15.So just

Chapter 15

“It was a great show that you had.” Aki smiled as Jami set the cape over him to protect his clothes. The barber smiled and Aki sensed embarrassment behind it.

“Didn’t perhaps go as planned, but…” Jami started.

“But it was entertaining,” Aki grinned and the younger man chuckled.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed. Would you like something different today or the same as usual?”

“Hmh… what is this pineapple hair that I keep hearing about?” Aki asked. “Does it mean that your hair is dyed yellow and then you leave a green bobble on top?” He joked.

“Hah, if you like? But seriously yes, you see that style often now. It means that the back and the sides are cut really short and then on the top it’s left a lot longer, many don’t want the sections to merge, but some do. Some like to comb it to the side or some back…”

“Like a beaver kinda?” Aki grinned looking at the hairdresser through the mirror. Jami chuckled.

“You want one?” He asked.

“Perhaps next time.” Aki nodded.

“Then you need to grow it out a little longer from the top, so if I just trim it a bit, I will take it from the sides and the back but…”

“From the sides and the back, that will do fine…” Aki winked at him causing Jami to blush when he realized what his words might have sounded like.

“I mean um, I’ll trim from the top but I won’t shorten it and I’ll use the machine elsewhere like before…” Jami tried to continue with serious tone.

“Do clients make naughty jokes often?” Aki interrupted.

“Sometimes…” Jami admitted. “It’s more often though, that one hears them repeat the same worn out jokes as many clients before.”

“Dumb jokes, right?”

“Well, when you hear them often enough it’s hard to find the humor in them.”

“I promise to tidy my mouth then,” Aki smiled.

“I didn’t mean you.” Jami chuckled and took the machine.

“So, I don’t need to tidy my mouth?” Aki teased and small blush rose to Jami’s cheeks once more. Aki wondered if the barber found him attractive, he himself was starting to get really interested of bedding him but he wasn’t sure if it would be a bad move concerning the Joni project.

“So did the plan sound good to you?” Jami asked to change the subject, he sensed that Aki tried to flirt with him and wasn’t sure how to take it. Answering to clients flirting usually wasn’t a good idea, Ivo was an exception of course and now he was in a relationship with Ivo which made another good reason why it wasn’t a good idea to respond to the flirt…

“Yes, go for it.”

“You probably have the coupon with you?” Jami asked at the register.

“No, I’ll pay full price.” Aki smiled.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you lost it, I can give you the discount since I know you were at the show.”

“Well, register the cut price and the rest is a tip for you.” The man grinned. “I don’t suppose that the tax collector can touch your tips as well?”

“I think the tax collector would want to take anything that they can get their hands on, but…”

“Well, they can’t have tips…” Aki said and Jami remembered that Ivo had also often left him tips before they had started dating. Aki paid the haircut with his debit card and gave him ten euros cash as a tip. “This is more than what the difference would be”, Jami took note with a smile.

“I know,” Aki nodded. “You’ve earned it. Let’s book another appointment for next month.” He said and Jami nodded thanking the man. Of course the flirting felt flattering, the man was fairly handsome and polite and there was nothing wrong with small flirtation especially when Ivo seemed to do so openly to others.

When Jami arrived home at eight in the evening, he found Ivo and Dima in the living room watching sports. They greeted him lightly and Ivo said he had saved him a slice of pizza in the kitchen before he focused back on staring at the TV screen with his brother. Jami sighed, moved to the kitchen, warmed up the slice in the microwave and enjoyed it with a glass of milk. He listened to the Russian conversation that Ivo and Dima had and wondered if he should suggest to Joni that they would start going to some Russian course together. Apparently Misha had taught some Russian to Joni though, at least some sentences. Even now the couple were probably lying on their bed, giggling and teaching Russia to Joni or something… Jami had to admit that he felt jealous at times to how close they were to each other.

Jami stared out of the window into the darkened evening, he wondered if there ever would come a day when he and Ivo would live by themselves. Dima had dated Eva for a couple of times but said he wasn’t ready to start a serious relationship with her so soon after Linda. Both Ivo and Dima seemed happy with the current living arrangement and a couple of Ivo’s friends had also spent a night or two at the guest room when they had visited. These friends didn’t really speak any other language but Russia and those evenings when they drank beer together and chatted Jami couldn’t help but to feel like an outsider.

Jami loved Ivo, but at times the situation felt hard. He longed for more attention from his partner who gave it alternately depending on a day. At times Ivo treated him like a roommate, at times the partner that he was and Jami wasn’t always sure which he was more to Ivo or which he wanted him to be.

“I don’t know if I remembered to tell you, but I’m leaving to Russia on a business trip on Wednesday.” Ivo announced later that night when they were getting ready to sleep. Jami, who sat on the bed arranging the coverlet on him gave Ivo a somewhat sour look.

“You didn’t, when are you coming back?”

“Sunday evening, I’ll visit grandma’ on the same trip.” Ivo smiled and folded his shirt on the chair. Jami was quiet, tried to swallow up the annoyed feeling, but it was difficult.

“It would be nice, if you’d tell me these kind of things sooner and not just two nights before.”

“I’m sorry, I thought I had.” Ivo said and looked at him. “You get to spend some time on your own, Dima is also leaving somewhere with his friends for the weekend. You could invite Sonja here or something?” Ivo suggested.

Jami laid down feeling frustrated. “When do I get to meet your grandma?” He asked, annoyed that Ivo wasn’t as keen to introduce him to his relatives, as Misha had been to introduce Joni.

“Well, we could go on January, when Misha and Joni are going, we could celebrate Russian Christmas.”

“And this you couldn’t have told me sooner either?” Jami snapped and Ivo gave him a questioning look. “Did it even cross your mind that I need to know these kind of plans soon so that I can plan my work schedule around them?”

“Is it a problem then?” Ivo asked and came closer, he sat on the bed next to him and Jami moved his knees close to his chest.

“I don’t know… I need to check the calendar tomorrow…”

“Well, just check where you can take some time off from work and I’ll take my winter break at the same time, it doesn’t have to be on January.” Ivo comforted. “So, you can stop sulking…”

“I’m not sulking…” Jami denied and turned to lie on his side, back against Ivo, which caused Ivo to give a sarcastic chuckle.

“Yeah, right…”

“Well, perhaps I have to right to sulk.” Jami said and turned his head to look at him. “We’re in a relationship and at times it feels like you don’t pay attention to me at all, you just treat me like a goddamn roommate!” Jami pulled himself up in sitting position. “We were about to find our own place, yours and mine, and then you just announce that hey! Dima will move here! We don’t have to leave! And then your friend’s start using our home like some goddamn Holiday Inn! And hey, I was on the notion that this is my home as well so it would be fucking great if my opinion would be at least consulted first!” Jami had been swallowing his frustrated feelings for so long that now it seemed to burst out in uncontrolled anger.

“You should have said if you didn’t want Dima here.” Ivo said firmly and tried to continue with calmer voice. “We Russians are born hospitable, we enjoy having guests and that we can offer them a place to sleep if needed. You could have voiced your opinion sooner, but no, instead you choose this Finnish way of sulking silently so that no one can possibly guess what’s the mater, but still you assume that I should know just by some magical ability to read your mind!”

“Finnish way of sulking?” Jami repeated. “Hey, I’m only trying to adapt and be flexible but now its getting too much!”

“I can’t take your Finnish way of arguing…”

“What the hell does my nationality have anything to do with this?” Jami asked. Ivo didn’t reply but instead walked towards the door.

“So I guess this is your Russian way to flee, huh?”  Jami snorted with sarcasm. 

“I’ll sleep on the couch.” Ivo simply announced and closed the door after him. He had foolishly thought that it would be easier to be in a relationship with another man and this childish drama wouldn’t occur. He had obviously been mistaken.

They continued moping at each other for the next day and even on the morning that Ivo left. Jami had hoped that Ivo would apologize and apparently Ivo had hoped the same since they both thought they’d deserve an apology. Normally Jami was against the idea that the other would leave home without settling an argument first, but this time he didn’t want to be the one to give in first. He would fight Ivo’s Russian stubbornness with his Finnish willpower to sulk in silence.

Dima also experienced the clear change of atmosphere that turned somewhat awkward. Ivo didn’t speak to Jami and Jami didn’t speak to Ivo and also communicated with very few words to him. Dima saw it was best to flee at his friend’s home on Thursday so that Jami could continue sulking in his own company.

Ivo called Jami on Thursday evening asking if he had already calmed down and Jami returned the question to him. Neither was able to admit that they were wrong and what made matters worse was that Ivo told him that he’d have dinner with Galina the next evening. Jami got nervous and their argument got a new twist.

On Friday noon Ivo called Joni to tell him about his argument with Jami. It felt easier to talk to Joni, Misha would have only teased him and Dima would feel uncomfortable especially if he’d heard one of the reasons of Jami’s sulking, but Joni understood. Joni understood Jami’s point of view as well, which seemed difficult to Ivo. They talked on the phone almost half an hour of the matter and finally Ivo asked if Joni could speak to Jami, which he agreed to.

Misha on the other hand wondered why Ivo had to recruit his partner as some sort of peace negotiator in his own relationship, but he decided not to meddle. Joni could make his own mind.

Joni arranged to meet Jami on Friday evening after work and they agreed on meeting in an Irish pub at Helsinki. Jami was already there when Joni arrived, he sat on the table with beer glass in front of him.

“Hi,” Joni greeted and took a seat down. “How was work?” He asked to start a normal conversation. Jami shrugged.

“What can I say… Cosme has started to hang around there more often and I’m losing my nerve… Now he has ideas on how to decorate.” Jami said and took a sip from his glass. “Aren’t you going to drink anything? Don’t tell me you just came here to drink some water?” Jami asked in accusing tone and Joni sighed, clearly Jami wasn’t going to be the best company that evening.

“I’ll be right back,” Joni said and decided to get a beer for himself as well. Jami took another sip while Joni was gone. He felt agitated about everything possible at that moment and if Joni would return with a pint of water he knew he would only get more upset. Jami also know how silly he’d behave if it would be the case, how fucking ‘Finnish’ he would be then; the thought annoyed him further.

Joni returned and sat on the opposite side of the table. He lowered the beer glass down, looked Jami and smiled slightly.

“Ivo called me,” Joni revealed him.

“Well… it figures…” Jami snorted.

“I heard you had an argument…” Joni started with careful town sensing how agitated Jami was.

“Yes, to put it mildly…” Jami nodded and drank from his glass already feeling sorry that content was running so low. “What did he say to you?” He asked trying to swallow his upset that Ivo had immediately talked to Joni about it. He had felt sour about their close relationship before as well and how Ivo always praised Joni and now all that only accented.

“That you feel bad about Dima moving in with you and that his friends spend the weekends there… That he doesn’t pay enough attention to you? But you already talked to me about those matters before. “ Joni started. “You also got upset when he told you that he was going to have dinner with Galina?”

“Do you think I have no reason to be upset?” Jami asked cautiously, wondering why it was so easy for Ivo to talk to Joni about the matters that they should have been able to talk by themselves.

“No, but…”

“But what?” And why did Joni always defend Ivo.

“Well Ivo just sees things differently, he hasn’t understood your point of view or meant to upset you.”

“And you think it’s okay that Ivo flirts to other people, like Galina? Although I’m in the same room with them and then decides to take her out to dinner when I’m not around?” Jami asked tightly.

“They didn’t go by themselves, apparently you got upset before Ivo could finish. “

“Yes, I fucking did!” Jami snorted. “At that party, Galina and Ivo flirted, you saw it!”

Joni was quiet for a moment. “Ivo didn’t think it like that, he’s…”

“Yes, he has the right to flirt, it’s the Russian custom, right? And I, the forever nice and accepting Finn, can just get mildly annoyed but then swallow it up and simply accept?” Joni raised his brow, Jami was acting somewhat childish, but at the same time he could understand why he was upset and he had pointed it out to Ivo.

“I know however that there’s nothing going on between them so you can calm down.” Joni said. It’s okay to get little jealous at times, but be careful not to over do it.”

“How do you know it for certain?” Jami asked.

“Because Ivo would tell me.” Joni said and Jami gave the younger man a sour look.

“Yes, yes because he shares everything with you… Perfectly logical to share things to your brothers partner and not your own, I’m sure that Misha understands as well.” He said sarcastically.

“We are friends, Ivo has listened to me before and helped when things with Misha were complicated.” Joni said in amicable tone. And even his grown up attitude about the matter managed to annoy Jami, when he himself felt like he wanted childishly argue about everything.

“Do you know what he said?” Jami asked. “That he’s frustrated in my Finnish way of sulking?!” Jami snorted. “Finnish, I mean, what the hell?” He repeated and Joni couldn’t help but to grin. At that moment Jami might have lost the irony, but as he sat there cranking with a pint of beer in front of him, whit probably one or two drowned before it and planning for a couple of more at least, Joni would say that Ivo was kind of right.

“I tease Misha about being a Russian like he teases me about being a Finn…” Joni decided to say. “It can be fun as well… You can turn it into a joke… I think a little war game would do you good.” He grinned and took a sip of his glass. It was Jami’s turn to cock his brow.

“Is that what you do?”

“At times,” Joni chuckled. “Last time I won.”

“Okay, I don’t need to hear more.” Jami said, although the idea wasn’t exactly repulsive, it was however awkward. Jami sighed and rubbed his eyes. “I’m just so stressed out and I know I get upset over mindless things and I can’t seem to help it.”

“I understand, Ivo will understand as well… Talk together…” Joni said and Jami nodded, emptying his pint.

“I’ll go get another,” he announced and Joni stayed to wait. He sipped his drink quietly and looked around, noticing a middle aged man staring at him from across the room but the man turned his eyes away with embarrassment when saw him looking back. Jami returned seeming still tense.

“Perhaps you should start going to a masseur…” Joni suggested with a smile. Jami sighed. “It would relax you.”

“An evening at a bar will relax me… I already texted my friends, I’ll meet them in an hour. Want to come with? It’s the same club where the show was.”

“Thanks but I think I’m going to skip.” Joni said. “I have a morning shift tomorrow.”

 “Oh yeah, right, you started at that gym. How is it?” Jami asked attempting his best to let go of his sour feelings.

“Great, really great.” Joni nodded and smiled. “I think I’ve found my place, what I want to do as my career. I just need to take some courses to be able to do more.”

“Great.” Jami nodded. “Ivo said something about you and Misha traveling to Russia on January?”

“It’s still slightly open… My cousin asked us to visit them on after Christmas, now I’m doing my best to talk Misha into going… Honestly I myself would more gladly travel to New York, it would be cool to celebrate New Year there… We could go to Russia on spring as well…” Jami smiled at Joni little awkwardly. He felt jealous, he would have wanted to travel as well but there was no way he could afford a trip to New York in his current situation.

“If Misha doesn’t go, take me.” Jami tried to joke and Joni chuckled.

“I’ll tell him that you offered.”

“I can’t afford it though,” Jami sighed. “That goddamn salon took all my savings.”

“You don’t like it there at all?” Joni asked worriedly and Jami was quiet for moment thinking.

“The customers are nice.” Jami smiled. “But Susa and Cosme… together they just bring my blood pressure up. I was happier at my last place. I made a too sudden decision, I was nervous when Ivo seemed so distant and then that Galina business…” Jami took another sip. “I shouldn’t blame Ivo, but I fear that it’s exactly what I’m doing.” Jami sighed. He saw two men around their age looking towards Joni whispering to each other and even that annoyed him.

“You should talk to him about it.” Joni said while Jami was still busy looking around thinking that he saw other stares directed at Joni.

“What the hell is it, one can’t even go to a straight bar with you without some guy drooling at you?” He snapped suddenly, taking Joni by surprise. Jami’s outburst seemed to have come out of nowhere and Joni wasn’t sure how to react.

“Excuse me?” Joni asked with hurt tone.

“Yes, I am jealous, I’m jealous that you have a daddy that buys you everything! That Misha is that goddamn considerate to you! That you think of a job that would interest you and puff a job offer lands on your feet! Just like that, easy. You get an employer that helps you to train and then everyone are like madly in love with you, including Ivo… It’s bloody annoying.” Jami fumed and Joni stared at the other with annoy.

“First of all, my father doesn’t buy me everything, because surprising or not I do have my own money that I’ve earned for myself! And it is true, I got this job easily and for that I am happy. Secondly everyone sure as hell aren’t in love with me or drool after me, if they do I gladly give them up… I really don’t need more perverts in my life!” Joni breathed tensely and dressed his coat on. “I’m sorry, me and my fucking easy life will go now! Have a nice evening…”  Joni stood up and Jami gave a regretful look towards the younger man, he realized that he had been out of line.

“Joni,” Jami started but he already walked towards the front entrance and left. Jami cursed silently. He wasn’t sure what had possessed him into being so mean to Joni, or he did, he was jealous and he knew he was silly in being jealous.  At times it was easy to forget the problems that Joni had dealt with and the problems and worries that still followed him.

Jami continued to the club with his friends. He drowned definitely more than one beer and began to feel quite drunk. The continuation of time felt fuzzy, he came to the bar and decided to get one more drink when his friends seemed to have disappeared to their own tracks.

“Well, what do you know, I see someone I know.” A familiar sounding voice said behind him and Jami turned his head in surprise. Aki smiled. “What a nice coincidence,” the man said and Jami chuckled.

“Yeah, it is.” He admitted.

“Are you with your boyfriend here?”

“No,” Jami sighed. “He’s visiting Russia… I came here with my friends but…” He looked around. “I seem to have lost them somewhere, perhaps they found company.”

“We seem to have the same problem, with friends I mean… Can I offer you a drink?” Aki was looking at him in a way that nourished Jami’s wounded self-confidence and he couldn’t help but to smile. There was nothing bad about one drink was there? Especially if Ivo took some woman out to dine…

“Okay…” He agreed and Aki’s smile grew.

“What would you like?”

“Surprise me,” Jami grinned.

“There seems to be a free table, why don’t you go over there to wait while I get us something to drink.” Aki said. The thought seemed harmless so Jami accepted, thanked the man and walked over to the table that he had pointed.

”Sex on the beach,” Aki grinned when he lowered the red orange drink in front of Jami who chuckled.

“Gods… I haven’t drank one of these since the first times I started going at bars…”

“Nostalgic,” Aki grinned taking the straw between his lips and watching Jami who did the same. “This was a drink I often ordered as teen as well…”

“Sweet but good,” Jami nodded. “I didn’t think that you’d go here normally… I mean other than our show.”

“Every now and a then.” Aki smiled. “Hopeful each time to find someone to spend more time with…”

”Haven’t had any luck yet?”

“Well, right now I’m sitting at a table next to this really cute guy.” Aki grinned and Jami chuckled tapping his shoulder playfully.

“Oh you… I’m your barber, you’re my customer, that’s not prober…”

“Is there some kind of law that I can’t hit on you?” Aki teased.

“Are you trying to hit on me?” Jami asked smiling.

“I think I am,” Aki nodded.

“I’m in a relationship.” Jami reminded.

“Yes… But he’s in Russia now, so it doesn’t count as cheating.”

“You are being very cheeky!” Jami pointed out and Aki smiled as Jami took a sip of his drink.

“Is it working?”

“No.” Jami smiled. “I don’t cheat, not out of country or when he’s out of country.”

“Okay,”” Aki nodded. “So why aren’t you with him?”

“It’s a business trip, partly…”

“Still… You could be with him.” Aki nodded and Jami shrugged. “What else is upsetting you about him?”

“What makes you say I am upset?”

“I can see,” Aki grinned. “I have this hidden ability to read people.”

Jami chuckled and shook his head. “Oh I see…”

“So tell me?”

“He’s bi,” Jami blurted out not really sure why. He had a distant feeling that he would regret it the next morning, it wasn’t enough to make him shut up though. “At times he looks at women at that certain way, you know… makes me wonder if he wished that I’d have breasts… It’s unsettling.”

“He’s a dumbass of he doesn’t see the good that he already has.” Aki smiled and Jami was pleased that understood.

On Saturday Joni worked for a few hours at the reception and after his shift Sonja came to the gym. The woman had asked Joni to help her lose weight and get a body that she could show off at a beach the next summer. Joni was only glad to help since he needed practice and he decided to do anything he could to help her acceive her coal, she might come to regret that she had asked him.

“So did you keep a food journal like I asked?” Joni asked when the woman arrived.

“Yes.” Sonja nodded.

“And you wrote every single bite and drink down for the last week?” Joni asked. “Including alcohol units?” Sonja looked slightly embarrassed.


“Good, could I take a look at it now while you go and change?”

“Okay… but just don’t yell at me…” Sonja humbly requested as she gave him the notebook. Joni chuckled.

“Surely I wouldn’t do that?”

“You won’t lecture?” Sonja asked. “Last Saturday was a girls night…”

“Okay, don’t stress, just go and change your clothes.” Joni smiled and sat down at the cafeteria table while Sonja headed to the changing room.

When Sonja returned she seemed to walk a little shyly towards the table in front of which Joni sat. “At least I was honest!” Sonja defended. “Doesn’t one get any points for being honest? I could have cheated.“

“I’m glad you were honest.” Joni assured and Sonja sat down.

“Okay, give it to me, tell me how lousy person I am…” She sighed.

“Hey, I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to offer my help! I think you know where problem lies?”

“Hmh…” Sonja shrugged. “Kinda…”

“Well then, last Saturday was… interesting…” Joni started. “Of course it’s alright to party every now and a then, but…” Joni looked at her in a way that made her blush. “The main thing here is, that you drank so much on Saturday and then you continued with bad died on Sunday; pizza, chips, coke…”

“I had a hangover…”

“Well I would be surprised if you hadn’t had a hangover…” Joni grinned. “Alcohol doesn’t exactly help with getting training results… It tends to destroy them at least if you continue with the same amounts…” Sonja gave him a miserable look.

“Do you mean I have to turn into a teetotaler?”

“I’m saying that if you want to get results you should cut down on your drinking … But it is up to you to make that decision.”

Sonja sighed heavily. “I guess… I will cut down on it…” She nodded.

“Great.” Joni smiled. “Then… this overdose on chocolate… every day… It needs to stop as well. You don’t need to forbid all treats, but for now it’s best to leave it to one day a week and when I say one it doesn’t mean that during that day you can overdose on treats… I’ll plan a new died to you tomorrow and then we can take a look at it together. Oh and from now on you’ll have breakfast everyday, you won’t win anything by skipping it.”

“Okay,” Sonja nodded. “I think you are enjoying this, ordering me?”

“A little,” Joni grinned. “Okay and now we can start training!”

“Is Northman working?” Sonja asked when they got to the warming up area and for a moment Joni looked confused before he remembered.

“Oh… Eljas…” He smiled. “I think he’s at his office… Alright then, on the treadmill!”

“He’s so yummy… Do you know if he’s taken?”

“I haven’t asked.” Joni replied. “Okay I’ll start the machine, lets warm up first by walking.”  He helped Sonja to choose the speed before settling on the treadmill next to her. “Next fall you and I are going to run a half marathon together. There’s your coal.”

“Uuh… I hate running…” Sonja moaned.

“Soon you’ll learn to love it, I promise.” Joni said and Sonja started to really see that Joni wouldn’t let her go easy.

“If I train nicely, can I take some wine with Jami this evening?” Sonja asked.

“That’s your plan, huh?” Joni asked with slight doubt when he remembered his meeting with Jami the previous evening.

“Yeah, I’m going to spend the night there.”

“Well, he was drinking last night too, was going to a club. I’m not sure if he’s up to it two nights in a row.”

“Jami didn’t answer when I tried to call him this morning…” Sonja said. “I’ll try again when we’re done here.”

“I can give you a lift if you want?” Joni said, Jami had probably calmed down and they should make up their argument.

“It would be nice, do you want to join us?”

“I have other plans, movie night with Misha.”

They continued training and Joni really gave Sonja a hard time.

“I can’t…” The woman moaned when they were doing squats.

“Yes you can! Five more, go with determination. Think of how you walk along on the beach next summer in your new bikinis…”

“It hurts…”

“It supposed to hurt a little…” Joni grinned all the while observing that Sonja was doing the move right. In the corner of his eye he could see Eljas approaching and apparently Sonja could see him as well because suddenly she found the strength to continue without whining.

“Looking good…” Eljas smiled and Sonja panted with her face red and sweaty, feeling ashamed of how she must have looked like at the moment.

“Sonja has a good drive…” Joni praised.

“I believe that Joni attempts to kill me,” Sonja sighed. “I’m barely alive…” To this Eljas gave a soft chuckle.

“It might feel like that now, but trust me, when you leave this gym you feel like a winner.” He said and glanced at Joni. “Looks good… please continue the same way.” He said and tapped Joni’s shoulder. “You too Sonja.” He added and winked making her blush even deeper. “I leave you to continue in peace.”

“Oh god…” Sonja sighed after Eljas left. “I feel slightly dizzy…”

“Take a small break and have a drink,” Joni chuckled. “Then we can continue.”

“You’re cruel.”


After a shower and a change of clothes Sonja called Jami. This time he even bothered to answer.

“Good afternoon! I was just training with Joni, I’m half dead but at the same time I feel absolutely wonderful! I’m going to be the new fitness queen 2015! Just you wait!” Sonja chuckled happily. “How are you feeling?”

“Not so great…” Jami said quietly.

“Okay… can I come over there now though? Joni promised to give me a lift, I just need to get my other bag from home.”

“Yeah, it’s alright…” Jami replied and Sonja felt bad of how tired and spiritless her friend sounded like. She would have wanted to celebrate her great first training with a wine glass if not with two. Surely it wasn’t that bad?

“Okay, see you soon! Make yourself some coffee or something and try to cheer up!”

“I try…”


 Web published: 14th of August 2015.

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