11. New Silent

Chapter 11

Two weeks passed, after that first night Ricky had been disturbingly normal, as normal as it was even possible for the man. He took long hours at work, which Michael was grateful for, because he wanted to spend as little time with the man–the monster–as possible.

Going outside was forbidden and though Michael often thought about breaking that rule and attempting escape, his bravery wouldn’t cut it. He believed that the man would find him instantly, for he knew a lot of people who knew the truth behind their relationship and would be ready to return a runaway slave. Punishment for trying would be more severe than Michael could ever imagine. The seed of fear had been planted and it spread its roots deep.

Often Michael thought about the chance to call home, but didn’t dare to do that either. Ricky had reminded him that he knew where his family lived and he wouldn’t hesitate to cause to more troubles to them if Michael misbehaved.

On Thursday evening, Ricky had announced that they would go to his friend’s in Boston; they would leave as soon as Ricky stopped working on Friday. The man wanted Michael to wash carefully and dress into the clothes that Ricky had chosen for him. Michael expected the worst; he already anticipated evil and tried to prepare himself for the thought that Ricky would probably allow his friend to use him as well, but how could one really prepare for such a thought?

The night before, Michael slept poorly and in the morning, after Ricky had left, his anxiety grew. He washed and dressed into the clothes that reminded him of a British school boy uniform. That alone made him sense that something was off. In the end he had nothing else to do except to pack his bags and wait. He tried not to think of the following night, but didn’t succeed in pushing away his fear. Though he knew in a way what he could expect, still, knowing Ricky, it might be anything that would be impossible to prepare for.

Michael watched the scenery quietly from the window as they were driving alone in the car. Ricky was humming to himself and the anxiety gathered in the bottom of Michael’s stomach. He however didn’t ask and Ricky didn’t tell him what exactly would happen.

It started snowing outside and the closer to Boston they got, the whiter was the ground. It was less than two weeks to Christmas and often Michael thought about home and his parents and what they were doing now for Christmas. Did they miss him like he missed them? Life at home began to seem further and further away, like a dream. Michael didn’t really believe that he would ever see home again, or the people that he loved, perhaps it was for the best after everything. If they knew at home what he had become, they probably wouldn’t even want to look at him.

After a four hour drive, they parked in front of a large white stone house, which was located just outside the center area of Boston. They took their bags and Ricky lead Michael in, still grinning to himself, seeming to be in an alarmingly good mood. Michael really was afraid of what the man had planned.

A blond, middle-aged man opened the door for them, looking every way like a normal family man. He smiled at them, gently it seemed.

”Welcome,” he said, eying Michael. ”The boy is really beautiful,” the man complimented, and Ricky grinned.

The man didn’t seem quite as gentle anymore in Michael’s eyes. He recognized the lust behind the blue eyes and turned his gaze away to a family portrait on the wall where the same man was smiling happily next to his wife and two daughters.

”Didn’t I say so?” Ricky asked and the man nodded.

”Michael, right?” the blond man asked smiling and Michael gave a hesitant nod. ”Good, follow me then Michael,” the man said and stepped towards the stairs.

Michael glanced insecurely to Ricky, who nodded and so Michael followed the man.

”Ricky, Joe is waiting in the living room, make yourself comfortable,” the man called as he walked and Michael felt himself shivering.

There would be three of them? He wondered feeling his heart beat increase.

The man led him forward and opened a door. ”Go on in son, eat and relax, I’ll come and collect you when our guests arrive.”

Michael startled and gave the man a frightened look, the blond was still smiling. ”Go now,” he ordered with a tighter tone and Michael moved unwillingly inside the bedroom. The door closed behind him, and the key turned inside the lock. He was shivering, it was difficult to breath and at first he didn’t even notice the other boy in the room.

”Thank God!” the voice sighed, making Michael jump from fright and turn his head to the youth who was half lying and half sitting on the bed. ”I was beginning to think that I’d have to take all ten of them alone! They sometimes can go more than one round and you can imagine how sore your jaw and butt is by then.”

The boy chuckled and Michael stared at him in astonishment, not even realizing at first what he was saying. The boy sat up straight and smiled. He was handsome, Michael thought, light brown hair, hazel eyes and fair complexion.

”Can you talk?” he teased and snapped Michael back into reality.

”I uh… What did you say?” Michael asked, dazzled, and the other boy got up from the bed to examine him closer.

”Dang, you are pretty!” The strange boy nodded and circled around him. ”Oh right! I didn’t introduce myself, I really have no manners, I’m no good with them. I’m Jack,” the taller boy grinned and held his hand out to him. Michael took it with hesitation.


They shook hands shortly.

”Please to meet you, Michael, I think it’s swell to have a friend. I don’t really get to meet anyone my own age much anymore. How old are you anyway? I’m nineteen.” Jack walked to the bowl on the table to get an apple and looked at him expectantly. ”Would you like a fruit? Or chocolate? Sandwich perhaps?”

”Um… No thank you… I…” Michael lowered his hand on his stomach still confused by the situation.

”You didn’t tell me your age yet,” Jack reminded, taking a big bite of his fruit.

”I’m seventeen… My fake self is eighteen.”

”Fake self? Wow! Um… I mean… what does that mean?” Jack asked with curiosity, then taking a hungry bite of his apple. Michael looked around and sat down on the nearest chair.

”Well, the one that I’m pretending to be, so that… I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say.”

”Listen, don’t worry, I’m sure you can tell me anything, we’re in the same boat, you and me.” Jack grinned and sat down in front of the table as well. After eating the apple he picked out an orange and started to peel it. Michael again glanced around, wondering if this was the room of the man’s teenage daughter, how twisted all of this was?

”Yes. Ricky wants to make sure that my family won’t find me, that I can’t go home, even if I would want to,” Michael answered quietly while still restlessly looking around.

”Did he kidnap you?” Jack frowned.

”N-no… I went with him. He lied to me, now I can’t get out of this…” Michael replied with a shivering voice and Jack gave him a sad look. ”W-what is happening today?” he asked.

”Shit…” Jack sighed and got up. ”You don’t know?” he asked and when Michael shook his head miserably Jack paced back and forth for a while.

He didn’t want to be the one to tell the other boy, in a way he had already said it, but the other seemed somewhat upset and perhaps he really hadn’t heard him. ”A little later, there will arrive some other men here, all of them combined, I heard there would be ten and… Well, we’re the entertainment,” he answered and looked at the younger boy who looked like he would burst in tears.

It took a moment and then suddenly the younger boy started to laugh somewhat hysterically. Jack stood there helpless and almost as soon as the laughter had started it turned into tears.

”Ten?” Michael repeated and shook his head. ”Is there a bathroom?” he asked suddenly and when Jack pointed at the door on the other side of the room, the boy rushed towards it. A moment past and Jack heard him throwing up. Slowly the older boy stepped closer to the bathroom and gently knocked on the door.

”Hey, are you alright? Can I come in?” Jack called and after hearing a quiet signal of approval he opened the door and stepped in. Michael was crouched on the floor, breathing fast and wiping his tears. Jack stepped nearer and finally knelt by his side.

”I wish I could offer you some comfort, but honestly I have no idea what to say.”

”You don’t have to say anything, nothing will change it or how it feels,” Michael whispered. Jack lowered his hand on his shoulder and rubbed it for a while.

”Wait, I’ll get you a water bottle so that you can wash your mouth,” Jack said and got up.

”Or I could just keep throwing up on them, those nasty perverts…” Michael snorted and Jack couldn’t help but to chuckle.

”I advise you not to,” he said with a gentle voice, feeling pity towards the boy: it was clear that everything was new for him. Jack got the water bottle, returned and helped Michael to stand. He stayed close by as the other boy washed his mouth. ”Come then, try to eat something,” Jack said and lead the younger one in front of the table.

”I’m not hungry.” Michael sighed.

”Just take one fruit at least,” Jack encouraged and caused Michael to sigh once more and tiredly reach to take one apple. ”Where are you from? Are you British?” Jack asked and Michael nodded.

”Yes, and you?”

”Texas.” Jack smiled.

”I guessed you would be from south.” Michael tried to smile back.

”You’re positively shaking.” Jack took note,

”I’m scared,” Michael admitted honestly. ”I feel sick from the mere thought. I just wanted… I only wanted a boyfriend,” he sighed. ”God I must sound ridiculous!” He huffed then and bit his lower lip. He suddenly though of Tony and felt a deep sense of longing combined with regret. Why hadn’t he stayed? At least to hear what Tony had to say…

”It’s not ridiculous,” Jack said softly and tilted his head. ”I wanted a boyfriend as well, and I did have one once, I was fifteen and he was in college and then… Well, it wasn’t quite what I had expected, sex, alcohol, drugs and friends of my boyfriend. I was just a kid then. I was in one of those youth homes and I ran away when I was fourteen. There weren’t many options while living on the streets, so I started selling myself to buy some food.” Jack shrugged and Michael gave him a shocked look.

”At fourteen?” he repeated and Jack smiled, pulled a joint from his shirt pocket and lit it.

”You have to play with the cards that are given to you, there aren’t enough good ones for everyone,” he said and took a smoke before handing it to Michael. ”Take it, it will relax you a bit,” Jack encouraged and Michael gave him a hesitant look.

”Pot? I’ve never done drugs before,” he said carefully and Jack smiled.

”This won’t kill you, trust me. The night will be long and hard; you manage through it better if you’re stoned.”

Michael nodded carefully, took the joint and tasted, it made him cough and Jack chuckled gently.

”You get used to it,” he assured and Michael gave the joint back to him. They switched it back and forth, smoking together. Michael felt lighter suddenly; he examined his hands and arms as if he would have never seen them before or how they moved in the air. The older boy gave him an amused look. ”Don’t you feel better already?”

”Yes, it feels like I could fly.” Michael nodded and got up, walking closer to the window.

”Don’t try it though, okay?” Jack laughed.

”No.” Michael grinned and stood by the window. ”It would be nice to be able to fly though, just open the window and fly back home. I wonder what mom and dad would say?” he sniggered, imagining the situation.

”So nice to have you back home, son?” Jack suggested, grinning. Michael didn’t reply, simply wandered about the room, swinging as he walked as if hearing music and raising his arms towards the ceiling.

”There’s particles here, Jack!” Michael called out suddenly.

”Particles?” Jack laughed.

”Lots of them, colorful and wonderful, look!”

”Yeah, they are wonderful,” Jack admitted although he couldn’t see the said particles that Michael described, it was amusing however how entranced the younger boy seemed to be from these invisible wonders.

Jack got up, walked to Michael and sniffed his earlobe. Michael snickered and turned to face him and Jack couldn’t resist the temptation and brought his hand on the shorter boy’s cheek. ”You are so beautiful,” he whispered.

”So are you.” Michael grinned and Jack pressed closer, grazing his lips against Michael’s, which made the other gasp lightly. Michael lowered his hand on Jack’s arm, leaned closer and they kissed each other softly. They laughed, looked at each other grinning and kissed again. Jack moved his hands on his sides, Michael brought his hand on Jack’s hair mesmerized by its softness, for a moment both of them forgot completely what was waiting for them in just a couple of hours.

Jack kissed his neck, touching him softly, innocently gentle and Michael held him close, stroking Jack’s back and answering with small kisses.

Finally Jack brought his gaze to him, stroking Michael’s cheek once again aware of what was to follow and he felt worried of how the younger boy would get through it. He was more used to these sorts of things, it didn’t mean that it made it easy, but the first times were always worse.

”Listen, will you let me prepare you?” he whispered and Michael blinked his big chocolate eyes with confusion, still stoned. Jack smiled softly. ”For the night,” he continued carefully. ”It won’t hurt so much, if we prepare you properly.”

Michael woke to the situation and fear crept back on his chest.

”Will you let me do that?” Jack asked slowly, stroking Michael’s arms. ”Look, those men can be very impatient; they are men who are playing it straight. Twisted, family men who know nothing about anal sex, except what they need to know. They know where to stick it… and that to them it feels good.”

Michael let out a nervous laugh. ”Ricky’s never gentle, I know it will hurt,” he blurted.

”Yes, but if we do this properly, it will hurt less, okay?”

Michael nodded finally, if he could choose he would have slept with Jack a thousand times rather than once with Ricky or any of those men that waited for them. Under the circumstances allowing Jack to touch him like that was no big deal.

”Alright, take your clothes off and go on the bed, on your stomach,” Jack said.

Michael nodded, undressed out of his pants and underwear before going over to the bed, sighing and waiting. Jack collected the lube and approached, he sat on the bed next to Michael and watched him, touching his round, firm bottom, met with his gaze and smiled softly.

”You really are beautiful,” he whispered when opening the cork and spreading the oil-like fluid on his hand.

Michael smiled slightly, still tense and finally felt Jack lowering his hand back on his butt.

”Spread your legs a bit,” Jack said, and again Michael obeyed. ”I’m going to move my finger in now, carefully,” Jack explained while stroking his lower back soothingly. Michael gasped, Jack was so careful and gentle that he felt no pain and it surprised him. ”And now another finger,” Jack said after a while licking his lips, feeling himself getting turned on.

Michael moaned. Jack’s touch felt surprisingly good and when the fingers twirled inside him, massaging his prostate, Michael groaned from surprised pleasure. His cheeks flushed when he felt blood filling the veins of his organ.

”Does it feel good?” Jack whispered, feeling his own cock getting stiff inside his pants. Michael uttered a contented sound, seeming somewhat embarrassed about getting turned on. Jack leaned closer kissing his earlobe. ”It feels good to me too,” he whispered. ”I’m adding a third finger.”

Michael brought his hips up slightly and licked his lips, panting. He hadn’t believed that he could get turned on this badly; he almost wanted Jack inside him and felt confused by these sudden thoughts. He glanced at the other boy from over his shoulder; saw his hazy gaze, the parted moist lips, and the bulge in his crotch.

”I wish it was just the two of us,” Michael whispered and Jack nodded, leaning forward to kiss him, this time the kiss was longer and more intense, they uttered an abashed laughter. Jack lay down next to him, still fingering Michael.

”I want you so badly it hurts…” Jack grinned, pushing his pelvis against the blankets. Michael nodded, out of breath, and moved closer to kiss the other again, he wasn’t sure if it was the pot that they had smoked or what, but he really wanted to know what it would be like to go all the way with Jack. Surely, Ricky would get mad if he knew.

”Let me prepare you?” Michael asked.

Jack was quiet for a moment and nodded, a little worried that things could soon get out of hand. He knew that he wasn’t allowed to have sex with Michael, Joe had said so, but… gods it did temp him. Slowly Jack pulled his fingers from Michael and undressed out of his pants. He grinned when Michael’s gaze lowered to his stiff organ, the younger boy bit his lip, glancing up at his face before he brought his hand to touch Jack with curiosity. Jack gasped.

”Gods… Michael… damn…” Jack chuckled, out of breath, as the fingers wrapped around his organ more firmly.

”I think I’m pretty high.” Michael grinned and moved his hand, licking his lips.

”And I’m about to cum if you continue.” Jack smiled.

”Is that bad?” Michael asked and Jack was quiet for a moment and grinned.

”No, if we don’t leave any evidence,” he moaned. ”We could… if you want… give each other blow jobs?”

Michael thought about it for a moment. ”Alright.”

”Alright?” Jack smiled. ”Lie on your back, you can spread the lube on me at the same time.”

Michael nodded and Jack turned on all fours on top of him, his lower head towards Michael’s face. He kissed Michael’s cock gently, grinning as it twitched and the other boy moaned. Jack lowered his pelvis slightly so that Michael could reach better and soon he felt the others lips brushing against his cock.

Michael opened the tube, his hands trembling slightly. Carefully he touched Jack’s hole, curiously, as his lips reached for the other boy’s cock. The situation was insane, odd and arousing. Carefully Michael pushed his finger inside the other, feeling the warm tight squeeze of Jack’s muscles and started a slow, gentle rhythm. He added another finger, feeling close to coming in Jack’s experienced hands.

Soon Michael felt his body quivering as the orgasm neared and Jack was sucking him more intensely, swallowing everything that Michael had to give. Jack’s own orgasm followed only a moment later and Michael did his best to swallow everything, helping with his free hand so that nothing would drop over the blanket.

Afterward they lay side by side kissing each other gently. Jack stroked his hair, smiled, didn’t want to think of what was to come, he felt more bothered because of Michael than himself. He felt afraid that most men would pay more attention to Michael because they knew that just a little while back he had been a normal British school boy and that might be just what they fantasized about.

”I saw a picture downstairs, that man has a family,” Michael whispered. ”Two children, teenage girl maybe only two years younger than myself and one smaller daughter and a wife…”

”I know,” Jack said quietly. ”Most of them have a family, sick isn’t it? The wife and the daughters are visiting relatives out of town. They have no idea what’s going on here this weekend.”

Michael shuddered and Jack kissed his forehead. ”We better put our clothes back on, we don’t want them to find us like this,” he said and got up, reaching his hand to Michael to help him up. They got dressed in silence.

”Let’s smoke another joint,” Jack said then. ”It really is better to be in a completely different world.”

Jack tried to smile and Michael nodded, hoping that afterward he wouldn’t remember anything. They sat down, Jack lit up the joint and gave it to the other, lowering his hand to Michael’s thigh, massaging gently. Michael looked at him, feeling grateful to have Jack with him; he didn’t know how he would have survived this alone.

”Thank you,” Michael whispered.

”For what?” Jack asked.

”For everything, I hope that we can meet more often after this.”

”I’m sure we will meet, Joe is Ricky’s best friend.” Jack smiled. ”I’m sure we see each other often.”

To this Michael sighed with relief. ”I’m glad,” he whispered and lowered his head on the others shoulder. They had only just met but already Michael felt like getting immediate comfort from the other boy, who had already been through so much evil in his young life. They didn’t know yet how important they would grow to be to each other in the end.


Chapter 12

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