13.Foolish Games


Chapter 13

Finally his family arrived, Joni felt relieved; just three days and he’d get home! Of course he had had fun with Chris, but… he was slightly getting annoyed of how the man kept trying to get him to have anal sex with him, basically the man wanted to get his dick into HIS butt, the other way around seemed to be out of the question…Which annoyed Joni even more; short period of time and all three man had wanted him that way; as a bottom, why was that? He didn’t quite understand.

That afternoon, they were sitting in the living room watching some movie. Suvi was leaning against Adam; Chris was seated on the side of them, Joni next to Nina and Sami on the floor.

When Joni heard the sound of the arriving car, he knew it was them even before Merja’s shout;

”They’re here!”

Sami who had been expecting Joni’s brothers jumped up immediately and ran towards the hall, Joni looked after him, feeling unsure, part of him wanting to let his dad know that he was still mad, the other part wanting to go there and greet them. He heard the door open and he heard their voices; he glanced towards Chris and saw him looking back at him.

Joni stood up, his gaze drifting away from Chris, and headed towards the hall, he stopped in the doorway, looking inside, his dad was happily talking with his brother, the twins trying to get rid of their heavy outdoor clothing. Sami was waiting somewhat impatiently for them to finish so they could go up to his room to play some cool new game he apparently had. Katja was kneeling on the floor helping Sini to undress.

Joni tilted his head, he felt like an outsider again looking at them, a feeling like he didn’t belong, that he was extra and… He couldn’t really explain it, perhaps he was jealous? Would it be so bad to feel so? Was it childish to wish for his mother’s presence? He often caught himself wondering what she would have been like now and if he himself would have been different had she been there. His memories of her were scattered and few, moments here and there; she had smiled and laughed a lot, he remembered her moving in the house singing some old tune, dancing, she had held him in his arms and danced. He remembered her sitting in front of the dressing table, doing her makeup, looking at him through the mirror and smiling; they were going to a restaurant.

He remembered her dressing him up, brushing his hair and kissing his forehead, holding his hand as they walked.

”Where is Joni?” He heard his father asking and snapped from his thoughts.

”Hi…” Joni muttered when their eyes finally met and his dad gave him a curious look, and an unsure smile.

”I won’t get a hug?” He asked, reaching his arms out slightly, Joni felt stupid, he wanted to say something snappy, little children hugged their parents but… He shrugged, walked cautiously closer and gave his dad a brief manly hug before pulling back. ”Have you had fun here?” He asked and again Joni glanced at him and shrugged.

”It’s been okay,” he decided to answer after a moment of silence, ”I can come home with you though, right?” He asked anxiously. ”I promised Dima that we…” He started, but his father soon interrupted him.

”We’ll talk about this later, okay Joni? It’s been a long drive.”

”Dad we going to go play!” The twins shouted and without waiting for an answer the three boys ran upstairs.

”Joni, Joni, new pinta, look!” Sini tugged the fabric of his pants looking up to him, showing him a Barbie doll dressed as a princess. Joni smiled at her.

”It’s really pretty,” He said and lifted his sister up to his arms when she reached for him.

Katja grinned and walked closer, touched his cheek,

”Good to see you Joni, you look good.” She told him.


”Sini really missed you.”

”Joni, home?” Sini asked, looking at him.

”Hopefully,” He answered, ”missed you too.”

”Coffee is ready, let’s all go to the kitchen?” Merja suggested, ”Joni, can you go and ask Suvi and the boys if they would like some coffee, too?”

”Sure,” Joni nodded and still carrying Sini in his arms he walked back to the living room.

10 minutes later, they were all seated around the coffee table, all except the youngest boys who were too anxious to leave their games unfinished.

Joni sipped his coffee partly amused when his dad cheerfully talked with Adam and Chris, asking about the city they lived in and all kinds of different things about Canada; what places they would recommend if he and his family ever decided to travel there. Adam was more talkative than Chris who occasionally glanced at Joni and smiled back discreetly when he saw that Joni had a difficult time keeping a straight face.

Then his uncle started going on about how well the kids seemed to get along with each other and complimented Joni’s behaviour and his dad was smiling as he looked at him. Joni was more certain than ever that he would allow him to go back home.

After coffee Joni decided to go outside, just for a small walk, it was cold with the day already having turned to evening and it was dark, he kept his hands in his pockets looking at the sky; clear enough to see the stars.

”Hi,” He heard the familiar voice and turned to see Chris, he smiled at him and slowly continued his way towards the woods, ”Bloody cold here,” Chris commented lighting a cigarette.

”Yeah, it is, I wish I could be somewhere warm, hm… California… Hawaii,” Joni listed, dreaming.

”Don’t even talk about it.” Chris groaned, pulling the collar of his jacket higher.

”Tomorrow is Christmas, have you been a good boy Chris? What do you think? Will Santa bring you gifts?” Joni teased then, grinning.

”I don’t know, you tell me, have I been good enough?” Chris raised his eyebrow, ”If you don’t have a gift for me, I have an idea of what you could give me.”

Joni chuckled and shook his head.

”You never stop trying, will you?”

”No, a man always has to try.” He grinned back, inhaling the smoke,

”And what if I were to ask the same thing of you?” Joni asked glancing at him again as they walked, part of him was only teasing the man, other part was being serious.


”Don’t pretend you don’t know.”

Chris started laughing,

”Not going to happen, kid.” He told him. Joni raised his eyebrow at him.

”You know calling me a kid doesn’t help your cause one bit.” He scolded the man.

”Fine, sorry, Joni.” He smirked. ”So there is a chance though?”

Joni smiled, he walked forward to the nearest tree and leaned against it.

”I’m going home soon.” He answered, ”And I suspect we’re going to spend the night at my grandparent’s house.”

Chris threw the burned out cigarette to the snow and stepped closer,

”That sucks.”

”So would you miss me?” Joni grinned, Chris hand lowered on the tree trunk near his head, he leaned even closer, his warm breath tickling his skin.

”Miss you?…hmm… complicated question.” Chris smirked, ”so alright, yes, the bed would feel empty without you in it… and cold.” He replied.

”Well, we can keep contact, messenger, after I leave home in two days? If you want?” Joni tilted his head, looking in his eyes, maybe if he started feeling something for Chris, maybe then the thoughts of Misha would finally leave him?… Chris merely smiled and leaned closer brushing his lips against his, urging him to respond to it which Joni did, the coldness of the winter evening and the warmth of the kiss made an interesting mixture, Chris pressed against him more firmly, the kiss turning to more, hungrier, needier, Joni tasted the cigarette in his mouth, he sneaked his hands lower on the mans firm ass squeezing and bringing him closer. When the kiss ended they were both breathing fast and yet, still, in his mind Joni had hoped it would have been Misha to kiss him so; he had to be stronger, he would have to let go.

”Yes… we can keep contact…” Chris nodded.

”Maybe we see each other at the wedding, next summer,” Joni wondered smiling at him, touching his face, inside his thoughts and wants confused him, he wanted to forget, he wanted to feel for Chris, and at the same time he didn’t; feelings only led to pain and Chris only wanted one thing from him, didn’t he?

”Maybe?” Chris grinned and kissed him again.


Later that evening Joni joined the rest of his family as they drove back to his grandparent’s house.

”Dad, can we talk now?” He asked, the rest of the family were already in bed, only his father and granddad awake in the living room, chatting quietly.

Asko smiled, ”Sure,” he nodded and Joni walked closer, sitting down on the armchair next to them, they both had a glass of brandy in their hands, the smell of the Christmas tree heavy in the air, it was a pleasant smell, the lights of the tree making a homely atmosphere in the room.

”I’d like to come back home with you. I can, right?” He asked then, glancing towards his grandfather who was staring into the flames of the fireplace, carefully sipping his drink but Joni knew he was listening closely. It was quiet, his father seemed to think about it and Joni only hoped that the answer would be yes. He could then talk to Dima, maybe there was a chance that Dima would tell him about Misha? Maybe the man would want to apologise to him after having had the chance to think about it? Joni had to stop himself right there; he knew how unlikely it would be.

”Have you changed your mind about school?” His father asked snapping him from his thoughts

”No…” Joni replied, ”but… I’ve been thinking of getting a job and…”

”Joni, you’ve only been here a week and as much as we miss you at home, it is too early for you to return.” He answered calmly.

”That’s unfair!” Joni protested. ”Why, just why can’t I come back home??”

”Because I know you and if I allowed you back home, who’s to say you wouldn’t seek out that man, who’s to say you wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes? No, it’s much better for you to spend the winter here, calm down and think, I see it’s already done you some good and…”

Joni stood up, anger filling him.

”You’re just doing this because it’s easy for you! Keep me here so you can have an easy life with the rest! You don’t want trouble to yourself dad; out of sight out of mind!”

”Joni, that’s not why I sent you here!” He raised his voice, ”this is for your own good!”

”And what about granddad and grandma, what about uncle and his family, are they really happy that you put your responsibility on their shoulders?! I’ve been trying to be good! Why can’t you just forgive me??”

”Joni, calm down.” Asko asked, ”and it’s not the matter of forgiving, I have, but I’ve tried over and over again, and you choose to do it your own way; which is not always wise. And while you are not studying you can stay here for a few months, think about your own actions and learn from them.”

Joni breathed tensely,

”And you never made mistakes dad? Is that what you’re saying?” He asked.

”Your father never did anything compared to what you’ve done, Joni.” It was his granddad who spoke, ”and he always addressed us with respect, something you should learn to do.” He nodded.

Joni felt that they were all against him now; he was too upset to speak. Everything was working against him it seemed!

”Marianna also had a quick temper, it seems to come from that side,” His granddad continued.

”Oh don’t you dare bring my mother into this!” Joni pointed at him.

”Joni?” His dad tried, ”just calm down.”

”Screw you.” Joni snapped and left the room.


Though the next day was Christmas Eve, Joni definitely wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. He hardly spoke one word to his father who tried to talk to him as if the previous night’s conversation had never taken place.

They ate breakfast at his grandparent’s house before heading back to his uncle’s where the celebration would take place.

And in the evening, when the gifts were handed out, Joni once again noticed that his dad was trying to bribe him with things; a new mp3 player, gift cards to his favourite clothing stores and he would also be paying for his driving school that would start in spring. So at least he was allowed to come back home in early March, Joni thought darkly, finding hardly any joy in the fact.

Chris seemed to be almost as happy as he was, he noticed that the man looked quite bored or even slightly annoyed and was often disappearing outside for a smoke. Besides them, everyone else seemed happy. Joni could understand why Chris wasn’t enjoying himself though, it had to be strange to spend Christmas with a bunch of people he hardly knew, when his close friend was too busy to pay much attention to him.

It was nine in the evening when Joni decided to follow the man outside to talk to him.

”Not having fun?” He questioned, leaning against the wall, arms wrapped around himself to keep more warmth. Chris gave him a crooked smile, inhaled the smoke and then blew out few smoke rings. Right then Chris seemed like the only person who could understand him, only one he could talk with.

”Let’s just say I’m not big on Christmas.” He replied then, ”and you, what’s your excuse?”

”I’m stuck here for the whole winter; dad won’t allow me to return before March, or so it seems.”

”Well, I’m sorry to hear that, but it makes my Christmas slightly better now.” Chris grinned at him.

Joni gave him a glare, before it was replaced with a smirk,

”Well, merry Christmas then.” He told him, quietness followed. His thoughts were jumpy and confusing, ”Why don’t you like Christmas?” He decided to ask, hoping that conversation could distract him from thinking the things that upset him.

”Let’s just say it wasn’t so merry at home,” Chris replied, ”my dad usually … well… passed out before Christmas dinner…So these happy family Christmases; not really my thing.”

”You’re not close to your family?” Joni asked.

”Nope, that’s why I think Adam invited me to come with him; he can’t understand why someone would rather spend Christmas like any other day. He’s a big kid at heart.”

”Hm…” Joni thought about what Chris had just told him, it made things seem a lot better for him, at least he had a father who cared, but still it wasn’t enough to completely take away the feeling that he was being treated unfairly, but it did bring more sympathy for Chris and made him look at him in different light.


The morning of the 26th, he watched from the upstairs window as his family loaded their baggage into the car about to drive back home. When his dad saw him and waved at him goodbye Joni turned away from the window and sat on the bed, angry and hurt.

Everything was going wrong, hadn’t he tried? Tried to be nice? Tried to behave and forgive… In matters of just a few months his life had taken such a big turn, now he felt utterly lost and confused but he refused to roll over and take it, his dad had made the decision and now he would make his.

Suvi picked him up that afternoon, took him back to their house, where there would be a small party later, some neighbours were invited and Joni had reached his decision, and with every drink he took it seemed like the best choice.

Chris stood across the room from him, looking at him every once in awhile, casual it would seem to others but Joni knew that look and he had made a decision, anger and lust mixing, anger from Misha, from Kasper, his father, but most of all from Misha; it had led to this.

He had thought about what Chris had told him, thought of the few nights spent together, thought about his father’s idea to send him away to keep him safe; how silly. And now, he had reached a decision. Chris made his way to him, quicker than Joni to him.

”So your parents left for home?” The man asked, looking at him, the question didn’t matter, it was just words, behind them was more; lust and frustration which Joni could recognize.

”Yeah, this morning.” He replied simply, not shifting his gaze away from Chris’ eyes. He heard laughter; his uncle; very drunk by now, talking with some other man, a family friend, Suvi who looked embarrassed took Adam’s hand and led him into the next room.

Joni looked at Chris,

”Come.” He said simply before turning and heading out of the room, not checking if the man was following or not, he knew he would be, he walked upstairs holding a beer can in his hand, headed towards the room and entered. The bed was there, ready and waiting, Joni took a sip of his beer lowering it on the nightstand before he sat on the edge, looking towards Chris who entered the room after him.

Chris looked at the boy, his eyes narrowed; he was getting sick of games, sick of his constant refusal, having felt him close and not close enough the way he waned.

”Why are we here?” He asked.

”I thought I could give you your present now.” Joni smiled at him, which made Chris raise his eyebrow in curiosity.

”And that would be?”

”You can fuck me…if you still want, I…I’m going to let you.” Joni told him, leaning backwards on the bed, hands supporting him behind.

”What?” Chris asked very surprised.

”You heard me.” Joni smiled at him, looking straight into his eyes.

”Why do I owe you this offer? Why so desperate?” Chris asked before locking the door and approaching him.

”I’m not desperate,” Joni snorted but smiled just the same, ”I thought about it and I want it.” He explained and brought his other hand to unbutton his shirt. ”or…have you changed your mind?” He asked looking up to him.

With mocking smile Chris leaned closer but didn’t touch him yet.

”Oh no I haven’t, I do want you.” He assured.

”Good,” Joni whispered while his heart started to beat up faster, his breath hitching, he sat up straight again, his hands going to the hem of Chris shirt pulling it up

Chris helped him and threw his own shirt quickly away, the piece of clothing lading carelessly somewhere onto the floor. He leaned closer and kissed him while pushing him down.

The kiss continued, Joni close his eyes, trying to relax under his weight, assuring himself that this was truly what he wanted. The man’s hand rested on both sides of his face, gently stroking and caressing. He tasted of beer and cigarettes, perhaps not the most pleasant taste there was, Joni thought to himself but still he couldn’t say that he wasn’t enjoying the kiss. He moved his hands slowly on Chris’ back, feeling the firm muscles beneath his skin, anger welling up inside making him deepen the kiss to almost forceful.

Chris dragged him higher on the bed, to the middle of it, still kissing him.

”You know… I’m thankful to your dad for pissing you off…” He smirked while undressing the shirt from him, kissing his nipples gently.

Joni didn’t know what to say and for awhile he just stroked Chris’ hair, looking at him, his lips parted, breathing through them.

”He’s a moron.” He whispered then, lifting his hand to free Chris’ hair from the ponytail, just curious of how he would look with them opened. His fingers played and tangled in their length, and he licked his dry lips releasing a soft moan, when the gentle kisses on his nipples turned to sucking.

He opened and close his eyes, staring at the ceiling, part of him couldn’t help but to wonder if this was going too fast, other part wanted it just as badly; something to make him forget, perhaps if he would go through with it, Chris could somehow take the memory of Misha away, memory of Kasper, perhaps the constant pain he felt somewhere deep in his chest would melt and never return?

Chris hand sneaked down to open his pants, again Joni close his eyes, inside he felt like screaming, he just wanted the pain away so desperately! And again the thoughts of Misha crawled back to his mind, everything; how the kiss had tasted, how his body had felt, the smell of him, his touch; everything! He released small cry, out frustration, it was too slow, he wanted to be distracted from his thoughts!

Chris looked up to him, pulling his pants down, his hand running up to his body and back down, curious look in his eyes.

”Undress,” Joni asked, perhaps it sounded more like a demand and he saw the grin that formed on the man’s lips before he stood and rid of his own clothing.

Joni reached for him, pulled him close and on top him; naked now, Chris was already semi hard, he felt it against himself, making himself respond fast, sloppy kisses, Joni brought his legs around Chris’ waist.

”want you…” he moaned to the man’s ear while squeezing his ass, moving his own hips against his urging him to respond and move, the anger inside of him had taken a momentarily control.

Chris was more than surprised to find the boy suddenly so eager and responsive, almost forceful,

”fuck me…” he heard the words whispered to his ear and it made him push harder against the body beneath him, ”just fuck me…”

”Eager…” Chris grinned, ”I like it…” He nodded, kissed him again, taking his lower lip between his teeth and pulling gently, ”you want it rough then? Want me fuck you fast and rough, huh?” He questioned with a whisper, breathing fast now.

Joni thought of it, remembered the pain he had felt with Kasper, and bit his lip, hesitation and fear took over the anger.

”Um… I…I don’t… don’t like pain…”

”Well if you want me to ’just fuck’ you, it will be painful,” Chris whispered, and smiled seeing the boy’s slightly fearful expression, ”let’s prepare you first,” he added then, with more gentle voice, ”turn around.”

Joni nodded and turned to lie on his stomach, looking over his shoulder to see him.

”Nervous?” Chris asked, sensing the change now in Joni, he took the lotion from where he had spotted it the night before.

”No…” Chris raised his eyebrow at this, ”okay… little, but I want it.”

”You have a condom?” Joni asked then, still watching him.

”Of course,” Chris assure and reached for his pants that lay on the floor, taking the small packet from the pocket and settling it on the bed next to them, before spreading some lotion on his hand and on Joni’s opening. His other hand stroked Joni’s spine gently.


Joni sighed and laid his head down on the pillow, he close his eyes, it felt good for now, the fingers stroking the tender skin not yet intruding inside. Maybe slow was better after all? He thought again, focusing on the good feeling that he was experiencing at the moment. Chris hand sneaked down to take a hold of his dick while he slowly pushed his first finger inside.

The boy made a small sound and the muscles around his finger hugged it tightly, again he felt his own cock jump a little; eager, so deliciously tight and hot.

He pushed in and out couple of times before adding another finger, feeling Joni tense slightly, burying his face against the pillow beneath him,

”Just calm down Joni, I want to fuck you and I want you to like it…” Chris whispered against the nape of his neck.

Joni turned his head again so that he could see Chris face,

”I’ll relax,” he promised, calming down his breathing.

”Good,” Chris’ purred, scissoring his fingers inside him carefully.

It felt slightly uncomfortable and yet good at the same time, but he wanted Chris to remember him as someone good, not bad, so he started moving his butt against Chris’ fingers, rolling his hips and arching his back in catlike manner, glancing over his shoulder at the man who smirked looking at him.

”One more,” He warned before pushing in a third finger, stretching wider, Joni started panting harder now, he had to still for a moment; it was hurting now, not bad but slightly.

”Relax…” Chris whispered feeling him tensing up again; he turned his fingers inside him while unpacking the condom with his teeth and other hand. He pulled his fingers out then, and slipped the condom on.

”I hope you’re ready because I won’t wait any longer.” He warned, Joni glanced at him again and gave him a faint nod. The man took a hold of his hips and made him pull his ass higher before kicking his knees further a part.

Joni felt the, big, blunt head nudging against his opening and gripped the sheets as Chris started to thrust inside of him, his strong hands still gripping his hips as if to make sure he kept in place. Joni let out a small cry, feeling how the length moved relentlessly further inside of him making him feel stretched, full, to point where his first reaction was to get it out, and yet he tried to stay still and relax, take it without a further complain of how it hurt, after all; he had asked for this.

”Fuck,” Chris hissed, the kid was unbelievably tight around him, even after preparation, he could see and feel how tense he was, his body shivering slightly.

”T-told you… relax…” He gasped sneaking his hand around his member once again, fully intending to make him enjoy as well. Slowly the tension seemed to leave to some extend.

”Okay?” He asked, but didn’t really wait Joni’s answer before he started the slow thrust in and out.

There had been a moment in Joni’s mind where he had asked himself why he put himself in this position willingly, why he had asked this when it hurt so much? But then, he soon forgot it and remembered why, because it started to feel good, hot, sexy, amazing… and even though the pleasure he still felt the lingering pain, odd feeling of fullness and being stretched.

”Fuck…so fucking tight…” Chris kept cursing, caressing the body beneath him; from his butt along the back to his shoulders, his hold tightening, he gave couple of hard thrusts that made Joni whimper. Chris ran his hands down to his waist, wrapped his arms around him and with skill lifted him and made him sit on his lap, his cock entering him even deeper making the boy gasp.

Joni turned his head so he could kiss Chris while getting used to this new position, his thighs were stretched on either side of Chris’ hips, the mans hand still resting on his hips as he slowly started to force him up and down in his hard shaft.

”Like it?” Chris asked with a smirk, watching him keenly; the parted glimmering lips, concentrated look of bliss or pain on the beautiful face.

”Hmh…” Joni gave a slight nod to him.

”Touch yourself,” Chris whispered to his ear as he took Joni’s hand and guided it down to his member. ”Fuck my cock and touch yourself…”

Joni could feel his cheeks getting red, he kept his eyes close, but wrapped his hand around his own dick slowly starting to stroke himself and at the same time trying to move up and down on Chris’ lap. He felt hot, his skin was sweating and it didn’t feel easy to find the right rhythm, it still hurt and he wanted to find the right angle where the cock would massage against his prostate but his experience wasn’t enough to do so.

Meanwhile, Chris caressed Joni’s side and simply enjoyed watching and feeling him, but The kid was moving way too slowly, when he wanted just to ram in to that tight heath over and over again,

Finally he decided to just do that and pushed Joni back on all four and started to fuck him for real, fuck him after all his frustration that his denial had caused; finally.

Joni kept his eyes still close, in his mind he thought of Misha too lost in his pleasure to really mind this fact and he started to enjoy it even more, it started to feel amazing in fact and he couldn’t help but to moan, perk up a little and start moving his ass against the thrusts. He was panting once again grasping his own erection eagerly stroking it along the thrusts.

”You fucking do like it…” Chris smirked thrusting in fasted and faster if possible.

”Nnh…” Joni nodded slightly getting closer and closer to the edge of his release. ”close…” he whispered.

Chris smiled, he knew he couldn’t last long either, not now and when Joni suddenly let out a quiet whimper of pleasure his muscles clamping around him to a hot, tight grip, he lost the last bit of control and climaxed. The next time he wanted to do this without a stupid condom, he decided, shivering from the after pleasure. He pulled out slowly, getting rid of the condom, throwing it carelessly to the nearby garbage bin.

Joni laid down panting, sore and sleepy. He glanced at Chris who was standing next to the bed, finding his cigarettes and lighting one, smirking at him. Joni felt cold and pulled the cover on.

”Merja won’t like it if you smoke here,” he told the man, who just continued to grin, still naked walking closer to the window. In all honesty Joni had hoped he wouldn’t have left the bed so fast… so he had gotten what he wanted, and now what?

”I bet she and your uncle wouldn’t like that either, what we just did.” He merely replied before opening the window. ”Shit it’s cold…” He took note then and with the cigarette still between his lips he walked to where his clothes had landed, starting to put them on.

”Well it was -25° c this afternoon so… ” Joni rolled his eyes, ”of course it’s cold.” He nodded, pulling the cover on tighter, looking at the man, who still held the cigarette between his lips, his jeans back on he walked to the window to finish the smoke.

And finally, throwing the burned out cigarette out from the window to the snow below, he closed the window and turned to Joni, smiling at him.

”You look cute there,” He commented while walking closer.

”I’m cold,” Joni answered, peaking out from under the covers, ”and the sheets are a mess…”

”Aw…” Chris sat on the bed edge and sneaked his hands under the cover to touch his warm skin, which made Joni shriek and jump,

”Your hands are cold,” he frowned,

”Yes, and I’m trying to warm them up,” Chris grinned and leaned over to give him a small kiss.

”Why such a thoughtful expression?” He asked, stroking his hair. Joni shrugged slightly.

”I was just thinking…” He answered, looking into his eyes, ”you got what you wanted, and maybe you’re not interested anymore?”

Chris raised his eyebrow,

”Why wouldn’t I be?”

”I don’t know…” Joni shrugged again, ”or…”


”Well you’ll be leaving soon anyway and I plan to go back home, too.”

”I thought your dad wanted you to stay?”

”He does, but I don’t… I want to go home and he shouldn’t control me like that, not anymore, it might have worked when I was 15, not now.”

Chris nodded, looking at him still,

”and when are you leaving?” He asked,

”Tomorrow night.” Joni answered, looking at the man’s eyes, sensing a glimmer of disappointment which made him smile, so he sat up slightly, holding the cover still wrapped around himself, ”Chris?” He spoke softly and reached his hand to touch his bare chest.


”You could come with me?” He asked innocently, kissing his neck, snuggling closer.

Chris gave the boy a surprised look; somehow even with that innocent smile of his, he didn’t buy the innocent thought behind this suggestion.

”With you? Where?”

Joni bit his lip, there was a small interest inside him towards Chris, but if he was being honest he was asking him this more to show his dad how ’clever’ his plan of sending him somewhere safe had been.

”Just… you know… have a small adventure kind of, go to some motel… head to Helsinki… I think you would find the surroundings there more interesting than here, but of course, I would understand if you would rather stay with your friend here.”

Chris smirked, part of him guessing why Joni was doing this and even though he thought that the boy’s idea was crazy he liked it.

”This place is a nightmare even with Adam here.” He replied.

It wasn’t really an answer, Joni thought and again started giving small kisses along his neck and shoulders, his hand reaching to play with his nipples,

”I know I still need practising…” he started, glancing up to his face, ”I hold no illusions of being perfect… but I know I could be… if I had someone to teach me.”

Knowing just where Joni was getting made Chris smirk,

”Yeah, a good teacher is a good thing.”

”So, you want to come with me then?”

Chris took a deep breath,

”Sure, it could be fun.” He decided and leaned down to kiss the boy.

”Good,” Joni smiled, ”now, I think you should dress and go downstairs before me, I don’t want them to get suspicious yet.” He told him. Chris nodded, and stood up, throwing him another curious look; it could be interesting indeed, he thought and dressed his shirt back on before leaving the room, not saying another word, only smiling at Joni before closing the door behind him.

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