in.”

”Maybe, I’m trying at least.” Joni smiled, finishing the remains of his drink.

Chris headed back with Leo, narrowing his eyes when he saw how close Thomas was leaning to Joni, he didn’t trust the man, not at all and now he was stepping on his property, wasn’t Leo enough? Of course he wasn’t.

He strode over to where they were seated, settled the drinks down, one in front of Joni,

”Here you go babe,” He smiled, kissed his cheek and sat down, once again narrowing his eyes at Thomas in a way that clearly suggested that he should stay away from what was his.

It was Midnight when they left the club.

”I had fun,” Joni smiled at Chris as they waited for the taxi. Chris tried to hide how sour he felt about the fact that Joni had ended up talking with Thomas so much; he didn’t like it at all.

”You like him?” He couldn’t resist asking.

”Who? Thomas?” Joni asked, ”Hm… at first I didn’t like him so much, but after talking with him more, he was alright.” He smiled, ”Leo was okay too,” he added, looking at Chris with curiosity, wondering about what Thomas had said about old days… ”Did you have fun?”

”Yeah…until he started groping you…”He muttered and lit a cigarette. Joni raised his eyebrow.

”He wasn’t groping me…” He frowned, sure he had been quite suggestive when speaking with him earlier, but Chris hadn’t heard that and… there had been no groping….

”Oh come on, I saw how he was drooling, undressing you with his eyes!” Chris tried to make a joke of it, even though he felt truly upset.

Joni was silent for a while just looking at him, his lips curved to a smile and he moved closer,

”Aww… You’re jealous, aren’t you?” He teased, resting his hands on his chest.

Chris looked at him and shrugged slightly,

”So what if I am? I don’t like other guys staring at your ass.”

”You’re so cute…” Joni smiled and kissed his neck, ”don’t worry, I only talked with him and honestly I didn’t even like him that much.”

”Yeah…” Chris gave another shrug waving at the taxi.

Joni looked at the man carefully when they were seated in the car; he still looked like it was bothering him. Joni reached for his hand,

”I promise to make you feel better,” He whispered, smiling at him, leaning slightly closer to him.

Chris turned his face to him, lowered his hand on his inner thigh and gave a crooked smile.

”I hope you do.” He whispered, nuzzling his ear.

Joni brought his lips on his, kissing him deeply, wanting to assure him, make him feel better like he had promised. Chris’ jealousy did feel cute, it meant that he cared, that he meant something to him.

The alcohol he had consumed made his act bolder, his hand moved to tease around the man’s groin, starting to feel horny.

”I like you that way, all turned on…” Chris grinned, answering to his touches, sliding his hand under his shirt, until he found a small nub, kneading Joni’s nipple ’till it was hard. One reason he liked teens as lovers; always ready, always horny.

Joni’s breathing hardened, he was now shamelessly rubbing Chris’s arousal, it had been too long and he wanted, needed almost… ”I’m horny…” He whispered what was already obvious.

Chris licked his lips; how long was the driver planning on driving the distance of a few blocks? The thought annoyed him, he wanted to be at his place as soon as possible, pinning the teen against the wall.

”I can feel that,” he whispered back, sliding his hand between Joni’s legs.

The car stopped.

”Sir, we’re there…” The man spoke, glancing at them. Finally! Chris thought and paid him, not really caring how much, it seemed to be enough since the man didn’t bitch about it. He grasped Joni’s arms almost forcefully, dragging him towards his apartment, stopping at every landing to kiss him passionately, unbuttoning Joni’s clothes, more and more impatiently.

Joni smiled into the kisses; heated and eager and he didn’t mind the forcefulness. He brought his hands to tug at the man’s clothes, wanting to get rid of them.

”Mmh… I want you…”

Chris gripped his backside and forced his legs to wrap around his waist, so he could carry him upstairs easily. It was good to have a hobby like he had.

Joni grinned, Chris seemed to carry him without any effort and it turned him on even more, he kissed and licked Chris’ neck, earning a small groan from him. Chris pushed him against the doorframe, searching for his keys from his pocket and almost with shaky hands he opened the lock kicking the door open. His hands were eagerly working on Joni’s clothes, undressing him.

Joni moaned, pressing his lower body more firmly against Chris, kissing his neck sloppily.

”Aren’t you horny…”Chris teased, pulling the door close behind them and pushing Joni against the nearest wall, getting rid of his shirt, kissing him hungrily.

”Let me down,” Joni breathed, Chris looked in his eyes for a second and then nodded, allowing the teen to slide down on the floor.

Joni grinned, slowly lowering himself to his knees in front of him looking up at Chris while his hands worked to open his pants.

”Hm… I missed you… down there,” Chris teased with a grin, stroking his hair.

Joni smirked back at the man before focusing on the task in hand. He pulled the hard length out of the zipper hole, watching it for a while before giving a tentative lick and a kiss to its head, watching the cock jump eagerly to feel his touch again and he decided not to tease the man longer, taking the head between his lips closing his eyes he started sucking him like he would have sucked a lollipop.

Chris moaned his head falling back, the teen was good at this; he almost wanted to ask if he had practised but didn’t want to piss him off, not now.

”Christ, Joni…” he started to pant.

Joni felt pleased by his reaction and tested how much he could take in his mouth, but the gag reflex kicked in before he had managed to get the whole length in and he was forced to draw his head back.

No, Joni hadn’t practiced, Chris thought to himself, amused only to moan out a second later.

”As much as I am… enjoying your mouth… I want your ass..” Chris uttered, watching him and forcing him to stand up with him, smacking his bottom with his hand, then rubbing it, ”that cute little ass of yours… you want it too, Joni? Want me to fuck you?” He asked, holding his arm.

Joni licked his lips,


”Ask me then, say it…” Chris looked at him hungrily, his breathing hard. Joni felt his cheeks getting hot.

”I want you…” He breathed out.

”Tell me how….” Chris kept pushing, rubbing his ass again.

Joni licked his lips,

”…fuck me…” He finally whispered.

”Good boy,” Chris whispered, kissing him again before dragging him towards the bedroom.

”Our first time in my place will be in the bedroom, the second one might be in the hall.” Chris whispered, pushing Joni down on the bed, leaning on top of him while his impatient hands worked to undress his jeans.

”And the kitchen?” Joni asked panting, a smile still playing on his swollen lips. Chris raised his head to look at him, smirking as he thought of it.

”I’m not sure… you see, I can’t control myself with you so you might end up in the oven and we don’t want that, do we?”

”No,” Joni laughed, ”that’s weird Chris… you want to bake me?” He joked looking in his eyes.

”No need, you’re tasty raw… without baking…” Chris grinned, licking his skin from his shoulder up to his ear, ”very tasty.”

Joni moaned closing his eyes.

”Mmh… I missed this…” He whispered.

”And I missed you…” Chris whispered sucking at Joni’s earlobe, tucking his pants down, stopping only for a second so he could remove his pants completely.

His hand slid between Joni’s firm thighs, up to stroke his eager sex few times and then further down to the entrance of his body, teasing around the tiny hole.

Joni parted his legs more for him, lifting his hips slightly to meet the touch not trying to suppress his moans knowing the man liked to hear him.

”I love it when you’re so eager…” Chris complimented him, kissing his way down his chest while reaching under his pillow where he had gotten the lube ready that morning.

”Chris… I want to…” Joni bit his lip, his hand lowering on Chris’ hip, ”…want me to…. ride you?” He asked with a whisper looking up, he wanted to please him and remembered that when they had talked about different positions Chris had mentioned it as one of his favorites.

And sure enough a wide smile spread on his face,

”Yeah, I’d love it if you would…” He answered with a kiss before rolling them over so Joni was lying on top of him.

Joni moved his knees on each side of him before he reached for the lube he had seen Chris taking, he opened the cork spreading some on his hand before bringing it down on his ass to prepare himself, his cheeks felt hot and he smiled a little shyly, closing his eyes, as he moved his first finger inside.

Chris watched him keenly, he almost wanted to remark how cute he looked blushing like a virgin, cute in a sexy way, but decided to stay quiet about it, thinking Joni might take it the wrong way and stop. He decided to encourage him further by closing his fingers around Joni’s arousal, stroking him slowly, while his other hand helped him to sit up so he could suck on his reddish nipples.

Joni felt somewhat dirty, not in a bad way, but… he breathed out, opened his eyes slightly before adding a second finger inside of himself, he focused on how Chris’ hand felt around his cock and his lips against his nipple, slowly moving his fingers in and out, parting them inside and stretching.

”Feels good…” He whispered, closing his eyes again.

”I bet it does…” Chris purred against his hard numb, his hand sliding down from Joni’s sex to where his own fingers were buried inside his body, stroking around the hole, teasing and soon he slid his finger inside along with Joni’s.

Joni gasped, feeling some pain move through him, he felt full inside but knew it was only a start.

”This feels so kinky…” he whispered, feeling sure that he wouldn’t be this bold if he was sober.

Chris moved his finger in and out in a different pace than Joni’s own and yet forcing him to do the same,

”But we want you to be stretched and nice, yeah?”

Joni nodded his head slowly,

”Yes,” he whispered and continued the movement, ”I think I’m ready,” He whispered after a while.

”Good,” Chris purred, pulling his finger out, lying back down and placing his hands on Joni’s hips, steadying him and helping him down against his arousal.

Joni wrapped his hand around Chris’ cock, lowering himself down with Chris’ help, it wasn’t easy, perhaps if he had more experience… After some time trying the head of his organ moved inside, and Joni felt himself tensing slightly, deciding to wait before moving lower.

At first Chris was able to take his time, but then he got impatient, it had been too long since the last time. He thrust his hips upwards until he was buried deep inside Joni’s body, to the hilt.

Joni let out a small cry, Chris length was thick and it had been a while, he gritted his teeth to endure it, his hands moving to rest on Chris’ shoulders, carefully he opened his eyes, looked at him and managed a small smile.

Chris held Joni’s hips tightly, almost enough to bruise him as he slowly lowered his own hips down, moving Joni with him.

”Move…” He managed to whisper, Joni felt so incredibly tight, so hot that it was driving him crazy!

Slowly Joni started to move his hips against him, searching for the right rhythm, rolling his hips, up and down on the hard organ, keenly looking down at Chris’ face to see his reactions.

Chris closed his eyes gasping, ”Feels… good…” his back arched as he thrust his pelvis up, deeper and deeper inside the body on top of his.

Joni grinned; finding he quite liked this position where he was in control, being on top at least in one way, pain slowly faded leaving only pleasure behind and his movements became more controlled.

Chris opened his eyes to look at him, listening to Joni’s moans, the boy’s lips were parted, eyes clouded with pleasure,

”You’re so fucking beautiful…” Chris panted, almost breathless, moving his fingers up to touch the boys lips, urging him to suck them, while his left hand still held his hip tightly. When his fingers were wet he brought them down to stroke Joni’s erection in the same rhythm as their heated sex.

Joni could feel his peak getting closer, he felt sweat breaking out on his skin, it felt so good he wanted it to last.

Chris quickly rolled them over, bringing Joni down on his back; this way he could ram his cock into him as fast and as hard as he wanted. Sensing Joni’s peak approaching he speeded up his movements feeling himself getting closer as well

Joni couldn’t hold it any longer, his hands gripped Chris’ shoulder tightly and he groaned in pleasure, his body trembling from the intensity of his orgasm; amazing!

Chris smirked watching him; so fucking hot and cute, a couple more hard stabs and he allowed himself to finally brand Joni as his own again, after all those weeks.

After Joni lay relaxed in Chris’ arms, smiling to himself, feeling happy. He felt like he had finally been able to forget about Misha, he felt like he had something real and he did have feelings for Chris, of course he knew how uncertain their future would be with such a long distance but he didn’t want to spoil it by over-thinking things.

”I’m happy,” he decided to whisper out loud. Chris nuzzled his cheek, holding him against his chest.

”Then I’m happy as well.” Chris smiled, stroking his sides, ”and I’m very happy that you’re here.”

Joni smiled and kissed his cheek softly, then his neck,

”Makes me not want to think of going back…” he murmured against the man’s skin.

Chris sighed, his hand moving to stroke his hair.

”I wish you would stay longer than two weeks…” He said, and meant it. He had started to care about the kid and thinking of him with others; the possibility had begun to bother him: He didn’t want others to touch him like he did, but of course the distance… it was… complicated.

”You could come visit me again?… I mean I would like it if you did…” Joni whispered then, making Chris smile.

”Sure… I will, of course I will.” He promised and kissed the crown of his head, fingers stroking his temple.

”Good,” Joni smiled; his eyes closed, reaching to take Chris’ hand in his. Things would always arrange, somehow, he was sure they would.

         Web published: December 14th, 2008.

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