14.Foolish Games

They sneaked out of the house after midnight, when everyone was sleeping. Joni had left a note on the table, simply explaining his reasons for leaving and revealing the true nature that his and Chris’ relationship had taken, assuring that he would be fine and would contact his father later on.

It was a cold night; they walked ahead on the snowy dirt road to reach the main one. Their plan was to hitch-hike, get to some motel, spend the night there and continue their journey the next day. Joni felt a little better having Chris with him, he felt safer with him than he would have felt doing this alone and more so when it seemed that Chris was still interested in him, maybe even liked him? And he did like Chris too, maybe not quite the same way that he had liked Misha, but maybe it was better?

It took them 20 minutes to reach the highway; Joni walked to the side of the road and lifted his thumb up, hoping that someone would stop to pick them up soon, before they would both freeze to death.

”This is the first time I’ve ever tried hitch-hiking.” Joni snickered looking at the man.

”You know, if you undress we might have better luck,” Chris teased him, grinning, standing behind him.

”Oh sure, I bet everyone would want to stop and pick up the crazy boy standing naked in this weather.” Joni snorted and focused back on watching the road; the traffic was slow at that hour, a few female drivers had passed them, looked towards them, but continued their way without even slowing down.

”They’re too scared to pick up two men.” He groaned, and glanced at Chris measuring him with his eyes; He was tall and strong, he couldn’t really blame the people for choosing not to stop.

”You can hide in the bushes while I try, when someone stops you’ll jump out” he said. Chris laughed.

”Hm, I bet I can make them stop faster, I look more harmless after all.” Joni pointed out.

”Yeah, you’re right. You look like a future rape victim.” Chris grinned but backed off.

Joni narrowed his eyes at him, ”No I don’t! Don’t be silly.” He protested before turning his focus back to the road. He was shivering from the cold, kept repeating in his mind the hope that someone would stop. Still he was surprised when it took only 5minutes.

A man pulled over to the side of the road and reached to open the door for him.

”Where are you heading boy?” He asked and Joni walked cautiously closer; the man was little over 50 by the looks of him, balding and slightly overweight, and the way he was looking at him… If Chris hadn’t been with him, Joni wouldn’t have wanted to get into the car with him.

”To the nearest motel,” He replied, settling his hand on the open door, glancing behind him to see Chris.

”Well hop in boy, I’ll take you there.” The man grinned.

”I hope you don’t mind, my friend is coming with me.” Joni asked with a sweet smile, taking a seat down when Chris had reached them; opening the door to the backseat before the man could say no.

The man looked annoyed, glancing at Chris in the rearview mirror with his eyes narrowed.

”Thank you for stopping, you’re really an angel, it was so cold out.” Joni told him smiling still, the man looked at him and his expression softened slightly.

”It’s alright.” He nodded before continuing to drive.

”You’re running from home or what?” He asked then.

”No, not really, just from my relatives.” Joni told him.

”I see,” The man nodded, ”you look somehow familiar, maybe I’ve seen you before?”

”Maybe in pictures,” Joni shrugged not really wanting to talk with the man.

”Oh now I remember,” The man grinned, ”I have seen your pictures! My my, you certainly have a nice body underneath those clothes,” He gave him a dirty look.

”Er… thanks…” Joni glanced at Chris, who couldn’t understand the conversation as it happened in Finnish.

”So you’re a model,” The man nodded and glanced at him again in sleazy way, ”ever done nude pictures?”

”No,” Joni looked out of the window hoping they’d get to the motel fast.

”Would you like to? I have a friend who’s a photographer and….”

”Yeah, thanks but no thanks,” Joni told him quickly before the man would continue with the topic.

”That’s a shame, it could make a gorgeous picture.”

After almost an hour drive they reached a motel, Chris felt slightly amused, he didn’t know what the conversation was about, but he did notice how the man was looking at Joni; pure hunger in his eyes and Joni’s expression of disgust, the tone of his voice changing more and more towards cold and annoyed as the conversation continued and the way he was at times looking at him; as if searching for help.

”Chris, can you give some gas money to him?” Joni asked opening the car door; Chris nodded, took his wallet and gave some to the man who seemed somehow disappointed.

”Thanks for the lift,” Chris told him before getting outside where Joni already stood.

”I think he had a boner for you, can’t blame him.” Chris teased, chuckling at the annoyed expression that formed on the teen’s face, ”You’re lucky you have me, imagine what he would have done to you if you had been alone… driving in some dark forest road, having his wicked way with you.”

”I can take care of myself thank you very much! I would have been just fine on my own.” Joni insisted and walked ahead of him to the entrance of the motel. Shaking his head and grinning Chris followed him in.

”I only have my credit card, do you have money Chris?” Joni asked him.

”I just gave the man the last money I had; it’s your turn to pay.” Chris grinned.

”But… they can track me so easily if I use my cards. Why do you think I chose hitch-hiking?” Joni replied annoyed but searched for his wallet in hopes of finding some cash in there.

Chris watched the teenager, feeling amused. He was almost tempted to point out that he could have ordered a taxi for them if it was simply the matter of credit cards. He had thought the whole lift was just part of the adventure, but he figured he’d best stay silent about it,  since he didn’t want to upset the kid. After all, not pissing Joni off, meant better chances of getting laid that night. So, instead, he ruffled the boy’s hair.

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll just find the nearest ATM, you can think about how you can pay me in other ways,” he grinned.

”Do you know how dirty that sounds?” Joni asked,

”Yes, I know perfectly well, now come on, you like it too…” Chris walked to the front desk and asked for the nearest ATM, which happened to be located just around the corner of the motel, ”wait here Joni, I’ll be right back, you book the room for us, with one bed if you please.”

Joni glared after him, but walked to the desk where sat a bored looking Middle aged woman. She looked up to him and forced a fake smile on her face.

”I’d like to book a room, for one night.” Joni started.

”And I assume it’s with the gentleman who just went outside?” She asked with a somewhat dirty smile appearing on her lips,

”Yes, with him.” Joni replied.

”With one or two beds?” She asked typing the computer in front of her, Joni sighed,

”One large bed so we have enough room to fuck our brains out.” Joni tapped the desk impatiently and the woman’s cheeks adapted a bright red color, she licked her lips a couple of times,

”I see, I see.” She nodded, ”name please?” Joni wondered for awhile.

”Smith,” He smirked, ”we’re paying with cash.”

The woman looked up, studying him for a moment,

”How old are you anyway?” She raised her brow, ”do your parents know you’re here?”

It made him growl,

”None of your business, I’m old enough thank you very much.” he replied annoyed, finally Chris returned, paid for the room and they received the key.

”Why the annoyed look?” Chris asked when they entered the room.

”That woman asked how old I was,” Joni huffed, kicking his shoes off.

”Aw my poor baby.” Chris grinned, ”When is your birthday anyway?”

”5th of July, I can’t wait!” Joni nodded and sat on the edge of the bed. ”When is yours?”

”September12th,” Chris answered and took his shoes off before walking closer, until he stood in front of Joni, touching face, ”So, you thought of how to pay me yet?” He asked, caressing his hair.

”I’m tired now. Not in the mood.” Joni told him, ”Maybe tomorrow?”

”Maybe?” Chris asked raising his brow. Joni sighed.

”Tomorrow I’ll sex you up so good that you’ll pass out from the mind blowing pleasure.”

Chris laughed, ”Is that so?”

”Yup, you won’t know what hit you.” Joni nodded and started to undress himself.

”You certainly don’t lack any confidence.” Chris took note, feeling more or less amused. Joni lifted an eyebrow for him.

”Is that bad? I’m sure you’ll exhaust me in the process too, I’m sure I’ll have a difficult time to walk afterwards… Happy?”

”Very,” Chris nodded and took off his shirt before walking over to the window, there he turned to look at him again; Joni was carefully arranging his clothes, folding them neatly on the nearby chair before he sneaked under the covers arranging them carefully around him.

”What, what are you staring at?” Joni asked after a while,

”You,” Chris replied with a smirk, ”just thinking to myself how cute you look,”

”Oh?” Joni blinked and smiling Chris walked closer to the bed, took his jeans off and crawled to the bed beside him,

”Cute and a little bit crazy.” He nodded, touching Joni’s cheek softly, before he brought his lips on his to kiss him. The kiss was tender and soft, something Joni hadn’t expected.

”What’s your favourite color?” He asked suddenly and Joni blinked,

”Why do you want to know my favourite color?” He asked a little bit confused,

”What so strange in it? I’m trying to get to know you better, might as well start with a simple question like that.”

”Oh,” Joni tilted his head, get to know him better? Interesting… ”Blue…” he uttered then, Misha’s eyes were blue he thought to himself and looking into Chris’ he realized that his eyes were blue as well though a different shade from Misha’s, maybe a slightly colder, lighter blue? Whereas Misha’s… He bit his lip to stop the trail of though from continuing. ”Your eyes are blue,” he blurted out then. Chris chuckled and reached for his hand under the covers,

”Indeed?” He brought his hand to his lips and kissed it, it made Joni snicker, what an odd thing to do… Chris grinned at him, watching him from under his brows, moving closer to him, until their warm skins touched,

”So um… what’s your favourite color?” Joni decided to ask, breathing out when Chris’ hand caressed his naked back,

”Green,” he replied, kissing his neck now, he brought his eyes back up to him, smiled, his finger trailing his cheekbone, ”Your eyes are gorgeous, could get lost in them; beautiful…” he whispered and kissed his lips.

Joni tried to suppress a bout of laughter, but could only turn it to a quiet snicker.

”You say funny things,” he told him, ”you talk like in some cheesy American soap opera,” he said and bit his lip.

”Well, I just find you so pleasing to my eyes; thus the cheesy compliments,” Chris grinned, ”you don’t like compliments?”

”It’s not that… it’s…” Joni almost blushed, no one had never talked to him like that in bed, and for the life of him he could never imagine someone like Misha do so and again he had to curse silently for the name that constantly popped up in his mind.

”What are your plans for the future?” Chris asked then, still caressing his body all over,

”I um…” Chris hand sneaked under his boxers, ”travel…uh… modeling… move out next… summer…” Chris was stroking him now, slowly teasing him,

”Yeah? and then?”

”Have to… go to… the army…one year.. from now…” Joni breathed out, eyes closing; the touch felt amazing.

”A gay model going to the army… oh my… someone is ending up with a very sore ass…” Chris whispered gently nippling at his earlobe, continuing to stroke him.

”Nnh… shut… up… that’s silly…. am not…” Joni frowned his eyes still close, ”no one…puts… anything… in my ass…in the army…” He breathed out, lips parted,

”No?” Chris rolled him under him, kissed him, pulling at his lower lip, his body lowering on top of him grinding their erections together, ”fuck, you make me hard…” he whispered and kissed the boy beneath him heatedly.

Joni felt Chris tugging his boxers down, he couldn’t really say that he was feeling sleepy anymore at that point and… Chris looked into his eyes.

”I want you…” He breathed out pushing against him again and again, ”Let’s take these off,” he continued and pulled Joni’s boxers all the way down, Joni allowed it. When Chris had undressed his own underwear and lowered back on top of him. Joni gripped his wrist when he felt his hand traveling down towards his ass.

”No,” He whispered, looking deep into his eyes, rolling his hips against his as his hands travelled along his backside to his ass, ”not inside,” he added, lips brushing against Chris’ cheek, before he kissed him deeply.

Their bodies’ started rocking against each other, sweat breaking out on their skin, making their moist bodies form a soft smacking sound as they collided over and over, faster and faster, taking almost an angry pace.

Chris’ lips were all over his skin; kissing, sucking and biting, strong hands holding him almost with enough strength to bruise him, while Joni’s nails dug into the skin of his hips in his attempts to bring the man even closer against himself.

It didn’t last long, and by the end of it they were both breathing fast, slowly calming down.

After a brief shower they laid side by side on the bed, Joni felt as Chris caressed his arm softly spooning him from behind, he blinked in the darkness, reflecting what he had done. He reached for the man’s hand and held it, finding some comfort in the squeeze he received in return, he didn’t feel so alone anymore and yet he knew it couldn’t last…

Slowly they both fell asleep.


Suvi sat next to Adam at the breakfast table, the sun had already risen and she glanced at the clock; it was already noon.

”I think I’ll go wake Joni and Chris, we could go skiing today,” she decided and got up, walking towards upstairs to the room, she found it strange that the two of them were still in bed; usually they got up a lot earlier. She gently knocked to the door; no reply.

”Wake up sleepyheads!” She called with a slight grin before opening the door, surprised to see the bed already made and all of Joni’s and Chris’ stuff… gone. She didn’t understand it, ”Adam!” She called, approaching the table where she saw the note. Her hand was trembling slightly as she took it, recognizing her cousin’s handwriting.

”When you are reading this, I’ve already left with Chris; you see, as it turns out we have a lot of things in common, if you know what I mean… You can tell my father that I am alright, that I like Chris and want to be with him and that he can no longer decide my life for me. He can bitch and moan about it, but I have no intention of returning home until he accepts me; completely.

Also you can tell my father not to blame Chris, leaving here was my idea and mine alone, if he is mad, he can be mad at me but not at Chris, you can also tell him that I will call him tomorrow evening but I will not talk to him if he shouts!”

Suvi shook her head,

”Oh Joni, you silly boy,” she sighed frustrated and turned when she heard footsteps from behind.

”What’s going on?” Adam asked, looking around in the room, his face going slightly pale.

”You tell me?” Suvi narrowed her eyes, ”When the fuck were you planning to tell me that your friend is gay?!” She shouted.

Adam looked at her slightly embarrassed and a little confused.

”Well, my cousin is now with him, only God knows where, doing God knows what! Why didn’t you tell me, Adam??”

”I- I thought… Chris said… I didn’t think it would be a problem,” He managed to say, Suvi let out a frustrated sigh.

”I told you how Joni is!” She told him, ”and couldn’t you honestly see any interest from Chris?”

Adam fell silent and looked ashamed which told her everything she needed to know.

”We’re supposed to be getting married in 6 months and I expect the truth from you Adam! I’m so disappointed in you right now.”

”I’m sorry, if I had known that… Suvi… please, I honestly didn’t believe that they’d come up with something like this, I’m just as shocked as you are.” He tried to reason her.

”Joni is foolish enough to come up with a silly, childish thing such as this, but Chris?? What is he thinking? He’s supposed to be an adult!” Suvi looked firmly at Adam, then at the letter in her hands and laughed, ”right, what are all men thinking?” She said to herself then, ”sex!”

”Honey…” Adam tried as she walked past him.

”Oh don’t you honey me now,” she muttered and walked towards downstairs calling for her father.


”What do you mean he’s run off??” Asko almost shrieked into the phone.

”Suvi found a letter from him; it seems he’s left yesterday night with that Canadian fellow, Christopher….” His brother’s quiet voice explained, Asko brought his hand up to rub his face, his mouth hanging open and feeling dry, he didn’t want to believe it.

”Did it say where they were going and why??” He finally asked,

”Hm… no… it seems that they’ve… well… become close,” His brother cleared his throat, ”You must believe me, had I known to suspect anything, had I seen hints I would have…. acted to put a stop to it, but nothing alerted me for it. I had no idea that this… man went in that direction…”

”Unbelievable…” Asko shook his head, ”this is unbelievable… how is it that Joni manages to come across these people!?”

”I’m really sorry… he writes that he will call you tonight, and says it was his idea to run off…”

”Well, thanks for letting me know… and call me if you hear anything from the pair!”

”Of course I will.”

Asko ended the call, feeling a major headache approaching, he wanted to call the police and tell them to arrest the man that his son was with, right then it felt more than tempting.

”Do you know what Joni has done now?” He asked when his wife stepped into the room; she raised her eyebrow, watching him with curiosity.

”What is it?”

”He ran off, he ran off with that God damn Canadian!” He was steaming inside and wanted to vent, mainly that foreigner. ”Oh my son truly is talented, how is it that he manages to seduce every older, gay man in sight?! What did I do wrong?? What have I done to deserve this?? That man is using him, I’m going to hang him from his balls when I find him, I swear I will!”

Katja sighed, ”Calm down love,”

”Calm down?? How am I supposed to calm down when my son is out there with some strange man who could do anything at all to him?! I’m calling the cops,” he reached for his phone. Katja walked closer and took it from him,

”And tell them what?” She asked.

”Tell them to arrest that god damn pedophile!”

If he hadn’t looked so angry she would have laughed, she had to fight to keep her face straight.

”Asko… just, breathe…okay?” She rubbed his back gently, ”Joni isn’t a child anymore,” she reminded him.

”He is a teenager!”

”He is 17, I dare say that he was not forced to go anywhere he wouldn’t have liked, if anything I could say that we should worry about that poor Canadian.” Obviously she shouldn’t have said that, because immediately Asko tensed.

”Calm down dear,” she added again, ”it was a joke and I agree it was a poor one.”

”You bet it was!”

”Okay, what I’m trying to say is… I’m sure he is alright and when he’s calmed down he will come home and you will allow him do so. You can’t change him, you can just… let him be who he is and support him, listen to him, if you didn’t fight him so much he wouldn’t fight against you either.”

”I’m not fighting him and I do accept that he is…that he… likes men… but he is too young to be…. doing the things that he is, there will be time for that later!”

”When he’s turned 30 perhaps?” she grinned.

”You’re not taking this seriously!” He accused, making her sigh heavily. She sat down.

”I’m sure he is alive and well…. You know I did warn you….” She said then.

”So you accept his doings? You think it’s okay that he ran off??” He hardly believed his ears.

”No! But neither did I think it was okay to send him up there the first place! You can’t make the problems go away by locking him away, there is still a chance Asko, a chance for you to fix what’s broken between you two.”

”Listen Katja, I’ve tried to be a good father, have I not? I’ve accepted his life style and I’ve supported him and…”

”You never talk to him, not about real things; you buy him anything he can possibly want, you want to shelter him from anything bad, from relationships, from everything and you’re doing it all wrong.”

”I don’t have to listen to this…”

”Yes you do!” She raised her voice and stood up. ”He is different from you, he is impulsive; yes, but soon he is an adult and you have to stop treating him like a five year old, maybe then he would stop acting like one!”

He gave her a look that clearly said he felt insulted and without another word he left the room. She felt like she wanted to scream; they both were impossible!


Chris watched Joni carefully when he was dressing the next morning, the situation was crazy, and something he definitely hadn’t predicted to happen when he had first arrived in the country, but the turns of events were more than pleasing to him.

”What are you planning now?” He asked finally tilting his head, ”what plots are going through that pretty head of yours?”

Joni raised his eyebrow with a soft chuckle,

”Is that how you see me, constantly plotting something?” he asked.

”No, not constantly but right now I think you were.” Chris grinned.

Joni grinned and approached and finally seated himself on his lap.

”What if I were to bring you to my home?” He asked biting his lip,

”Your home?” Chris raised his eyebrow, his hands lowering to Joni’s ass.

”Yeah… I mean… I’m not expecting you to be serious with me, but… if… if we could pretend to be boyfriends… to be serious with each other, I want dad to understand, I want to be at home.” He explained, he wanted things to be the way they had been before.

”Hm, won’t your dad try to bite my head off?” Chris asked; it wasn’t a thrilling thought to enter the home of a man whose 17 year old son he had been screwing, the 8 years of age difference between them might not have been something the man would be ready to accept, especially considering everything he knew of Joni. ”I mean, weren’t you already sent to your grandparents for… who was that man?” He asked then curious.

”My dad will accept it, if it’s the only way to get me back home.” Joni answered and leaned to kiss Chris’ neck. ”I wouldn’t let him bite your head off, I like it on you.” He grinned innocently, receiving an amused look back.

”And that man…” Ivo, Joni thought to himself, his thoughts wandering to him and to Misha, he looked at Chris and tried to smile, ”he’s just a friend, it was all a misunderstanding.”

”A misunderstanding, huh? And for that your father lost his marbles… I don’t know… sounds kind of scary,” Chris grinned.

”Well… it was a series of unfortunate events.” He didn’t want to start telling Chris about Misha, he rather would have forgotten all about it, but it was easier said and done.

”Have you had a boyfriend before?” Chris asked, still holding him close.

”Hm… not really, not one I could call a proper boyfriend; I mean if you date someone a week… well… it hardly is something worth mentioning, right?”

”So what about these two others you slept with?”

”Why are you so curious?” Joni asked,

”If I’m going to play your boyfriend I want to know.” Chris explained.

”Nothing worth mentioning.” Joni replied, wanting to believe that Misha truly wasn’t something worth mentioning. Chris gave him a certain look, almost like he was waiting for him to continue.

”Nothing worth mentioning, that bad?” He asked.

”I was drunk, very drunk on my first time and…well; it was just a bad mistake…. But enough, it’s in the past now.”

Chris nodded and gave him a small kiss.

”How about your boyfriends?” Joni decided to ask,

”What about them?”

”Well you started it… you asked me.”

”Well, I had few… none worth mentioning.” Chris grinned, ”None as cute as you.” he said and kissed him again longer this time.

Joni snickered,

”You’re trying to distract me from asking more,”

”Perhaps?” Chris gave him a sneaky look, ”is it working?” He started kissing and sucking his neck. Joni let out a small moan.

”Yeah… kind of…” He nodded closing his eyes.

”Alright, I’ll help you with your daddy issue,” Chris grinned, touching Joni’s lips with his index finger, ”if you promise to be good to me?”

Joni snickered,

”Haven’t I already been?” He asked looking innocently up to him, Chris shook his head, smiling,

”Not enough …” He answered and leaned closer to kiss him deeply.


Later that afternoon, they travelled by train to Helsinki.

When they arrived it was already evening, the hotel they booked was much more fancier than the motel they had spend the previous night in, Joni felt slightly impressed that Chris could afford it, so far their day had gone well, he felt more and more comfortable around him, perhaps it was also because they had already had sex and there was no need to feel nervous about it now.

The important thing was that Chris seemed to like him, it made him feel good, Chris asked him things and seemed interested, so unlike Misha.

”I’ll call my dad now,” Joni said later in their hotel room, he had kept his cell phone switched off the whole day, since the previous night and he knew his dad would worry; served him right.

Chris looked at him and nodded, crawling closer to him on the bed where Joni sat. After Joni had dialed the number and brought the phone to his ear, Chris moved behind him,

His dad’s voice sounded agitated when he answered.

”Joni? Where are you?”

”I’m alright; I’m with Chris in a hotel.” He replied, there was a quiet pause, Joni could almost imagine the tense look on his father’s face and the way he grit his teeth. ”I like Chris, I care for him, he’s amazing dad, I know you’ll love him too.” He said trying to sound dead serious, at the same time Chris had started to caress his body from behind in quite distractive way.

”This is the most stupid, childish stunt you’ve ever pulled on us Joni.” His father finally spoke. ”You are to return home and…”

”No dad, now you listen to me.” Joni said with a slightly tense voice, Chris hand was caressing his thigh now and it was difficult to keep his voice even. ”I will come home but only with Chris, he’s my boyfriend now and if you won’t accept him then I’ll never come back.” Chris’ hand slid to the front of his jeans, starting to open them and Joni tried in vain to move away.

”That man is 8 years older than you!”

”So what? Better than 14, huh?” Joni grinned, but had to bite his lip soon after that when Chris’ hand sneaked under his boxers, he tried to get him to remove his hand; it was evil! EVIL, he was trying to talk to his dad and did not want to be aroused at the same time!

”He is just using you; he lives in Canada for crying out loud! How serious can he be with you??”

”He is! And I am too! Now, I want you to meet him, I’ll come home with Chris but I promise that if you say one word wrong to him I will run away with him… for good!”

”Joni, be reasonable….”

”I will call you tomorrow, you can decide if you want me back home or not…If yes, Chris WILL come with me. Bye dad.” Joni ended the call and closed his phone.

Chris was kissing his neck and stroking him, pulling him closer,

”So what did daddy say?” He asked with a grin, pulling Joni onto his lap after lowering his pants down, so that Joni could clearly feel his erection pressing against him.

”That was evil Chris, touching me while I’m trying to have a serious conversation,” Joni groaned and tried to move away, to let him know he was annoyed with him, Chris however held on tightly.

”Oh come on, you know you really liked it,” He grinned, wrapping his arm around Joni’s stomach and lifting his right leg between Joni’s forcing his pants further down, until they were only around his ankles, he kissed his ear, his breathing getting heavy, hands moving to slide Joni’s shirt up.

”Evil…” Joni complained, though he couldn’t help but moan at the same time when Chris’ hands came to caress his nipples.

Chris grinned, managed to remove the shirt from Joni despite his slight struggle against it,

”You want it, I can see it,” Chris grinned, his left hand sliding across Joni’s stomach down to his erection where he gave it a squeeze.

”Idiot,” Joni breathed out though he didn’t really mean it, Chris dragged him higher so that he could rest his own back against the bed rest, keeping Joni still on his lap, he bent his own knees under him, forcing Joni’s legs to bend with them, this way he could reach and remove the pants from around his ankles.

”You have such a hot body,” Chris whispered into his ear, moving Joni’s legs on each side of his own, still keeping his own knees bent, trapping the lithe body there, when Joni tried to move, he took both his wrists, forced them behind his back and kept them there, ”come on, give in, I see it on your face how you enjoy this, you like it when someone takes you like this,” he purred.

Joni bite his lip, his eyes close, he felt Chris organ poking against his butt and was fighting between giving up to the lust or fighting for the power…

Chris reached for the lube he had already gotten ready on the bed when Joni hadn’t looked; he opened the tube, spread some on his free hand and then brought it down to Joni’s ass.

Joni hissed, and tried to turn when the fist finger slid into him, Chris was still holding his arms,

”Relax,” Chris purred, twirling his finger inside him for a moment,

Joni moaned softly, licking his lips, deciding to finally give in and let Chris have his way.

Chris smiled, pulled his finger out and quickly undid his own pants, he pulled his cock out, spread some lube on to it and then aimed it against Joni’s entrance, he started pushing in or tried to at least… The boy was so tight… he released Joni’s arms to take a hold his hips and poked against him more firmly.

Joni hissed when finally he could feel Chris moving inside, it hurt and he tried not to scream, slowly the length moved further until it was fully inside him, Chris’ hand rose to wipe the wetness from under his eyes,

”Relax…” He whispered, giving the boy time to adjust, wondering if he had even noticed that he wasn’t wearing a condom this time, he grinned to himself and moved his other hand down to the boy’s organ that had gotten soft; he would fix that now.

Slowly the pain started to fade and it started to feel good again, Joni moaned softly, closing his eyes, Chris took hold of his hand and brought it down to his organ; he smiled watching the boy pleasuring himself.

Chris kissed his neck gently, before he brought his hands back to Joni’s hips and started to move him up and down on his length. He groaned, the tightness and the heat were almost making him dizzy, he turned Joni’s face so he could kiss him, while starting to move inside him faster and more strongly.

It didn’t take him long to reach his climax, he gripped Joni’s hips tightly while filling him up with his load; amazing… Panting he brought his hand down to stroke Joni, ”Let me see you cum, let me watch…” He panted to his ear and with a muttered cry Joni released himself.

After gaining back his senses Joni rose slowly when he felt something leaking down, his eyes widened and he looked between his thighs,

”You didn’t use a condom???” He shrieked, getting up and pulling the cover on, he glared at Chris who laughed, ”This isn’t funny!”

”You’re so cute,” Chris smiled, ”will you relax?”

Joni trembled slightly from sudden anger and marched towards the bathroom.

”I will not relax! Asshole!”

Chris narrowed his eyes watching the teen, and then he slowly got up and followed him not allowing him to close the bathroom door,

”Worried about diseases?” He asked, hiding his own annoyance.

”Yes! Go away I want to shower,” Joni tried to push him out of the room. Chris took his wrists and pushed him further into the room,

”We can shower together,” He told him, Joni narrowed his eyes,

”You had no right! You knew I would want you to wear a condom!”

”And I know I have no diseases, so calm down!” Chris looked at him firmly, ”we had fun just now Joni, don’t spoil the mood.” The boy’s bottom lip was curved slightly, Chris held on to him.

”You should have asked me first!” Joni said glaring up to him, trying to pull his wrists free,

”Come on now, you can forgive me… I promise that you’re just fine, no diseases.” Chris smiled and tried to kiss him, ”don’t be so stubborn, come on… just a small kiss.” Joni turned his face away, pouting, making Chris sigh, he released his wrist, ”Don’t be mad at me, you’re cuter when you smile.” he touched his cheek softly, caressing the skin, ”I really like you Joni…” He whispered and kissed his cheek, his hands caressed his sides, ”You’re so incredibly hot… I wasn’t thinking straight… I just had to have you…” He kept on, ”forgive me,”

”So… you’re clean?” Joni asked carefully.

”Very, got tested before this trip…”Chris smiled.

”Okay… Good,” Joni nodded, Chris brushed his hair,

”So have you forgiven me?”

Joni looked up and nodded,

”yeah, I guess…”

”Then let’s take that shower together,” Chris smiled and kissed the boy. He was getting more interested in him; sure he could be annoying and stubborn but he was also quite cute and with a little teaching he might rid him of those annoying habits? It could be possible…


         Web published: October 30th, 2008.

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