13.So just

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Chapter 13

Misha felt his anxiety rising, it felt almost impossible to get any work done and too often he found himself staring at the clock on his computer screen. Had Chris already left the country? Joni hadn’t called and Misha had to fight with himself not to make a check up call to his fiancé. Surely everything would be alright, but for how long? The thought that Chris would later return to their lives in one way or another, gnawed on his mind.

Joni had done his best not to seem worried, but his nightmares had also startled Misha awake from his sleep for several previous nights. They needed something that would distract both of their minds and Misha had been chewing over an idea that he had come up with. He finally concluded that there wouldn’t arise any better time than this, or a day that would make him more prepared for it. After the work day that had seemed almost impossibly long, he stopped by at a near by shopping center to get quality steaks, couple of beers and a nice bottle of red wine.
Joni was already home when Misha arrived. He sat on the couch twirling the remote control in his hands while attempting to watch some TV program.

”Hi,” Misha greeted as he walked into the room. Joni turned his head to look at him. The younger man smiled but his eyes couldn’t hide the anxiety that seemed to have occupied his mind.

”Hi, how was work?” He asked with exaggeratedly cheerful tone.

”Well, so and so… Are you hungry? I bought steaks.”

”Yeah, okay… I suppose I should eat, I think I forgot to have lunch.” Joni nodded, turned off the TV and switched on the radio before following Misha into the kitchen. Misha unpacked the groceries and glanced at his partner who now stood next to the window looking outside.

”Nasty weather,” Joni commented. ”I hate this time of the year.”
Misha smiled slightly and nodded. ”Waiting for the snow and frost.” He said placing the groceries in the fridge leaving the ingredients on the counter that he would use to make dinner.

”Better than this grey shit.” Joni snorted. ”Can I help with something?” He asked and Misha gave him a cold beer.

”Sit down and try to relax.” He smiled.

”I’ll try, thank you.” The younger man grinned returning to the table to take a seat down.

”Did anything special happen today?” Misha asked reaching to take a pot to cook the rice with and a pan to cook the steaks.

”Well let’s see…” Joni took a pause. ”I went to the gym and in the changing room I helped one old man to search for his keys from the floor, when apparently he couldn’t reach down… Although, I got the feeling that he simply enjoyed watching me crawling on the floor.” He gave a tired chuckle. ”Because magically he found his keys from his pocket after all.”

Misha snorted with a smile. ”I guess I can’t blame him, who wouldn’t want to watch you?” He glanced at his boyfriend.

”Crawling on the floor you mean?” Joni joked before continuing. ”But seriously speaking, no, there was no word from the crazy ex-boyfriend.” Joni assured. ”That is what you really wanted to ask, right?”
Misha nodded. ”Just remember…” He started.

”I’ll tell you straight away if he contacts me.” Joni promised. ”But I think Chris knows better… Adam is meeting him and he promised to help Chris if needed. Apparently he was able to arrange a job interview to Chis as well.” Joni smiled and Misha gave him a concerned look. ”Although, I’m slightly worried… When Adam leaves, does Chris have anyone to support him?”

Misha frowned. ”You shouldn’t concern yourself with such matters, he dug his own hole, let him sit in it on his own.” He snorted and opened a beer for himself before starting to wash the vegetables.

”Loneliness doesn’t do anyone any good. I would be more relaxed if I knew that he’d have sensible friends around him.” Joni replied looking at his fiancé, who was silently chopping a cucumber.
Misha knew that Joni was right, he was simply annoyed by the whole thing, the fact that Chris was released so quickly. He was annoyed that after everything Chris still controlled their lives in small way. He was annoyed. Misha continued chopping the vegetables evenly and only awoke when he felt Joni’s hands on his waist, soft lips caressed his neck and slowly his irritation settled down. ”Let’s not talk about him anymore…” Joni whispered. ”He’s thousand miles away from us.”

Misha nodded, lowered the knife down and turned around. He brought his hand upon Joni’s face and leaned closer to kiss him. They stayed like that for a moment, looking at each other and Misha stroked Joni’s hair tenderly. Love was a frightening feeling when fear walked beside it. Misha swallowed, he didn’t want to deal with the thoughts that tried to crawl into his mind. Chris was far away, like Joni said. ”Alright, the salad won’t prepare itself.” He commended and turned to continue the chopping. He didn’t want to think about his fears let alone talk about them.
Joni moved back to face the window, holding the beer can in his hands, looking outside. Misha glanced at him, admiring for the thousand times the outline of his figure feeling the need to express how strongly he appreciated his partner. Was there any better way to do that than to surrender? He wanted to divert both of their thoughts elsewhere, away from Chris, away from that evil.

They sat down to eat, tried to talk about ordinary matters, laughing lightly at small jokes, but despite their efforts the past claimed its space between them that evening. Misha could see it from Joni’s eyes; the pressuring memories that intertwined with his own. Chris was freed and even in his silence, he managed to haunt their present. And this fear that they had wouldn’t step aside in days or in weeks, perhaps in months, perhaps a year from now all of it would be behind them and they could finally count on that everything would be fine?
They emptied a bottle of wine, enjoyed each other and although Joni was more relaxed than at first, Misha could still sense that certain tension that he wanted to rid off.

Finally Misha decided that it was time, stalling wouldn’t make it any easier. They had been watching a film, a name of which Misha had already forgotten. He took the remote a turned off the TV without saying a word. Joni gave him a confused look.

”The movie was completely pointless, right?” He asked and took Joni’s hand. ”Come.” He said and pulled his fiancé up from the couch.
He leaded Joni towards the bedroom and he followed without objections. They stopped by the bed side, Misha looked at Joni who smiled with wonder and curiosity.

”Alright,” Misha said perhaps more to himself than to Joni who still was looking at him with questioning gaze. The blond man lowered his hands on his partner’s shoulders gently guiding him to take a seat down. For a moment Misha felt clumsy, insecure, this role was unfamiliar to him. He took his shirt off slowly and Joni smiled at him, admiring his muscular chest with his eyes. Misha leaned forward and knocked his lover down on his back while climbing on top of him and capturing his lips to a slow kiss. He brought Joni’s shirt up with his hands and with Joni’s help tossed the piece of fabric away to the floor.

Misha kissed Joni’s neck, caressed his chest, taking pleasure from the heath that exuded from the other. He slide his hand lower on Joni’s body, squeezing his organ gently though the fabric of his trousers, massaging it and feeling how it responded to his touch. Joni looked at him, lips parting to a silent moan. Slowly the worry seemed to fade away from his gaze, the painful memories of the past disappearing further away.

Misha undressed his lover fully before getting up and undressing himself. He took the lube from his nightstand drawer and felt a nervous twitch in the bottom of his stomach. He could feel Joni’s eyes on his skin, brought his own gaze to meet with his and smiled before returning to the bed. He kissed the younger man almost demandingly, caressed his figure with his hands before stopping to look him in the eye. ”All the things I do for you…” He whispered and for a moment the confusion returned on his lovers face. Misha kissed him again before bringing his attention the bottle of lube, opening it and spreading some on his palm, bringing his hand behind him to rub it on himself.
He looked at Joni whose confusion spread and slowly altered to lust. Misha brought his hand to rub Joni’s organ with the lube as well, taking his time, wanting to bring his lover close to an orgasm but not all the way, secretly hoping that by doing this his first time as a bottom wouldn’t last that long. Joni lowered his hand on his, stopping the movement and it was Misha’s turn to give him a confused gaze.

”Can I?” Joni asked quietly and smiled. Misha had taken him by surprise offering this experience that he had almost given up hope on receiving. He could also sense the well-covered nervousness from his fiancé, certain kind of determination to hurry up the whole process. Joni however wanted to do his best so that Misha could receive pleasure out of this instead of doing it only to please his desires. Joni sat up, facing Misha, he brought his lips slowly on the others, gently kissing him while tenderly touching his face. And with same calmness and tenderness he guided Misha to lie down on his back to the bed. Joni carefully studied his reactions, kissing his neck, knowing how hard it was for Misha to give up the control which he probably felt was happening.

”You still have the control…” Joni whispered. ”You decide what happens…” He continued while moving his hand slowly over Misha’s groin. And the blond man brought his hand in Joni’s hair while the brunet caressed his organ at the same time as his fingers circled his opening. Although everything that Joni did felt good, Misha felt his anxiety growing.
”You don’t have to stall this…” Misha said finally and Joni gave him slightly amused glare. ”Just go with it, I won’t break.”

”Okay…” Joni said. ”How would you…?” He started, but didn’t have time to finish his question when Misha already turned to lie on his stomach, placing a pillow under his pelvis.

”This is as ready as I get.” He announced and at the same time Joni felt amused and aroused by the situation, which was an odd sensation. He caressed Misha’s lower back before settling behind him. He had dreamed about this and now, he had to admit that he felt somewhat nervous. He was afraid that he would do something wrong, that he would hurt Misha and that was the last thing that he wanted.

”You will tell me, if you want me to stop, alright?” Joni asked.

”Of course.” Misha assured. ”But I won’t break, go on…” He added. Joni was quiet for a moment and Misha felt how his hands caressed his lower back in slow, gentle movements. He felt as Joni shifted, the tip of his organ nudged against his opening and Mishe drew a deep breath. He took the whole thing as a challenge and couldn’t really say that he would be looking forward to it, but at the same time he had made his decision that today would be the day. And he wasn’t going to complain, no, he wouldn’t cry out like a little girl, he would take this like a man; what ever it meant in this situation. Joni started to penetrate him slowly, Misha gritted his teeth when he felt small amount of pain, but Joni was calm and attentive, as gentle as one possibly could. And when Misha heard his lover moaning in pleasure he instantly felt better as well. So this was how it felt like the other way around? Misha pondered. Joni stopped for a moment when fully inside of him, planted another gentle kiss on his neck before he started to move slowly. It felt weird, Misha felt some small amount of pain lingering, perhaps slight uneasiness, but he had to admit that Joni did his best for his pleasure.

”You okay?” Joni whispered.

”Yes,” Misha replied when he couldn’t really give another answer. He couldn’t say that he would have particularly find his current position pleasing, not that he would have found it displeasing either, perhaps something in between. He could agree to this in the future as well, as long as it wouldn’t have to be often. Joni shifted slightly and Misha felt a sudden wave of pleasure move through him, which made him utter a louder moan.

”I think I found the right spot,” Joni grinned; proudness in his voice and Misha gave a slight nod.

”You did indeed…” He whispered hoarsely and Joni speeded up his movement.
Towards the end it started to feel better for Misha as well, but he couldn’t get to the point of having an orgasm before his partner. When Joni settled next to him languidly and smiling, Misha still wasn’t quite finished with him. He shifted and planted a kiss on Joni’s moist lips.

”You feel good now?” The blond asked smiling.

”Very, thank you…” Joni replied. ”I think I came too quickly.” He added caressing Misha’s side.

”Oh I wouldn’t say that… ” Misha grinned, his face hovering over Joni’s. ”Are you really tired?” He asked while moving his hand suggestively over Joni’s body.

”Not that tired that I wouldn’t have the energy to please you.” Joni smiled. ”What would you want me to do?”

”Hm… So many possibilities…”Misha chuckled and kissed Joni’s chest reaching to take the lube. ”Your turn?” He suggested and Joni chuckled lightly and smiled at his fiancé.

”Okay, my turn.” He agreed and turned slowly. Misha had taken a huge step that day and now he probably wanted to make sure he hadn’t lost the role that he loved and Joni had no objections. Sex with Misha was heavenly in every way.
A couple of days later, Joni was still smiling when he remembered what had happened. Misha couldn’t have chosen a better timing; it had been the perfect medicine to ease his worried thoughts. Joni hadn’t head anything from Chris either, but Adam had called and told him that everything had gone well. Adam told him that Chris had already gotten a job and that he seemed willing to set up a new life for himself. Joni wanted to believe that Chris really was finally his past in all sense, but to fully believe it might take a little more time.

A week before Jami’s and his co-workers hair fashion show Joni had arranged a meeting with Jyri and Eljas, concerning a possible job at the gym that Eljas owned with his brother. They had agreed to meet at a sports bar where at least Jyri liked to hang out quite often. It was Wednesday afternoon, a basketball match played on the big TV screens and the bar wasn’t very busy at that time. Joni knew that he was running slightly late and searched for his cousin with his eyes. He stopped when he saw a blond, robust man sitting at a corner table who was looking back at him grinning and waving his hand. Joni smiled back at him, felt a pinch in the bottom of his stomach caused by the vision of his childhoods first crush. He walked towards the table and Eljas wouldn’t take his eyes away from him but continued smiling. The man was every bit as handsome as Joni remembered, perhaps more manly like over time. But he didn’t beat Misha; Joni thought, not in his eyes.

”You look different than in the adds,” Eljas said when Joni got closer and for a moment Joni smiled with confusion, unsure how to take the comment. ”You look even better in real life.” Eljas grinned. ”The last time I saw you, you were at least one third shorter. Please, take a seat down.” Eljas pointed a seat next to him, looking in his eyes and Joni lowered his gym bag on the seat next to him before sitting down.

”You on the other hand haven’t changed much, perhaps gained on muscle though…” Joni smiled.

”So I take that as a compliment?” Eljas raised a questioning brow and Joni nodded with a slight chuckle.

”Where is Jyri?”

”Went to the men’s room.” Eljas replied and took a sip of his beer. ”Would you like something to drink?”

”I could get myself a coffee,” Joni said and was about to stand. Eljas raised his hand; making a gesture that he should take a seat back.

”I’ll get it.” Eljas said. ”With milk?”

”Thank you.” Joni nodded and Eljas looked at him in away that appealed to a part of him that once had entertained those naïve school boy fantasies about him. When Eljas left towards the bar, Joni remembered the past with amusement. How badly he had hoped as a boy that he would have been close to the same age as Eljas, that Eljas would have confessed that he too had a crush on him and they would have started dating openly, not minding about anyone else… and they would have kissed a lot. Those dreams had been so innocent then.

Eljas returned before Jyri had managed to come back from the men’s room. The blond man set the coffee cup in front of Joni and he thanked the man. ”Jyri said that you have attended a gym trainer course?” Eljas asked and Joni nodded.

”Yes my intention is to study more in the physical trainer field, but at the same time I would need some practical experience.”

”And I, with my brother, are the fresh owners of a health club. The place was a gym before as well, but we’ve attempted to freshen up the look to attract new customers. The previous owner didn’t quite manage in running a successful business.” Eljas kept a small pause observing him. ”The place was tired… But we’re going to turn things around and make it successful.” Joni nodded and saw his opportunity.

”I could help. Bringing in those possible clients… and with other stuff.”

”Other stuff.” Eljas grinned looking amused and for a moment Joni repeated his own words in his mind wondering if they had sounded something else than what he had indented. At that moment, Jyri returned with a beer.

”I’m sorry that I took so long, I had a bit of a situation.” Jyri explained and Eljas exchanged amused look with Joni.

”You took a shite, admit it!” Eljas laughed, to which Jyri merely grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

”There’s no point in denying, I only tried to be civil and polite in my cousins company.” Jyri admitted and Joni cocked his brow with amusement.

”There’s no need on my account.” Joni chuckled.

”Yes, well it is normal after all, everyone does it daily, hopefully at least once a day.” Jyri nodded.

”But we don’t need to discuss it further, thank you.” Joni added tasting his coffee. Eljas looked at him smiling,
seeming to ponder about something.

”But you two got the conversation started?” Jyri asked.

”Yes, we might be able to cook something up with this…. If you are interested, Joni, I think you could come and visit our gym?”

”Yes, I am interested.”

”How would you feel for example, helping out at the reception every now and a then?” Eljas asked. ”We want staff who understand about training and can help out customers if needed, regardless the station that they work in. This way you would get your feet in at the training business and then if everything seems to go smoothly, we could help you further in your studies.” Joni was quiet for a moment; surprised that Eljas was offering him a job this quickly. ”For starters I think I can’t offer you a great salary, but you’d get tons of beneficial job experience and naturally your salary would be raised after a few months of training.”

”One has to start somewhere,” Joni smiled. ”Like I said, I am very interested, but…”

”Of course you need to see the place first.” Eljas interrupted before Joni could finish his sentence. ”Are you in a hurry to go some place?” He asked.

”To the gym…” Joni grinned.

”That fits perfectly then, you can come and try ours right now… Are you traveling by car or bus?”


”Great, then I’ll get a lift from you as well.” Eljas grinned.

”Of course, I think I owe you a ride or two.” Joni chuckled and small voice in his head pondered if it had sounded somehow suggestive because Eljas’ grin grew wider.

”What, you’re leaving me alone here?” Jyri asked with pretended offence.

”Of course you are welcomed to come train as well?” Eljas said and glanced at Jyri’s pint, which was still half full. Jyri was quiet for a moment seeming to ponder about the suggestion while his gaze wandered off somewhere behind them.

”Nah, you two are welcomed to leave… My eyes just found something more interesting…” He grinned and winked at two women, who were eyeing him back and giggling with approval.

”So, we are no longer needed.” Eljas took note and drank down what was left of his own beer. ”Are you ready to leave?” He asked and Joni nodded emptying his coffee before getting up.


When they were driving, Eljas told Joni that the idea of buying the gym had come from his older brother and because Eljas had lost his job six months earlier he had decided to take the risk of starting a business with him. Eljas was interested of physical profession as well; in his youth he had played football and studied as a masseur after he had gotten fired. His brother had taught him everything he knew about gym training having been a body builder for years. Their visions for future were huge, probably greater that what they would achieve, but it was always good to aim high.

”Our customers don’t need to commit themselves for months at a time, we offer different kind of deals.” Eljas explained once they had arrived to the gym. Joni was pleased to see how spacious and fresh the reception and café looked like. ”We’re also selling healthy snacks and refreshments, coffee and tea as well. In the mornings we’re offering free porridge for our first customers, I admit I copied the idea elsewhere.”

”It’s a good idea.” Joni nodded and followed the other man as he continued talking and walking him through the place. There were some customers present, but it was only a quarter past four and it was to be expected that more people would arrive after five.

”I’ll show you the dressing room,” Eljas said. ”You can look around on your own and try the equipment and… lets say an hour or so?” He asked and Joni nodded, still kind of confused over the whole situation. ”Good, I’ll be at my office doing some paper work, when you are ready just knock on my door. The office is upstairs, the door on the left when you climb up the stairs there.” He pointed.

”Okay.” Joni nodded and Eljas smiled.

”So I’ll see you soon.” He said turning towards the stairs.
After finishing his workout Joni took a shower and got dressed before he walked towards the office. He knocked on the door.

”It’s open.” Eljas replied and Joni stepped in. The man turned around on his chair and smiled.

”So, any comments?” He asked.

”The place is nice, cozy in a way.” Joni smiled and sat down on the free chair that Eljas pointed to him.

”Great!” He nodded. ”So you would still be interested of working here?”

”Even more so than an hour ago.” Joni smiled.

”Are you still doing lots of modeling?”

”To some extend, but its limited when working only in this country. If I wanted more, I should be ready to travel outside Finland.”

”And do you want that?”

”No.” Joni replied honestly. ”Not the way that I used to. It would require certain commitment and sacrifices that I’m not willing to make. My current relationship means more to me than modeling, I’m not willing to give up on the time that I have with my boyfriend to become more successful in modeling. I’m more interested in pursuing a career in the exercising field. When I was younger I thought differently.” Eljas nodded at his answer with a smile.

”You plan to continue as a model though to some extend?”

”As long as I’m offered gigs, in the limits that I find comfortable.” Joni replied. ”At this moment I still get offers and in a way I enjoy it.”

”As for the future, lets say ten years from now, where do you see yourself?” Eljas asked and Joni smiled, the question was probably something that was often asked in a job interview and that morning he hadn’t realized that he was going into one.

”Difficult question.” Joni admitted. It had been difficult to plan future so far ahead, still such a big part of it felt unsure and the only thing that he really counted on was that Misha was there with him, but it was not the answer that Eljas was looking for. ”I could see myself helping other people live healthily, eat and exercise right. At that point I assume I have gotten the chance to travel a lot and collect different kind of experience and knowledge.” He shrugged. ”I’m only 21, everything that I plan to do now in ten years time can change many times along the way.” He smiled. ”Four years ago, I would have probably told you that I’ll end up being successful actor, or at least a famous model whose name is widely known.” Joni added with a chuckle. ”And when I was a child, I wanted to be a famous landscape photographer, one that would travel through Africa until I realized that the reality wouldn’t be quite so glamorous as movies made it out to seem. But I believe that my current answer only molds with time, I am beginning to understand what it is that I really want in life.”

”Good,” Eljas grinned. ”So, now I’ll tell you my idea concerning your near future. We have a newly born business and you have both excitement and interest concerning the industry. Your modeling background would be beneficial to our company that is in the need of new clientele and people are interested about you. I hope that you could start in simple customer service tasks, take part in different promotion events and advertise our gym. If you are interested of leading an exercising croup of some sort, indoor cycling for example, then we are happy to provide you a training for it. When you go further in your studies, your job description will expand as well.”

”Sounds good to me.” Joni nodded. ”As long as you pay me accordingly, I won’t settle for minimum wage after you just revealed how useful I am to you.” He added with a grin to which the other man sighed with a smile.

”Damn.” Eljas said. ”Alright, what kind of salary did you have in mind?” He asked and for a moment Joni had to ponder about his answer. They continued talking for a while and managed to come to an agreement that satisfied them both. Joni left home feeling happy.

”Guess who got a job?” He asked with excitement as soon as he arrived home. Misha came to meet him in the hall and looked at him smiling.
”It was that easy?” He asked.
”I’m just that good; I didn’t even realize that I was going into a job interview. I also managed to negotiate a pretty decent salary considering that I don’t have much experience.” Joni grinned with proudness and walked over to hug Misha.

”Oh my, we have to celebrate this, won’t we?” Misha smiled kissing Joni’s lips softly. ”I’m proud of you.” He added feeling glad of how happy Joni looked. Good news were very welcomed.

It was Monday afternoon and Joni arrived in Jami’s new salon. The fashion show was on Wednesday and Jami would color and cut Joni’s hair for it. The whole thing had exploded into much bigger deal than what the original plan had been. Jami’s business partner Susa had a friend who was a fashion designer and he wanted to be a part of the show to use the opportunity to release his new collection. Apparently potential buyers would arrive to see the show. Joni had met the man once and didn’t particularly like him. The man was over thirty, thin and spoke with overly feminine tone. His style was saucy and flaming. His whole existence seemed to scream out his sexual orientation overemphasizing it and only managed to make him seem like some character that had ran out from a comedy sketch; at least in Joni’s opinion.

The cherry on the top was that the man, whose roots were planted very deeply in the Finish soil, had changed his name to Cosme. It was a French name that apparently meant order and beauty, or something like that. Jami had shared his this knowledge and Jami didn’t seem too thrilled about the guy either, since he had pretty much taken over everything that concerned the show.

Joni had also taken notice that the show had been mentioned on his fan page and the up keeper encouraged people to come over to see it. Joni still wondered who was the mysterious person who had created the page and where had they gotten into their knowledge that he was apart of the show. He felt conflicted about the page; sometimes he feared that one day the pictures that Chris had taken would be published there, that Chris would have kept copies after all. However, the pages were in Finnish and so far the content had been quite harmless.

Joni was starting to regret that he had agreed to model in the show and he regretted it even more when he stepped in and saw Cosme approaching him with his arms stretched out, wide smile over his face. ”Ah, here he arrives; our show stopper!” The man exclaimed, walked over to him and kissed both of his cheeks. ”I have one or two things in mind for you to wear…” Cosme made a cat like gesture with hand and grinned. Joni glanced at Jami feeling almost petrified; show stopper? Jami smiled awkwardly waiting next to his workstation. ”I’ll show the clothes to you soon.” Cosme sighed and flitted somewhere towards the backroom.

Joni walked over to Jami giving him a questioning look. ”What’s going on?” He asked and Jami gave a tired sigh.

”I’m sorry, he’s unstoppable…” Jami said. ”Please, take a seat.”
Joni could hear the excited chatter of Susa and Cosme from the back room and looked at Jami through the mirror; he looked exhausted most of all. Just last week Jami had been full of energy and excitement. ”Is everything alright?” Joni asked when Jami set the cape on him.

”Well, generally…” Jami shrugged. ”I’m just tired.” He decided and took a small pause. ”Have you talked with Ivo or Dima recently?”

”I saw Dima a week ago.”

”Well, then you haven’t had the chance to hear the great news!” Jami said with such a sarcastic tone that apparently the news would be anything but happy.

”Okay, tell me?” Joni asked with caution.

”We don’t need to find a new home, Dima is moving back.” Jami sighed. ”And what’s even better, Ivo got the brilliant plan that he can use your old room to lodge his friends in, his Russian friends who want to come over to Finland to spend their holiday! Such a fun little commune, where everyone has fun!” Jami’s expression told a lot and Joni gave his friend a sympathizing look.

”Did Ivo ask your opinion?” Joni asked although he could guess the answer. Jami looked at him through the mirror and shook his head.

”Of course I couldn’t possibly have anything against this brilliant plan?” He snorted. ”The house is Ivo’s and I’m just a tenant in it. Dima and Linda had their last huge fight the other day and Dima came over to our place… Little bit of vodka and Ivo’s great plan was ready.”

”You should talk to him about this.” Joni reasoned.

”You mean about me wanting to live alone with him, that I was looking to have our own place, both mine and his?” Jami asked and then shook his head. ”Ivo was pretty down when you two moved out, he tried to hide it, but… Ever since he got this idea that we don’t have to move he got so excited like a little boy…” Jami smiled slightly but still looked somewhat gloomy. ”We’ll see how this goes. I can handle Dima living with us, but if our home turns into some Russian boarding house then I need to say something.” Jami grinned and Joni smiled at him.

”I don’t think that Dima will stay permanently with you.” Joni tried to comfort.

”Yes, will see…” Jami sighed. ”Okay, lets get started. I’ll go and mix the color ready, just a moment.”
After Jami had left Cosme appeared from the back to show Joni the clothes that he had picked out for him. The first outfit was horrid; leather pans that revealed parts of the thigh from the side and the zip was in the back. Cosme explained with excitement how well they would fit on his figure; like a second skin and then he winked. This outfit also had a white see-through shirt that was crowned with a strange peeking hole around the stomach. Joni gave the man a sour look. ”Oh don’t you even think about it.” Joni said firmly. ”There’s no way in hell that I’ll ever agree to wear this poor excuse of an outfit!” He snapped. ”You take that away from offending my eyes, right now!” Cosme looked disappointed.

”But…” He tried.


”Well… I have this other one as well…” Cosme sighed and at fist Joni didn’t even want to look. A man that had chosen himself such a ridiculous name as Cosme when his real name was Matti, couldn’t have a very good taste.

”I will not pose half nude at a gay club.” Joni decided to make clear and took a magazine from the table. ”Or any outfit that I’ll find in any way ridiculous.”

”My outfits are not ridiculous!” Cosme corrected with hurt tone. ”Will this satisfy your highness then?” The man asked with whining tone and Joni sighed, he would have wanted to say that he no longer wanted to take any part of the show, but he had made a promise to Jami. Lazily he looked back at the designer. Joni smiled, looked much better, normal, something that one could wear or even buy. Light blue jeans and light button up shirt, black belt. The clothes were normal, so normal that it was almost difficult to believe that this outfit had come from the same designer than the previous.

”Thank you, this I can wear.” Joni replied and couldn’t help but to ask. ”Was the previous one some kind of a joke?” And again Cosme took the hurt expression.

”It was avant garde!” He snorted. ”You should know, you’re a model!”

”We don’t want any avant garde, Matti, I told this to you before!” Jami snapped from farther away. ”The point is to attract new customers to us and your avant garde looks would only scare them away.”

”My name is not Matti,” Cosme protested. ”Fine, be like that… Boring and grey Finnish people… I can design normal clothes as well.”

”Good.” Jami sighed and returned to Joni while Cosme dissapered to the backroom with the clothes. ”That guy gives me the migraine.” Jami whispered.

”I don’t understand why you took him with you in this?” Joni asked.

”Susa wanted… And I’m just hoping that this whole business partner deal wasn’t a mistake.” Jami muttered. ”It will be alright…” He finally decided and started highlighting Joni’s hair. ”So when will your new job start?” He changed the subject.

”I’ll have my first day on Friday.”

”Sonja said that your new boss looks like Eric Northman.” Jami grinned and for a moment Joni looked confused. Sonja had come with him to train last weekend because she wanted Joni to help her loose weight especially after Cosme had apparently commented on her weight in not such a friendly manner. Sonja’s immediate crush on Eljas hadn’t gone unnoticed, but Sonja seemed to have these crushes often.

”Who?” Joni asked.

”Have you seen that vampire series, True Blood?” Jami asked.


”Well Sonja has and I have… Anyway, there’s this super hot vampire named Eric Northman. I think I have to come and train there myself only to see if Sonja is right.”
Joni cocked his brow. ”Okay, well… You’re welcomed. Is the series the same great ’quality’ as Twilight?” Joni asked with doubt.

”No, this really is good!” Jami nodded. ”You should watch it sometime with Misha.”

”I’ll keep that in mind.” Joni promised, but wasn’t that keen to look it up straight away. At that moment he simply waited for the show to be over and done with so that he could concentrate on starting in his new job.

 Web published: 8th of July 2015.

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