10. New Silent

Chapter 10

George printed the file that Ricky had sent and glanced the papers through quickly. The man would return in a couple of days and wanted the boy to learn the history of his new identity. George felt somewhat relieved that Ricky would return intending to take the boy with him. The man had been gone for two weeks already and it was getting harder for George to treat the boy with cold indifference. As a matter of fact he had already been gentler with sex than what Ricky would have wished, he had prepared the boy thoughtfully and kept his movements slow. The boy didn’t enjoy it, but at least he had desisted from crying and screaming during it.

Michael sat in the familiar corner reading, the books were the only way to escape the horrid reality that he was in. He heard the steps, but didn’t move, he knew it would be George. He had already started to believe that Ricky had left him with the man for good, and wasn’t sure if it was at all a bad thing. The man didn’t speak much, just looked at him strangely and the last few times he had been a lot gentler. If he stayed with George, perhaps it was possible to speak to him and gain his freedom back? This Michael pondered.

The door opened and the man stepped in carrying a dinner tray. They eyed each other, Michael stayed still, a little confused that George brought dinner instead of the servant.

”Come and sit down,” the man said shortly and lowered the tray on the table. Michael got up carefully, nearing the table; grilled chicken, vegetables and potatoes, a bowl of pudding. Even the food had improved lately. Michael glanced at the man before taking a seat down. ”Go on, eat then,” George said and as Michael took the fork the man lowered the papers on the table next to him.

”You should read and learn well the information written here,” the man said and took a seat on the opposite chair. Michael leaned carefully forward to take a look at the document, seeing the name that was also written in his passport: Michael Anthony Larkin, born on July 20th 1979, a year earlier than he had actually been born. There was a list of other information, family and school history, strange information, that now would belong to him. Michael couldn’t help but to think of his family and felt deep sorrowful longing in his chest.

”Ricky will return in a couple of days, learn these well and be as submissive to him as possible.” George said and the boy turned his confused gaze to him. George noticed himself smiling a little stiffly, Ricky wouldn’t like this but he doubted that the boy would tell. ”If you please him, you get out of this room, do you understand? It’s for the best. You wouldn’t regain your freedom, but… surely you want to see the outside world?” George continued nervously and frowned. ”I’m not supposed to tell you this,” he said finally. Michael was quiet for a moment and swallowed.

”Then why are you?” he whispered as if afraid that the conversation would end, that he’d make a mistake and would be left in the darkness.

”It doesn’t matter,” George snorted nervously. ”Listen, this is important,” he continued, touching his chin. ”You don’t want to play around with Ricky, you will be better off to do what he says. He wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you in ways that you can’t yet even imagine. This is his game, it’s impossible to win. Keep that in mind.”

Michael moved the food around his plate, the man was clearly overwrought, perhaps even scared? Was he afraid of Ricky as well?

”Can’t you help me? I’ll give anything, do anything, if you let me go?” Michael begged and finally the man snorted and got up, upset.

”Aren’t you listening?! That man isn’t to be played with, boy! Take my advice, it’s the only help I can give you! Eat your dinner and learn that information!” the man shouted and marched to the door, slamming it shut after him.

Michael heard the familiar sound of the door being locked and lowered his fork, feeling haggard. He felt the tears in his eyes once more.

This is his game, it’s impossible to win!’ The words echoed in his mind and still Michael didn’t want them to be true. He would submit to the game, but would still hold onto the dream of being free once more, perhaps one day?


Ricky had already missed the boy, his patience for waiting was growing short and he really hoped that Michael would be ready to be taken to the U.S. He and his friend would throw a party a couple of weeks later where he wanted to take the boy, knowing that his closest friend would bring his own whore with him. Ricky wanted to show off his gem.

He grinned upon seeing George, who waited at the yard as the car parked in front of the house. The man smiled at him and called his servant to take Ricky’s bags.

”So, how has it been going?” Ricky asked when they stepped inside the house.

”I think you’ll be pleased with the result, I think that the boy is ready.” George replied. ”Want something to drink?”

”Thank you.” Ricky immediately walked to the screen. Michael lay on the bed sleeping, the man grinned and licked his lips. The boy looked so inviting as he slept, so innocent and Ricky wanted to tear that peace away. George stepped next to him and handed him a glass of brandy. Ricky didn’t take his eyes from the screen and brought the glass to his lips.

”Ask your servant to set up a third plate on the table, Michael can eat with us,” Ricky said, smiling to himself.

”As you wish.” George nodded and left the room. He tried to think of the boy as little as possible, didn’t want to admit to himself that he would miss him in certain ways. Ricky emptied his glass, set it on the table and then went to pick up the boy’s luggage, where he chose clothes for him. He walked to the stairway, moved down the stairs and opened the lock. The boy startled awake when the door opened and closed behind the man.

”Darling, did you miss me?” Ricky grinned and walked nearer the bed. Michael sat up, looking at the man nervously, forcing himself to stay still.

”You were gone for long time,” Michael whispered hesitatingly and looked towards the floor. He remembered George’s advice. ”I thought you might not show up anymore.”

Ricky looked at the boy curiously. ”Did you wish that I wouldn’t?” he asked and stood next to Michael. The boy was quiet for a moment, unsure what to reply.

”I was afraid that I’d stay here,” he said finally and drew a deep breath in order to calm down and finally brought his gaze back up. Ricky smiled, brought his hand to his cheek and stroked his skin for a moment.

”No Michael, you belong to me, remember?” he asked. ”I wouldn’t go through so much trouble just to leave you here.”

Michael shuddered, turned his gaze and Ricky lowered the clothes on the bed next to him before starting to open his pants. ”I have an appetizer for you before dinner,” he said taking his cock out, stroking it slowly. He grasped the boy’s chin. ”Do well and you can get dressed,” he whispered guiding the boy’s head closer. ”Now suck, show me what you can do.”

It would do no good to fight, he had to try and please. Michael moved closer, kissed the tip of the man’s erection and finally took it between his lips. He brought his hands to Ricky’s hips and sucked. The man groaned from pleasure, brought his hands in Michael’s hair and started to move his hips, fucking his mouth with a faster phase, making him gag.

Ricky grinned watching the tears forming in the boy’s eyes, drool dripping from his mouth, feeling his own frenzy grow. ”Soon you’ll get to taste,” he moaned tugging Michael’s hair roughly. ”You swallow it all!”

Michael squeezed his eyes closed and felt the man tense up at the same time that the familiar taste erupted in his mouth. He swallowed, this time he wouldn’t throw up, he had to please, had to get out of this cell. When the man finally pulled from his mouth, Michael was still swallowing, breathing fast. Drool and sperm were dripping down his jaw and Ricky wiped it with his fingers, bringing them then in his mouth. ”Clean,” he ordered and Michael obeyed exhaustively. ”Good boy, you are a lot better now,” the man praised, buttoning his pants back up. ”Dress yourself then,” he said and Michael nodded nervously, with a glimmer of hope.

He got dressed while Ricky watched and when he was finally ready, Ricky took his arm leading to the door. Michael felt dizzy; finally! Finally he would see more than these dark walls! Although the grip was harsh, Michael didn’t care, his whole attention was directed at the door in front of which they now stood and the lock that Ricky turned open. ”Remember, running is useless and the attempt will be severely punished,” Ricky said with serious tone as they climbed up the stairs. The man didn’t let go of his hold on his arm. ”Do you understand?”

”I understand,” Michael whispered. They arrived in the dining room, where the table had already been set and George already waited. Ricky guided Michael to sit between George and himself. Hector poured them wine and left the room.

”There may come occasions, when we go out to dine, or that I take you with me in formal gatherings. I expect then that you behave accordingly to the etiquette.”

Again Michael nodded, looking out to the darkening evening, the room seemed so much brighter than his cell and it made his eyes sting slightly, everything was so different, the situation so odd.

He wasn’t sure how many weeks it had been, even the clothes on him felt strange and at the same time he felt relieved to have them on. How much longer would he have been able to endure his captivity?

”Eat now,” Ricky said, took a small pause then grinned. ”Later you’ll get a double dessert.”

He saw the look between the two men and it was no mystery to Michael what they meant. It seemed to be part of his life now, and he couldn’t escape it, he could only try and close his mind from it.

He ate slowly, keeping his gaze on the windows; the outside air felt so fascinating now, he would have wanted to go out and feel the cool night air on his skin.

”What is your name?” Ricky asked suddenly and Michael brought his confused gaze to him until he understood what the man wanted him to reply.

”Michael Anthony Larkin,” he said evenly and reached with shaking hands to drink from his glass.

”And how old are you?”

”I’m 18,” Michael replied quietly.

”What do your parents do?” The question tore his chest, for he longed for home so much that he couldn’t even describe it. He loved his parents, despite everything.

”My father, Arthur Larking, is dead and my parents weren’t married. My mother was Spanish and my father admitted only little before his death, that I am his son and my uncle…” Michael brought his cold gaze to Ricky, who was grinning with satisfaction, ”was very kind to me and my mother. He paid for my studies at a private school in Spain and now, as my mother passed away after a long term illness, he invited me to stay with him and promised to sponsor my studies in the United States.” The boy gritted his teeth and forced himself to continue. ”I am very grateful for my uncle. From my mother’s side I had no family left.”

“Family is very important to me.” Ricky grinned and brought his glass to his lips observing Michael. “And why were you in Mexico?”

”I have friends in Mexico, I’m taking a break from my studies and starting school in the U.S only next term. I wanted to visit my friends before my uncle would come and pick me up to stay with him. My uncle promised to pay for private tutoring so I won’t stay behind from others.”

”Very good, Michael.” Ricky thought for a moment. ”We’ll have to do something about that accent of yours,” he noted, frowning. Michael was silent, his palms were sweating, he didn’t want to go back into that room!

”So perhaps it’s better that I speak with Spanish accent,” Michael said, doing just that. ”When we are out in public.” He gave a strained smile. ”Uncle.”

Ricky gave the boy astonished but pleased look. ”You really are something special, dear! I’m very pleased with you right now.”

George gave the boy a curious look and hid his smile behind his wine glass. It might just be that Ricky underestimated the boy completely, it might be that he had done it himself.


Two days later, Michael sat in the car next to Ricky, heading to the same airport where they had came from. Michael sat quietly, looking at the scenery, wondering how little time could change so much. Nothing looked the same as it had when he first arrived, the sky didn’t seem quite as blue, trees not quite as green and the sun not as bright. His dreams had been shattered, the flame of hope burning feebly, but had not died out completely, either.

He walked by Ricky’s side and handed his ticket and fake passport to the clerk; he forced a smile and nodded. In his mind he was picturing how he would suddenly scream that Ricky had abducted him, but he was too afraid, believed in the man’s threats. Ricky had made him believe that mistakes would bring him to far darker conditions, without the luxury of his previous cell, it would be a dark room without any furniture, only a mattress on the floor with a group of men using him as they pleased.

”You’re very quiet today, Michael,” Ricky pointed out during the flight.

”I am tired, uncle,” Michael responded quietly, almost snorting at his words as he stared ahead blankly, from the corner of his eye, he could see the pleased smile on the man’s face.

At the airport they had a car waiting with its chauffeur. It was a cool, late November evening and it was raining in New York. Michael watched the scenery, felt raindrops on his skin and finally looked up to the sky. The driver opened the door for him. ”Step right in, Mr. Larkin,” the man said and Michael glanced at the man, thanking quietly and then sat down next to Ricky on the backseat.

”How was the flight, sir?” the driver asked Ricky.

”Thank you, Jones, it was pleasant,” Ricky answered politely. ”My nephew has just been a little tired after meeting his friends in Mexico.” He chuckled and glanced through the papers that he had taken out of his briefcase.

”Wild parties, huh? Oh, I do remember what it was like to be young.”

”No, we weren’t at a party, I’ve just slept poorly. The air-conditioning at my friend’s apartment was broken,” Michael answered remembering to keep the Spanish accent. He wasn’t exactly sure why he didn’t just admit the party, a lie was a lie, right? Or maybe he just wanted to make up his own?

”Oh, a proper student, huh?” The driver wondered and Ricky, still eying the papers decided to reply.

”Sure, my nephew is very conscientious,” Ricky said and looked at the boy smiling. ”He takes after his uncle.”

Michael looked at the man and gave a strained smile. There wasn’t any options, he had to try and please.

They arrived in front of a high apartment building, the driver helped them with luggage and they walked to the elevators. Even the lobby of the building was luxurious, the man hadn’t lied about being rich even though he had lied about everything else. Michael observed the man in the elevator; why was he doing this? Why all this trouble? Wouldn’t money buy him various companions or maybe someone desperate enough from the streets to submit to his will if he would get paid for it? Why him?

The man let him step before him inside his penthouse, he helped the jacket off of him and placed it in the hanger. They were alone, Michael felt the man’s gaze on his back and stood timidly at the spacious hallway knowing that all this beauty was only ornament, riches didn’t mean anything to him anymore. How childish had he been craving for it.

”Come further in darling.” Ricky settled his hand over his upper back and led into the living room. ”Sit down. Will you take a glass of wine?” Ricky asked calmly and Michael gave him a questioning look.

The man was acting though their situation would have been completely normal, but Michael knew that it could change in a blink of an eye. ”If you want a glass of wine, uncle, I may drink with you,” Michael replied, gritting his teeth. Ricky opened the bottle and gave him amused look.

”Is that sarcasm that I detect in your tone?” the man asked and poured red wine into two glasses giving one to him.

”If you wish it to be, uncle,” Michael replied and looked away as he took the glass. Ricky chuckled, walked closer to the window and looked at him.

”You amuse me, Michael,” he said, tilting his head. Michael didn’t respond, tasted from his glass and looked to the abstract painting on the opposite wall wondering what it was supposed to represent? The man’s twisted mind perhaps? He pondered marking the dark colors and odd frills. Michael soon noticed, smiling bitterly at his own thoughts.

”Are you hungry?” the man asked suddenly and Michael shook his head.


”So far you’ve done everything right, don’t make me disappointed now,” Ricky said tightly. ”You forgot something essential from your reply,” he reminded.

Michael was quiet for a moment and gave the man a tired look. ”I’m not hungry, thank you uncle,” he replied and the man smiled.

”I’ll go over the rules, they are very simple; you respect me in every situation, I own you now, always be polite and obedient. For now, you may move freely in the house, there is only one room that’s forbidden, the door is locked and I’ll show that to you soon. You have your own bedroom, but whenever I want, you’ll sleep next to me without argument. You can’t leave the apartment. Later you’ll get more liberties, but they all need to be earned. Do you understand?” Ricky asked and again Michael gritted his teeth, looking at the dark red liquid in his glass.

”I can’t help but to obey. A different matter is if I understand why you are doing this.”

Ricky chuckled and walked closer until he stood before him, the man grasped his chin and brought his gaze back to himself.

”I’ve always wanted my own slave,” he whispered and graced Michael’s lower lip with his thumb, causing the boy to flinch. ”I saw you and I knew you’d be perfect… I’ll never let you go. I’d always find you…. I would find you and it would be the end of you, I promise.”

Michael was silent, there was nothing to say, nothing that would change things. The man stepped back, smiled and sipped from his glass. ”Come, I’ll show you the other rooms.”

They walked into the kitchen, equipped with expensive kitchen wear and expensive decor.

”Can you cook?” Ricky asked and Michael glanced at him, nodding. ”Good, you’ll cook for me whenever I decide to dine at home.” Again Michael nodded. Cooking could even offer him comfort, after all being a chef had been one of his dreams among others.

Ricky guided him forward and showed him the bathroom, the apartment had two of them and three bedrooms; one that Ricky liked to call his study room, that room was forbidden and locked.

”And here’s your room.” Ricky grinned after opening the other bedroom door for him. ”I have an acquaintance, who works as an interior designer, I told her that my nephew was moving in, Andrea was pleased to help.”

Michael stepped inside the room; looking at the writing desk, the bed, the bookshelves and paintings. Everything was neat, neutral and innocent; perfect study space for an eighteen year old. As he stepped closer to the desk, Michael saw the books laid on it.

”You’re studying history, if anyone asks,” Ricky said and Michael turned his gaze to him, cocking his brow. ”You were very keen on history, weren’t you dear?” The man sneered and Michael forced another smile on his face.

”Did you take into consideration that someone might ask what school?”

”Yes, but for now you don’t have to worry your head with it.” Ricky smiled. ”Drink your glass empty and undress to your underwear, go then to the bed as if you were about to go to sleep.”

Michael gave him a confused look.

”I’ll come back shortly,” the man said. ”I expect to find you on the bed when I return,” he added and left the room. After undressing, Michael did as he was told and moved to the bed to lie down. He lowered his head on the pillow and closed his eyes. He tried to think of something else, while waiting for the moment that it would simply be over, although, perhaps it would never be completely over, there was only moments in between before the man would think of something new to torture him with.

”Don’t move,” Ricky’s voice carried from the doorway. Michael sighed heavily, listened as the man’s steps neared and opened his eyes. He gave a confused look to the man who was setting up a video camera near the bed.

”What are you doing?” Michael asked. Ricky turned to him and grinned.

”I thought you would have gotten use to cameras by now, my dear,” he said, tilting his head. ”Now we’re going to film some porn,” he announced and grinned wider when he saw the boy’s shocked expression. ”This shouldn’t be new to you. I’ve recorded almost every time that we’ve had together.”

Michael sat up, his breathing got tense and he felt positively ill.

”Listen carefully now,” Ricky said calmly. ”You pretend to sleep, I come into the room and start caressing you and you wake up to it. You will call me uncle.”

”You are sick!” Michael hissed and the man was still sneering.

”You don’t have to pretend that you would like this,” Ricky said. ”All you have to do is to pretend that you’re sleeping and call me uncle, I’ll take care of the rest.”

Michael started to cry. ”I don’t want this! This is sick!” He shook his head, feeling panic rising. Ricky smiled when Michael got up trembling.

”Well, it can work this way as well,” he noted to himself, pressing the record on and neared the boy.

Michael shrieked when the palm connected with his cheek and the man pushed him forcefully on the bed where he fell.

”Soon you get it good, boy.” Ricky panted on top of him while tearing off his t-shirt.

Michael screamed, crying; the man had to be insane!

Ricky locked his hands to the bedposts with handcuffs and continued to tear his underwear off until getting him completely naked. ”Look what your uncle has for you…” Ricky took out his cock and sat over his chest. ”Take it in your mouth and suck!”

The boy obeyed helplessly. The whole situation was repulsive, but he had no way of stopping it from happening. It was difficult to breath, the man forced his way violently into his throat and made him gag. Michael closed his eyes, praying it all to end soon.

Finally the man pulled away from his mouth, whispering more obscene things in his ears that Michael tried his best not to hear. The man spread the lube hastily and thrust inside him, as he squeezed his throat and slapped his cheeks. Michael whimpered from pain that only turned the man on more. When it was finally over, Ricky got up with a satisfied smirk on his face and turned the camera off. Michael cried silently on the bed, still chained, everywhere was aching.

”You didn’t obey my instructions, so as a punishment, you’ll stay handcuffed all night and you can think if it was worth it to disobey me.” The man’s gaze was cold, drunk from the power that he possessed.

He couldn’t be a human, Michael thought. There wasn’t even a drop of kindness.

”Good night Michael,” the man said, walked to the door and closed it after him.

The walls of his prison weren’t now as narrow, but it didn’t make it any easier. The cruelty and insanity of his captor knew no limits.



Chapter 11

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